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Night Shift By Charlaine Harris,

  • Title: Night Shift
  • Author: Charlaine Harris
  • ISBN: 9780425263228
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Hardcover
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    One thought on “Night Shift”

    1. Let me see where this takes me Well I m sad that it s over I wish someone would tell me she decided to write of Midnight, Texas I m happy with the ending but not totally satisfied I want I want to read about the people Where are they going More back stories What s going to happen with certain people Sighhhhhhhhh I love the slow life of this little town I wouldn t necessarily want all of the bad things that happen but if you have some good friends then you can get through it D I adore these ch [...]

    2. Review also found at theparanormalpaladin.wordpres The best one and apparently the last one The ending left it open to continue, but as of now Midnight, Texas is a trilogy Figures it would finally start getting good and then end.The plot An ancient evil is rising underneath the crossroads of the tiny mysterious town where only secretive, strange people seem to live Lemuel the vampire has to translate an ancient text that will explain how to stop the evil before it rises to cause unstoppable dest [...]

    3. I have only myself to blame Every single time I read another crappy Charlaine Harris book I say This is the last time we re doing this me Seriously every time we read one of these we get cranky and we ask ourselves why do we keep doing this Seriously though why do I keep doing this I don t know, I like urban fantasy paranormal stuff The Sookie Stackhouse books were really pretty awesome until they weren t and I was a big time fan of True Blood again until I just wasn t.I think part of the proble [...]

    4. This book frustrated me so many ways along the way If not for the satisfying ending, I wouldn t have rated it 4 stars But since beginning this series, I felt like in this book the author finally connected the dots from previous books and made the characters act in a believable way But I hate misunderstanding as a plot conflict tool And this book had it in spades for the tiny amount of romance and I mean tiny, this series offers And that annoyed the shit out of me, to the point I stopped rooting [...]

    5. I wish the town of Midnight, Texas really existed Since I live in Texas, I would be all over that like a cheap suit.he s wearing the hell out of that thing They need a bigger population And, I bring a lot to the table I read I crochet Um sometimes I cook not often I don t exactly have any marketable skills, but look, I can do things, okay Probably If I tried I m sure I would make a great addition to their town.I m coming to join you, my friends In this last installment of the series, we have a b [...]

    6. I m really disappointed This book started out pretty well, with Midnight, a small town in Texas, and its unusual locals, with a series of mysterious suicides at the cross road, with a fascinating interaction between the characters.And then Then nothing happened For ages, the plot drifted from one backstory to a sidestory to another backstory to another bit about a character, all of which had little to do with the mysterious suicides What added to the disappointment was that the story then made a [...]

    7. Reviewed for herding cats burning soup.Things are definitely getting interesting in Midnight, Texas and it s SO fun to go along for the ride I m really loving this series and the whole ensemble cast Add in danger, romance, some new arrivals, finding out a few of the town s secretsah, Night Shift upped the game and, damn, it was a blast The quick of it is that a big bad is rumbling in Midnight and people are acting strange Well, stranger than normal This is Midnight after all This time around, th [...]

    8. can t wait for this, just heard it will be made into a TV movie for NBCThe 3rd book was kind of anticlimactic lol, the first two were much better Sorry to see these characters go.

    9. My understanding is that this is the last of the trilogy Which is excellent, because this plot was pathetic If I hadn t been aware that Harris can write better, I might have given it three stars but I doubt it There are lots of plot points not really tied up Most of the plot didn t seem to hold together particularly well There were far too many people coming out of nowhere in this book to contribute information There was an assassination attempt going on that got lots of play, then kind of stopp [...]

    10. MORE MORE P.S I love that book The final book in Midnight Texas series has arrived and I was easy to say than just a little bit excited to read it THE WORLD Once again we are in Midnight, Texas It is a small town, really just a crossroad around which are few building popped up and a handful of people live Tho saying people is rather inaccurate as it is mainly supernatural that lives here Yes, the supernatural in this world exist Really, it is a world that we met already in Sookie series and Cha [...]

    11. I loved this book, it was a page turner and I didn t want to put it down I can t believe it s the last book in the series I m so sad to say goodbye to these characters, I adore them The supernatural elements were off the charts in this book, so great and had me on the edge of my seat So much character development happened and so much was revealed Mr Snuggly will remain, forever, one of my all time favorites characters in a series Check out this series if you enjoy supernatural stories with amaz [...]

    12. 3.5 stars, rounded downI really like the town of Midnight and its kooky variety of inhabitants but I needed from this ending If this was really the last book in this series, then I m sorely disappointed If this was a middle of the series book which is what it felt like , then I am satisified with that ending but if this is truly the last one she plans on writing for Midnight, Texas, then she should have worked harder on the ending to provide closure All she did was leave a bunch of unanswered [...]

    13. The Midnight, Texas books are the stale leftovers of Charlaine Harris s previous series, neutered of life, emotion, and sexy romps by excruciatingly mediocre prose, insultingly thin plots, and characters so stereotypical that they verge on prejudice.I really need to stop reading this series.On the one hand, after 32 books, I m pretty much committed to trying everything Harris has written just to have an informed opinion.ON THE OTHER HAND, what the ever living f is up with this virgin blood publi [...]

    14. Source Publisher Genre Urban Fantasy Rating 3.0 My Thoughts Night Shift, by author Charlaine Harris, is the third installment in the Midnight, Texas series Midnight, Texas is a strange place It is a crossroads and the place where an eclectic bunch of paranormals and humans call Home There is vampire Lemuel Bridger , witch Fiji Cavanaugh , psychic Manfred Bernardo , were tigers Rev, Diedrik, and his father John Quinn , Fallen Angels Chuy Villegas and Joe Strong , and humans Olivia Charity, Bobo W [...]

    15. Read in one sitting I think Harris should change her name to Quirky Addictive because she writes super strange stories that I love and am totally obsessed with Also Fiji is getting fierce And Olivia is getting sweet

    16. Night Shift is the final book in the Midnight, Texas trilogy by popular American author, Charlaine Harris Midnight, Texas is home to some very unusual residents Some are humans with special qualities some are decidedly not human, despite their appearances But when the Crossroad starts to attract people bent on committing suicide, the psychic, the witch, the vampire, the shapeshifters were tigers , the angels and their human friends all realise that Midnight is also home to a powerful Demon The r [...]

    17. Posted originally on my blog The Writer s InkwellI find that I m still struggling to decide how much I like this particular series As a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse series, there are moments where I just want to scream or throw these books at the wall and then there are moments when I really appreciate the series.On the plus side, I really enjoy the fact Harris has put focus on all of the town s residents as opposed to just one character I didn t really mind the single character development in [...]

    18. Release Date May 3, 2016 Genre Paranormal and FantasyI love this series Plain and simple I don t care if others hated it, I adored it And I will happily admit that I am sad that this is the last installment because had it been another 10 book series I would have devoured every single one Sigh Charlaine Harris gets me every time Her books are pure magic in my hands and I will read every one she puts on the shelf Sure I may be a little behind in her releases but I still always looks forward to the [...]

    19. I love this series for many reasons, but the biggest is Harris writing style It isn t just a story, it is a reading experience From the first line The first suicide arrives one October night I feel like part of the town of Midnight, Texas, flawlessly slipping into each character s head when the point of view changes And I like everyone in the town Would I live there if it was real Hell, yes You should see the weretigers fans self Something is waking up underneath the crossroad in Midnight and th [...]

    20. The series in Midnight, Texas is getting progressively better with each book I love the diverse cast of misfits in this curious town, and each resident has their own abilities and secrets So far, I have found the female Midnighters interesting than the men but with the emergence of my favorite character from the Sookie Stackhouse series, Quinn, that may change as the series progress.In this installment of the series, stranger than usual happenings are occurring in Midnight People are traveling [...]

    21. I love these They re light and a bit cheesy and fun and I live in a small town not quite as small as Midnight though and I could totally see these happening here It was exactly what I needed after reading a book that I just did not click with very well I am very disappointed that I have to wait for the next one until next year.

    22. Better than Day Shift , although I did find the resolution came too easily It was nice to get to know Lemuel better, I actually found him to be very sweet, which was surprising.

    23. With Night Shift, Harris pulled out all the stops and ended the Midnight, Texas trilogy with a bang Until now, the adversaries plaguing the tiny town of Midnight have been small potatoes compared to this latest foe Now, not only do the secretive and quiet residents have to deal with interlopers in the form of strangers coming to the crossroads to commit suicide, but they also have to deal with the intrusion of law enforcement Add to that, the foe in question is bigger, badder, most definitely d [...]

    24. Charlaine Harris books are always quick and fun to read, but overall I have found the Midnight series trilogy to be a bit thin on plot I also feel that while there are several intriguing characters, we are never really given enough time with any one of them to really get a feel for their story In the end I was left with what seemed like snap shots of life in a strange small town, but not many strong feelings about specifics This third book of the Midnight series mostly focuses on the witch Fiji, [...]

    25. I am sorry to see this trilogy endbut I am not altogether sure that this IS the end I am hoping that in the future we might visit Midnight again and see how its residents are fairing I will just say that this novel ties up everything we needed tied up Everyone has their ending and I do mean everyone.I loved this trilogy so much I loved revisiting all the different character s that were crucial to the series We finally can understand what Madonna and Teacher are doing in Midnight, why Bobo and Fi [...]

    26. I m not sure what is wrong with Charlaine Harris She writes the best characters, but puts them in the very worst storylines I had such hopes for her Midnight, Texas series The characters were interesting and mysterious, and the storyline was full of mysteries, laid overlapping each other By the second book I was starting to get these strange uncomfortable feeling, the characters were still interesting The readers were given background information about the characters in dribs and drabs, that ent [...]

    27. OK, I admit it I m a sucker for Charlaine Harris supernatural stories Loved the Sookie Stackhouse books, even if the series didn t end the way I wanted I knew it wouldn t, but still I enjoyed visiting Midnight, TX, and all the quirky characters from the get go and was not disappointed with how the trilogy ended Everything seems to be right with the world with the various supes in the cast Now, I m wondering where Ms Harris will go next She writes this stuff too well to not come up with another w [...]

    28. Great series Really enjoyed this book I m still wondering who the guy in the hotel is Glad there was some kind of resolution between Bobo and Fiji By the way, Charlaine Harris comes up with great names for people.

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