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Half Wild - Entre o Humano e o Selvagem By Sally Green,

  • Title: Half Wild - Entre o Humano e o Selvagem
  • Author: Sally Green
  • ISBN: 9789722356183
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nathan consegue finalmente escapar do cativeiro Depois de encontrar o seu pai e de este lhe oferecer um dom poderos ssimo, completando assim os tr s dons que o confirmam como bruxo adulto, o jovem sabe, contudo, que ainda n o se encontra a salvo e que tem de continuar a fugir Porque de um lado est o os Bruxos Negros que o odeiam e do outro, os Bruxos Brancos que desejamNathan consegue finalmente escapar do cativeiro Depois de encontrar o seu pai e de este lhe oferecer um dom poderos ssimo, completando assim os tr s dons que o confirmam como bruxo adulto, o jovem sabe, contudo, que ainda n o se encontra a salvo e que tem de continuar a fugir Porque de um lado est o os Bruxos Negros que o odeiam e do outro, os Bruxos Brancos que desejam a sua captura No meio deste conflito, Nathan tem de conseguir encontrar o seu amigo Gabriel e resgatar Annalise, a jovem que ama e que est prisioneira do tem vel bruxo negro, Mercury Mas para ser bem sucedido, Nathan sabe que ter de aprender a controlar o seu pr prio poder Half Wild a continua o do livro Half Bad Entre o Bem e o Mal, aclamado internacionalmente pela cr tica e pelo p blico.
    Half Wild Entre o Humano e o Selvagem Nathan consegue finalmente escapar do cativeiro Depois de encontrar o seu pai e de este lhe oferecer um dom poderos ssimo completando assim os tr s dons que o confirmam como bruxo adulto o jovem sab

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    1. The magic is gone.This is not the sequel I had hoped for when I closed Half Bad last year, exhilarated and excited for the next installment I m going to be completely honest and say I found myself skim reading parts of the second half because it just could not hold my attention So if you do happen to read this and discover something amazing, it s possible that it happened while I was busy not caring.Okay What went wrong We started off on the wrong foot Barely than twenty pages in I was forced t [...]

    2. SPOILER only if you haven t read the first book Who don t ship Nathan and Gabriel I ve never read a novel where the hero ends up with the gay boy in stead of the too perfect heroine I hope this one makes the exception My actual reviewI don t know how I feel about this book I read it and I thought about the unfairness of this world The white witches the bad ones remind me of sexist and racist people in real life and it made me feel depressed and mad Out of topic and crazy I know But that s what h [...]

    3. READ 2 Nov 2017 You know how you go back to read a book and suddenly remember how much it meant to you Hi It s me right now I seriously can t sum up my love for this series It s complex and brutal and so so messy and bloody and MY HEART I think it fell on the floor I think I am a small black hole of destructive feelings but oh my god I love this book.Notable Things I loved it even better the second time audiobook is still 5000% the most perfect thing can British people pls read all audiobooks of [...]

    4. 1.5 StarsA somewhat interesting plot with terrible writing, but mostly a chore to read The book starts off with this annoying formatting And then it continues at other points throughout the book too And it s not just the formatting that s bad I ve said previously that parts of the first book felt too much like a rough draft , the same is true here While whole sections in this book read smoothly, others are too unpolished and amateurish One of two things needs to happen for this series, either 1 [...]

    5. 2.01.2016I will try to re read first two books before the release of third and hopefully write a coherent review OMGOfficially best author ever Now I am just really embarrassed for not keeping it eloquent, though burns This is what happens when you write a review right after reading a book and don t expect anyone to read it Especially authors I m sorry.But, oh my gosh, I m so touched 3 I feel weird after this ending O.O it was good, just To be upset and really WOWed at the same time uh Weird fe [...]

    6. POR QU POR QU.Yo no quiero sufrir tanto, Sally Eres mala persona Venga, ahora voy con la review.La verdad es que tras El lado oscuro era complicado hacer una novela que pudiese seguir mostrando al personaje de Nathan de un modo tan espl ndido Nathan est muy bien construido y es complicado muy complicado , y esperaba que en El lado salvaje hubiera m s de su locura Y vaya si la hay Porque las cosas en esta trilog a cambian radicalmente en apenas unas p ginas Hay cosas que jam s se me habr an ocurr [...]


    8. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Penguin Random House UK Children s and NetGalley Well, this was another of those books that I should really have read the first in the series before requesting the second.I honestly didn t understand this book I didn t get what was going on or why, and I didn t care The writing was once again unusual You bow your head and the rain runs off you, rivulets of red, to join the mud and the blood around you The [...]

    9. I should probably go and wash my face I ve been crying like a baby for the last five minutes now I ll stop crying and get back to writing this review.Okay, soHalf Wild picks up whereHalf Bad ended, it continues on with Nathan s life as a Half Code who is hated by pure white witches and wanted dead for being the son of the most dangerous black witch, Marcus Edge.I was very scared I ll end up hating this book because it seems like sequels are always worse than the first book However, I probably ha [...]

    10. It s true, I do have extremely high standards and am incredibly picky.However, I really tried liking this series The first book, Half Bad, was a disappointment, but I still tried I even managed to read Half Lies It s been a while since I ve struggled this much turning a page I often found myself reading something else or doing something else just to avoid finishing this book Half Wild was a waste of time I gave up on the book at 32% and even now my brain tries to convince myself that maybe I sho [...]

    11. UNA SEGUNDA PARTE TAN FASCINANTE COMO LA PRIMERA SALLY DAME YA EL TERCER LIBRO POR FAVOR El lado salvaje es una novela sumamente complicada de rese ar Es la continuaci n de El lado oscuro, una novela que me fascin por la manera en la que estaba escrita y cuyo protagonista me dej sin palabras En esta segunda parte la autora sigue pisando fuerte y nos lanza una trama mucho m s interesante que la que ten amos en El lado oscuro.Si hay algo incre ble sobre Sally Green es la manera en la que escribe T [...]

    12. Nathan has finally become a true witch His father gave him his three gifts and he healed him.But still Nathan is alone.His meeting with his father wasn t the one he was anticipating and he didn t got the chance to ask him all the questions that he wanted More than that he wasn t able to kill him so that he can free Annalise He knew that he wouldn t, couldn t do that to his father no matter how cruel he was or that he never rescued him from his tragic life.None of that matters now What s importan [...]

    13. 4.5 stars It s really hard to write a spoilers free review when all you want to do is yell view spoiler ANNALLISE YOU FUCKING CUNT hide spoiler extra loud.I normally don t talk about stuff that could spoil the book because I want everyone to be able to read my reviews BUT I SO WASN T EXPECTING THAT ENDING, FOR SURE HOLY CRAP.

    14. Sally s writing is very special She can write complex characters in a very few words, which can lead either to pleasure or boredom, depending on the reader.In my case, it led to pleasure, so I m looking forward to reading the last part.

    15. I m all for a gay protagonist as it is missing from mainstream YA literature but I don t think having Gabriel and Nathan end up together would be the greatest of choices My reasoning is this We are told the story in Nathan s perspective but we are never told of any occurrences were he has had either homosexual thoughts or urges We meet Gabriel who is gay and yet we still do not get any information if Nathan might actually lean that way We just know that he has been in love with Annalise since li [...]

    16. OMG El final Dios, que manera de cerrar el libro.Iba a ser 4 estrellas pero los ltimos 3 cap tulos hicieron que me replantee la puntuaci n final

    17. 3.5ish stars maybe I really loved book one and its darkness, from the uncomfortable confusion of the beginning to the fear and adrenaline later on I know it was a Marmite book, but I really loved it This one just didn t have the substance Don t get me wrong, I enjoyed Half Wild I liked the animal development and the shift in relationships with Gabrielle, Annalise and Marcus It all makes sense and probably needed to happen It s just that on the whole it felt a little filler Compared to book 1 thi [...]

    18. I received a copy of Half Wild in exchange for an honest review, courtesy of Penguin Random House UK and Netgalley A copy of this review is also on my blog bookblogbird.weeblyI finished the first book in this trilogy a couple of days ago It s a wild, gruesome ride and I loved every minute of it.This book, not so much.I want to start by highlighting the good parts Some scenes were great There are a couple of scenes with Gabriel and Nathan that almost had me in tears, they were so beautifully writ [...]

    19. hm, daKako sam i rekao ranije u kra em komentaru ne to nije u redu s ovim nastavkom spisateljica je neiskusna, a urednik uop e nije ni poku ao uraditi svoj posao.Izgleda otprilike kao da je napisana kompletna knjiga, nekih 1000 stranica, i onda su to dali mesaru da rasje e sjekirom na tri od oka njemu jednaka dijela.Ne smije se rad u nastavcima cjepkati tako da se oni kojima je namijenjen osje aju kao mi u labirintu ne znam ni gdje mi je glava ni rep ni ulaz ni izlaz.Pomislio sam kako me i neka [...]

    20. Phenomenal I understand how this series isn t for everyone which is the case for all books, but it s safe to say that I loved it Half Bad always stuck in my mind because it was original with a creative writing style that I hadn t experienced before, and its sequel was no different plus .Action was present from the start along with the development of some truly fascinating relationships Nathan is a brilliant main character because he s not purely good yes he kills, and yes he s not always remorse [...]

    21. While superior to the first installment in characterization, plot, and writing, I am a little ticked off that the world building was not detailed any further The reason why I never complained about the vague world building in the first book was because I thought that was all the information given to Nathan about it, and I was lead to believe it would grow as the series progressed I ll just have to hope that in the last installment Sally will take a little time to fill in the blanks especially t [...]

    22. Initial reaction Seriously, I want to love this series I want to love it There are parts of it that I want to applaud and sing praises for Sally Green at least in the idea of where she wants to take this series, but honestly the execution leaves much to be desired Much of this book I felt like I was waiting on my hands for something to happen, and when finally something significant and engaging does happen, it s near the end of the book.I ll finish out this series, certainly, but I hope the last [...]

    23. Nathan is back and with it comes his new found abilities He s still on the run from the terror of the White Witches, but he s not alone With a new round of characters and enemies he might know, Nathan finds out exactly what he s capable of Being out in the wild suits him.Half Bad had some pacing issues but there was no problem with this one because I was constantly engaged Namely because there s a certain love interest that I want him to get with I felt like Nathan could fare better with this pe [...]

    24. Un 4,5 en realidadEl lado salvaje es una segunda parte que supera con creces a su predecesora Con m s violencia, oscuridad y explorando de una forma fascinante la relaci n de Nathan con sus poderes y tambi n con la gente que le rodea Una novela que se centra m s en los personajes y sus relaciones pero que igualmente engancha y nos mantiene en vilo hasta el finalvidasecretadeloslibross

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