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Lawyer for the Cat By LeeRobinson,

  • Title: Lawyer for the Cat
  • Author: LeeRobinson
  • ISBN: 9781250052421
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sally Baynard is one of the best lawyers around In the years since her divorce from Family Court Judge Joe Baynard, she dedicated herself to representing the worst and craziest Charleston, S.C had to offer But none of the murderers, burglars, or angry divorcing clients compared to Sherman, the dog her ex husband appointed her to represent Although the miniature SchnauzSally Baynard is one of the best lawyers around In the years since her divorce from Family Court Judge Joe Baynard, she dedicated herself to representing the worst and craziest Charleston, S.C had to offer But none of the murderers, burglars, or angry divorcing clients compared to Sherman, the dog her ex husband appointed her to represent Although the miniature Schnauzer found his way into her heart and brought his handsome vet Tony along too , his case was a thorny one With that business out of the way, Sally is happy to move back to non canine clients until a probate judge asks her about a cat.Agreeing to represent Beatrice, a black cat who s the beneficiary of a multi million dollar trust and a plantation, Sally must put her wit, charm, and brains to the test, choosing among three colorful potential caregivers while dodging the former owner s angry son Meanwhile, Sally must juggle the demands of the court with those of her aging mother and make a decision about Tony, who wants to get serious Lawyer for the Cat is Southern women s fiction at its most delightful, featuring strong, smart characters, a charming setting, and plenty of adorable critters.
    Lawyer for the Cat Sally Baynard is one of the best lawyers around In the years since her divorce from Family Court Judge Joe Baynard she dedicated herself to representing the worst and craziest Charleston S C had to

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    1. I absolutely loved Robinson s Lawyer for the Dog book so when I saw this sequel was available, I had to request it Although I am much a dog person than a cat person, I had such confidence that the author would provide me with a great read that I couldn t wait to dive into it.Sally Baynard, a South Carolina attorney, was appointed guardian ad litem for Sherman the Schnauzer in the first book, and this time around, she is representing Beatrice, a cat whose owner has died Sally is left to determin [...]

    2. I received this book via a giveaway.This is one of those fun, breezy, easy to read books that is a nice break from those thrillers I so often find in my hands Sally Baynard, lawyer extraordinaire, becomes celebrated after her ex husband, Family Court Judge, Joe Baynard appoints her to represent the interest of Sherman, a miniature Schnauzer in a nasty divorce Not only did the dog find its way into Sally s heart, it also brought her new love interest into her life.Believing that representing an a [...]

    3. Attorney Sally Baynard s life is a mess A retiring family court judge appoints her to find a home for an arrogant cat that just became trust beneficiary of millions Her mother, dipping into and out of the murky world of dementia, demands and of her time And Tony, her sexy veterinarian boyfriend, demands a full time commitment to their relationship On top of all this, Sally s feelings toward her ex husband, the highly respected Judge Joe Baynard, are becoming ambivalent as Joe s hints about pr [...]

    4. This is a quirky quick read that I enjoyed Beatrice had only a small part in the book which was a bit disappointing to me I was happy with who the lawyer picked to be the caretaker for the cat though and enjoyed Sally s mother and their relationship This is a book I happened to see while browsing at the library and the title and cover called out to me I found it to be a light, entertaining read and would recommend it for anyone interested in animal s rights or family court law Karen s review

    5. 3 starsI did not enjoy this as must as Lawyer for the Dog Sally managed to irritate me almost the entire book She is a complete pessimist She gives up when things get even the slightest bit complicated, then she regrets it for decades She has an inability to form emotional attachments because she s afraid of being hurt or losing control of her life, and this has diminished her I m glad I stuck with it because I liked the ending, but I m not sure if I would read another in the series.

    6. In Charleston, South Carolina, lawyer Sally Baynard, whose ex husband is a judge in family court, generally defends the worst offenders Her ex appoints her to represent the dog in a custody battle With that case solved she is next assigned to represent Beatrice, a black cat, whose beneficiary is a multimillion dollar trust and a plantation She has to chose among three caregivers for the cat.It is a delightful quick read in a lovely setting

    7. It was okay Loved the Charleston setting and the bit of mystery and the unusual case but I thought I lot of it was repetitive and kind of whiny.

    8. Die Gl cksbringerin ist der zweite Teil der Reihe um die Anw ltin Sally, allerdings sollte es kein Problem sein das Buch ohne Vorkenntnis zu lesen, denn jede Geschichte steht f r sich alleine.Ich fand ja bei diesem Buch die Idee eines Erbes an eine Katze sehr interessant und habe mich auf dieses Buch wirklich sehr gefreut Pers nlich hat mich die Geschichte nun eigentlich nicht entt uscht, denn es sind genau diese Aspekte, die bei solch einer Thematik auftreten, sehr gut herausgearbeitet worden u [...]

    9. Katze Beatrice Frauchen ist gestorben Jetzt ist das Tier eine Millionenerbin mit gro em Anwesen Wer die Katze und damit auch Zugriff auf den Treuhandfond bekommt, soll Anw ltin Sally Baynard herausfinden.Ich habe von dem Buch erwartet, dass die Katze bzw ihre Geschichte im Mittelpunkt steht Das war aber f r mein Empfinden nicht der Fall Vielmehr hatte ich das Gef hl, dass Beatrice die ganze Zeit nur in ihrem Transportk rbchen sitzt und von A nach B transportiert wird.Im Mittelpunkt steht viel me [...]

    10. Since I like cats, the cover of the book caught my eye at the library This was than a quick cozy read, because it contained lots of emotional insights from the main character It s also not a cat book per se, but the cat is the catalyst that moves the story forward I also haven t read The Lawyer for the Dog , the first book in the series, so I can t compare this one to it It works fine as a stand alone book though.Fifty year old Sally Baynard is a family court attorney practicing in Charleston, [...]

    11. Purr fect Author Lee Robinson creates such a fun story full of southern charm that I absolutely love The character of Sally Baynard is so relatable that I felt as if I was sitting down with a beloved friend as I was reading this book In addition, adding the element of the animals to this relatable story is a beautiful mix Once I started this book it was hard to put it away as the writing transfixed me in a way that I became lost in the story and time didn t matter.

    12. RPL AudioAside from saying that golden retrievers bark nope it was a very good book for a car trip Not sure how it was going to end Audio edition not listed

    13. Entertaining, light, fun read I am a cat person, so I would probably like this better than someone who isn t No literary awards here just a nice break between heavier reads

    14. Title Lawyer for the Cat Sally Baynard Novel 2 Author Lee Robinson Published 5 18 2016 Publisher Bonnier Publishing twenty7 Pages 241 Genre Women s Fiction Sub Genre Family Life Cats ISBN 9781785760679 ASIN B0176YG1I2 Reviewer DelAnne Reviewed For NetGalley My Rating 4 1 2 Stars Charleston S C divorce attorney Sally Baynard is looking forward to some normal cases with human clients following her successful conclusion of Sherman the Schnauzer, but the probate Judge Clarkson has other ideas when h [...]

    15. Sarah Sally Bright Baynard, Attorney at Law, has just turned 50 and is single An admitted workaholic, she is sharing a glass of wine with her friend, Ellen, and lamenting her age while waiting for her other friends to arrive to celebrate her birthday Ellen is also an attorney Sally s ex husband is a judge Sally is now dating a veterinarian who wants to marry She lives in Charleston with her mother who has Alzheimer s Sally usually handles divorce cases so family law and some criminal law are are [...]

    16. This is the second Sally Baynard book, the first being Lawyer for the Dog I really enjoyed this book It was a fun read with quirky characters and lots of sentiment The story centers around Sally Baynard, an attorney who is appointed enforcer of a trust Her responsibility is to decide who would be the best caretaker for Beatrice, the cat The trust stipulates that whoever is chosen to look after Beatrice must live int the old plantation house They also get 50,000 a year When the cat dies, Lila s s [...]

    17. The second book in the Sally Baynard novels, this book has multiple personalities in the sense that it is supposed to appeal to animal lovers, but the main character doesn t like them Although Sally accepts representing a cat who inherits millions of dollars and takes over the custody of the cat, she actually treats her like a burden, annoyance, a complication in her life she wants to get rid of , just like she does to everyone who wants to come near her including her boyfriend The book is about [...]

    18. Very disappointing after last year s Lawyer for the Dog In this one, the cat plays a very marginal role while the dog was nearly the center of attention Sherman the dog had a personality and won you over without ever saying a word On the other hand, Beatrice purrs a little, likes a few people really well and that s about it.Sally Baynard is again asked to serve as a lawyer for an animal People are starting to identify her as a pet attorney, which she doesn t appreciate But she is asked to interv [...]

    19. Lawyer for the Cat is the second book featuring Sally Baynard, a Charleston lawyer who, until recently, represented people She s now been asked to enforce the trust of a wealthy and recently deceased woman That duty includes finding someone to care for the woman s cat in the manner it was accustomed What Sally wasn t expecting was an angry heir who could make her job very difficult.As was the case in the first novel, Lawyer for the Dog, in addition to her full time job Sally also sees to the car [...]

    20. Sally Baynard has another animal case, different from her case with Sherman This time she has to decide who gets custody of Berniece, a cat.I find Sally interesting, and infuriating She grew up in an unhappy home in Columbia, SC with miserable parents Her mother, Margaret, wanted a better, grander life and was perpetually disappointed in her husband, her daughter, and her modest life Her family history, her own short marriage, and the unhappy marriages wacky divorce cases she sees in her practic [...]

    21. Attorney Sally Baynard has had some crazy court cases since divorcing her husband, a family court judge Recently, she had great success representing Sherman, a dog in a divorce case Now, she has been asked to represent Lila Mackay s cat Beatrice, who is beneficiary to Lila s multi million dollar trust and plantation This case proves to be quite involved as Sally weeds through the individuals listed on the will trying to find a suitable guardian for Beatrice While Sally is working on this case, s [...]

    22. This is a quick read only 230 pages It was a pleasant way to spend a cool, rainy Saturday afternoon I didn t think the cat book was as entertaining or funny as the first book in the series There is quite an assortment of quirky characters, but not enough Charleston character to satisfy me The main storyline has a satisfying conclusion, but most others remain openended.There is a teaser near the end, suggesting that Sally has finally made up her mind about the vet who wants her to move in But the [...]

    23. Lee Robinson has written another terrific novel featuring Sally Baynard This isn t a cat book any than Lawyer for the Dog was a dog book the animals are devices to bring us into Sally s orbit I really appreciated the fact that Robinson brings real law into her books not about murders or corporate misdoings but law that everyone can appreciate She takes good care with the other characters, such as Sally s mom, Delores, Gail, Mandy, and the clients who make cameo appearances thanks to Netgalley f [...]

    24. Loved this story I missed Lawyer for the Dog but I ll be getting it soon Sally Baynard is a lawyer used to dealing with family law but a judge was so impressed by her representing a dog in a divorce case he appoints her as a lawyer for a cat who has inherited a fortune She s dealing with a mother with Alzheimer s, an ex husband who is running for judge, and her vet boyfriend who s son is totally against their dating Sally is a little older than many characters but she s fun and I d like to have [...]

    25. the woman lawyer was given a case where a woman died and left 50,000 a year to someone to live in her house and take care of her cat beatrice after beatrice dies then her son gets the house she had to choose from 3 people in the will she picked the librarian she learned a lot about the lady who died and her son she is going to break up with her boyfriend the vet, but she did adopt a beagle from him her mom has alhimers and she hired 2 women to look after her her moms old boyfriend moved upstairs [...]

    26. I received this as a Giveaway I have not read the first book in this Sally Baynard series but will definitely be getting it now I did not feel like I missed anything by not reading the other one first as this is also an excellent stand alone book When I think of a perfect Cozy story this is it Great characters that I can relate to and that feel real as well as an interesting story that I can get into There are enough minor characters and subplots going on that I think this could be a wonderful s [...]

    27. After reading Lee Robinson s book, Lawyer for the Dog , I was excited to read her latest book since I am a cat person Sally Baynard has a new case and this one is deciding who gets Beatrice, and also gets 50,000 a year and a house to live in Finally a decision is made and the book ends happily The characters are the same as the dog book, and some new characters are introduced Set in Charleston, South Carolina.

    28. I received an ARC for this book It is set in Charleston, SC A Family Court lawyer takes on representation of a cat, the beneficiary of a trust Sally is 50 years old and feeling her years This is the second mystery from the author The characters are likable and the plot was ingenious I ll look for by this author Her writing reminds me a little of Margaret Maron.

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