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Tender Kisses By Sheryl Lister,

  • Title: Tender Kisses
  • Author: Sheryl Lister
  • ISBN: 9780373864478
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
  • What he ll do for love Siobhan Gray has had it with men who view her as a stepping stone to a career with her family s successful home safety company Even when a sexy stranger sweeps her onto the dance floor at a gala awards event, the twice burned PR director vows not to let down her guard Siobhan doesn t count on Justin Cartwright s persistence as he dissolves her doWhat he ll do for love Siobhan Gray has had it with men who view her as a stepping stone to a career with her family s successful home safety company Even when a sexy stranger sweeps her onto the dance floor at a gala awards event, the twice burned PR director vows not to let down her guard Siobhan doesn t count on Justin Cartwright s persistence as he dissolves her doubts and slowly wins her trust with a passion that tempts her to believe in love again Justin is a man with a plan partner with Gray Home Safety to deliver his new cutting edge product to the market But the tall, sensual beauty is derailing all his best intentions Then he discovers who she really is Now he stands to lose everything unless he can convince Siobhan that nothing matters than their blossoming relationship and the future they can build together.
    Tender Kisses What he ll do for love Siobhan Gray has had it with men who view her as a stepping stone to a career with her family s successful home safety company Even when a sexy stranger sweeps her onto the danc

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    1. Two independent and professional people meet, share a dance and a tender kiss And that s how it all starts, even though they both have their secrets and their walls, her than him though But those tender kisses and his sexy gentleman ways begin to tear down her walls, piece by little piece I enjoyed this book It was romantic, fun, sexy, and a great representation of what families should be like I wouldn t mind having a bunch of big brothers like this girl Family, love, and fun, that s all that m [...]

    2. Loved it Every book that I read by Sheryl Lister makes my heart smile What really stands out in this one is the love, respect and genuine concern that each member of the Gray Family demonstrates for one another If a sleazy ex boyfriend upsets Morgan or Siobhan, one by one their three brothers call or stop by to make sure they are OK I love that To protect her heart and her family s wealth, Siobhan hides her true identity because she thinks Justin is deceitful like her lying, cheating ex So not f [...]

    3. Tender Kisses is the story of two people that work way too much until they cross each other s path Like a lot of that have been hurt in the past, Justin and Shoibhan throw themselves into distractions so they won t have to deal with their issues This aspect of the book makes it realistic, relatable, and that s what drew me in This was my first time reading a book by Sheryl Lister and it definitely won t be my last She does an excellent job at not over romanticizing things because the conflict an [...]

    4. This book s story line was okay I liked Justin s character I liked Justin s nice gentlemen ways but I feel Justin tried to hard to get Siobhan to be his woman I didn t like Siobhan s character I understand what she went through, but I didn t like her attitude towards Justin I love Ms Lister s books but this one was for me.

    5. Justin and Siobhan WOW I loved how these two worked up to loving and trusting each other I WILL NEVER LOOK AT HONEY THE SAME EVER AGAIN A great story Sheryl Lister Job Well Done

    6. I m not surprised that Tender Kisses exceeded my expectations Siobhan reminds me of how we when hurt to the core can mess things up by not letting go Justin is my man He saw what he wanted and went for it, falling in love in the process I loved how this story was told effortlessly and smooth I m a fan of Sheryl Lister for than her writing style She brings you to the edge gently then pushes you lol Love it.

    7. I loved this story just for the simple fact that Justin Cartwright was the perfect man to win over Siobhan Hunter Gray who possessed a rough, direct, and tough exterior due to relationship issues and trying to prove herself worthy and dependable to her parents Not only was Justin smooth, he was also very thoughtful, sincere, patient, and persistent in going after the woman who caught and kept his attention at first sight Awesome love story and read

    8. JustinI read this series out of order Morgan s story was my favorite I can t wait to read Malcolm and Khalil s story Siobhan s story was cute I love the Gray family Thanks for making my day.

    9. Passionate This book was filled with passion, love and tenderness A story of trust and honesty between one another is essential to every relationship Great book

    10. Tender Kisses by Sheryl Lister is an interestingly engaging tale that captivates the reader and keeps us wanting to know what is next I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading from Ms Lister.This is the story of Siobhan Gray and Justin Cartwright Siobhan is fed up with being seen as the avenue to the inside of Gray Home Safety, which is her family s successful home safety company She met Justin at an industry s gathering and considered him just as the others before him.bu [...]

    11. Siobhan Gray, in Sheryl Lister s Tender Kisses, has spent the last three years proving to her father that she is the best PR Director her family s home security company has ever had Working long hours has become her middle name Besides, it has taken her that much time to get over the fiasco of a relationship But her life began to turn upside down when she met Justin Cartwright He was easy to talk to, considerate, a total gentlemen, and handsome But Siobhan held back on a very important piece of [...]

    12. Siobhan has had her fair share of heartache over the years Justin is looking to partner with Gray Home Safety when he sees Siobhan Siobhan and Justin are immediately attracted to one another but Siobhan doesn t want to get involved with anyone and wants to concentrate solely on her job Even though Siobhan is putting up a wall Justin is very determined to break those walls down I loved this first book in these series I was immediately drawn in and was rooting for Justin There were obstacles that [...]

    13. One Down, Three To Go A great story about workaholics who find time for love Justin Cartwright and Siobhan Gray have become two if my favorite Contemporary Romance couple The chemistry between them is off the chain As with most couples, they each had to deal with their personal issues that kept them holding on to the past I liked the way everything was resolved I like that Gray family Who s next of the three handsome Gray brothers Could it be Brandon, Khalil or Malcolm Thank you Sheryl Lister fo [...]

    14. Justin and Siobhan dynamiteIt s always good when you pre order and the story doesn t disappoint Justin and Siobhan had a romance that was like any other Siobhan having to allow herself to love again Having to get over past hurts and disappointment Justin being a man of principle having to accept the courses of life and go beyond the surface As we watch the couples love blossom one is thankful for encouraging loving family and friends Good job on the couple recognizing that they had a love worth [...]

    15. First of the Grays of Los Angeles The eldest Siobhan Gray hides and disguises who she is to a potential suitor because she is tired of the tired pitches to get into her family and her families riches Justin Cartwright started out looking for friends and Siobhan is unlike any woman he has met I could not put this book down Riveting, sensual, funny and entertaining Everyone needs a fat bellied, greasy contender in our lives to keep us on our toes Great read.

    16. I always enjoy series that are set around family Siobhan is the eldest of the Gray children and works in her family business That has been a blessing and a curse She is often sought out by men as a way to get to her father and this has left her jaded Enter Justin, who does want to meet her father, but doesn t actually know who she is This is the backdrop for an excellent story I can t wait to see which sibling is the focus of the next installment.

    17. Siobhan Gray has had bad experiences with men She has let it over shadow having a relationship with any man Justin has a plan and wants to partner with Gray Home Safety, because he wants the best.Despite Siobhan misgiving a relationship does develop and Justin is out to convince her that they can have a future together.

    18. The author provides a lot of background on both of the characters and allows their relationship to naturally progress Readers will revel in the journey from strangers to love 4 stars RT Book Reviews Miniseries The Grays of Los Angeles

    19. Tender Kisses Siobhan is an independent woman that format trust easily based on past relationships Justin comes into her world and slowly knocks down all the walls she s built up around her heart Looking forward to from the Cartwright and Gray families.

    20. Great job Ms ListerBook one in this new series is off to a great start I loved the chemistry between the hero and heroine I am looking forward to the next story so I can catch up with Vonnie and Justin Also I am anticipating who will take the plunge next.

    21. Beautiful title Wonderful story,sometimes it take losing someone you find yourself in love with over a misunderstanding for it to make you take a long hard look at your past to learn the lesson that you can t hold other people s burdens and take them and make it your own.

    22. Great storyI couldn t stop reading this book You kept the flow of the book exciting It was never boring.Truly a great love story.

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