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One Year After By William R. Forstchen,

  • Title: One Year After
  • Author: William R. Forstchen
  • ISBN: 9781504632829
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Audio CD
  • The thrilling follow up to the New York Times bestselling novel One Second AfterMonths before publication, One Second After was cited on the floor of Congress as a book all Americans should read, a book discussed in the corridors of the Pentagon as a truly realistic look at the dangers of EMPs An EMP is a weapon with the power to destroy the entire United States in a singThe thrilling follow up to the New York Times bestselling novel One Second AfterMonths before publication, One Second After was cited on the floor of Congress as a book all Americans should read, a book discussed in the corridors of the Pentagon as a truly realistic look at the dangers of EMPs An EMP is a weapon with the power to destroy the entire United States in a single act of terrorism, in a single second indeed, it is a weapon that the Wall Street Journal warns could shatter America One Second After was a dire warning of what might be our future and our end.One Year After returns to the small town of Black Mountain and the man who struggled to rebuild it in the wake of devastation John Matherson It is a thrilling follow up and should delight fans in every way.
    One Year After The thrilling follow up to the New York Times bestselling novel One Second AfterMonths before publication One Second After was cited on the floor of Congress as a book all Americans should read a bo

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    1. I am not sure if this book or series is for everyone It is a bit dark and scary, but it is well thought out a what if scenario and all the possibilities that are WAY too possible.I enjoy Forstchen s writing and research This book and the one before do not feel as much like novels as they do non fiction analysis of everything that could happen with the destruction of our infrastructure and political system as we know it How would we respond Would we remain humane or dissolve into anarchy Would e [...]

    2. While I enjoyed the first book quite a bit and I encourage you to read it first if you ve not yet done so , I do feel it a bit unfair to rate this book as inferior to the first, even if only slightly.They are different types of books, after all Yes, they deal with the same group of people, and this book picks up their story in a linear fashion a number of months after the first book has left off.But the first book existed to illustrate exactly how devastating an EMP attack would be for our mode [...]

    3. After having blown through the book in about a day, I figure I ll bang out the review while the story is fresh in my mind First of all, as I m sure all the other reviews will note this story is set TWO years after the first book, so it s my assumption that the author used this title for artistic license This review will regrettably be negative than my review of the first book because this book swerves away from painting a dark picture of the very real possibilities of an EMP attack, to swerve c [...]

    4. Enjoyable read, but not as good as the first Several parts could be edited out without hurting story Rushed ending.

    5. SPOILERS BELOW I liked One Second After, but it really was a different book In this book, the author attempts to move away from the apocalyptic what if of an EMP attack into a straight novel.I don t think the attempt was successful.There s really only one character Matherson and everyone else is simply a cardboard cutout plugged in to populate a scene and then dumped.I m still trying to figure out how Black Mountain got to be such a unique place Before THE DAY Black Mountain had a population of [...]

    6. Survival that s what it has been all about since the EMP Forstchen has allowed one full year to pass since the events of One Second After yes, you must read book one before embarking on the journey in One Year After.The first book in the series was about getting by, surviving and coming together The second is about control and deception an us and them scenario The townsfolk of Black Mountain have made it through the worst that the apocalypse could throw at them many were lost, but now they are [...]

    7. This was frustrating because I liked the first book, One Second After, so much, but I did not like this one at all The first book had the intensity of a classic apocalyptic event where we get an idea what it would be like to have our lives changed in an instant A nuclear blast a nuclear electromagnetic pulse to be exact takes the country back into the dark ages and we see the culminating fight for survival after the fact I ll tell you what I got out of this book god bless America, National anthe [...]

    8. One Second After was one of the better survivalist novels I ve read In that book, an EMP attack destroys the North American electric grid and plunges the United States into lawless anarchy and mass starvation It was a pretty gripping story about a small North Carolina town trying to survive amidst the chaos, even if the main character is a bit of an author stand in.The sequel picks up the story a year later, as the title indicates Black Mountain is beginning to pull itself together and attain en [...]

    9. Friends must think of me very differently than I think of myselfa recommendation, after I already said I wasn t particularly impressed with the previous recommended book by this authorOne Second After or the politician that supposedly stated that every American should read that one A waste of my time, and I m not all that busy In my opinion the best in this genre a genre that hasn t ventured much outside the box other than adding in a prerequisite psycho bully is still Pat Frank s 1959,Alas, Bab [...]

    10. English ReviewThis book is the sequel of One Second After where we were able to follow the residents of Black Mountain who were trying to survive after the EMP electromagnetic pulse, i.e the explosion of a nuclear weapon in altitude, which had the effect of destroying all that is electric.In One Year After, the story takes place one year after the end of One Second After and 2 years after the EMP The people of Black Mountain managed to restore a semblance of normal life even if they do not actua [...]

    11. I don t know where to start in describing the contents of this book It was so thought provoking and mind blowing that this could actually happen to us in America Would we survivey God knows I highly recommend that everyone read this book, but please start with the first book, One Second After.

    12. Although not as good as the first one, this one is still a chilling and frightening read I m not the biggest fan of war books, but the politics here of a post internal disaster in such a magnitude is scary Won t want to live in such a world just saying.

    13. I read this book and One Second After because I am intrigued by the fragility of our society and I love to read about different views about this topic.However, a significant weakness in this series is the way that the EMP seems to blow this town s view of anyone other than white males back to the 1950 s The female characters are not much of an improvement from the first installment to this book The author s sexism is so glaring that it becomes a spoiler For example, once you hear that the Presid [...]

    14. Bureaucrats are bad Former military dudes are awesome America and the Constitution Quotes in Latin Coincidentally, every good person in this book is a former member of the military All the bad people are paper pushers and politicians As an office jobber, I ve long ago killed myself in fantasy EMP land, but yet I continued to hate read this in real life.Was there even an editor on this

    15. I enjoy apocalyptic and post apocalyptic stories The genre often explores morality and asks the question what would you do This book attempts to do so without success Sadly, Forstchen allowed his political viewpoints to write this story Long passages were dedicated to bemoaning the passing of the good old days He put the Civil War on a pedestal He believes it to be the dignified justified struggle for Southern Independence I was sickened The main character a talking head for the author has 19th [...]

    16. One Year After is the sequel to the excellent One Second after but alas does not rise to its predecessor s standard The book settles into a familiar narrative that does not deliver any surprises to the reader.The book starts off two years after the day which is one year after the end of the first book in the series and in that lies the mystery of the title It is that mystery of the title that lost one star for me straight of the bat as I should not have to spend time deciphering the title of the [...]

    17. To learn of a sequel for One Second After a novel presumably composed by putting Allen West speeches in a garbage disposal is to not only despair, but to question the very notion of cause and effect, of the relationship between our actions and their consequences.To begin One Year After is to stare into the abyss, to search for relationships and form and meaning and find nothing It is to understand that within that endless expanse exists another surveyor who also finds nothing and to consider the [...]

    18. I read the first book in this series during the Cannonball two years ago, so I went back to read my review before writing this one Sadly, it seems that in the years that have passed between these novels, Mr Forstchen has gotten hyper militaristic in his writing and a bit willing to express a few bigoted viewpoints as well And he continues to either relegate women to periphery roles, or, when granting higher profile roles the President is apparently a woman, the former Secretary of Health and H [...]

    19. William Forstchen doesn t disappoint with One Year After, the follow up to One Second After The first book showed us the dangers of an EMP attack on our economy and our way of life through the eyes of John Matherson and the residents of Black Mountain, North Carolina One Year After picks up, as indicated by the title, a year after the conclusion of events in the first book.The residents of Black Mountain are still picking up the pieces, but life is settling into a semblance of new normality and [...]

    20. Ugh I seriously debated whether or not to finish this book I continued, against my better judgment, to the end because I had hoped it would improve My hopes were unfounded While the story certainly had realistic elements to it, the writing was just painful Much like Matherson s sore tooth that we were constantly hearing about When we weren t hearing about the damn tooth we were hearing about what a great leader and a hero Matherson was Sure, Forstchen tried to make him all humble and caring but [...]

    21. This is the second book set in the USA in the aftermath of an EMP Electromagnetic Pulse attack that results near total distruction of the country s electrical infrastructure It picks up the story a year after the events in the first book called One Second After.As I read the book, it made me think often about the simple things we take for granted such as cars, clean water, good food, electricity, dentists abd hospitals The story depicts a country struggling to rebuild itself despite all this, an [...]

    22. While most apocalyptic books read about the same, some person or group s struggle to survive in the aftermath of world devastation this series is different Somehow the writer makes this one about being human in an inhuman setting Very realistic storyline to the point it scares me for what could happen Highly recommended I am gonna go be a prepper now

    23. I was very excited to read this book, the first one was so captivating I think a sequel would be very hard to do as well as the first novel which left you sitting on the edge of your seat I did enjoy the reconstruction of the nation but found it very hard to keep me interested.

    24. A cautionary tale which provides an overabundance of frightening food for thought I haven t read One Second After, which ends a year before this story, but I feel that I should read it But not for a while I need a palate cleansing, light read right now.

    25. I enjoyed this follow up, but again the same comment as on the first book in the series the writing is a bit stilted at times This EMP stuff scares me

    26. Beginning one year after the conclusion of the first book, One Second After, it is actually two years since the detonation of nuclear explosives causing EMPs above the United States and other countries, bringing an end to society as we knew it The small town of Black Mountain, North Carolina, is beginning to put itself back together The worst of the starving time is over, hopefully, and they are relearning and rebuilding things that used to be taken for granted, such as electricity, radio commun [...]

    27. I read the first book in this series a few years ago for a book club the same reason I also read the second book A frightening glimpse into an entirely possible situation, it s an excellent selection for discussion And is likely to scare the crap out of you.The first book was highly compelling, shocking, heartbreaking, and sometimes difficult to read seeing the characters struggle to survive and knowing something like this could happen to your own family One Year After, although still engrossing [...]

    28. This was an amazing followup to One Second After , and by far the most realistic seeming narrative of the post apocalyptic genre Nothing in the story seems outlandish and many of the hardships the characters face are extremely plausible, but not wholly obvious I plan to immediately start on the final book of the series, The Final Day I highly recommend this series

    29. I liked this book but it s a little slow in starting out things don t really happen until around page 100 and even then it takes its time getting going Much fast paced the second half.

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