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The Fiber35 Diet: Nature's Weight Loss Secret By Brenda Watson Leonard Smith,

  • Title: The Fiber35 Diet: Nature's Weight Loss Secret
  • Author: Brenda Watson Leonard Smith
  • ISBN: 9781416547181
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s time to revolutionize the way you think about dieting Bestselling author Brenda Watson shares the remarkable secret that helped her take charge of her health and change her life forever Now you can do the same The Fiber35 Diet will show you how to lose weight and improve your health by taking advantage of the extraordinary health benefits of fiber.In recent decadesIt s time to revolutionize the way you think about dieting Bestselling author Brenda Watson shares the remarkable secret that helped her take charge of her health and change her life forever Now you can do the same The Fiber35 Diet will show you how to lose weight and improve your health by taking advantage of the extraordinary health benefits of fiber.In recent decades, a change has taken place in America In contrast to the fiber rich fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains once prevalent in our diet, we now consume an overwhelming number and amount of processed foods filled with refined sugars and harmful trans fats As a result, we have almost completely stripped our diet of what is quite possibly the most beneficial nutrient on the planet.In addition to helping prevent many of the major diseases of our time including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer fiber helps to increase satiety, reduce hunger, and actually decrease caloric intake The Fiber35 Diet will show you how getting 35 grams of fiber every day is the key to losing weight and staying healthy for life Unlike many of the low carbohydrate, high protein diets that currently saturate the market, the Fiber35 Diet is based on scientifically verified techniques clinically proven to help you lose weight Most important, this diet corrects one of the most dangerous falsehoods of our time that carbohydrates are bad The Fiber 35 Diet teaches you a lifetime eating system that helps you shed pounds safely and effectively.This book includes Straightforward, easy to understand concepts that have been researched in detail and clinically proven A personalized weight loss formula based on how many pounds you want to lose Recommendations about dietary supplements and nutritious food choices Healthful and fiber rich recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks A comprehensive strength and cardio training program designed to help you maintain your ideal body weight.Twenty years ago, author Brenda Watson was overweight, chronically tired, and battling constant health problems Today she inspires hundreds of thousands of people just like you with her story of personal transformation By starting the Fiber35 Diet, you are taking the first step on your own journey.
    The Fiber Diet Nature s Weight Loss Secret It s time to revolutionize the way you think about dieting Bestselling author Brenda Watson shares the remarkable secret that helped her take charge of her health and change her life forever Now you c

    One thought on “The Fiber35 Diet: Nature's Weight Loss Secret”

    1. m not a fan of the magical numbers that some of these diet books put out there 35, 60 30 10, 0, etc and this book s 35 grams of fiber is yet another gimmick that is supposed to give you all that you want in an eating plan This is, however, a pretty good gimmick I can t go on enough about how beneficial fiber is for your health and Brenda is with me fiber lower caloric density, better digestive health, and better energy balance Though the high fiber diet has been given to us before The Pritikin [...]

    2. I wasn t going to record this on , but I read the entire book There is a lot of good information in this diet book, which does not rely on gimmicks or bad science, but rather presents why we should eat fiber Cut a reasonable amount of calories unlike Weight Watchers which, if you do the math of the PlusPoints equaling roughly 30 calories per PlusPoint, the average amount for weight loss allowance 26 PP is only 780 calories per day , follow the exercise plan, and lose weight with something that [...]

    3. Should be eating the way my mother taught me She does show you once again the fabulous benefits of eating closer to nature I learned about my body and about food and was encouraged to keep eating closer to the source.

    4. Brenda Watson, The Fiber35 Diet Nature s Weight Loss Secret Free Press, 2007 I knew it would eventually happen in an age where we ve had decades of quirky, contrarian diet books how else to explain the low carb revolution , eventually we d get to the point where someone would write a classic diet book and have it hailed as something revolutionary Welcome to The Fiber35 Diet, a book that basically tells you exactly what people have been saying about weight loss since fat people first started appe [...]

    5. This was an okay book as far as diet books go I already knew of all the benefits of fiber, so I was hoping for something a little bit in depth It gives a good review of fibers benefits I would have liked it to be a little scientific There was a mention of fiber causing calories not to be absorbed I tried finding any other mention of this online, but was unsuccessful I admit I didn t spend a great deal of time looking, but for such a great claim, you would think there d be some substantial amou [...]

    6. This book is actually not a bad reference I thought it was going to be another trendy diet book, but was pleasantly surprised to see that Watson actually has a very good nutrition foundation As someone who majored in nutrition and dietetics, I often read diet books so I can be aware of what patients clients may be reading and then I will know how to inform them where if the books are incorrect This book does a great job in giving the reader easy to understand information about how to eat a balan [...]

    7. Saw Brenda Watson on PBS and ordered this book and the HOPE book before the prices went up on.Common sense teaching nothing new really, except maybe detail on the amount of fiber in fruits and vegetables And she wants you to take gi normous amounts of probiotics don t remember which book.Of course she has a company with her husband selling, what else, fiber and probiotics There are other companies on the Net that also sell these products and I will be investigating some of them as well Still, I [...]

    8. A nice reminder that we should be eating fibre in our diets and the benefits of doing so We should be striving to have at least 35 grams of fibre every day There is lots of information if you want to know why we should be eating protein, carbs, fibre, etc along with recipes and suggested meal plans.The problem I had with this book is that she wants you to have shakes and bars rather than natural fresh food for two meals a day And guess what So is she writing about it because she truly believes [...]

    9. I really like the concept that nothing is outlawed You can eat just about anything as long as you stay within calorie limits and have 35 grams of fiber To get 35 grams of fiber you must eat lots of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains I really like that it is very plant based, but meat and dairy are not excluded completely Haven t actually tried the diet part yet, just read about it.

    10. Loved the info in this book It really got me on a healthy eating kick Just beware of the bowel changes if you do start eating this much fiber daily I didn t use the recipes she gave or start drinking the shakes, but I did add a lot fruits veggies to my diet, cut out lots of fats and sugars, and looked for foods with high fiber contentat is until I got pregnant I haven t done very well ever since

    11. This is a really sesible way to look at not only weight loss but also over all health Fiber was to me a good idea, after this book it s a life changing necessity After following it s premises for about a week I really feel good More energy, and a feeling of wellness Oh, and a few pounds lost is nice too

    12. I have struggled to lose weight for many years I have finally lost those pesky 15 pounds and kept them off since around March This book changed the way I eat and the way I think about eating It basically changed my life

    13. HA At long last my deep love of fiber is vindicated Seriously, this book is fantastic following its guidelines has increased my gastrointestinal joy my toilet overfloweth Remember, if the GI tract ain t happy, ain t nobody gonna be happy Long live fiber

    14. Grabbed this one on the way out of the library and it s okay Just reinforces my desire to eat fiber but I m not one to diet, diet I only have read about 1 3 of the book I didn t finish the book but enjoyed the info I got from it.

    15. I don t have to loose weight, but I absolutely believe that adding fiber to your diet makes you feel better and gives you energy It works for me and this book gave me a lot of extra information.

    16. For anyone wanting to lose weight or improve his her overall health and wellness, this book is a great start It is full of great healthy recipes, snack ideas and exercise tips Whether you want to try the diet or not, you will find useful information.

    17. An interesting book, but it didn t really teach me anything I didn t already know I didn t care for the eating plan it offered, but worse wasn t that interested by most of the recipes presented I ve only made a couple things from this book and have been toying with the idea of donating it.

    18. I found this interesting for a diet book Tells of the importance of fiber in your diet for your health I bought just about all of it.

    19. This is a great book if you are looking for information regarding the best foods for your body to help prevent disease, have energy and loose weight.

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