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No Kiss Goodbye By Janelle Harris,

  • Title: No Kiss Goodbye
  • Author: Janelle Harris
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kids change your life, they said Things will never be the same again, they said Isn t it wonderful, they said But no one knows what to say now My husband wants to take the kids My husband thinks the accident was my fault My husband thinks I need help But I think he wants rid of me.
    No Kiss Goodbye Kids change your life they said Things will never be the same again they said Isn t it wonderful they said But no one knows what to say now My husband wants to take the kids My husband thinks the a

    One thought on “No Kiss Goodbye”

    1. This book was incredible WhoaIt seems like I ve been saying that a lot lately But sometimes it s the only word that fits.This is one heck of a psychological thriller in my opinion.I like how the blurb didn t give away a lot of the plot but at the same time it sure made me want to read it Especially My husband wants to take the kids.My husband thinks the accident was my fault.My husband thinks I need help.But I think he wants rid of me.In regards to the plot I m going to leave it at that, I don t [...]

    2. This book definitely keeps you guessing When I first read the reviews for this book I was curious as to why no one wanted to say too much about the plot now I have finished the book I totally understand This book messes with your head but in a good way It is exciting, gripping and has several OMG moments I was totally hooked throughout the story and have to say this was one of my favourite reads this year.

    3. Wow Wow Oops, have I already said that This book has completely blown me away It took a few days to read, as I had very little available time for reading, until this morning, when I read the entire second half in one sitting, as I couldn t put this down I finished this book a few hours ago, but I ve yet to come down from the experience.I really don t want to say too much about the plot at all, as it is so good, I don t want to give anything away However, to give you an idea of what it is about, [...]

    4. 5 Lost In My Mind Stars THIS BOOK WAS FANTASTIC With that being said, I will warn you, this book is NOT what you think it is With each word you see, your mind will be flipped around like you jumped inside a jumbo sized clothes dryer From the beginning to the end, your mind is about to ride front seat in the mind of a woman fighting for what s real in her own mind I apologize now for this review I don t want to give anything away and some of it may not make sense.Laura is a wife and mother of one [...]

    5. I read this book due to all the wonderful reviews but I hated it The only thing it had going for it was that it intrigued me to the point where I had to finish it to find out what was going on.I found it confusing and it dragged on and on I wouldn t recommend this book, but each to their own Im glad I ve finished it and annoyed that I wasted my time reading it.

    6. WowWell what can I say, this book kept me guessing the whole way through Quiet complicated in some places but stick with it, a truly great read.

    7. I started to read this book hoping for twists and surprises, but I actually got none, just struggled so much to finish it It just kept stalling from the beggining until the end, which wasn t a big twist surprise.

    8. If you want the intensity of Gone Girl and the emotion of The Fault in our Stars then No Kiss Goodbye may be the perfect mix for you Again with this fucking comparison To the marketing people these are not the only two books that exist

    9. Wow what a Rollercoaster of a book I don t want to say much as I don t want to give anything away about the storyline but I devoured this in one day, didn t know who to believe or which character to root for My head is still spinning Can t wait for from this author

    10. Wow.I m not going to go into the plot as this is one of those books where the less you know about it the better, but if you like the psychological trust no one genre, together with tightly woven and emotive storytelling, then read it.Compelling Tragic Brilliant.

    11. I have slightly mixed feelings about this novel on the one hand, it is a good, well done, tense and twisty thriller On the other it was def heavy on the tense part This was uncomfortable to read, almost I couldn t read too much at a time as, although I was desperate to find out what was going on, it would just put me in a really negative head space To be honest though, that was a testament to the authors writing I only felt that way because of how well the author made me feel like I was inside t [...]

    12. This book only cost 1 on Kindle, and now I know why The plot sounded intriguing, and the book got some terrific reviews, so I snapped it up The plot itself is complicated and is written in a pseudo stream of consciousness way, as the protagonist has lost her memory and is trying to make sense of her situation However, instead of sympathizing with the character s confusion and disorientation, the reader ends up frustrated, confused and annoyed The main character, Laura, is not particularly sympat [...]

    13. Wow just wowis book has gone into my top ten From the very first to the very last page I was hooked as it reeled me in further and further will absolutely no clue what was going on.It starts off with Laura being in a car accident with her young children and quite simply from there you are taken on a roller coaster of events, strange, startling, surprising, shocking and much .As the story develops you realise that Laura is suffering some sort of memory loss but how far back does it really go and [...]

    14. I liked this book, I was drawn in by the book cover however, I didn t love it because like people had mentioned it was very twisty and turny Totally messes with your mind.At times I thought Ah yes, this is going to happen or that is going to happen but how wrong was I.Rather a challenging read, would I recommend it YES, just because I think you will need to check it out for yourselves.Happy Reading

    15. A terrible book badly written Most of it made no sense It leapt around like you were in the mind of an unhinged person and not in a good literary technique way The ending and truth revealed honestly just felt pointless and the actions and motivations of the other characters completely inexplicable It was a total annoying waste of my time reading this book.

    16. Having read the authors second stand alone novel, See Me Not, I knew I had to go back and read her debut No Kiss Goodbye The author seems to have a knack of sending your mind in turmoil I really had no idea what was going on with Laura, the main character in the story She has obviously been involved in an horrendous accident but for some reason seems to struggle with remembering events of that day Her husband Mark and her friends and family seem to walk on egg shells round her and I was well and [...]

    17. What did I think of this book I thought it was poorly written and edited The tense changed constantly, even within sentences The plot was ridiculous and riddled with holes The lack of research around mental illness my field of work study was evident Disappointed There are good reviews and the book didn t stand up to the hype To compare it to The Girl On the Train is ludicrous.

    18. OMG A book to remember and a book to blow your mind If you like a slightly disconcerting read that keep you thinking then this is the book for you One to keep you on your toes I won t go through the scenario in detail other than to say Laura finds herself unable to walk after a car accident She finds her husband and friend conspiring against her and is convinced that they are having an affair and trying to get her committed into the bargain What transpires is a series of twists and turns in a ve [...]

    19. I don t want to say too much and risk spoilers but I will say this is a completely gripping storyline I went to bed intending on reading one chapter, 2 hours later I made myself put the book down but couldn t wait to pick it up again in the morning The only slight criticism I would have would be I thought the ending was slightly disappointing compared to the rest of the story Would definitely recommend it to others.

    20. 3.5 stars from this girl This book is by far the most twisty turny novel I ve ever read I was definitely set on giving it 4 stars, but I found so many typos in it that I just can t Haha So this book will have you trying to guess what in the world is going on until the very end What is real, what isn t Who is good, who is bad Are they trying to get rid of Laura, or do they truly love her Is she crazy or is she being made to feel like she is So many questions and they don t get answered very quick [...]

    21. Oh dear I d read many great reviews on this one and I was really excited as I began reading Sadly, it just didn t work for me.Let me try to explain without going into the plot, I won t give away any spoilers I really don t want to dissuade anyone from giving it a go Some might find this whirlpool of events really intriguing For me though, it was just exhausting And I really didn t like Laura I know she was going through a particularly hard patch but instead of feeling sorry for her I found mysel [...]

    22. I got 20% in with this and packed it in All of a sudden things started to get way too farfetched for my liking I have to believe something I m reading and it stepped over the threshold into something not resembling any reality for me and I couldn t carry on with it.Laura mentions being able to bring her kid up in one flashback but she has two.I didn t understand what a strong hour and a half later meant, He must give it go lost a, we see Mark s infamous coffee mentioned and I ve no idea why it w [...]

    23. I m not sure I can say I enjoyed reading this book, but that s because the subject matter was so sad, nothing to do with the writing It did intrigue me and I did what to find out what happened However, there were points when I found I was getting frustrated with the book as it didn t make sense It was only when the end was revealed did it all become clear, but that doesn t help you when you re half way through and thinking, erm, that s not possible, what s going on here I kept flicking back to s [...]

    24. Oh my.mind bendingly heart wrenchingly powerful.I m sitting with tears in my eyes having finished this bookI ve got goosebumpsYou really think you re on the right track then something comes along and knocks you sideways, are you standing up or upside down That s how this book sweeps you off your feet, it s so intense and yet so thoughtful I won t spoil this for anyone who intends to read it because you really have got to read this yourselfI fell in love with all the characters even the bad guys [...]

    25. I haven t read any book in the recent past which messes with your head so much This was a brilliant work of fiction wherein nothing and I mean absolutely nothing made any sense.Just when you thought you understood something, and have taken one step forward, it would suddenly take you 10 steps back.I have gone back and forth between pages, trying to figure and get the link but no matter how hard I tried to make 1 1 2, it would always be 11 I ve felt frustrated and wanted to abandon thinking it s [...]

    26. What a book Janelle Harris is a new author to me, so I wasn t sure what to expect I didn t expect such a powerful, psychological thriller.There are twists and turns and an abundance of OMG moments.The characters are developed perfectly My loyalties changed so many times during the reading of the book I didn t know who to trust until the end, an ending I certainly didn t anticipate.All I can say about this book is you MUST read it.I would like to thank THE Book Club and Janelle Harris for allowin [...]

    27. Um no Not even close to gone girl or fault in our stars Very misleading It started off attention grabbing and quickly turned into a confusing mess of nonsense Not suspenseful or written particularly well All characters were a drag I was disappointed and struggled to finishbut I wanted it to count towards my reading challenge and not be a complete waste if time so I was able to get the to the end and not look back Can t recommend.

    28. Well.just don t really know what to say about this book except that it takes a lot to surprise me with the amount of books I read but this book certainly took the rulebook and tore it up then rewrote it I don t want to go into the plot you need to read this book with a blank mind, don t read reviews and don t ask any questions Just buy it and read it and go with the flow.Loved it and will even forgive the occasional editing and proofreading mistake to give 5

    29. This was a fantastic book which I devoured in one sitting I really couldnt put it down When the book begins you think you know who are the goodies and who are the baddies I must have changed my mind at least three times throughout the book I will definitely read from this author in the future Simply brilliant

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