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Eve e a Destruição. By S.J. Day Sylvia Day,

  • Title: Eve e a Destruição.
  • Author: S.J. Day Sylvia Day
  • ISBN: 9789897450211
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • Para Evangeline Hollis, uma noite com o misterioso homem vestido de cabedal foi quanto bastou para a puni o divina.Ao mesmo tempo que inicia uma escaldante rela o com o infame Caim, Eve faz os poss veis para suportar os treinos intensivos que a tornar o oficialmente numa Marcada, entre milhares de outros pecadores for ados a ca ar dem nios Mas quando a turma parte numaPara Evangeline Hollis, uma noite com o misterioso homem vestido de cabedal foi quanto bastou para a puni o divina.Ao mesmo tempo que inicia uma escaldante rela o com o infame Caim, Eve faz os poss veis para suportar os treinos intensivos que a tornar o oficialmente numa Marcada, entre milhares de outros pecadores for ados a ca ar dem nios Mas quando a turma parte numa viagem de estudo a uma base militar abandonada, o Mal surge do seu covil um dem nio infiltrado est a matar, um a um, todos os colegas de Eve Para piorar a situa o, o corpo de Eve est a passar por uma dif cil adapta o Marca e aos seus desafios, entre os quais um incontrol vel desejo carnal que a deixa merc dos seus instintos mais obscuros e da forte atra o que sente por Abel, irm o de Caim Emo es que a deixar o ainda mais vulner vel.Com Caim ausente numa miss o e Abel a investigar uma nova e terr vel esp cie de dem nios, Eve ter de controlar sozinha a sua adrenalina e manter a calma no momento em que o assassino voltar a atacar.
    Eve e a Destrui o Para Evangeline Hollis uma noite com o misterioso homem vestido de cabedal foi quanto bastou para a puni o divina Ao mesmo tempo que inicia uma escaldante rela o com o infame Caim Eve faz os poss ve

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    1. I just have to say that Tor s marketing for this series is absolute genius They released the first book, Eve of Darkness, at the end of April This one, Eve of Destruction, followed on June 1, and the finale, Eve of Chaos, came out on June 30 I call this genius marketing because they are perfect beach reads and it s hard to imagine having to wait a year or for the next installment I think the series would probably lose momentum if the reader had to wait for the next volume.Eve of Destruction sta [...]

    2. I m not sure where I sit on this series There are definitely some pros, but there are many cons First, this is a pretty large book for the urban fantasy genre at 418 pages By itself that doesn t make much difference, but when you compare it to the amount of plot progression you are left with a bit too much filler On one hand, I enjoy that the author planned out a trilogy and knew exactly what was going into each book before publishing On the other hand, I really think the trilogy could have been [...]

    3. Well, well, well Another winner from S.J Day in her Marked series, Eve of Destruction packs plenty of mystery, action, hot lust, and suspense into 414 pages of reading pleasure I would caution readers NOT to try and begin the trilogy with this story, book two Instead, go ahead and splurge cough up the seven bucks and hang on for the ride.Book two picks up right where Eve of Darkness left off Eve has been toasted literally by a dragon But it seems she has some information Heaven needs, so even th [...]

    4. Admito que n o tenho muito mais a dizer sobre este livro, porque vamos ser sinceros A hist ria n o varia assim tanto do primeiro Claro que um excelente livro e prendeu me do in cio ao fim, mas n o tem uma hist ria muito diferente do normal Melhor, n o tem assim nada de muito diferente do primeiro livro Se gostaram do primeiro volume da s rie, sem d vida alguma que ir o adorar este livro, mas n o esperem nada de outro mundo.Opini o completa em blocodedevaneios 2

    5. Sometimes when I read the first book it s catching, but as you read on the next book it just kinds of lags for me and therefore I really kind of lose interest Hopefully I will get to complete this series at a later date.

    6. Well readers, we are back again Time to review another fabulous book by Sylvia Day, this time Eve of Destruction the fantastic sequel to Eve of Darkness.In my opinion, this book is ten times better than Eve of Darkness, and I LOVED that book This book is full of drama, jealousy, action, and overall awesomeness The PostiviesI really love that we see Eve in this book on her own rather than with a babysitter all of the time ie Alec, Reed, her mother She gets a chance to shine among her peers and s [...]

    7. This book THIS BOOK I thought Eve of Destruction was going to kill me The story picks up soon after Eve of Darkness ends, and did not quit surprising me and holding me on the edge until the very end I was a little worried at the beginning of Eve of Destruction Second books in a series, particularly Urban Fantasy, sometimes feel a bit lacking to me The world has been established The characters have been formed It s time to get to business I did not feel let down at all in this installment of the [...]

    8. This series just keeps getting better and better Eve seems to become confident with herself as time is going on She takes the advice of the guys and trusts her gut which leads them all in a way they didn t think was possible and made it so that she was able to figure things out that even the archangels couldn t contemplate.I love to watch things heat up between Eve and Cain and Abel While the guys do have genuine feelings for her, they both want to use her to get ahead in their world and inflic [...]

    9. Contains spoilers I have really enjoyed the series thus far The continuous sibling rivalry with celestial powers between Abel and Cain is almost as hilarious as Eve s adventures And an archangel with a cellphone playing Handels hallelujah lol I am starting to get a bad feeling about Cains ancestry, though When you take into the account the lilins who call him brother , Sammaels reaction, and the color of his wings, I am beginning to wonder if Cain just maybe, has some archangel blood running thr [...]

    10. Cover Die Triquetra symbolisiert die Verbindung von Alec, Reed und Eve Betrachtet man das Symbol, lassen sich einerseits drei ovale Bestandteile erkenne, dennoch sind diese als eine Einheit miteinander verbunden, genau so, wie die Protagonisten im Buch Im Vergleich zum ersten Band, wurde das Symbol durch einen Kreis aus Schlangen erweitert, welche sich durch die Triquetra schl ngeln und sich gegenseitig in den Schwanz bei en Die Erweiterung veranschaulicht sehr gut, die Entwicklung der Protagoni [...]

    11. Solidly in the love triangle zone If you don t like them, don t read this book Both guys are super hot, of course, but the main character has commit issues to match theirs Fun whodunit, and plot kept me reading but overall a bit lackluster Left it on a total cliff hanger too, which is annoying.

    12. This is quite literally THE WORST book I have ever read If zero stars were an option that is what I would give it Poorly written The intended story line would be great, but it was unfortunately not put together in an engaging manner I don t see myself reading the third.

    13. I liked this better then the first book It has plot and since it didn t skip timelines it was easier to follow the story I do feel that the erotic tones where missing in this book, but it has a much better story line then the first.

    14. S.J Day is rapidly making a name for herself in the urban fantasy genre with her Marked series Not only is Book 2, Eve Of Destruction TOR June occupied with dynamic characters, it also holds a fresh edge of your seat plot within the good versus evil element at its base At first I got to meet various new characters and the author established an atmospheric backdrop at the military base It was with each chapter that the pace increased, holding my undivided attention with Eve, Cain and Abel forming [...]

    15. Evangeline Hollis has been forced to accept God s existence in her life How could she not after sleeping with both Cain and Abel and seeing an archangel up close and personal She still doesn t trust that God s system is flawless however, and as her Mark training gets underway, she s certain than ever that something is just not right Until she can find out what it is though, she needs to concentrate on staying alive, and from keeping Cain and Abel from killing each other again, and again.Who Eva [...]

    16. KurzbeschreibungDie 28 J hrige Evangeline Hollis ist eine D monenj gerin als sie vor 6 Wochen das Kainsmal erhalten hat und versucht sich nicht umbringen zu lassen, was bei der Meute an D monen, Drachen und Werw lfen und vielen mehr nicht einfach ist.Aber noch viel weniger einfach ist das Verh ltnis zu Alec Cain, der nicht nur ihr Mentor ist sondern auch ihr Freund Warum das Problematische sein sollte, Nun ja es ist Alec Cain wie aus der Bibel und sein Bruder Abel Reed Beide rufen ungeahnte Gef [...]

    17. Oh my god who is liking these books Who They provide nothing, not good plotting, not good dialogue TERRIBLE dialogue , not good smut There s like, one sex scene in this Two, maybe, if you count the weird awkward one that s weird and awkward and not hot at all Oh wait they re both weird and awkward and not hot.These characters are so unbelievable Not just the ages old angels and men who act like they re twenty and have absolutely no wisdom or capacity to learn, but Eve herself I mean what person, [...]

    18. Where to start with book number two Oh I know Warning there will be spoilers in this review because there are things that need to be talked about First, Eve dies What kind of crazy shit is that I mean she is supposed to be this over powered non human almost angel thing I digress, only because they manage to bring her back Then the storyline jumps back into this problem they seemed to have in book one Eve is once again sent Into a situation most marks without training will never get to experience [...]

    19. This story starts off pretty much right where the last one left offor rather where the first book began Eve has been brought back basically from the dead and now she s in training She does seem to have an advantage over her fellow trainees, though One, she has already spent time in the field, so to speak and two, she has Cain, the ultimate Mark, as her mentor This leaves her open to jealousy amongst her peers and tends to make her stand out.Gadara is up in the training rotation just as it s time [...]

    20. Book two of the series tends to be a mixed bag but this installment immediately surpasses its predecessor on action and idiocy It begins with marked slayer Evangeline Harris recovering from the fight in the men s room with a dragon and brothers Cain and Abel still bickering over her.Eve leaves her sick bed to go to slayer camp with her boss s boss and her class of Marks to get experience and training While Eve followed Cain s advice and used her gut instinct to survive the intense training camp [...]

    21. Caution May Contain Spoilers Sigh Where do I begin Well, it picks up right where book 1 leaves off, which is a good thing Let s seeere s Eve dating Cain hello Freud , and Abel fighting for her attention, simply b c Cain has her When Eve is off to training camp for demon hunting, things get complicated There are wolves, glamour spells and lots of fighting I like the fighting parts I like the blood What I don t like is Able I m really starting to hate him He vies for Eve s attention then goes off [...]

    22. Evangline or Eve Hollis didn t expect to be Marked six weeks ago but that s exactly what happened She is Alec Cain s apple or temptation that he couldn t resist when she was eighteen years old and now Cain is from the Bible, the original Mark, and along with his brother Reed Abel, who is mal akh and Eve s handler Raguel is an archangel with a hidden agenda that includes keeping both Cain and Abel under his command in the Mark system thru Eve Archangels are given their full celestial powers for o [...]

    23. I LOVE THIS SERIES So I just finished book 2 and I have to tell you I AM HOOKED What a fantastic author Sylvia Day is Eve of Destruction Marked 2 basically picks up right where Eve of Darkness Marked 1 left off If I remember correctly, it s approximately 2 days later but don t hold me to that One of the things I didn t mention about Eve of Darkness is that it opens with an something that happens at a sporting event then backtracks The book follows to the story leading to the main characters leav [...]

    24. As Eve of Destruction opens, Eve is in a 6 week Mark class to learn how to effectively eradicate Infernals, sort of like a boot camp Outside in the real world, a demon is killing some of the best Marks Now, the students in the camp are being attacked, one by one Even though no one else agrees, Eve thinks it s someone in the group doing the killing As she is trying to investigate, a reality TV crew ends up at the base camp and Eve is trying to keep them from getting killed as well While all this [...]

    25. This book starts exactly where the first ended Eve faces new problems not only the bad boys are on her trail also her fellow Marks aren t as friendly as they should be She s confronted with a bunch of new wannabe Marks, each of them struggling with his her new obligation Eve becomes the underdog and she doesn t know who to break free of this position There seem to be too many prejudices regarding her connection to the brothers When the killing starts she is obsessed with finding the killer and m [...]

    26. Eve Hollis has survived being Marked so far, but now she is in training with other new Marks One of the training exercises is a week long field trip to an old military base They are there to work together to hunt Infernals Aside from the fact they don t really get along with Eve or each other Without warning and without explanation, Eve s classmates are getting murdered during what was only supposed to be an exercise Eve is dealing with not only her classmates and the murders, but also with some [...]

    27. I quickly fell in love with these books Romance, paranormal, sexy, thrilling has just about everything This books takes place where the last book left off Eve is trying to find a way out of this mess that she was thrown into But with each passing day her life becomes and bizarre Being on the Hunt is dangerous yet surprisingly easy She is unlike other Marks Before even being trained she has experience than most newbies Not too mention two sexy men fighting for her attention and affection Yes, [...]

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