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Vinte e Quatro Horas na Vida de Uma Mulher By Stefan Zweig,

  • Title: Vinte e Quatro Horas na Vida de Uma Mulher
  • Author: Stefan Zweig
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • Numa respeit vel pens o familiar na C te d Azur, no in cio do s culo XX, ocorre um esc ndalo.A Sra Henriette, esposa de um dos h spedes, foge com um jovem que ali passara apenas um dia.Todos se unem na condena o da imoralidade da Sra Henriette, menos uma idosa dama inglesa.
    Vinte e Quatro Horas na Vida de Uma Mulher Numa respeit vel pens o familiar na C te d Azur no in cio do s culo XX ocorre um esc ndalo A Sra Henriette esposa de um dos h spedes foge com um jovem que ali passara apenas um dia Todos se unem n

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    1. The heart has its reasons which reason knows not Blaise Pascal Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne conna t point Petty prejudices, fear of the unknown and the painfulness of having to face one s own shortcomings can swirl one into obnoxious judgmentalness We, humble and ignorant wizard apprentices in a life we cannot re create, might never acquire adequate depth of insight and wisdom to understand another one s or even our own heart, one s innermost feelings and inner storms Austrian writer [...]

    2. Insightful, quick novella that doesn t reach the heights of Zweig s masterful CHESS STORY but reminded me quite a bit of DEATH IN VENICE The set up in the first 15 pages is really fun I love the way this generation of writers needs a first person justification for a third person narrative, it s realism mingling with the author is present and the inner frame that the title references has some excellent moments There s a particularly good hand description that worth watching out for.And I loved th [...]

    3. It s my first encounter withSteven Zweigand after reading a few pages a query I posed to myself in contemplation that why I waited so long to read this author, such was the impact of Zweig The author had precision of a sculptor to craft sentences with just enough verbosity but with deep observations to put forth the deep secrets, of human beings, which are buried well below the layers of bygone times I guess there are other people like me who easily gets bored from things if they stick for long [...]

    4. Zweig again displays his magic in his ability to grasp, resolutely and devoutly, the reader s attention quickly And again he chooses public spaces where, paradoxically, the most private corners of a person s soul can be encountered hotels, trains, ships, and casinos Places of transit with an element of chance.Peripatetic that he was, these places offered him endless portrait galleries from where he could pick his types And incisive examiner that he was, his surgical observations exposed the crev [...]

    5. How in so few pages, in so few words, to pass as many emotions to the reader I burned of curiosity at reading this book novel I ve wanted to know the secret that reddened this old lady The passion of a day and the disillusionment of many years Zweig has the gift of entering into the intimacy of the feelings of his heroes, in an intense and modest way at the same time, to keep his fellow reader in breath and it is simply sublime

    6. I wanted to read something completely different after finishing A Lesson Before Dying and decided choose this ebook release from NetGalley I have read several of Zweig s works previously Perhaps the juxtaposition with Gaines realistic prose accentuated what seemed overly mannered in this novella Maybe it would have felt that way even without the comparison I will never know of course, but my reaction to this story was definitely muted I had difficulty engaging with the characters or situations. [...]

    7. Mi segunda incursi n en el mundo de Zweig, y puedo asegurar que este peque o relato me ha gustado mucho m s que La impaciencia del coraz n Pero, en fin, es un relato y un relato s lo ara a una min scula parte de nuestra alma, as que no puedo ponerle m s estrellas.

    8. Hen z Bilinmeyen Bir Kad n n Mektubu ndan daha ok etkileyen bir kitab n okumad m.Uzun bir yorum gelir, belki

    9. This republication of a 1927 novella provided me a first opportunity to experience the fictional work of this beloved Austrian man of letters This pacificist and humanist escaped from the early rise of Fascism for a life of exile in England, New York, and finally Brazil, where he and his wife committed suicide in 1942 That fate shouldn t affect how you react to his work, but for me it did I sought something that reflected the struggle to find meaning of human existence in the face of modern evil [...]

    10. Zweig in okudu um 6nc kitab ve yine 5 veriyorum 4,5 5 Zweig in kalemi ger ekten ok g l , anlatt konular n i ine yle bir giriyorsunuz ki akl n zda karakterlerin portreleri olu uyor, kafan za d nceleri oturuyor Bu sebeple 2016 READING CHALLENGE m Stefan Zweig ile tamamlamak istedim Bir Kad n n Ya am ndan Yirmi D rt Saat e gelecek olursak, eserde tutkular anlat lm Tabi tekd ze anlat p ge memi Zweig, yine m kemmel karakter analizleri ve mekan tasvirleri ile s slemi Eserde anlatt bir ak am zeri ve g [...]

    11. Stefan Zweig n karakter tahlillerini okurken mest oluyorum,kendimden ge iyorum.Sat rlar birbirini kovalarken,dozu fazla geldi i anlar oluyor,hemen kafam kald r p k sa bir ara verme ihtiyac duyuyorum.Ayn yo unlu u her kitab nda ya yorum.Her iyi yazar e sizdir bana g re,ama Stefan Zweig bir ba ka

    12. Beware, Stefan Zweig is a beguiling seducer who is always one move ahead of you, the reader, the vulnerable object of his desires.Zweig sets his short novella, Twenty Four Hours in the Life of a Woman in a Monte Carlo hotel and it only takes him six paragraphs to set the stage with an overture to the main plot, a young wife inexplicably leaves her husband and children for a twenty year old she has known for a day or so The husband is mortally crushed and humiliated This is but the prelude.The wi [...]

    13. Kitaba ba larken b yle bir konu ile kar la aca mdan haberim yoktu Arka yaz n n sadece bir ka c mlesini okudum Yazar n anlat m bi imi ok g zeldi Kitab n neredeyse o u sadece bir g nde ge en olay anlat l yor o u kitapta bir g n d rt sayfada bile ge ebiliriz Mrs C nin arka kapakta yazd gibi zarifli ine hayran kald m Acaba filmi olsa nas l olurdu diye biraz d nd mde kitab n arp t laca na kanaat getirdim.Baz olaylar hayat m z derinden etkileyebilir, o olaylar asla unutamay z Kitapta Mrs C nin ba ndan [...]

    14. Es el tercer libro de Stefan Zweig que me leo y, desde luego, no ser el ltimo Adoro su forma de escribir, de describir los sentimientos y las emociones Es un libro corto, como la mayor a de los que tiene, pero siempre me remueven algo por dentro.

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