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A Great and Glorious Game: Baseball Writings of A. Bartlett Giamatti By A. Bartlett Giamatti David Halberstam,

  • Title: A Great and Glorious Game: Baseball Writings of A. Bartlett Giamatti
  • Author: A. Bartlett Giamatti David Halberstam
  • ISBN: 9781565121928
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
  • With a foreword by David Halberstam He spoke out against player trading He banned Pete Rose from baseball for gambling He even asked sports fans to clean up their acts Bart Giamatti was baseball s Renaissance man and its commissioner In A GREAT AND GLORIOUS GAME, a collection of spirited, incisive essays, Giamatti reflects on the meaning of the game Baseball, for himWith a foreword by David Halberstam He spoke out against player trading He banned Pete Rose from baseball for gambling He even asked sports fans to clean up their acts Bart Giamatti was baseball s Renaissance man and its commissioner In A GREAT AND GLORIOUS GAME, a collection of spirited, incisive essays, Giamatti reflects on the meaning of the game Baseball, for him, was a metaphor for life He artfully argues that baseball is much than an American pastime Baseball is about going home, he wrote, and how hard it is to get there and how driven is our need And in his powerful 1989 decision to ban Pete Rose from baseball, Giamatti states that no individual is superior to the game itself, just as no individual is superior to our democracy A GREAT AND GLORIOUS GAME is a thoughtful meditation on baseball, character, and values by one of the most eloquent men in the world of sport.
    A Great and Glorious Game Baseball Writings of A Bartlett Giamatti With a foreword by David Halberstam He spoke out against player trading He banned Pete Rose from baseball for gambling He even asked sports fans to clean up their acts Bart Giamatti was baseball s Ren

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    1. Everything you would expect from a man who was a comp lit professor, President of Yale, and Commissioner of baseball maybe I m biased because he combines my two passions literature and baseball but I have never found anyone who could put their finger on the ineffable transcendence of baseball the way that Giamatti could In these essays, you get a picture of a man that loved baseball and life equally The opening paragraph of The Green Fields of the Mind captures the game like nothing else I ve ev [...]

    2. A Great And Glorious Game belongs to the sub genre of erudite men writing about baseball Giamatti, who was president of Yale prior to serving as president of the National League and briefly as baseball s commissioner, waxes poetically about the game, complete with references and allusions to Henry James, Jane Austin, Alexis de Tocqueville, and Odysseus At times Giamatti seems to trip over his own eloquence, and perhaps because this collection was assembled from his writings after his untimely de [...]

    3. My review from the San Francisco Chronicle in 1998 A Bartlett Giamatti Baseball s Great Mind and HeartREVIEWED BY, Steve KettmannSunday, July 5, 1998A GREAT AND GLORIOUS GAMEBy A Bartlett Giamatti Edited by Kenneth S Robson Algonquin 121 pages 15.95 If you re sick of the sad spectacle of watching Milwaukee Brewers owner Bud Selig carry on as baseball s clown commissioner, take a look at this fascinating little reminder of what real passion from the game s leadership can mean A Bartlett Giamatti, [...]

    4. Though A Great and Glorious Game is just 120 small pages, I read it over the course of a week, choosing to enjoy each essay separately rather than devouring the book in a single afternoon My thinking The book is a posthumous collection of separate pieces Giamatti never intended for these works, published over 12 years, to be bound together into a single volume Also, proceeding slowly allowed me to appreciate Giamatti s recurring themes and core arguments about baseball I m guessing that reading [...]

    5. The writing is lovely, and some of the pieces are truly charming I am not sure that it works as a book, as there is a sameness to most of the pieces One or two would work in any anthology my favorite is Recall as the Series Ends, the Afternoon of the Fall , but it seems like too much of a good thing in one volume.

    6. Regardless of your affinity for baseball, this is an eloquent read A Great and Glorious Game is a collection of essays and one press release that were written by the late Bart Giamatti, known most in academic circles as a president and alumnus of Yale University, where he received multiple degrees in literature Giamatti is also quite well known as a former commissioner of Major League Baseball, and specifically as the official who banished Pete Rose from baseball for life Giamatti passed away fr [...]

    7. One of the best baseball books I ve read In addition to being one of the game s greatest commissioners, Bart Giamatti was also a scholar, a philosopher, and a poet This book was especially meaningful to me, as Paul Giamatti is one of my favorite actors.

    8. It seems fitting to do a review of A Great Glorious Game Baseball Writings of A Bartlett Giamatti just after the Chicago Cubs have gained a 7th game victory in the World Series, their first World Series since 1945 the first one where they were victorious since 1908, concluding rather a long stretch of futility This is a book that, while somewhat narrowly focused which might not interest anyone who does not find the sport of baseball a compelling part of their life, is exceedingly memorable for i [...]

    9. A Great and Glorious Game is a small book, but it is great and glorious Filling only 121 pages, it includes a handful of articles, speeches and press releases from a previous Commissioner of Baseball, A Bartlett Giamatti I did not know, when I picked up this little book, that Mr Giamatti was the Commissioner who made the decision to ban Pete Rose from baseball for life The press release concerning that decision is the final writing in this book, and was written only a week before his death I hav [...]

    10. Charming book of occasional pieces by the former president of the National League and, for a very short time Commissioner Giamatti was an academic who served as President of Yale, but his primary love was for baseball and it shows Like many baseball writers, he writes in a romantic mode, waxing poetic on baseball, the American character, and the search for home He s near medieval in his appreciation of the numerology and geometry of the game fours and threes, circles and squares , a tendency I d [...]

    11. Any baseball fan should have this book A collection of nine of the late, lamented Commissioner s writings on baseball, it is especially notable for two of them.One is his statement on Pete Rose, released upon Rose s banishment from baseball There is no bashing, no name calling, no never darken our door again attitude There is a concise outline of the events leading up to the banishment And there is grief Grief over the loss of a fine player through his own decisions and actions, grief over the d [...]

    12. This short book A GREAT AND GLORIOUS GAME BASEBALL WRITINGS OF A BARTLETT GIAMATTI is one of the most engaging and thoughtful books I ve read on any subject The topic, of course, is baseball, and the author is the late A Bartlett Giamatti, a scholar, a former president of Yale, and the Commissioner of Major League Baseball at the time of his death in 1989 Giamatti writes with the wisdom of a scholar and with the fluency of one who loves the English language as much as he loves baseball The essay [...]

    13. Mr Giamatti not only has a way with words he s also one of the most vocal and loyal baseball fans in the history of the sport He was also Commissioner for a while, and one of his rulings regarding a player s challenge of a fine suspension is included in here and is a good read, for a legal document about rules in professional sports.However, there s a reason why The Green Fields of the Mind is the Giamatti piece that s always quoted First, because it s gorgeous and sad and beautifully written Bu [...]

    14. There comes a time when every summer will have something of autumn about it Whatever the reason, it seemed to me that I was investing and in baseball, making the game do of the work that keeps time fat and slow and lazy I was counting on the game s deep patterns, three strikes, three outs, three times three innings, and its deepest impulse, to go out and back, to leave and to return home, to set the order of the day and to organize the daylight If I make it to seventy something I am going to [...]

    15. A Bartlett Giamatti, professor of English, president of Yale, president of the National League, commissioner of baseball, banisher of Pete Rose and father of Paul Giamatti, brought an academic sensibility to the game of baseball which is to say passionate, erudite, cerebral, eloquent Decades before Ken Burns polyphonic documentary many voices speaking the collective collected thoughts of one voice espoused how baseball mirrors the national character, there were Giamatti s writings This book, a c [...]

    16. Likely the best writing about baseball ever composed Giamatti was, debatably, the best commissioner in baseball history He is, easily, the most articulate and most educated commissioner of all time His elegantly expresses what makes baseball the national pastime and explains why it must be held to a higher standard than just a sport He connects baseball to the human condition, to the Bible and mythology, and to the nature of the American spirit, but does so without losing sight of the fact that [...]

    17. I had much higher hopes for these essays by late MLB commissioner Yale president Bart Giamatti father of actor Paul who died just a week after banning Pete Rose for life Everything here is totally eloquent, and really quite quaint Giamatti was a gentleman fan of the first order, and his vision of baseball and its abstractions are rooted firmly in a pre steroids pre Moneyball era Loved Baseball as Narrative, one of the only extended pieces, and it s nice to have Green Fields of the Mind in print, [...]

    18. Some gems in here, but by the end I was just tired of the overwrought sentimentalism regarding what is, in the end, only a game Giamatti was hardly the first and certainly not the last to freight baseball with a tremendous amount of baggage, but on balance this kind of moralizing has real consequences The lifelong ban of Pete Rose, for example, whose punishment by now surely outweighs whatever damage he did to The Game The moralizing surrounding steroid users, usually by the same people who were [...]

    19. This was so much fun to read I wish it were about 300 pages longer, though There are only a few, short pieces in this collection Not only does the late Giamatti write with eloquence, but he also shows how baseball ties in with higher concepts of fairness, equality, the concept of freedom, and nostalgia In fact one of his essays has about four paragraphs in it in which he makes the best case I have ever read on why people still root for their old home teams, even though they don t live there any [...]

    20. The end of baseball s regular season is always a bit of a bleak time for me What better way to commemorate it than by plugging Bart Giamatti s famous and wonderful collection of essays, A Great and Glorious Game He starts, It breaks your heart It is designed to break your heart The game begins in the spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come, it stops and leaves you to face the fall alon [...]

    21. Keeper of the Field of DreamsFormer Yale President and Baseball Commissioner Bart Giamatti illuminates the symmetry, grace, logic and longing played across the diamond green field.Aware of the weeds but never in them, Giamatti writes of our better angels.Baseball and America are about going home and so is this transcendent inspiring little book.

    22. A great book by a man who was Commissioner of Baseball for far too brief a time, presupposing the mediocrity of Bud Selig An almost poetic take on America s original game, predating the football or soccer eras, and much erudite than you ll ever get out of Mr Selig I wish he had lived longer, he might have done much to repopularize the game.

    23. This is a must read for those with even an inkling of an interest in baseball Giamatti is a compelling writer, and his idealism in and passion for America s sport shines brightly This is going right on my favorites

    24. Articulate, insightful, and incredibly thought provoking Commissioner Giammati s essays are a prime example of why baseball is than a game in our American culture, and why there re lessons to be learned that far transcend box scores and standings.

    25. I really liked this book it was a short quick read that gave kind of an inside look at the game behind the scenes.

    26. Whenever I m down over the end of the baseball season, reading The Green Fields of the Mind helps me get through it.

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