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The Bobbsey Twins in the Country By Laura Lee Hope,

  • Title: The Bobbsey Twins in the Country
  • Author: Laura Lee Hope
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Join the Bobbseys as they barely escape a frightening encounter with a ferocious bull in this countryside adventure
    The Bobbsey Twins in the Country Join the Bobbseys as they barely escape a frightening encounter with a ferocious bull in this countryside adventure

    One thought on “The Bobbsey Twins in the Country”

    1. I read the first version of this book, I believe it was drastically changed when reprinted in the 1940s or possibly 1960s As a result, the plotline described on this website is in NO way similar to the book I just read The original, from around the turn of the century, was quite good It is an entertaining and easy to read glimpse at the life of a young, upper middle class family in New England The authors must not have hit on, yet, the idea of making these books primarily children s mystery stor [...]

    2. The Bobbsey Twins in the Country by Laura Lee Hope Grosset and Dunlap 1950 Fiction Children s This is actually the second installment in the Bobbsey Twins series The children find adventures on a farm in the country during summer vacation My rating 7 10, finished 1965.

    3. I m curious to see a recent edition, because mine from the 70s is full of casual racism and situations that just wouldn t fly today Kid liked the story, though, and asked for the next one.

    4. The second book of the Bobbsey Twins is exciting than the first one for the primary reason that the setting is in the countryside You can just imagine the vast field as a playground for children For the twins Bert and Nan and Freddie and Flossie, there are just so many things to do not to mention two mysteries on the side The Bobbsey Family visit their relatives who own a farm in Meadowbrook There, the twins meet new friends and undergo a series of adventures the train ride where Snoop the cat [...]

    5. Since my sister was so good as to share her summer cold with me, I was not feeling well on Sunday So, I decided I wanted to read something that was easy, fun, and not emotional, this book fit the bill.I remember how much I loved this when I was younger I read these on my own and my mom read them too me I really enjoyed this story, it is simple, not a lot of action or excitement, but realizing and cute.I know a few people were concerned on how the African American Characters are portrayed, but I [...]

    6. I really did enjoy this one The Bobbsey s head to the country for some wonderful summertime adventures and yes a little bit of mystery I guess one of the things I enjoyed best was the real feel of citizenship in these books You see the kids helping a neighbor get their crop in on time, or lending a hand after a flood I d want my own kids to be that inspired to help out where they re able like this.

    7. yah, ternyata memang kita belum bisa menilai dengan baik hanya dengan membaca satu buku saja Dalam buku kedua ini, seperti saya sebutkan dalam review Bobbsey Twins of Lakeport, saya menyukai ide dua pasang anak kembar always like twin dan ternyata dalam buku ini orang tua mereka pun kembaran hihi lucu sekali dan untuk petualangan kali ini pun lebih menarik ketimbang buku pertama asyik sekali petualangan country life kisah yang asyik D

    8. I read every Bobbsey Twins adventures I could get my hands on from the age of 9 through 11 Summers were wonderful and I could borrow from the library and read these books I could borrow 8 books every 2 weeks Soon, I needed than that and had to fight the librarian for books Now, I can do 8 books in a day.

    9. My son is in love with the Bobbsey twins He set aside The 39 Clues and Narnia series to read them I confess to not quite understanding the allure They do seem dated in language and attitude But they are wholesome and probably some of the least scary mysteries out there for kids On to the third book

    10. 2 in the Bobbsey twins story series The adventures of the family during a summer stay in the country with relatives.Know the series, but never read any of them while growing up, so took the opportunity to read one Very much an entertaining children s story.

    11. Growing up in the 50 s, I owned and read the first 40 of the Bobbsey Twins These are the books that first hooked me on reading These old editions are terribly racist, but there are new ones that have eliminated that problem But for this reason, I am not rating the series.

    12. Everyone should grab at least one of these fun mystery books, great for young adults This time the Bobbsey twins are looking for a bit of adventure in the country.

    13. the edition I read had graphics like the at the seashore picture of 4 kids on mound of hay in countryside

    14. Book was a gift from Aunt Sharon on 08.21.2009.Originally owned by my grandfather Woodrow Dyer is inscribed inside the front cover.

    15. The book is all about how two sets of twins find out a very interesting mystery.They go out to the country and find something is wrong.Read the book and find out what is wrong.

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