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The Lion's Lady By Julie Garwood,

  • Title: The Lion's Lady
  • Author: Julie Garwood
  • ISBN: 9780671726997
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • Christina Bennett had taken London society by storm The ravishing beauty guarded the secret of her mysterious past until the night Lyon, Marquis of Lyonwood, stole a searching, sensuous kiss An arrogant nobleman with a pirate s passions, he tasted the wildfire smoldering beneath Christina s cool charm and swore to possess her.But the feisty and defiant Christina wouldChristina Bennett had taken London society by storm The ravishing beauty guarded the secret of her mysterious past until the night Lyon, Marquis of Lyonwood, stole a searching, sensuous kiss An arrogant nobleman with a pirate s passions, he tasted the wildfire smoldering beneath Christina s cool charm and swore to possess her.But the feisty and defiant Christina would not be so easily conquered Mistress of her heart and of her fortune, she resisted Lyon s sensuous caresses She dared not surrender to his lover then, she must also forsake her precious secretd her promised destiny
    The Lion s Lady Christina Bennett had taken London society by storm The ravishing beauty guarded the secret of her mysterious past until the night Lyon Marquis of Lyonwood stole a searching sensuous kiss An arroga

    One thought on “The Lion's Lady”

    1. First off I need to say, I loved the prologue It was so well written and touching that it left me feeling that Black Eagle and Merry were well deserving of their own story.Christina is one of the funniest of Garwood s characters I ve read and Lyon the most determined Together they are a one of my favorite couples in the Crown Spies series.One of the best exchanges between Lyon and Christina takes place at their wedding reception Here is a snippet Lyon shook his head I can t take much of this cr [...]

    2. 4 StarsOverall Opinion This was a cute story full of some fun banter and great characters I enjoyed it I m liking what I ve been doing lately with throwing in some historical romances along with my go to contemporary romances just to mix things up So, if you have any great HR books that you d recommend please let me know The characters in this were both really likable, and I really enjoyed the banter and miscommunication between them I had quite a few moments where my husband and kids gave me fu [...]

    3. One of my favorite Garwood books I love her heroines, and Christina Bennett, raised by Native American Indians, is a fish out of water in Regency England Not that that stops her from taking the city by storm while riding bare back and finding her fierce Lyon Some classic LOL moments in this book And my favorite scene Lyon dismounted, slapped his horse on the hindquarters as a signal to take to the stables, then called out to Christina s former butler Elbert What are you doing with my shoes The m [...]

    4. Another Garwood, another fun read It must be my destiny to read and enjoy all her books This book is set in the Regency Era, but it s far from being a typical Regency Romance Yes, you have the ton, the balls and the somewhat rakish hero, but you also have a most unusual heroine, a white Englishwoman who has been raised by and is a proud member of the savage Dakota tribe of Native American indians Very interesting When she was only 2 years old, Christina Bennett was adopted by the Dakotas after a [...]

    5. I forgot how funny this story wasJulie Garwood was one of the first romance authors I read as a teenager and her historical romances are still my favourites Sassy heroines and bossy heroes are something that Ms Garwood excels at The Lion s Lady gives us a fantastic and original character in Christina, who sleeps on the floor because it s comfortable , with a knife under her pillow Lyon is gruff and snarly on the outside with a loving inside that he shares only with Christina The two of them app [...]

    6. Totally loved this story Loved the prologue Laughed a lot My only complaint was Christina s patience with her aunt But I loved her and Lyon Wished they had gone to visit her family though Minor OW drama Former paramour tried to warn her off Christina gave her ALOT tan she was expecting It was hilarious

    7. ADORED this one even then The Bride Perfect hero and heroine I loved how enchanted by her he was from the very beginning And her wild spirit and sassiness were fantastic They really brought to surface his OTT alpha protectiveness even though she could defend herself better than anyone and possessiveness, as well as love and caring Completely swoon worthy Lyon and his Lioness really were PERFECT

    8. Knife attributed to Crazy Horse on display at crazyhorsememorial This is a review of the audiobook Man oh man Susan Duerden does a wonderful job of narrating this one Her voices are spot on, especially her despicable Aunt Patricia Her pacing is good, her male voices are than acceptable, I liked her accents and inflections, and she sounds interested in the story Always a plus Surprisingly, my least favorite voice was Christina s, the heroine s, making her sound I thought at first a bit too young [...]

    9. Thoughts on my first Julie Garwood novel This book was an enjoyable, engaging read with a great story.Lyon and Christina, both have been raised in different cultures and this led to a lot of funny moments Christina was raised by Native Americans, Lyon in conventional London, so this was a fresh, unconventional pair Christina was focused, brave and compassionate, very easy to love She thought of herself as strong which made her worry about the people around her She was bothered by the hypocrisy p [...]

    10. Loved this so very much I ve been slow on reading lately but I really enjoyed every moment I could spend in this romantic world Julie created Her heroines just fit me and I adore the humor and the passion Its just so exactly what I need every time.

    11. Solid 4 starsI wasn t sure I d like or remain interested in this book after reading the first few pages however, that feeling changed once the story picked up in the second chapter I became enchanted with and enjoyed this fun and engaging book I was captivated with and loved Christina s and Lyon s characters Their continual banter kept me laughing and the side characters were simply wonderful I did find some of the situations toward the end of the book bordering on the ridiculous That being said [...]

    12. 4.5 stars This heroine eats shoots and leaves.A dark plot involving a sociopathic aunt and a heinous father, but also smexy hot and highly entertaining Absolutely one of the funniest historical romances I have read, with all the language and culture differences between Christina, raised among the Dakota tribe, and Lyon, raised to become a wealthy English Marquess What a drool worthy warrior spy Tender, protective, and passionate Good sense of humor, too I want a Lyon of my own This is my favorit [...]

    13. Have you ever watched a preview or read an excerpt that made you laugh so hard you wanted to read watch the whole thing only to be disappointed that the one funny scene that entranced you is at the very end And that it was the main only one Thats what happened to me here I liked both main characters and the heroines native american background and tenuous grasp of the english language makes for some hilarity I admired her strength and love of nature, enjoyed her simplistic sense of style and fun [...]

    14. This was a great light, feel good listen Great for when you just want something to put a smile on your face like most Julie Garwood s The narrator, Susan Duerden really brings the story alive This is a fish out of water story and parts of it were quite amusing The increasingly ridiculous lies the heroine tells the hero to hide her true identity are pretty funny The heroine was a white girl raised by Dakota Indians who has taken her place in the Ton to try and fulfill her deceased mother s wishes [...]

    15. AMAZING I loved this one I was laughing out loud at so many moments and then going aww the next I found the heroine to be so feisty and refreshing She was just amazing The poor hero didn t stand a chance in front of her She befuddled him at each turn There are so many favourite moments from this one I will definitely re read this.

    16. 4.5 starsAfter reading several books recently about troubled marriages, finally, a very sweet, happy and funny story Julie Garwood always delivers The Lion s Lady is the first in the Crown s Spies series, but I read the third one first, The Gift, which I also loved Ms Garwood does seem to have a formula spunky heroine, very protective warrior hero but,hey, that s okay, it s still very entertaining The prologue was maybe the best one I ve read also liked the different setting Christina and Lyon a [...]

    17. This book really appealed to me My first read by Julie Garwood and I loved it The focus is on the relationships in this book, so than on the mystery I loved the couple interaction The h was not TSTL I was a bit worried that the author may have taken the character too far down that aisle, but fortunately, pulled up before she did something too stupid She just came across as brave and a bit different instead The story opens with the Dakota Indians and Christina s advent into their lives when I re [...]

    18. The chaos surrounding her was confusing Everyone was suddenly talking at the same time Perhaps she should try to swoon after all, Christina considered No, the settee was already taken, and the floor didn t look all that appealing She settled on wringing her hands It was the best she could do to look upset The first book in the Crown s Spies series Julie Garwood writes some of the best heroes in the business in my humble opinion Lyon, Marquess of Lyonwood, has met his match in Christina, the myst [...]

    19. Bay ld mmm cidden bu kitaba bay ld m Julie okumay ok zlemi im bunu hat rlad m okurken Lyon ve Christina ok ilgin bir iftti zellikle k z m z n her t r yalanina ra men ona inanan ve sinsi sinsi merakina yenik dusuverip a k olan Lyon karakterini ok sevdim Evet k z m z olduk a farkl yd ve su kelimeleri kelime olarak anlama huyu bile ok iyi islenmisti Belirli sayfalarda bildiginiz kahkaha att m Misal al lar yiyen sar n sahnesi hahaha Neyse efendim k sacas ok be endim ve neririm u Dakota l lara da ayr [...]

    20. Ya Christina ok tatl yd yaaaaaaaaaa 3 A r sempatikti Sonu da ok g zeldi, zellikle bulduklar isimler konusu D Lyon da ok tatl yd bence Bu kad n n karakterlerini bu kadar g zel i lemesine bay l yorum ya u g ne kadar okudu um hi bir Julie Garwood kitab nda ba karakterlere sinir olmad m yle g zel karakterler yarat yor ki sevmemek m mk n de il Bu kad n n kitaplar da benim i in kenarda bekletip bir ey okumakta zorland m zamanlarda okudu um kitaplardan nk yle tak tak okuyup harcamaya gelmez ne de olsa [...]

    21. Mysterious Christina Bennet, or Princess Christina as the nobility call her , gives all the appearance of all that s proper and wanted in London society What society doesn t know is that she in fact was raised in the Americas by its indigenous Given that background of true nobility, she is able to eschew the machinations of not only society but her own relatives who will stop at nothing to get what they want from her.The marquis of Lyonwood takes one look at Princess Christina and decides he wan [...]

    22. DNF I really enjoyed the beginning, but then when the love story kicked in, I lost interest I just found the plot and the characters silly, contrived and dated I could tell this was a romance novel written in the 1980s The hero is extra Alpha y with an especially dated all women are liars and I know this because of my experience with my ex wife type of mindset The heroine is plucky, almost tiresomely so She often mixes up her words, which leads to frequent misunderstandings in conversations with [...]

    23. 4 1 2 stars Fabulous and funny read by the incomparable Julie Garwood This book was the exact book I needed to read at this time Good humor is so hard to write well, and Garwood truly has the gift of wit I loved both the hero AND the heroine and highly recommend this book

    24. I am not a prologue person, All I want to do is be done with it so I can get on with the story, You see I am a very eager reader But this is the first ever book whose prologue captured me so much that I re read it before going on with the story And I am very disappointed that I didn t get to read of them in the Book, I really really wanted to read about Lyon s meeting with the Indians and Christiana s reunion with her family,since I am feeling very sad that all these things didnt happen I could [...]

    25. I don t usually like Julie Garwood books but she is really popular and I have read The Secret and enjoyed it enough that I m eager to give her a chance On the contrary, I have already read the second book in this series Guardian Angel and I didn t finished it because the heroine is so irritating This one was written in 1988 but I didn t know about it while reading and it didn t feel old school at all It s a paradox regarding the fact that I was annoyed with this in the second book But it felt mo [...]

    26. This was very enchanting and amusing read Take someone raised by native indians given basic education of regency english society and language and deposit them to the ton It was a great story and I was lmao then I have while reading a romance book The h h were extremely interesting and amusing, he heroine was totaly my style spitfire badass and the hero was yummy and obssesive of her 3.Fav quote Lyon knew she wasn t aware she was being watched, either She wouldn t have eaten the leaf otherwise, [...]

    27. What a fun book I bought The Lion s Lady after a recommendation during a DBSA Dear Bitches, Smart Author podcast They hosts talked about a historical romance that was lively and a bit unique, and after reading, I concur What made TLL so interesting was Christina s upbringing by Native Americans, and how it shaped her actions and thoughts in every way It lent the story an different sort Regency heroine, and I love how she tamed her hero, Lyon.The dialogue was witty and fast paced, as was the stor [...]

    28. I only give 4 and 5 stars to books I can t put down, and since this didn t fall into that category.hence the 3.My biggest problem with this book is that it felt rushed That the writing style was too choppy I actually felt myself getting antsy while reading it I had to put it down because I felt like it was just way too fast OK good comparisonif you have ever seen the childrens animated movie Authur at s how this felt I just wanted the author to slow down and put inner dialog in the book Wow did [...]

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