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Mayhem in Miniature By Margaret Grace,

  • Title: Mayhem in Miniature
  • Author: Margaret Grace
  • ISBN: 9780425223055
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Gerry s crafts are small scale, but her to do list is anything but Add murder to that with one of her students as a suspect and you have one hectic holiday Time to shrink this mystery down to size.
    Mayhem in Miniature Gerry s crafts are small scale but her to do list is anything but Add murder to that with one of her students as a suspect and you have one hectic holiday Time to shrink this mystery down to size

    One thought on “Mayhem in Miniature”

    1. One of the factors in Camille Minichino s writing is her obvious attention to minute details, and the almost mathematical precision of her descriptions Small wonder since, in reality, she is a mathematician miniaturist writer Writing as Margaret Grace, she has crafted MAYHEM IN MINIATURE as finely as her protagonist s miniature rooms.One of Geraldine Porter s acquaintances asks her to help locate her aging mother who is missing from the nursing home The missing lady happens to be a student of Ge [...]

    2. Mayhem in Miniature by Margaret Grace is the second book in A Miniature Mystery series Miniaturist Geraldine Porter investigates the murder of a gardener from the nursing home where she teaches after one of her students is accused of the crime I found this book to be a bit slow and improbable Firstly , that a feeble 87 year old would be capable of the crime, and secondly that Geraldine would decide that it was up to her to investigate especially when her nephew is with the police and she is cari [...]

    3. Gerry Porter is looking forward to seeing her family for Christmas But soon that takes a back seat when a friend at the retirement home goes missing, only to reappear as the prime suspect in a murder Can Gerry clear her name The pacing was uneven, but I just love Gerry, her family, and the small town she lives in.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    4. It wasn t really awful Just a light read The main character is Gerry a grandmother who lost her husband two years earlier, has a nephew on the police force, makes miniature rooms and teaches craft classes, and was an English teacher before she retired Oh, and she solves crimes Kind of predicable, but ok.

    5. This book was as good as I expected it to be Being a miniaturist myself, it was hard to pass up the title Although unbelievable on a lot of levels and not well crafted ha ha , I still enjoyed it I don t think I could recommend it to anyone beyond my small again ha ha circle of miniaturist friends.

    6. I like this series This wasn t my favorite in the series but I still like the characters and the relationship between Gerry Porter and her granddaughter I ll keep reading this series, it is a lot of fun.

    7. This is the second in this series about a retired English teacher who spends her time making miniatures and solving local crimes I m enjoying the Gerry and her attitude to helping her friends, family, and community I also keep track of the ideas for making miniatures.

    8. I ve read one or two of the other Miniature books and enjoyed them This one didn t work as well Not sure if it was the pacing or the way Geraldine kept passing off her granddaughter Oh well.

    9. Cute kid device felt exploitative MC doesn t listen, makes wrong assumptions and neglects grandchild to stick her nose in police business.

    10. My Rating System couldn t finish, wouldn t recommend, would recommend, would read again, have read again.

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