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The Uninhabited House By Charlotte Riddell J.H. Riddell,

  • Title: The Uninhabited House
  • Author: Charlotte Riddell J.H. Riddell
  • ISBN: 9781406839043
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
  • Slowly, but surely, the conviction had been gaining upon me that, let the mystery of River Hall be what it would, no ordinary explanation could account for the phenomena which it had presented to tenant after tenant and my own experiences in the house, slight though they were, tended to satisfy me there was something beyond malice or interest at work about the place.
    The Uninhabited House Slowly but surely the conviction had been gaining upon me that let the mystery of River Hall be what it would no ordinary explanation could account for the phenomena which it had presented to tena

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    1. While I wouldn t classify this novella as great, it is quite entertaining, but most importantly, it led me to the work of Victorian writer Charlotte Riddell To be very frank, The Uninhabited House is a story you don t read in hopes of being scared out of your wits it s something you read in appreciation of the author s craft and as a representation of a woman writing Victorian supernatural fiction The uninhabited house of the title is River Hall, the property of Miss Helena Elmsdale who inherit [...]

    2. 22 MAR 2015 a short read for today I will be reading an ebook version however, I love this cover beautiful old house set in a dark, gloomy light Book links Manybooks manybooks titles riddelljhProject Gutenberg gutenberg ebooks 8602I enjoy Victorian ghost stories and this one caught my eye We shall see 23 MAR 2015 Wow What a great find this has been for me This book has it all an unsolved murder mystery, a haunted house complete with a ghost who walks through doors, a very funny trial, an obsessi [...]

    3. Ever since her moneylender father committed suicide years ago, Helena and her wildly eccentric spinster aunt, Miss Bell, have lived largely off the proceeds of renting out the house he left them The trouble as Miss Bell s solicitor, Mr Craven, in charge of the lettings, knows all too well is that it s hard to find a tenant who ll live there the full period of the lease The place appears to be haunted by the ghost of the old skinflint.Mr Craven s clerk and our narrator , Harry Patterson, who has [...]

    4. I so enjoyed reading this delightful story It had a touch of everything ghost story, courthouse drama, even a bit of romance Victorian writing can sometimes be a little slow going and hard to read, but this short novel is a real joy The character of Mrs Blake with her idiosyncrasies is a comic masterpiece whereas Patterson s staid realism gave a touch of credibility to the fantasy It was free on kindle and definitely worth a look Highly recommended.

    5. The Uninhabited House is a surprisingly well crafted story of the supernatural This one holds up better than many similar ones from much recent times Charlotte Riddell takes full advantage of the short novel length the characters are well developed, the scene is memorably set, and the atmosphere is quite solidly middle class Victorian I truly enjoyed letting a very competent author take me into a haunted house and, from the distance of 145 years, scare the Victorian bejeezus out of me.

    6. Loved it A great example of Victoriana with all it s gothic gloom and the unspoken horror of a tragically haunted house Too fun

    7. I almost gave up on this novella The first third of the book drug but, when it picked up, I didn t want to put it down It s a Supernatural Mystery written in 1875.

    8. Like many old ghost stories, this book bored me Riddell is no Mary Elizabeth Braddon, or even Ellen Wood I keep hoping that the ghosts are menacing, when all they seem to do is tap on windows and walk through walls There s one character who seems to die of fright, but there s no real danger like in vampire or werewolf stories Riddell was sometimes called the chronicler of business or something to that effect, and that s apt She seems to discuss the boring financial details of the characters tha [...]

    9. Toda una sorpresa Este libro me lo empec con desinter s y hasta miedo pero termin siendo una novela bastante entretenida y, afortunadamente para m , con m s suspenso que terror El mayor atractivo definitivamente es esa prosa irlandesa, tan victoriana que me transport al Londres de Dickens Lo nico que me sac de quicio fue la se orita Blake, pues as entienda que su situaci n no era f cil, simplemente me pareci una persona insoportable.

    10. A charming story Slow to start, then gets good, slows down again, but ends endearingly Recommended above all for its wit in the courtroom scene alone.

    11. Without doubt, this is a classic Victorian ghost story While it is a bit slim on the ghostly side, it s still a worthwhile read for fans of the genre.

    12. Although I m a big fan of Victorian weird lit and ghost stories, I hadn t read anything that I recall by Charlotte Riddell, one of the most popular novelists of her day The narrator in this tale is a clerk in a law office, and the book is a bit unusual in that he remains firmly in the background until the last third of the story According to Richard Dalby, who has edited a number of excellent collections of Victorian stories, Charlotte Riddell was known as the chronicler of business and must sur [...]

    13. A classic Victorian ghost story, ideal for reading in the lead up to Halloween And an excellent introduction to a not previously known to me lady novelist.

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