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Shameless By Jennifer Blake,

  • Title: Shameless
  • Author: Jennifer Blake
  • ISBN: 9780449150023
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Amidst torrid gossip and whispered suspicions, Reid Sayers has returned to his small hometown in rural Louisiana and to the stormy passions of Camilla Greenley Pulsating with the intense desires of a willful man and woman, Jennifer Blake s lush novel is a breathlessly compelling tale of suspense and unbridled sensuality that is absolutely Camilla s cunning, soon tAmidst torrid gossip and whispered suspicions, Reid Sayers has returned to his small hometown in rural Louisiana and to the stormy passions of Camilla Greenley Pulsating with the intense desires of a willful man and woman, Jennifer Blake s lush novel is a breathlessly compelling tale of suspense and unbridled sensuality that is absolutely Camilla s cunning, soon to be ex husband has discovered that she may be the sole heir to the local mill worth millions if its operating owner, Reid Sayers, sells out to an eager conglomerate But there is danger in the air Someone is threatening Camilla Reid steps into the line of fire And though Camilla doesn t trust him, her body can t fight the fierce attraction between them.By day, their battle is nothing short of open war Camilla vows to stop the sale that could play havoc with the environment and rallies the town behind her But at night, their love is a passionate combat, a fury of competitive ecstasy It is an entanglement from which there is no surrender, and no defeat IT SIZZLES ONE OF HER BEST The love scenes are riveting the excitement never ends Rendezvous
    Shameless Amidst torrid gossip and whispered suspicions Reid Sayers has returned to his small hometown in rural Louisiana and to the stormy passions of Camilla Greenley Pulsating with the intense desires of a

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    1. This book would have to go on my pleasantly surprised list It was a free download on BookBub had a different cover and I totally expected it to be in keeping with the usual shit lit they offer BUT Surprise, surprise I thought it was a pretty good story It didn t change my life, per Se There was no great philosophical breakthrough It was just good I love her writing style, the metaphors, the turns of phrase, the pace, The unapologetic Southern ness of it.

    2. Rated 4.3 starsThis author, in my opinion, either writes top notch or bottom of the barrel forgive me Ms Blake This is one of her awesome ones I so loved this book It s got mystery, explosive chemistry, a lunatic, the feisty fighter of a heroine, a couple hot sex scenes, a second chance romance, the badass hero that s a former Army ranger and of course, there s the love of course they fight that denial anyone.This book left me a feeling like a happy camper.

    3. Next to life, the greatest gift is the ability to make someone feel safe even from themselves.Greenley is a small town in southern Louisiana Nestled in a wooded area and in relatively close proximity to New Orleans, and populated with families that have called it home for generations Like their cousins up north in the mountains of Tennessee, feuds and long running retaliatory violence is, if not common, not a totally foreign concept Almost a century ago, a member of the Sayers family, managed to [...]

    4. The first book I ve read by this author, and I m bummed to report I didn t really enjoy it, as I m always on the lookout for new non Harlequin romances to read as palate cleansers in between heavier books, and Dorothy Garlock has apparently failed me It IS much well written than most romance novels, and the twist at the end was interesting I couldn t really enjoy a book when I spent so much time disliking the heroine, however Cammie did so many dumb things and then downright too stupid to live [...]

    5. This was maybe 2.5 stars It was hard for me to get through, and I normally love Jennifer Blake Although I wouldn t add her to my list of faves, she holds a special place in my heart b c she s one of the first romance authors I ever read, starting way back in high school So I was pretty disappointed in this one There were a lot of rich descriptionsat droned on and on and on The main male character whose name I had forgotten until I saw it in the description just before writing this sad b c I only [...]

    6. Liked the book mostlyI m struggling for a rating but for the most part I liked the book I going to say 3.5They storyline was good but it took too long to get to th he end I know it has to be hard to know when you are giving too much or too little info but if you give the genealogy than twice it s too much Also some of the family relationships given didn t add anything to the story but length.I have to admit that I didn t know who the murderer was until the end Yes, he was in my list and my stro [...]

    7. Shameless by Jennifer Blake Friday, January 30, 2015This books had me from the very first page I was very surprised to find out who the real culprit was in the end I am looking forward to reading from Jennifer Blake.The story was not only well written but had everything I look for when finding a good book One or HOT alpha bad guys Hot chemistry between heroine hero Great story line Danger Scandal Mystery Action Romance Compassion Love Deceit Complete story no cliffhanger

    8. I ve greatly enjoyed Jennifer s Blake s stories in the past and will continue to read as many as I can get my hands on in the future Shameless gripped me from the initial pages Blake placed a love scene early on in the story, which both drew me in and introduced the passion between heroine Cammie Greenley and hero Reid Sayers right up front I really like when an author can shake up the traditional romance novel structure and still keep things interesting This book moved a bit slow for me, but th [...]

    9. Deep, emotional, frustrating, erotic, hopefulCamomile is strong _ strong minded, strong willed, and strong hearted Reid is strong in all good and bad ways In love or infatuated with Cammie from a distance since he was a young boy, Reid fled rot join the military instead of act on his feelings Trained to be neither seen nor heard and to kill on demand when the situation arose, a horribly unbelievable second only decision burned a black hole in his heart Only upon returning to his hometown of Gree [...]

    10. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so Shelley MA

    11. ThrillerIt was a good story, kept you guessing all the time Little too long for me, story kept dragging on.

    12. So I enjoyed this despite the love scenes which I mostly skimmed over The characters were compelling and the plot was certainly no romance novel plot I have ever read before

    13. I m genuinely surprised that I can recommend this at all, but the storyline is better than the romance, much of which is barely relevant in some ways.There s a paper mill up for sale in a small Louisiana town There s some doubt as to who exactly owns the land Is it the enigmatic Reid Sayers, recently returned home from carrying out the work of an assassin warrior for his government Or is it Cammie Greenley Hutton, the about to be divorced woman upon whom Reid has had a massive crush since they w [...]

    14. Reid Sayers likes to keep to himself It is safer for all that way For the last decade he s been away from his small hometown in Louisiana Returning home was not what he had planned, neither was seeing Camilla Greenley again For years she was all he wanted, even if just from afar And as it turns out old habits die hard Camilla s life has been turned upside down Since Reid came back home, the attraction between them has resurfaced with a vengeance Even if her soon to be ex husband or the town does [...]

    15. i mean, come on how wrong can you go with a damaged malea female going through divorcean ex who wants her backhistory between said male and female although its a little different to what you are first led to believe a shocking family scandal and a nutter hell bent on getting what they want add a paper mill, a vengeful brother, and lots and lots of hot sex, and you got a winner this books grabs you from the very first page and runs away with you right to the end beautifully written story, a singl [...]

    16. I ve read several books by Jennifer Blake and have loved them all except this one I was disappointed in it it almost felt like Ms Blake was running out of ideas for books or something It was just there There was certainly a bit of romance and plenty tough guy southern gentleman and damsel in distress to go around, but the story just didn t really hold me like her others books did Yeah, I wanted to know how it ended, so I kept reading, but overall it was actually pretty predictable.

    17. Interesting love story.but it dragged There were some parts that lacked structure and I had to go back to reread it because the subject would change so quickly However I loved Reid although he was broken he knew what he wanted and went for it Cammie was a little to trusting when it came to people You would think once she realized that people she thought were her friends and love ones were gossiping about her behind her back and telling her what road she take Would no longer be trustworthy.

    18. I was suppose t o go to sleep hours agoI picked up this book tthree hrs ago to read till I had relaxed enough to go to sleep and realized that it s now way past bed time I m done with the book , damn, and I want to know what happens to all characters I have met So anyone wants to read a great book and try to solve the mystery and read about a confusing romance this is the book for you Thank you Jennifer for a great read

    19. Jennifer Blake s writing reminds me a lot of Nora Roberts style of writing.le mystery.le romance All in all I enjoyed the book and was surprised in the end to find out who the villain was never expected this person Passing onto a friend to read who enjoys Nora Roberts Think she will like this author as well.

    20. Reid and Cammie have known each other since childhood But he went away and she married someone else Now he is back for his father s funeral Is the pull for each other still there Cammie is in the midst of a divorce but her ex wants her back and needs to do it before the divorce is final Why

    21. ShamelessOk romance story with some action thrown in Kind of slow moving at some places and repetitive Would have like to see romantic happenings with the two main characters

    22. Sweet This book was so intense, funny, full of content Loved the historical references, also the love scenes were subtle and beautiful Wow descriptions What can I say, funny too Characters were so well written Would read again

    23. I haven t read any of Jennifer s books before, and don t read much romance in general So I wasn t expecting much from this free download But I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the story, and the suspenseful plot twists Really held my attention the whole way through.

    24. I just finished this it was well written I loved the mix of romance suspense The main characters interacted with each other wonderfully I would recent this book to anyone who loves romance books.

    25. Thankfully, it was free on This book was full of flowery prose, with little else This one was not only dull but frustrated me so much, I could barely get through it The characters especially Cammie were irritating to a level that I cannot even begin to describe.

    26. More of a mystery with a romantic element than a straight romance, blake is a strong writer who writes vividly and with passion Not my normal style, but enjoyed this quite a bit

    27. Wonderful bookThe author really wrote a wonderful book I enjoyed from the very first chapter until the very end The characters and storyline were well thought out.

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