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To Wed His Christmas Lady By Christi Caldwell,

  • Title: To Wed His Christmas Lady
  • Author: Christi Caldwell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She s longing to be loved Lady Cara Falcot has only served one purpose to her loathsome father to increase his power through a marriage to the future Duke of Billingsley As such, she s built protective walls about her heart, and presents an icy facade to the world around her Journeying home from her finishing school for the Christmas holidays, Cara s carriage is strandeShe s longing to be loved Lady Cara Falcot has only served one purpose to her loathsome father to increase his power through a marriage to the future Duke of Billingsley As such, she s built protective walls about her heart, and presents an icy facade to the world around her Journeying home from her finishing school for the Christmas holidays, Cara s carriage is stranded during a winter storm She s forced to tarry at a ramshackle inn, where she immediately antagonizes another patron William He s avoiding his duty in favor of one last adventure William Hargrove, the Marquess of Grafton has wanted only one thing in life to avoid the future match his parents would have him make to a cold, duke s daughter He s returning home from a blissful eight years of traveling the world to see to his responsibilities But when a winter storm interrupts his trip and lands him at a falling down inn, he s forced to share company with a commanding Lady Cara who initially reminds him exactly of the woman he so desperately wants to avoid A Christmas snowstorm ushers in the spirit of the season At the holiday time, these two people who despise each other due to first perceptions are offered renewed beginnings and fresh starts As this gruff stranger breaks down the walls she s built about herself, Cara has to determine whether she can truly open her heart to trusting that any man is capable of good and that she herself is capable of love And William has to set aside all previous thoughts he s carried of the polished ladies like Cara, to be the man to show her that love Please note, this is an approximately 48,000 word novella.
    To Wed His Christmas Lady She s longing to be loved Lady Cara Falcot has only served one purpose to her loathsome father to increase his power through a marriage to the future Duke of Billingsley As such she s built protectiv

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    1. When an author takes a character from a previous book, who is hateful and pretentious and then transforms her into a loveable heroine with such finesse, this is a story worth reading from an author who should be on your must read list Such is the case with TO WED HIS CHRISTMAS LADY by Christi Caldwell.As the story begins, Lady Cara Falcot awaits at her finishing school for her father s carriage to retrieve her on the cusp of the Christmas holidays But that carriage never comes and the lady who h [...]

    2. This is a nice Christmas novella and I enjoyed it very much The hero, Will, is returning home after years of traveling to wed Lady Clarisse, the daughter of his mother s best friend He remembers her as a difficult child and is not too happy about his parents pushing this marriage on him He uses a snowstorm as a delay and stays at a nearby inn.Clarisse, who sometimes uses her mother s pet name Cara, is stuck at finishing school as her father, a Duke, forgot to send a carriage for her She borrows [...]

    3. So you know as soon as I saw that Christi Caldwell was releasing another book, I am all over that in a heartbeat especially when it s a Christmas Story To make it even better the heroine in this book is called Cara Lady Clarisse Falcot but prefers to be called Cara feels like the most hated women in the world She is defiantly is the most hated girl in the finishing school her overbearing father has sent her too But now it s the Christmas Holidays and the school is closing for the break, but her [...]

    4. The Ice Princess that s how she s known Cold, unemotional, cruel all words used to describe Lady Clarissa Falcot Born a daughter of a Duke her only purpose is to further his connections she has already been promised to a stuffy, self absorbed son of a Duke he has raised her to scorn anyone beneath her station Since the death of her mother that is the only way she knows how to act Besides being the ice princess allows her to protect herself from being hurt Or so she d like to think All that goes [...]

    5. A couple of days ago I read and reviewed a New York Time and USA Today contemporary romance that had shoddy and haphazard character development, but paired it with inferno sex scenes In one months time it has over seven hundred reviews on I am still perplexed that a book could make a bestseller list with such an inconsistent story Then I pick up Christi Caldwell s To Wed His Christmas Lady and am blown away by the solid character development, and the fully formed story, and this is a novella In [...]

    6. 3.5 This is my first Christi Caldwell book and it won t be my last I have to admit that at first I thought I was not going to like the book It moved slow and I lost interest, but the I read I got intrigued Then of course when I should be in bed I got sucked headlong into it and could NOT put it down I love a good Christmas romance they are usually light and cheerful stories Will and Cara s story however had some lighter moments but at the heart of it was gut wrenching emotional story of a young [...]

    7. To Wed His Christmas Lady by Christi Caldwell is a wonderful read Will and Cara s story is entertaining Ms Caldwell has delivered a well written book with characters that may not start off as lovable but by the end of the book you love them anyway Along with the great characters, this book has drama and a bit of humor To Wed His Christmas Lady is fairly short, perfect for those with limited time for reading It is also a clean read, no sex scenes I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading f [...]

    8. Loved it I loved this book It is such a sweet story I love Christi s imperfect characters I would definitely recommend this book

    9. Expect the UnexpectedWilliam is a carefree, fun loving man who wants love like his parents have.Cara is sheltered and determined not to show her pain to the world The sadness the Heroine carries had me in tears The author does a FANTASTIC job at making the reader feel the emotions of this story Every written word drew forth feelings of pain, love and laughter with in I love a book that i can get lost in and this one did just that

    10. This is one of my least favorite book by Christi Caldwell I didn t particularly care for either characters I just found it boring.

    11. Short and sweet Like all of Christi Caldwell s books, this one pulls at the heart strings of the reader The characters come off the page and create emotions and build aconnection with the reader I loved how she made the Ice Princess Cara thaw to the easy loving Will.

    12. Gere Regency Short Novella This is part of a series but you can read it as a standalone It s been a while since I read a Story from this author Heroine Lady Cara Daughter of a Duke Hero William Marquess of Hardgrove Lady Cara was known as a self shish lady She cared for nobody but herself Lady Cara didn t show any emotion She was a daughter of a Duke Why Her father the Duke didn t want anything to do with her He didn t want a female as an only child Her mother had passed The Duke had forgotten a [...]

    13. I absolutely loved this story If I could give it 10 stars I would Ms Caldwell has created another emotionally beautiful story of self discovery and opening one self to a life changing love The story centers on Cara aka Lady Clarisse has not known love or acceptance since her mother died at 7 She has built a wall around herself and her hurt to keep from getting hurt, but deep down she wishes for one to climb her walls and love her for who she is Cara is now my favorite heroine that Christi has wr [...]

    14. TO LEARN TO THROW SNOWBALLS, AND LOVEEvery time Christi Caldwell puts her fingers on the keyboard, characters crystallize and fall into line, some with tiny breaks, some with inclusions, some sparkling clear like diamonds, some the rare, rich colors of rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, but all with some delicate flaw that make them human The characters in this little jewel are vintage Christi Caldwell, with pain driving their actions, and the actions of each driving the other, until a final rush [...]

    15. To Wed His Christmas Lady by Christi CaldwellHeart of a Duke Series Book 7William Hargrove, the Marquess of Grafton has been avoiding the inevitable for eight years now He made a deal with his fatheravel for eight years before marrying the harridan he was promised to Eight years was not long enough.Clarisse Falcot built a wall of ice around her She was the perfect daughter of duke Haughty, prideful, and could cower anyone with one look She was also friendless and even if she wouldn t admit itlon [...]

    16. Emotional, sweet, emotional and romantic A perfect Historical Holiday read I absolutely LOVED and adored, Will William James Alexander Winchester Hargrove, Marquess of Grafton Le Sigh Swoon He is my new favorite book hero He was the absolute perfect Hero for Lady Clarisse Falcot, Cara I liked the fact that in this book the Hero is the happy, positive one, who came from a good loving family, and Cara is the one who comes off as cold Until you understand why Usually it s the HERO that is cold, and [...]

    17. Another must read Fast paced, quick holiday read and what a delightful read Love, forgiveness, healing, passion and finding love makes a page turning story Ms Caldwell is one of my favorite authors in Historical Romance, she draws the reader into her stories with delightful storylines and charming characters A must loved storyteller A wonderful holiday read, perfect for readers of Historical Romance, holiday read, and Christmas magic A must read An interesting, entertaining and satisfying read P [...]

    18. I enjoyed this In spite of the rather scandalous cover, this is actually a sweet clean read, no sex While this book involved a secret, it wasn t too drawn out, given that this wasn t a full length novel, so it didn t become tedious I enjoyed the characters The author was able to make an initially unlikeable heroine loveable by the end of the story.While this book is part of a series, it can be read on its own.Christi Caldwell is a new to me author, and I ve been quite enjoying her work so far.

    19. I have not read the book in the series where Cara Carisse did her worst so I did not have to overcome any prejudice about her character She starts out a shrew but it was quickly explained I do not excuse bad behavior regardless of the reason but I understand how Carisse had been forced into the personality she displays What made it work for me was the honest apology.This was a lovely story about two people learning over three days what was really important to them and why Christmas is the backgr [...]

    20. Redemption I love it.None of us live our lives as one dimensional, static characters, never changing from one season to the next For this reason, I especially love to see an evil character redeemed and their back story illuminated Each of us is the hero of our own epic, so it s fascinating to find out the reasons that a character chooses to commit despicable acts In their story, circumstances justify these actions regardless of how it appears to the world at large.Take a chance on this novel and [...]

    21. It s odd, but I simultaneously liked and disliked this one I love the steadfast hero and characters that believably transform when they are less than likable or are judgmental which I think was nice elements of this story However, their steamy interactions were distracting and annoying and felt out of place I think it could have been so much better with toned down versions Still, I m glad to have read this

    22. Sweet little story of redemptionThe heroine s defense against a neglectful family is a wall of ice and pretending that she does not feel The hero has been running from an arranged marriage to this ice princess for eight long years When a snow storm strands them together before Christmas they meet each other anonymously and without preconceptions A sweet, bird love story of the lonely ice princess thaw.

    23. Super love story This is a great story of self exploration, attraction, and happiness A woman finds her true self in a snow storm stranded in an inn Her teacher are the memories of her mother and the self assured man stranded with her.I haven t read a Regency in some time and realize why I love them so much I have been reading romances where the couple fight their attraction almost to the end of the book Give me a Recency romance with its sweeping love and HEA anytime

    24. Oh so goodOnce again Christie Caldwell captured my imagination and didn t let go until the last word A cold and arrogant lady meets a warm hearted man and the sparks fly or should I say the ice melts along with the snow You ll have to take this wonderful journey yourself and decide You won t be sorry

    25. Of course I loved it, its Christi Caldwell What a wonderful storyline and characters It was so romantic a very HEA I love Christi s style of writing, it s just fabulous Her stories always cheer me up when I m down and even when they make me cry, I m in Heaven More of the same please from my favourite author.

    26. Great book on learning to know you can change and deserve to be loved.Wonderful book Wishing there was of their story Hard to imagine not feeling loved for most of your life.

    27. They were betrothed as children and hated it as AdultsTrying to stay away from going home, Cara Will meet at an Inn during a snow storm Falling in love, and then finding out it was with whom they were betrothed.

    28. More bitter than sweetI have read quite a bit of Caldwell and generally enjoy it This book is repetitious and too maudlin for a good holiday story But I even like Will I even like Cara Too much past baggage and not enough romance.

    29. A heartwarming Christmas novellaAs usual Ms Caldwell delivers a fulfilling romance packed with emotion A story of redemption and coincidence made romantic in a wintry Christmas setting.

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