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Unboundless By K.D. Wood,

  • Title: Unboundless
  • Author: K.D. Wood
  • ISBN: 9781518680205
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • The kid wasn t supposed to be real Back home, after her ordeal in New Zealand with Andrew, Neely McIntire has convinced herself the awful memories she cannot seem to shake are nothing than bad dreams But, when the picture of a child that could be her clone lands in her mailbox, everything she has fought to regain starts to crumble Even with the extra support from HThe kid wasn t supposed to be real Back home, after her ordeal in New Zealand with Andrew, Neely McIntire has convinced herself the awful memories she cannot seem to shake are nothing than bad dreams But, when the picture of a child that could be her clone lands in her mailbox, everything she has fought to regain starts to crumble Even with the extra support from Hayden s brother, Nathan, Neely is ready to break under the pressure that seems to be coming from all sides Hayden wants to move their relationship to the next level The Tribal Guard is stalking her Worst of all, Andrew s mother, Margarette, has given Neely an ultimatum deliver her monster as promised or put everyone Neely loves at risk starting with Hayden Drowning in secrets, Neely must convince Andrew to help her save the people she loves But when Andrew introduces her to the child, Neely s resolve wavers Will she be able to sacrifice a child wearing her face Or will she make the choice to save someone she never expected to love
    Unboundless The kid wasn t supposed to be real Back home after her ordeal in New Zealand with Andrew Neely McIntire has convinced herself the awful memories she cannot seem to shake are nothing than bad dreams

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    1. Neely is trying to be a single mother to her son, Lucas, after Andrew is gone Hayden is in the game to win Neely back in any way possible, even if this means betrayal When she is summoned to meet with Andrew s family, with Hayden by her side, she will find herself in even trouble.I have enjoyed this series The only thing I hate is that each book is released a long time after the one before and its hard to remember bits and pieces of the story So I feel like I miss out on some knowledge here I w [...]

    2. If it s possible, I think I loved Unloved so than Unwilling.This time Wood crafted a phenomenal story with characters I couldn t get out of my head Unloved will have you changing your allegiances.In Unwilling I was all for team Hayden and ready to slap Miss Neely Well, the tables turned Hayden went from adorable to downright unbearable Neely showed how strong she truly could be She got under my skin in a good way.Another character you ll love is little Lucas How could you not care about this sp [...]

    3. Unloved by K.D Wood pretty much starts where Unwilling leaves off I highly recommend reading the first book before this one as it is really important In this book there is of of the Maori folklore Which I found completely interesting The author has a unique and fun way of telling a story that leaves you enad and wanting I feel like Neely grew a lot between this book and the last She goes through and deals with so much I was glad to see her character evolve the way it did I liked her character [...]

    4. 5 Cranky Stars I absolutely adored Unboundless Wood continues her wonderful way with words in this final book in the Unwilling trilogy She s sprinkled her brand of Southern charm throughout the story with phrases like pocket pool , showing her Christmas early , and a near orgasmic breath.When it comes to characters, Nathan Nelson is the tops You have to love a man who puts his woman first in life Neely s his best friend but he treats her right He could easily be so much in her life Best book bo [...]

    5. What a rollercoaster ride KD Wood made me feel all the feels My emotions were all over the place Loved this book I laughed I cried I cheered at the end What a wonderful ending to this trilogy

    6. Wow Unboundless is the last book in the trilogy and I was not disappointed I have read the 2 previous books and couldn t wait for this one to come out Neely has moved on, but still yearns for Andrew, however Hayden has become angry and wants to get Neely s child Lucas out of the way Neely has now become friends with Hayden s brother Nathan Nathan loves Neely, but has given her space and remained as friends for the time being Both Neely and Hayden are having dreams about someone hurt and blood a [...]

    7. Unloved is Book 2 of a NA paranormal romance series It contains dark events so is best recommended for readers aged eighteen plus It is also recommended that readers read Book 1 Unwilling first as the story of Neely, Hayden and Andrew continues where Unwilling ended.After the dark and mysterious events that happened to Neely, things aren t exactly going smoothly in Neely s and Hayden s relationship Andrew has gone into hiding, but for Hayden there is still the doubt in his mind that Neely really [...]

    8. UnlovedBy K.D Wood5 out of 5 starsThe story Unloved by K.D Wood is a new adult fantasy romance book This is the continuing story of Neely McIntire She is back home from her ordeal with Andrew and trying to press on with her life when a letter and picture show up which throws her world into chaos She has been keeping secrets and now they threaten her future Not only is she facing the reality that her memories are than a bad dream, she now also must face a threat and ultimatum from Andrew s mothe [...]

    9. The Unwilling Series is a gem of a series that deserves way attention then it gets This series does not follow any typical tropes nor does the story feel forced As you read, each book transitions seamlessly into the other and you are just happy to be along for the journey I waited for over a year to read Unboundless and it was well worth the wait you are always a little nervous with a final book in a series, but this book was everything I hoped for and I laughed, I cried a lot , smiled and blu [...]

    10. Unloved by KD Wood 5 StarsThis book has it all Full of emotion, drama, plot twists, love, and secrets If you haven t read the first book of the trilogy, Unwilling by KD Wood, stop and read it now You won t be disappointed This review may contain spoilers from the first book as this book continues the story where it left off This paranormal romance series is the first one of it s kind I have ever read It took a moment to grasp the story in the first book, but once I got into the story, I couldn t [...]

    11. Unloved by K D Wood is a four star novel and the second in the Unwilling series I highly recommend to read Unwilling before picking up this book In the first book, Neely had been kidnapped by Andrew and his mom His mother, Margaret, is crazy and decided Neely was his perfect match and they needed to mate After Neely was rescued by her boyfriend, Hayden, in New Zealand, she was in a coma for a long time and had some memory loss Crazy things happened to her while she was with Andrew and she couldn [...]

    12. Love can only be given to one person at a time At least that is what we like to tell ourselves Even considering the fact that you may have feelings for than one person seems to be a no no for most people Secrets and half truths permeate this novel In Unloved, a five star novel, by K.D Wood the author explores the very complicated thing called love She uses the story of Neely, Hayden, and Andrew to get the reader, me, to see just how complex love can be This is the second book in this series Ple [...]

    13. UnlovedBy K D Wood 4 Star ReviewUnloved by K D Wood is a four star read and is the continuing story of Neely McIntire I highly suggest you read the first book in this series Neely McIntire is trying to recover from everything she endured a year ago She is currently living with an aunt and trying to move past all the events that caused her to leave her family.Hayden Nelson her best friend and boyfriend, is trying to be there for her, but he knows that she is not telling him everything Andrew is s [...]

    14. Unloved by K.D Wood is a gripping read right from the very beginning The story starts as one year later and has a very intriguing and enticing beginning It really captivated me to continue reading the book, I just couldn t put it down The book then eases into the different aspects of the story, showcasing each character and slowly revealing the details of the real story at hand.K.D Wood has a way with words that really bring the characters in this book to life All the characters in Unloved are d [...]

    15. Unloved by K.D Wood is book two of a paranormal fantasy romance trilogy that is so imaginative and original that is has me truly hooked.I would recommend that you read Unwilling first as this is not a stand alone book Neely, our heroine, goes through so much in the first book and there is so much in this second And I feel there is going to be so much in the third too This book is better than the first and I feel the third will surpass this The story and character progression is such that it ha [...]

    16. Unloved by K.D WoodFour StarsUnloved is the next book in the Unwilling Series by K.D Wood This is the continuation of Neely McIntire s story You should definitely read Unwilling first as this begins where Unwilling left off I love this series and the way the author pulls you in with great character descriptions and a plot line that doesn t end There are twists and turns and mystery and suspense mixed with the romance A year after Neely s tragic events with Andrew when she returns home She is try [...]

    17. I read this book in its beta phase This book Oh, what can I say that I haven t said in my reviews for the first two of this series It is a fantastic ride that keeps you thinking, She KD better not do this to me Stop WHAT IS HAPPENING Unboundless perfectly tied up all of the lose ends from the trilogy yet still left you wanting from these characters In true KD fashion, she made you feel all the emotions happiness, sadness, shock, disbelief, and even heck yes You finally get to see Neely as her o [...]

    18. I won this book through I really enjoyed this book Neely is amazing and so refreshing Full of surprises and some heartbreak Read it in 1 sitting Loved it.

    19. I absolutely adored this final book in the Unwilling trilogy Wood continues her wonderful way with words in Unboundless Some of my favorites include pocket pool , showing her Christmas early , and a near orgasmic breath You can read it for yourself to learn where those phrases fit in.My absolute all time favorite character in this book has to be Nathan Oh my goodness I just love this man he s tender, passionate, and so thoughtless He s Neely s best friend and wants to be so much But he always t [...]

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