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The Green Room (Dark Minds #3) By Faith Mortimer,

  • Title: The Green Room (Dark Minds #3)
  • Author: Faith Mortimer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ella, a thirty five year old nurse, believes she has a good life no money worries, a job she enjoys, a gorgeous apartment and an undemanding boyfriend until one fateful evening when everything changes A young woman is found raped and strangled near Ella s home The latest victim in a serial killer s rampage across Surrey Ella s boyfriend Michael, a police constable on tElla, a thirty five year old nurse, believes she has a good life no money worries, a job she enjoys, a gorgeous apartment and an undemanding boyfriend until one fateful evening when everything changes A young woman is found raped and strangled near Ella s home The latest victim in a serial killer s rampage across Surrey Ella s boyfriend Michael, a police constable on the team conducting the investigations of the crime, pleads with Ella to be vigilant at all times the killer is bound to strike again When a handsome, enigmatic stranger rents the empty apartment above Ella, the brutal death toll rises but against her better judgement, Ella doesn t listen to her boyfriend s warnings about strangers until it is far too late She is convinced that there must be a connection between the murdered women, and for some reason it is all linked to the Green Room
    The Green Room Dark Minds Ella a thirty five year old nurse believes she has a good life no money worries a job she enjoys a gorgeous apartment and an undemanding boyfriend until one fateful evening when everything changes

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    1. I am so glad that I read this book, it was an absolutely awesome read that kept me interested from the word go Not a single boring moment between the pages, Faith Mortimer has written a psychological thriller that will keep you intrigued and on the edge of your seat You will be dying to know the final outcome With a strong plot and characters, this book is up there with the best psychological thrillers I have ever read Quite simply there was nothing not to like and I read this book really quickl [...]

    2. The Green Room is the third book in the Dark Minds series by Faith Mortimer It is a totally stand alone thriller and so the books may be read in any order The elusive Surrey Punisher has just claimed his fifth victim Another beautiful, dark haired actress is brutally raped and murdered Ella, a nurse, is shocked by this dreadful news The murder took place just a short distance away from her home Michael, her ex boyfriend and a police constable warns her not to go out venturing in the dark alone T [...]

    3. The Green Room is the third novel in the authors Dark Minds series All three books can be read as stand alone s and do not need to be read in any order.As with all Faith s books, as soon as I pick one up I know I won t be able to put it down until I have finished it The Green Room after an extremely sinister and disturbing opening chapter was certainly no different.Ella has just started her two week leave from work and is hoping to get on with decorating her flat In a way I quite envied Ella s l [...]

    4. Ella Mallory a young theatre nurse who lives in Guilford, she is shocked and appalled by the recent local rape and murders of a number of women However, her boyfriend Michael, who is a police constable leads her to see some links between the women and subsequently she suspects Liam, a colleague she works with and then mysterious new tenant, Tim as possible culprits But what Ella doesn t know is she is in grave dangerI enjoyed reading this crime suspense mystery thriller, but I did not find a con [...]

    5. Faith Mortimer has done it again Just when I thought she couldn t get any better, she surpassed herself.I loved every word of this I started reading at 9am and finished at 9.20 pm I just devoured it.I love the way Faith has put in clues that make you wonder if they are clues or red herrings There are plenty of both This is a book when you keep thinking you know who the killer is, but then a new twist shows up and your original theory is obsolete.I felt as if I was really involved with the charac [...]

    6. Another great mystery from Faith Well written and enjoyable Look out for certain names through the book 5 stars from me I received a Arc copy of this book courtesy of The Book Club and Faith Mortimer

    7. The psychological thriller genre is probably my favourite That, combined with one of my favourite authors and I m in reading heaven This was undoubtedly another winner in Faith s Dark Minds novels In this third book of the series, a serial killer is sweeping Surrey, raping and strangling his victims Ella, a competent nurse, has a policeman boyfriend, who, with inside knowledge of the case, instructs her to stay safe at all times She believes she is perfectly safe she lives in an apartment in a b [...]

    8. Ella is a nurse in Guildford, where there is a serial rapist murderer, known as the Surrey Punisher, on the loose We the readers are introduced to a number of characters who we start to wonder about they all seem to be possible suspects There are several men in her life who all have some potential connection to or possible reason to be the murderer I did enjoy this tale although I am not sure it is a psychological thriller as such as although the story builds to a denouement it doesn t have the [...]

    9. First let me tell you that this can be read as a standalone, I haven t read the others in the series Ella is a 35 year old nurse and believes she has a great life When a young actress is found raped and murdered near Ella s home and it seems that a serial killer is on the loosed so begins the twists and turns of The Green Room Although this story didn t mess with my head like a lot of psychological thrillers, I thoroughly enjoyed The Green Room and I couldn t put it down The way that Faith wrote [...]

    10. Thank you to the author Faith Mortimer and The Book Club TBC for the opportunity to read this book in return for a fair and honest review.The story starts with Ella, a 35 year old nurse and her Policeman boyfriend Michael Ella lives in an apartment situated in a large house converted by her parents A new neighbour Tim moves in across the hallway and Ella is smitten A spate of horrific murders in the area spur Michael to tell Ella to be careful, especially regarding the newcomer Timbody really kn [...]

    11. Ella Mallory breaks up with Michael, her policeman boyfriend of two years, to her mother s disappointment Mum wanted a wedding and grandchildren Ella s work colleague Liam, a bit of a ladies man, keeps trying it on with her but she isn t interested The flat opposite Ella s is taken on a short let by an attractive man with an air of mystery In the Guilford area, young women with a connection to the theatre are being found brutally raped and murdered Ella feels vulnerable and doesn t know who she [...]

    12. I downloaded this book to my kindle without realising it s the third book in the Dark mind series by Faith Mortimer However upon reading this book I realised it can be read as a stand alone The Green Room is a dark, psychological thriller There s a serial killer on the rampage in the Surrey area who is claiming actresses as their victim The police are focusing all their time and energy into finding the killer Wow this book was absolutely brilliant I can t believe this is my first book I ve read [...]

    13. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Five women have been killed in quick succession by a murderer known as the Surrey Punisher Ella is beginning to worry Her boyfriend Michael is a police officer and warns her to be careful, particularly with her new neighbour who he believes could be the killer.Ella becomes suspicious of not only Tim, her new neighbour but also several other men in her life She finds herself becoming distrustful of everyone around her.This is a reall [...]

    14. this is the first Faith Mortimer book I have read and I received an ARC in return for an honest review.Ella has become disengaged with her boyfriend Michael and decides to end the relationship just as a new tenant moves into the flat next door and a series of brutal murders takes place too close to home.with 2 strong suspects identified from the start your heart is in your mouth as Ella s relationship with them both becomes entangled while i did work out who was responsible before the end this [...]

    15. this is my first book by this author and I wasn t disappointed it was a book that was about a serial killer who targets actresses.tim was very mysterious and showed a lot of growth and it wasn t till the end you really found out about him Ella is a nurse who seems to be embroiled in all aspects of the case she is a helpful person who believes in the goodness of allis book dealt with thr psychiatric style of writing and was intriguing from that standpoint it also has a lot to do with relationship [...]

    16. The Green room is a stand alone thriller in the Dark Minds series by Faith Mortimer.I found it to be a fast paced, easy to follow murder mystery which I galloped through in a couple of sittings I just kept turning those pages to find out what was going to happen to our main protagonist Ella.The book begins with a gruesome and violent murder of a victim with my name This wasn t coincidence, I won the chance to have my name in print by this author and I was very excited and pleased to have a chara [...]

    17. Wow from the very first page No spoilers but I did guess Whodunnit, by a process of elimination The author expertly weaves suspects and the clues this book take you on a twisting journey of suspense A serial killer The Surrey Punisher is stalking the theatre world All the victims are dark haired actresses The police don t seem to have any idea who is killing the women and the killer leaves little or no evidence How many victims will there be until the murderer makes a mistake Ella a nurse has a [...]

    18. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review A serial rapist killer is on the loose and it s making Ella feel nervous to go out alone She s on leave from work for two weeks whilst she is decorating her new flat The flat was given to her by her parents , who have rented out the one next door to handsome new tenant Tim Despite the fact that she has been in a two year relationship, Ella rather fancies Tim and the feeling appears to be mutual He needs a bit of peace and quiet though as he [...]

    19. The Green Room Faith MortimerElla is a nurse, leading a busy working life in a hospital s trauma department Every day is hectic and she rarely gets chance to relax In the town where Ella lives, strange things begin to happen to young women who work in the theatre the Surrey Punisher is on the loose The story is told in snappy chapters, each one headed with a name but all set around Ella The reader is drawn in with each page turned and left to draw their own conclusions It is a fast paced psychol [...]

    20. An easy, pleasant read that keeps you guessing Yet again, Faith Mortimer has written a successful book Her style of writing is easy to read, a good storyline and giving a feeling that you just want to read a bit to see what happens An easy to read who done it with Faith leading you to believe it could be any one of several people However, my one reason for not giving The Green Room a 5 star rating was I felt that the excitement all came too late and that the build up was too drawn out This in m [...]

    21. Ella is a nurse who has a cop, Michael, as a semi boyfriend She lives in a house apartment building her parents own They give her a suite on the top floor The other room on her floor has been rented out to Tom, a writer When a young actress is murdered, Ella s boyfriend is called to join the investigation It soon becomes obvious that she is the latest victim of a serial murderer Ella wonders about the man in the next room He seems nice but is very closed mouthed about his personal life She decid [...]

    22. This is the 2nd book in this series I have read and reviewed It can be read as a stand alone and WOW Faith Mortimer can REALLY write Psychological Thrillers that will keep you on the edge of your seat Just as you think you know who the killer is in this one she takes you in a different direction until there are two who could be the serial killer but quite possibly a third and maybe a fourth It will certainly keep you guessing until the bitter end If you are a fan of psychological thrillers this [...]

    23. I was sent this book recently from the author in exchange for an honest review I ve read all the books in the Dark Minds series and I ve loved them all and this one was no exception, it was a real CPID gritty story which kept me on the edge of my seat and it was great to see some familiar names along the way too The twist in the story for me, was not who the perpetrator was, I actually had an inkling that it would be this person, but the part another person played in the story and their reason f [...]

    24. I was given an ARC of this book by the Book Club in return for an honest review.I love Faith Mortimer s writing style It is light and easy and written in such a way that keeps the reader engaged with the characters and plot The Green Room is a pacey written thriller that unfurls clues and red herrings along the way so that you are kept guessing for most of the book Though I did guess the perpetrator before they were revealed I still thoroughly enjoyed the guessing game before and the rest of the [...]

    25. I received this arc from tbc for an honest review Having not the read the others in the series this book made me want to This is my genre and I thoroughly enjoyed this book A gritty suspense thriller captivating from the offset and although I guessed the perpetrator I didn t see the other twist at all Thank you to Faith for allowing me the pleasure of reading this I will most certainly be reading from you

    26. This is the third book in the Dark Mind Series, but each book can be read as a standalone This is another psychological thriller from this author that grabs you from the first page and keeps you reading to see what could possibly happen next The story has lots of twists and turns and certainly keeps you guessing until the final pages Faith has written another good one, and I definitely look forward to her next one.

    27. I have never read any of the previous books in this series and safe to say you don t need to have Nice pace to this book which kept me interested and the storyline kept me guessing all along If you like a psychological thriller with a twist then this is a book for you Thanks to the author and TBC for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

    28. Faith Mortimer.Book 3.The Green Room.The 3rd book in this series, and without doubt the best so far This book is the very reason that I love reading, it keeps you guessing until the end and I mean the end Like all Faiths book it was an easy to read murder mystery Follow Ella through the story and I was praying she would find a good boyfriend Very highly recommended.5 10 December 2015.

    29. This was an easy read, a mixture of phycological thriller and romance Plenty of red herrings to keep the reader guessing the identity of the killer right until the end I d like to thank the author and TBC for the advance copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

    30. I received this book from TBC for an honest review.This is the first book of Faith s It was a really good read With an interesting story, intrigue, and suspense.The book was well written and kept me interested.Look forward to reading in the series.

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