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Beside Myself By Ann Morgan,

  • Title: Beside Myself
  • Author: Ann Morgan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Beside Myself is a literary thriller about identical twins, Ellie and Helen, who swap places aged six At first it is just a game, but then Ellie refuses to swap back Forced into her new identity, Helen develops a host of behavioural problems, delinquency and chronic instability With their lives diverging sharply, one twin headed for stardom and the other locked in a spiBeside Myself is a literary thriller about identical twins, Ellie and Helen, who swap places aged six At first it is just a game, but then Ellie refuses to swap back Forced into her new identity, Helen develops a host of behavioural problems, delinquency and chronic instability With their lives diverging sharply, one twin headed for stardom and the other locked in a spiral of addiction and mental illness, how will the deception ever be uncovered Exploring questions of identity, selfhood, and how other people s expectations affect human behaviour, this novel is as gripping as it is psychologically complex.
    Beside Myself Beside Myself is a literary thriller about identical twins Ellie and Helen who swap places aged six At first it is just a game but then Ellie refuses to swap back Forced into her new identity Hele

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    1. I have a feeling that 2016 is going to be the year of the psychological thriller I can only hope so, Its my favourite genre Thankfully I managed to score an advanced copy of this little beauty Beside Myself, and I loved it Helen and Ellie are identical twins There was a complication at birth and the cord was wrapped around Ellie s neck for an extended period of time and because of this she wasn t quite right Sickly, and mentally slow compared to her sister, Ellie lived in Helens shadow One day t [...]

    2. Beside Myself tells the story of twins, a childish game that goes horribly wrong and the echoes of that throughout the life of at least one of the twins.Ann Morgan is a stunning writer the use of language in this novel is really very good and atmospheric, I enjoyed the reading of it for that reason, I just wish I had been enamoured of the story itself You know how sometimes it just doesn t quite work for you as a reader That was the problem I had with this novel One of those No Two people ever [...]

    3. I thought this was a really interesting book exploring identity and the ways in which that can be affected by society s expectations Helen and Ellie are identical twins with Helen the dominant, smart one who always behaves Ellie had a few problems at birth and is mentally slower and often clumsy When they are six Helen suggests swapping identities to play a trick on everyone and Ellie goes along with it However when Ellie decides she likes being Helen and refuses to swap back Helen finds herself [...]

    4. melissa413readsalotI have to say this book is really sad, yes sad in that way, but sad on so many other levels The way this mother treats her twin daughters is unbelievable At the age of 6 Helen wants her and Ellie to try and trick people by switching clothes and acting like the other You see, Helen was the normal one and Ellie had some issues they say it was a problem when she was being born This was the biggest mistake Helen ever made in her life Ellie decides she wants to be Helen forever and [...]

    5. This is an interesting debut novel, which explores themes of identity, deception and some seriously flawed, dysfunctional family relationships It begins with two little girls Helen and Eleanor They are twins and Helen is the oldest and the leader Her mother sees her as the good girl while Eleanor Ellie is often troublesome with mild behaviour problems and is apt to get things wrong and need looking after Although Helen is perceived as the smarter and well behaved as the two, it is also cleverly [...]

    6. This book was quite a crazy ride from start to finish I was expecting a thriller but it wasn t so much a thriller as it was a dark, twisted psychological story so it wasn t quite what I was expecting It was also much slower than I anticipated it would be and I thought it was too long I felt like things were added in to make it longer when it really could have been better if it was shorter and solid as a story I feel like this book didn t really know what it wanted to be It had an idea but it ne [...]

    7. There have been many novels penned about twins So interesting to have two separate personalities who look identical We can t resist wondering what it would be like After reading this novel, I NEVER want to find out I was filled with angst and misgiving much like the feeling I used to get watching old movies where the heroine was committed to a mental hospital when there was nothing wrong with her The injustice of it all Smudge is a beguiling and well wrought character that the reader just cannot [...]

    8. I was very excited to readBeside Myself The description sounded incredibly thrilling and interesting, so I put in my NetGalley request, crossing my fingers that I d get a chance to read this book.Now that I ve read it, I have to say I m kind of disappointed I really thought I was going to love it, but in all honesty I had a hard time reading this book It took me a while to get into the flip flop chapters that take place in third person in the present day and first person kind of It s of a you i [...]

    9. An uncomfortable and sad tale about a childish prank gone horribly wrong When Ellie Helen identical twins decide to swop identities at the age of 6 for a day and then Ellie refuses to swop back Helen s life takes a very different, tragic and destructive path This is a sad book with an underlying thread of mental health issues and severe depression running throughout With some extremely unlikeable characters especially the mother this is an uncomfortable but overall gripping book.

    10. Best reading comeback EVER This can t be her first polka I ll have to see what else this author s written and buy it up ASAP Fantastic from start to finish Never a dull moment Original, unnerving, fast paced, and very well written What a great find.

    11. This book was a struggle to read The world building and subplots within the book didn t mesh well with the character development The story was told through alternate chapters The characters themselves were really unlikable and really had no redeemable qualities, thus I had to no connection with the story and wasn t engaged.

    12. I tried to stay with this but skimmed huge chunks of it I found the writing muddled,the character development flawed and the plot becoming secondary to the too long winded descriptions Certainly not the thriller I was hoping for A disappointing read.

    13. Thank you to the Author Publisher for my free copy in exchange for an honest review Beside myself is a Psychological book about a pair of young twins who for a game decide to swap identities Helen is the dominant twin who seems to find life a lot easier than her sister Ellie who is simpler or so Helen thought , they swap places but after having a little taste of what it is like to be the favourable twin Ellie decides she isn t going to swap back Their mother Margaret doesn t believe a word that [...]

    14. In all fairness, I did not finish this The writing was so bizarre and weird that it was difficult to follow Maybe someone from England could give this a fairer rating, as it is by an English author It just didn t make sense to me at all.I have better things to read, and would recommend others to skip this one.

    15. DNF somewhere towards the last bit Probably should have read the ending to see how it all works out Didn t bother to finish it Interesting concept about twins exchanging places and identity Was going to give it 3 stars initially as promising.

    16. LETTURA DI GRUPPO EL novit 2017Avevo tante aspettative per questo libro La trama mi piaceva molto e per la prima met devo dire che mi ha tenuto incollata alle pagine e mi ha messo abbastanza angoscia Ma da un certo punto in poi.ia totale Tutta la storia messa in piedi, davvero una bagianata Per non parlare della spiegazione finale Delusione Ma come ha potutto pensare una cosa del genere dai era iniziato molto bene Ma poi tutto il libro si incentrato solo sul fatto inziale, senza per ampliare un [...]

    17. This is a novel about identical twins Not a heartwarming twin story, except for maybe one chapter near the end, but by then your heart is so cold and frozen you wonder if it will ever thaw A bit of hope enters in the last chapter but you have seen hope dashed many times in this gruesome tale In fact, a reader who comes through with a warm heart is likely screwed up than these twins ever were.Ann Morgan is the writer who got me not just thinking about reading literature from many countries She g [...]

    18. I am a total pushover for books about twins especially twin girls due to having my own as twins are still seen as something a little bit different, with a mystical quality that still makes complete strangers stop and ask questions I ve been through them all personally myself are they twins are they identical and everyone s favourite quote double trouble You ve got your hands full there So I was looking forward to this darker novel about twin girls who decide to swap places one day when they are [...]

    19. 3.5 stars The press for this novel is that it s a page turner and psychological thriller about what makes us who we are Well, for me, it was of a deep exploration of bipolar and mental illness.Identical twins, Helen and Ellie decide to try and fool everyone by swapping names when they are 6 years old Helen was the twin that had it together and was smart Ellie was the troubled one, who was clumsy and slow witted At age six, both had a personality reputation So when the girls swap, which was Hele [...]

    20. Phew that was some read My View Powerful Intense Confronting This book has it all This book was a very difficult read I read the first fifty pages or so and was in a dilemma to continue or not I found these first pages strangely horrific the voice of the little girl, Helen, who constantly seeks to teach her a lesson her being her twin sister Ellie , Helen s voice is so nasty and malevolent I considered not reading any further And then there was the underlying hint of potential sexual abuse from [...]

    21. 10 23 GdL Novit Edicola LibreriaNonostante la lettura con il GdL che di solito parte del divertimento, stavolta ho abbandonato questo romanzo.Nonostante le premesse, il tema del doppio, il thriller psicologico, tutti argomenti che solitamente mi appassionano, c qualcosa che mi frena.L atmosfera troppo senza ritorno, manca qualcosa, un alternanza nella narrazione, un guizzo, uno spiraglio di speranza che animi il tutto, un qualcosa che faccia da contrasto.L atmosfera tra passato e presente troppo [...]

    22. Non lo faccio quasi mai ho scelto questo libro folgorata dalla sinossi S , lo so, come farsi attrarre dalla copertina, ma fatto sta che andata cos Ed andata male, anzi malissimo L idea di fondo attraente due gemelle si scambiano tra loro per gioco, ma il tutto prender una brutta piegaOra Parliamo dei nomi Era proprio necessario chiamare due gemelle Helen ed Ellie poi si aggiunge Heloise, tanto per fare chiarezza Gi , quando si all inizio, non si capisce chi sia la leader e chi la spalla, era pro [...]

    23. I cannot resist a book about twins Maybe it s the fun of having super cute, almost five year old twins as my niece and nephew Or maybe my interest stems from my 88 year old grandfather, born a fraternal twin and the kind of man who casually says things like, Yeah, that s a photo of me with a deer I shot using a bow I made myself It s also possible it was just all those Sweet Valley books I read growing up Whatever the cause, I find twins endlessly fascinating, and I am hard pressed to pass up a [...]

    24. I first became aware of this book on social media Quite a few readers were raving about it which got me very curious and left me wanting to read it for myself I have to say I absolutely love the cover of the book The image on the cover had me envisioning a very dark read The book description grabbed me even and I really though this book would be right up my street.Unfortunately I just didn t gel with this novel at all and really struggled to get into the story I so wanted to love this novel as [...]

    25. Twins Helen adventurous and outgoing, and Ellie, the one who hangs back and defers to her sister, decide to swap names as a prank Ellie pretends to be Helen, deliberatively being assertive Helen copies her slower sister s mannerisms and behaviour The trouble is, Ellie likes it and won t admit there s been a swap Helen can t convince anyone that she s not Ellie The people they become, the characters they adopt, change their futures.I enjoyed the idea of this very much but couldn t really buy into [...]

    26. I m a sucker for a book about twins, and my expectations for an enjoyable read were blown completely out of the water by Ann Morgan in Beside Myself.Twin sisters Helen bossy and Ellie submissive play a game one afternoon to swap identities, but Ellie won t change back What happens next is an ever growing divide between sisters and fascinating process of character development and decline.Beside Myself is a suspenseful read and an interesting look at identity and mental illness I couldn t help but [...]

    27. Brilliant narration and story It s a gripping psychological drama about 6 year old identical twins that want to play a joke on people by switching places The problem is that the least popular and often physically and emotionally abused twin decides she doesn t want to switch back, and no one believes her twin sister when she tries to tell them they swapped One twins life becomes a shamble, she takes on the others personality even when she reminds herself that s not who she is whereas her twin st [...]

    28. I finished this one a couple weeks ago and forgot to write a review right away I remember thinking it was alright but kind of boring and i regretted buying it, but now 2 weeks or so later, I couldn t give you spoilers if I tried It s forgettable.

    29. Libro abbastanza angosciante e deprimente, tutto basato sui pensieri di una mente disturbata e brutture varie la classica storia che vuoi leggere perch ti stuzzica sapere cosa successo e cosa succede, ma che ti innervosisce per le cose che racconta una lettura a odio.Almeno cos fintanto che rimane il dubbio su quale sia la realt , finito l enigma c stato lo scambio solo pazza Non esiste la gemella caduto nella noia Dopo pagine su pagine, in cui gli unici argomenti sono deliri, disagi, autodistru [...]

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