DOWNLOAD BOOK Õ دست‌نوشته‌های اقتصادی و فلسفی ۱۸۴۴ - by Karl Marx حسن مرتضوی

دست‌نوشته‌های اقتصادی و فلسفی ۱۸۴۴ By Karl Marx حسن مرتضوی,

  • Title: دست‌نوشته‌های اقتصادی و فلسفی ۱۸۴۴
  • Author: Karl Marx حسن مرتضوی
  • ISBN: 9644161068
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. ORIGINAL REVIEW Early WorkThe EPM is an early work by Marx.It is where he develops his version of alienation and the relationship of the self to others, but also the relationship to work and the means of production.By the time of The Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels had got involved in History and were not content just to describe it They became theorists and publicists for a revolutionary cause They created a theoretical justification for violence as a methodology for achieving a political [...]

    2. Un joven Marx de 26 a os En este libro esta ese supuesto humanismo perdido en sus trabajos posteriores Como en todo lo que escribe Marx, se superponen distintos an lisis, en este caso, la filosof a quiz s est m s presente que en otros de sus textos Un texto para introducirse en el estudio de Marx, y mejor aun para comprender la totalidad de su proyecto.

    3. I would actually give the Frederick Engels essay Outlines of a Critique of Political Economy and The Communist Manifesto five stars, but I would only give Marx s Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts three stars, so I figure that balances out to an overall four stars.The problem with the EPM is not that I disagree with the arguments or anything, but that much of the manuscript seems to consist of long quotes from other works that Marx never got around to contextualizing or commenting on Obviously [...]

    4. Sobre algunos autores y sus obras no parece adecuado decir si se est de acuerdo o no con los mismos, ya sea parcial o completamente en una rese a breve, claro est pues defender por qu se alaban o se desprecian ciertas ideas requiere de un escrito de mayor profundidad y extensi n.Ante casos como ste, donde Marx no es el primero ni el ltimo, me limitar a hacer un recuento de los puntos m s importantes que se encuentran en la obra que haya le do en ese momento En el caso espec fico de esta obra, la [...]

    5. Probably the finest work that I ve read so far by Marx Amazing depth into the true philosophical and psychological position of the proletariat The Chapter on alienation was probably one of the most fascinating things I ve ever read Truly gripping, I really fantastic read and highly recommended to any Marx reader

    6. Marxist Humanism A Tale of Two Drug DealersKarl Marx criticizes capitalism as an institutionalization of separation and violence between mankind Like most political theorists, Marx seeks to determine what causes roadblocks to justice He presumes that men are malleable and perfectible, and that the relative degree of human freedom depends on the ability of society s chains to mold behavior He defines our chains as impersonal forces of production that alienate us from the fruits of our labor and c [...]

    7. This is my favorite book by Marx Here the reader finds a young Hegelian philosopher, a thinker obsessed with the possibilities of human fulfillment than with the inner workings of that bugaboo called bourgeois capitalism Certainly Marx in 1844 is already preoccupied with the plight of the poor and the fate of those driven into exile Yet here in his youth he seems to transcend the economic, not yet bogged down in the specifics of history, nor is he here quite so lost in the circuits of commoditi [...]

    8. Probably the first thing to note when starting to read this text is that when the title says Manuscripts it really means it Never meant for publication, this brief but dense text is raw, unedited, and fragmented in ways that keep it from realizing its true potential There are gaps in the text due to lost pages, a myriad of non sequiturs, and most of the first manuscript is a string of vaguely related quotes from economists that Marx never got around to commenting on Regardless, this text is undo [...]

    9. This is my first book by Karl Marx My mind is completely in a shock, and trying to recover from such a deep and yet simple philosophies Most of the times, I was nodding my head along reading this book, and often times I would stop reading and be staring at the window trying to figure out the logics behind his statements Without a doubt, he was such an incredible man with a genius mind, who devoted his life for the betterment of society Behind every page, I could almost see a man with a huge hear [...]

    10. The Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 present some of Marx s earliest formulations on ideas he would later flesh out and modify in Capital, the Grundrisse, the Critique of the Gotha Programme, etc A lot of these, like the discussion of the inherent contradictions within capitalism and the coercion necessary for its functioning, are really good ideas However, the humanism that is so pervasive in these manuscripts is pretty off putting I m pretty skeptical of the whole alienation human [...]

    11. Down and out in Paris The first manuscript has three columns, one headed Wages, another Capital, and the third Land Rent Marx, who was ambidextrous, and also had a third hand what Adam Smith had called the invisible hand , wrote all three at the same time Marx gets to use Smith and Say and Ricardo as puppets to say things about economics Also Friedrich Wilhelm Schulz Lol, who There s that wonderful section about money having the power to turn things into their opposites, where Marx shows us that [...]

    12. I probably should have picked something else to read as my introduction to Marx, as the fragmentary nature of the work and its heavy reliance on Feuerbach and Hegel neither or whom I ve read made significant sections of the EPM very difficult to parse Still, Marx s account of both the functioning of capital and the reality of alienation were very evocative, and I look forward both to reading Marx with this text as a background and to possibly revisiting it once I have a better appreciation of w [...]

    13. A surprisingly easy to read yet compelling book by Karl Marx This was one of the first works of Karl Marx that I have read and I would suggest any aspiring Marxist to read this Marx makes his concepts on labor, wages, etc concise and philosophical Over all actually a very fun read but I just can not see myself agreeing with Marx and his radical views on economics Essentially this is a must read for anyone who is into socialism and or wants to learn about the ideas surrounding socialism and marx [...]

    14. So this is the much vaunted humanist Marx he s definitely a different Marx than the strict economic thinker of Capital Rather, this is a guy who thinks that capitalism destroys the soul of the worker, alienating him from his labors and alienating humanity from history.And given that a lot of Marx s specific economic theories are now pretty suspect while his social theories remain strong, this seems to be the Marx we should be paying attention to Check it out

    15. Marx n l m nden 44 y l sonra ke fedilip kitapla t r lan bu el yazmalar , y llar i inde, kat ekonomizmden k arayan h manist Marksistler i in temel metinlerden biri haline geldi Zaman zaman edebile en dili, politik iktisat lar ele tirirken eti e, insani duygulara yapt vurguyla, Gen Marx deyip k msenemeyecek kadar nemli bir yerde duruyor Metnin orijinalini okumad m, ama sanki bu evirinin kimi yerleri sorunluymu gibi geldi bana.

    16. I just finished reading and analyzing Karl Marx s Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 Suffice it to say his analysis and critique of Adam Smith s Wealth of Nations is right on I argue that many of his conclusions are applicable today and relavent as well It is too bad that Stalin gave Marx and Marxism a bad name which is ironic as well for Stalin wasn t even a true Marxist.

    17. A very difficult book, mainly on account of the stage of Marx s development in which it was written.There is, predictably, a lot of Hegel s influence in this relatively early work That in mind, I would consider it crucial for understanding Marx s development,his view of alienation, and the philosophical ideas of Humanist Marxism.

    18. In which KM invents political philosophy as we know it today and breathes alienation into existence The first thing I read as an undergrad, completely gripping and almost impossible to disagree with.

    19. Marx s denunciation of the capitalist system and analysis of the human condition presents and understanding of Marxist theory

    20. Still astonishingly fresh, these essays encapsulate some of the most fundamental ideas of modern thought Religion, the soul of soulless circumstance Wow

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