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Chasing Lady Amelia By Maya Rodale,

  • Title: Chasing Lady Amelia
  • Author: Maya Rodale
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the second novel of Maya Rodale s enchanting Keeping Up with the Cavendishes series, an American heiress finds her reputation and heart in danger when she travels to London and meets a wickedly tempting rakeTerribly ImproperLady Amelia is fed up with being a proper lady and wishes to explore London, so one night she escapes and finds herself in the company of one AlistaIn the second novel of Maya Rodale s enchanting Keeping Up with the Cavendishes series, an American heiress finds her reputation and heart in danger when she travels to London and meets a wickedly tempting rakeTerribly ImproperLady Amelia is fed up with being a proper lady and wishes to explore London, so one night she escapes and finds herself in the company of one Alistair Finlay Jones He s been ordered by his uncle to wed one of the American girls How lucky then, that one of them stumbles right into his arms Totally ScandalousAlistair and Amelia have one perfect day to explore London, from Astley s Amphitheater to Vauxhall Gardens Inevitably they end up falling in love and making love If anyone finds out, she will be ruined, but he will win everything he s ever wanted.Very RomanticWhen Amelia finds out Alistair has been ordered to marry her, he must woo her and win back the angry American girl But with the threat of scandals, plural, looming will he ever catch up to the woman he loves
    Chasing Lady Amelia In the second novel of Maya Rodale s enchanting Keeping Up with the Cavendishes series an American heiress finds her reputation and heart in danger when she travels to London and meets a wickedly tem

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    1. This was quite possibly nay, definitely, absolutely the worst scrape she d ever found herself in, and Amelia wasn t a stranger to terrible predicaments.In which I am pleasantly surprised.I had to control myself there I wanted to add an exclamation mark so badly Chasing Lady Amelia, is the second book in the Keeping Up With the Cavendishes series by Maya Rodale I really should have read Bridget s book first because I feel like it would have made my reading experience even better but with tight sc [...]

    2. Review posted on The Eater of Books blog Chasing Lady Amelia by Maya RodaleBook Two of the Keeping Up with the Cavendishes seriesPublisher Avon BooksPublication Date June 28, 2016Rating 4 starsSource eARC from Edelweiss Warning this is an adult book, and for the eyes of mature readers Summary from Terribly ImproperLady Amelia is fed up with being a proper lady and wishes to explore London, so one night she escapes and finds herself in the company of one Alistair Finlay Jones He s been ordered by [...]

    3. What we have here, my friends, is another crazy Regency romance by the very talented Maya Rodale I read the first book in this series, Lady Bridget s Diary, which introduced me to the shockingly unconventional American Cavendish siblings 3 sisters and 1 brother who unexpectedly find themselves part of British nobility and must take their place among the Bon Ton I freely admit that I m hooked Each book follows one Cavendish in particular during the same period of time, so even though each is stan [...]

    4. 2.5 5I read Lady Bridget s Diary, the first book in this series and a loose PP retelling, and was very charmed by Maya Rodale s characters and writing As much as I adored Bridget, I was intrigued by the wild and rebellious sister, Amelia, so I was thrilled to dive into Chasing Lady Amelia Unfortunately, this book was off for me and I ended up not liking it as much as I expected to.As an American who grew up around horses and basically no rules, Amelia is struggling to fit into English society a [...]

    5. I wholeheartedly enjoyed the fist book in this series and was looking forward to Chasing Lady Amelia as a fun and light continuation Although the style of Maya Rodale is entertaining and frothy, the plot was riddled with silliness and the characters lacked dept and failed to enchant I ll get the next one, because I would like to see Clair, Darcy, Josie and Bridget again, but this offering was a little disappointing.

    6. Review posted on Got Fiction Original Review I know this author s style is modern, but I just don t think it always works with her historicals I had such a hard time with this story I liked the idea, the plot, the hero, but I really didn t like Amelia I enjoyed Bridget s book, but Amelia was so childish I just couldn t like her I look forward to Clare s, hopefully she ll be less childish Full review This is the second book in the Keeping Up With the Cavendishes series, and while I liked Lady Br [...]

    7. Note to self This is an American heiress HR, a trope I passionately hate Also, MC takes her shoes off at a ball and sticks her feet in a plant pot see Caz s review.Bk 1, heroine is overweight.Avoid this author period Not for me.

    8. I ve given this a B at AAR, so that s 3.5 stars rounded up.Maya Rodale is one of the authors I turn to when I want brain candy a well written, frothy, light hearted read that doesn t get too bogged down in angst, has a fair bit of humour and attractive characters And she certainly delivers all that in Chasing Lady Amelia the second book in her Keeping Up With the Cavendishes series, featuring four American siblings who are thrust into the midst of English society when James Cavendish unexpectedl [...]

    9. Oh man That book was soooo promising But I just couldn t get attached to the characters Stopped reading at 1 3 of the book The main male lead is just too deceiving Also, his behaviour is not realistic with that of a gentleman in Regency England I mean even rakes show some sort of regard to Society rules and how you re supposed to behave with a lady I don t believe for one second that he could have gotten away with having her spend the night at his place even though she had fainted and then spend [...]

    10. I am new to Maya Rodale, having started with Lady Bridget s Diary earlier this year I liked the premise of this series, with the first book being a light hearted historical take on modern books cinema a la Bridget Jones Diary and Mean Girls I didn t get the same modern cinema vibe with this story, but it was still good fun This story is told concurrently with Bridget s, so you could probably read them out of order if you were so inclined.If you haven t read Bridget s Diary, then you will want to [...]

    11. This book manages to be anachronistic than its predecessor, Lady Bridget s Diary, and is one of the reasons why I did not enjoy this book I was busy checking off a list of things that could or couldn t have occurred during the regency era to focus on much else.Word UsageTelling one s sibling to shut up did they use that word back then Describing a debutante as popular does the author mean comparable however you spell that word Well, I ll be damned Proper EtiquetteA dowager duchess, schooling he [...]

    12. The first book in Rodale s Keeping Up with the Cavendishes was an unexpected delight, though it shouldn t have been so unexpected based on the subject matter to which the story gave tribute to subject matter I love dearly However CHASING LADY AMELIA, though it held much of the same fun and cheeky delights, didn t wow me as much I don t know if this is the plot of Chasing Amy or if the author just liked the parallel of the title, because I never did watch that movie, but I did wonder if that s wh [...]

    13. Lady Amelia Cavendish was first introduced in Lady Bridget s Diary book show 2 This book details what happened when following a disgrace at Almacks Lady Amelia runs away She spends the day exploring London with an attractive young gentleman Mr Finlay Jones disguised as Miss Amy Dish finishing school student The author does a splendid job of capturing the feeling of freedom and adventure I was almost jealous I couldn t experience this version of London After she is thoroughly and satisfactorily c [...]

    14. If you want to escape from the present world and forget your worries then CHASING LADY AMELIA by Maya Rodale is the perfect adventurous book to help you do so Fast paced writing, an engaging plot and a well rounded cast of characters will vie for your attention Spectacularly vivid and beautifully crafted, this historical romance will take you on a spellbinding ride So strap on your seatbelts and prepare to be swept away Highly Recommended5 Stars

    15. Following one s heart becomes very literal in this romantic romp through the scandal sheets well as other ahem sheets Stay tuned for my review of Chasing Lady Amelia closer to publication.

    16. The youngest Cavendish sibling Amelia s story that s happening or less at the same time as Bridget s story.Amelia has always been reckless and can t stand the strict rules of the British aristocracy that she s had to abide by After a huge fight with her family after yet another scandal that she s caused, she decides to do something just for herself, not caring about any rules or consequences and simply enjoying the day.Her initially unwilling companion, Alistair, rescues what looks like an into [...]

    17. Sometimes I wish a historical and or regency romance would be just that a historical and or regency romance I don t understand why authors insist on imposing modern day sensibilities on a historical era Suffice to say the anachronisms are strong with this one In factachronisms might just be a thing with Maya Rodale Sure, her books are entertaining and that s a good thing But if it bothers you to read about modern women in historical eras then this book and the other two of Rodale s books that I [...]

    18. 4.5 starsI would have to agree with other reviewers who found Amelia immature Thus a 4.5 star rating vs what could have been a 5 star read After causing a major scene at Almacks, Amelia has a major meltdown and her family slips her some laudanum to calm her down While under the effects of the drug she hears Alistair Finlay Jones singing a bawdy tune and decides to investigate After a self imposed exile of 6 years Alistair has returned to England at the request demand of his uncle While walking h [...]

    19. Lady Amelia is tired of trying to a proper young lady and following all the stuffy English rules imposed upon her So she escapes At least for a day and finally gets to experiencing all the attraction of London that seem out of bounds to a proper English lady escorted by the handsome and dashing Alistair Finlay Jones Alistair fortunes seem to be looking up when one of the infamous American Cavendish s stumbles into him, especially as his uncle has recently ordered him to marry one of them But, he [...]

    20. 3.5 4 Stars Hot SteamHaving met and adored Amelia in Maya Rodale s sublime LADY BRIDGET S DIARY, I couldn t wait to discover all of the luscious details of what exactly happened during the brief time that she had run away And, though not as page turningly perfect as I found Bridget s story to be, Amelia s whirlwind adventure is a fun and frisky tale filled with charm, sunny thrills, and moments of toe curling passion This second novel in the series delivers a pleasing Regency London spin on the [...]

    21. This novel has the usual sparkling wit, tongue in cheek humor, and capital letters for dramatizing amusing situations that have become Maya Rodale s signature stamp on historical romance If you re a historical romance purist, however, her liberties with language may be off putting But if you want to laugh out loud, then she s the writer for you I personally am impressed and pleased when an author can make me genuinely laugh but not when it s trying too hard, and Ms Rodale succeeds with me.For my [...]

    22. Fun and adventurous with two great, well written characters, but it didn t hold me quite as well as Lady Bridget s Diary Enjoyed the parts that were only hinted at in LBD such as Darcy s discovery of Amelia and their subsequent conversation All in all, pretty good, but not amazing.

    23. Originally posted on the blog What the Cat ReadThis was a delightful read though there were times where I found myself getting frustrated with the characters and I had a bit of a problem with the timeline of some of the events in the book I shall admit that I had a bit of a high expectation with this story because I loved the first book in the series immensely, so I am a bit sad that I can t give this book a full five paws But this isn t to say that it is not an enjoyable read or that I wouldn t [...]

    24. The plot is somewhat improbable that is, that gossip didn t spread far and wide in an instant but the story was still SO much fun Humorous and touching with wonderful characters Amelia is a stitch

    25. A very cute story Based a bit on Roman Holiday, which was delightful All Lady Amelia wants is some freedom, and she get s it with one perfect day spent with Alistair Unfortunately, Alistair was ordered by his uncle to woo and marry Amelia Ah, want a bunch of knots to untangle An excellent compliment to the first book This book did follow book one side by side time wise, which is not really a style of story I enjoy Hopefully book three doesn t follow the same pattern

    26. Amelia and her siblings have come to London from America because her brother has inherited a Dukedom She loves her family but she s sick and tired of being proper all the time She used to wear breeches all over their horse farm in America and ride horses astride and she loved it She s definitely the adventurous sort Her brother never seemed to have a problem with it either but now that they re in London she seems to be chastised every two seconds for doing something wrong When she decides that s [...]

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