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The Devoured By Curtis M. Lawson,

  • Title: The Devoured
  • Author: Curtis M. Lawson
  • ISBN: 9781618687883
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Elder Gods have come to the Old West The old man had lost nearly everything his family, his home, his war Now, after years of bloody conflict, he must confront a malevolent cosmic entity to save his only son Armed with little than steel and hatred, the old man embarks on a hopeless war against the devouring gods from beyond the stars in a trail of bullets andThe Elder Gods have come to the Old West The old man had lost nearly everything his family, his home, his war Now, after years of bloody conflict, he must confront a malevolent cosmic entity to save his only son Armed with little than steel and hatred, the old man embarks on a hopeless war against the devouring gods from beyond the stars in a trail of bullets and bodies from Oakland to Omaha, as he battling witches, evangelical cannibals, Native shamans, and possessed lawmen.
    The Devoured The Elder Gods have come to the Old West The old man had lost nearly everything his family his home his war Now after years of bloody conflict he must confront a malevolent cosmic entity to save h

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    1. THE DEVOURED is an insane read Insane, I say A man leaves his wife and child to fight in the civil war His wife, and therefore his son, Emmett , are of native American heritage and while the man is gone, his wife becomes ill Emmett, big for his age of 16, decides to seek out his mother s father, a Shaman, from whom she s been estranged , to request a cure for her illness Can she be cured And if so, will she be cured Lastly, what is the price for that cure You ll have to read this to find out Thi [...]

    2. Review THE DEVOURED by Curtis M LawsonI am in awe of author Curtis M Lawson, who brings to the table a towering intellect my brain stretches reading his work and a wide ranging imagination He also possesses an incredible grasp of language, laying down phrases like you wouldn t believe but yet, here they are on the page Often I pause to savour a turn of phrase, or a description, before continuing I wouldn t classify his cosmology as fully Lovecraftian he s far too clever to let his philosophy be [...]

    3. I recieved a copy of this eBook from the author in return for an honest review Devoured has it all cowboys,Indians,the dark old Norse gods,witches,cannibals,and The story of a young man who will do anything to save his mother,and his father who will do anything to save him It is rich in atmosphere and graphic descriptions that will make you fall into the book With a dying mother and a father fighting the Civil War, the young man must try everything to keep his family going,including a visit to [...]

    4. The Devoured is a fun short novel combining the post Civil War West and The Elder Gods The author has crafted a story with fascinating characters and perfect pace There is plenty of action and psychological struggles There are two independent narratives that merge together and effectively integrate Indian legends and the reality of racial prejudices during that time periods The main characters are well built and a fully flawed All of the dialogue rings true and the action is always believable I [...]

    5. Though I hadn t read very much of Curtis M Lawson s previous work, I will be looking out for for sure This is a fun and wild ride and full of some great scenes It also has a great ending.

    6. Absolutely loved this book Usually not the kind of book I would read but it grabbed me from the first page

    7. This book is amazing and intriguingly unique at the same time, which is a difficult feat to pull off Lawson manages to blend the intrigue of an old Western while mixing in the old gods as well as throwing in a good measure of Native American lore as well, cleverly linking them together Following an old soldier after the Civil war as he searches for the evil entity that has killed his wife and taken his son from him however his good intentions prove that old adage to be too true That the road to [...]

    8. So, I m not rating this because my husband wrote it and I m completely biased I mean, obviously I think it s brilliant, and everyone should go buy multiple copies so that he can quit his day job Anyway It should be out super soon, and if you re into cosmic horror, please do check it out It s out now

    9. Desperately on the trail of his missing son, an old Confederate solider will stop at nothing to reunite the remnants of his family, even if he has to slay every trace of Utgard filth along the way Finding unexpected companionship in a young orphan, the gunslinger closes in on the god responsible Thurs, he who hails beyond the stars WARNING This review contains spoilers I received this book in exchange for an honest review My thanks to Curtis M Lawson for giving me the opportunity.If I wasn t so [...]

    10. A dark satisfying journeyWow This book tells two stories that come together in the end I can t tell if this fantasy, horror, weird fiction, grim dark, cosmic fiction, or alternative history To me it is a mashup of all and I highly recommend this book

    11. I have always been fascinated by ancient mythologies, so this book definitely caught my interest It takes place during what seems to be the end of the civil war Emmett and his Native American mother were left at home while his father, a white man, was off fighting in the war Emmett was 16 and his mother became deathly ill Medicines and doctors couldn t heal her so Emmett decides to connect with his mother s father who is a shaman Unfortunately, his grandfather is also dying and is not in his rig [...]

    12. I enjoyed this book It has a really good story and is well developed I got this ARC in exchange for an honest review

    13. I received a copy for free off the author for an honest review So here it is The Devoured follows protagonist Emmet on a journey to find the key to curing his ailing mother as his father in turn is on a journey of his own to find his son Themes include The Civil War, Norse Mythology and otherworldly mysticism shamanism I found this to be very well written with good use of description that literally paints a perfect picture albeit sometimes an ominous one in my mind, something similar to reading [...]

    14. Dark old west horror Across the west, an old giant of a man chases an evil older than imagining An evil that has taken his son and destroyed his family An evil that is spreading, and destroying everything it gets its hands onn he stop the evil of a god Well, if he had his way, he will From the dusty streets of California, through Indian reservations and across the new railroad lines, the old man will stop at nothing to get his son back, be it witches, cannibals or just people who fear him Nothin [...]

    15. This book was excellent The author utilized well written imagery and intersections of religion to tell a story about a family Like the saying The road to hell is paved with good intentions one family member makes a bad decision to save someone important, setting off a cascade of events I enjoyed how the author utilized the setting of the Old West to coincide with Elder Gods It was fabulous and well worth the read.

    16. Before I start my review, I would like to mention that I received this book for free as part of the giveaways program.Man, I loved this book Short, fun, and entertaining Good writing Strong characters And overall, just FUN Strongly recommended.

    17. 6 stars please I ve been surviving on kindle samples recently, not quite finding the thing that would sate my evenings reading hunger en I stumbled across The Devoured,pure luck Its cover did the job catching my eyes yes, covers matter , the few reviews it had sounded genuine, the sample was a very good starter, and then the main course a delectable meal of actions and very interesting characterizations, for dessert spoiler here I don t usually write reviews,but Curtis, if you read this, THANK Y [...]

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