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Death of a Modern King By Angela Pepper,

  • Title: Death of a Modern King
  • Author: Angela Pepper
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book 4 in the hot, new cozy series fans are buzzing about Each book in the STORMY DAY MYSTERY series may be read as a stand alone novel A laugh out loud humorous cozy mystery with a charming detective and a page turning whodunit that ll keep you guessing right to the end Book 4 A suspicious death at the Koenig Estate has everyone talking Stormy Day was there whenBook 4 in the hot, new cozy series fans are buzzing about Each book in the STORMY DAY MYSTERY series may be read as a stand alone novel A laugh out loud humorous cozy mystery with a charming detective and a page turning whodunit that ll keep you guessing right to the end Book 4 A suspicious death at the Koenig Estate has everyone talking Stormy Day was there when it happened, and she alone holds the key to solving the mystery With a little help from her friends, including those on the police force, everyone s favorite small town sleuth, Stormy Day, won t stop until justice is served The town might even need to name a new beverage after her
    Death of a Modern King Book in the hot new cozy series fans are buzzing about Each book in the STORMY DAY MYSTERY series may be read as a stand alone novel A laugh out loud humorous cozy mystery with a charming detective

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    1. What a delightful cozy mystery this was I just love Stormy Day and her dad, Finnegan Day they make a great team Logan Sanderson is a great tenant and new boyfriend I was really happy in the last book that they decided to try dating Stormy s roommate is Jessica and then there is the little gray cat Jeffrey There are other drop in people from the last book, so I really felt like I was a part of the collective The death was not even being considered murder until Stormy made noises to the police The [...]

    2. Another good readI didn t enjoy this one as much as the others but I did enjoy none the less I felt like this book left some things open that I hope will be wrapped up in the next book.

    3. This is another wonderful book in the Stormy Day series I didn t want to put this one down once I started reading The characters and the plot held my attention from the very beginning After being invited to breakfast at the Koenig estate in Misty Falls, Stormy and her hunky boyfriend Logan soon find themselves involved in solving a suspicious death There is humor, fun and mystery throughout the story as Stormy tries to put all of the puzzle pieces together in order to figure out if the death was [...]

    4. Excellent I did receive this book from the author Another fantastic book in the Stormy Day series I have enjoyed each book how each character is drawn out book by book so you really get to know them, not just bits pieces Stormy keeps everyone jumping searches for the truth These books are turning out to be than just cozies so lookout Stephanie PlumI cannot wait for the next one this one is not really out yet Thanks Angela for another good book Please keep them coming.

    5. This book was just so so held my attention, but there were times when I caught myself wondering when it was going to be over I like most of the characters and especially enjoy the quirkiness of the friendships Not a fan of Della, but she has her place, and she s not all bad When are we going to meet Sunny Day

    6. Angela Pepper continues to produce a fast paced mystery while also adding depth and texture to her characters Stormy, Jessica and Logan all gain some facets while solving a convoluted crime and some old friends pop up These are really fun reads, with characters you ll like and enough twists to hold your interest.I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it.

    7. The plot thickensA will is to be read, after a death in the family Heirs and heiresses are coming out of the woodwork, but is it a death,or a murder Too many suspects, too many clues And surprises for everyone, especially Stormy Day Another addictive instalment for you to get your teeth into Highly recommended reading.

    8. Mehjust ok.n t like the main character much I do however love all the rest IDKybe it s just me For this story the mystery was just okuld ve revolved around the boys a lot And it could ve been a little funnier Oh wellHappy Reading

    9. Great plot What an adventure this was with Stormy I had my suspicions but the plot made me wonder I like the quirky way Stormy gets involved in mysteries and her laid back manner of solving them Onward to 5

    10. Stormy day mystery book 4Another winner This author writs great storylines and characters in every book I highly recommend all her different series of books She has a great sense of humour Diana Romano

    11. Really enjoyed getting to know all of the characters in this series Looking forward to the next installment.

    12. GoodInteresting story So far none are as good as the first but they are different enough to keep from being obvious with enough red herrings Good story.

    13. Fun, and keeps you guessing.I truly enjoyed reading this book I was giggling through most of it, as I puzzled over the mystery This is a great series.

    14. By far one of the best in the series many quirky moments of the Day had me in splits The plotline, story development was so good that, I ll admit this time, i couldn t guess the killer The author really stepped up her game in her riveting mystery Best book in the series so far

    15. The fourth book in the Stormy Day Mystery series Death of a Modern King does not disappoint Each book is entertaining and fun This was probably my second favourite in the series A nice light read and with a lot of humour and quirkiness which makes it a really fun read.

    16. Okay So Stormy gets into a lot of crazy situations Given the alarming regularity in which she stumbles over dead bodies, I worry the town will start shunning her soon Nah, I m just kidding There will be no shunning The town mostly loves her She has friends tucked away everywhere she looks and a whole stable of men who keep giving her lovey dovey eyes coughs pointedly at Officer Dimples She does, however, have an incredible talent for being at the wrong place at the wrong time Or maybe it s the r [...]

    17. If you enjoy cozy mysteries then you need to experience Stormy Day This is her forth book and having read all in the series, I do believe this one is the best story yet Stormy Day is a small business owner in the small town of Misty Falls Oregon She shares a duplex with her boyfriend lawyer Logan and with her feline companion Jeffrey and Stormy s roommate Harper Stormy s father Finnegan Day is a retired police officer who taught his daughter everything he knows about the law and catching crimina [...]

    18. Stormy Day Mysteries, Cozy Mystery 1 Death of a Dapper Snowman 2 Death of a Crafty Knitter 3 Death of a Batty Genius 4 Death of a Modern King 5 Death of a Double Dipper coming soonactually got 1 and 2 free then bought the Stormy Day Mystery 4 Collectionsome KU some not all should be available in setsWriter suggested reading order Stormy Day Mysteries 1 Death of a Dapper Snowman 2 Death of a Crafty Knitter 3 Death of a Batty Genius 4 Death of a Modern King Stormy Day Mystery 4 Collection 5 Death [...]

    19. I hated Logan in this book anyone else feel the same way I felt that he was taking Stormy for granted, he was selfish, he walked all over her, and she just lets him.

    20. Stormy Day just can t go anywhere without finding a body Her sleuthing skills have started to outshine her retired cop father and are rubbing off on Dimples The murders are always intriguing and the banter very normal but what I love the most is everyone underestimates Stormy She is fabulous, smart, a little kooky and a romantic While she works with Logan, her boyfriend renter lawyer, we didn t see as much of Logan as I wanted This is a series that could go on forever and each book could be read [...]

    21. I have really enjoyed this series And the stories just keep getting better In this book, Stormy and her boyfriend Logan are invited to breakfast in the home of a powerful man in Misty Falls But when they get there, they encounter a murder scene As the story progresses, we see Stormy try to solve the crime with every new information that she receives and or seeks out There are many twists and turns that I did not see coming I was highly entertained and couldn t wait to find out what will happen n [...]

    22. Stephanie Plum move over Stormy Day is here Stormy may not be as slapstick as Stephanie but she is just as laugh out loud funny This series just keep getting better and better Stormy Day has left her successful heart attack job in the big city and moved back to her small hometown where like Jessica Fletcher she happens upon murder and mayhem With the help of her father, retired cop Finn Day, and her boyfriend Logan the lawyer and various other characters Stormy will fill your Day with sunshine a [...]

    23. Death of a Modern King is 4 in Angela Pepper s Stormy Day Series The characters in this book are well developed I feel like they could be my next door neighbors Stormy is very likeable She trying so very hard to be a detective She is very good but most people don t believe in female sleuts until she actually solves the crime Stormy kept me guessing who done it to the very end Angela is a great writer Her books are fun light easy reads I highly reecommend this light, fun fast paced book and all t [...]

    24. Another excellent Stormy Day mystery Angela Pepper is so good at creating characters that I care about and commiserate with and laugh at or with Stormy and her roommate Jessica feel like friends and next door neighbors I get everything about Jeffery and see so much of my own pets in his every mannerism The mysteries are complex and intriguing I enjoy this series so very much that it is hard to wait for the next book.

    25. A Real Page Turner Stormy Day, despite her name, is really a breath of fresh air She is smart, observant, very competent, but most of all has a great sense of humor I just love her interactions with her new boyfriend, Logan aka Dr Feelgreat Officer Dimples aka Kyle The story was well written has just enough suspense surprises for a cozy mystery I guess it can be read by itself but you get so much if you read the entire series.

    26. Delightful books.This author stands right beside K.P.Morgan with writing a page turning story She leaves you on until the end to find the murderer I loved all these books Misty Falls and the characters come to life under the storylines of Angela Pepper I sure hope she pins another book to carry on Stormy Day and friends.

    27. Great story with lots of laughs.Another funny and wild adventure for our favorite almost private detective Stormy Day Stormy finds herself in the middle of another mystery in her hometown Who is the right heir to the Kings fortune after his suspicious death Keeps you guessing and laughing til the end.

    28. Another entertaining book by Angela Pepper Nice to have both previous and new characters romping through the pages Now we have to wait for the next installment.20 words are required Too bad I can t just do a review using stars It is easier if I don t like a book.

    29. Note I received an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review.Death of a Modern King is my favourite so far This is a series that just keeps getting better I really love how Stormy s sleuthing skills grow with each new book This one really kept me guessing right up the very end.

    30. I m still laughing at the walk run a thon monsters, monster hunter, plus zombie family group Stormy Day always brings organized chaos to her investigations and her family friends I plan on being in on the next adventure too.

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