One thought on “Rogue”

  1. Of all of Fabio s romances, this was the only book that I read than once The characters were too cool as was the time period that was described in vivid detail If you have a hard time getting one of your friends to read this book, simply rip off the cover and then give it to them They will thank you for it later.

  2. Rumor has it there s a Fabio pull out poster in this book, so obviously I m game I m in love with the guy ever since I found out he s cool with carrying random guys in supermarkets bridal style for a pic Attaboy.

  3. I wish the copy I own still had the Fabio pull out poster And you know, this wasn t the worst romance novel I ve ever read.

  4. This was the first HR I ever read I remember being in my early teens and gobbling up this bodice ripper with awe The fact that Fabio was on the cover looking like a sexy pirate was the icing on the cake.Tbh, I don t really remember much about the content, except I know intuitively that it s not the kind of book I d appreciate as an adult reader If memory serves, there s lots of sex aboard a ship and a HEA with quite a few kids.I m adding this to my favourites purely for nostalgia s sake.

  5. Hilariously bad At times, it almost seemed like a parody of traditional historical romance novels, so I chose to read it as one More of a plot than I expected thoughd to think this is just the beginning of my Fabio as an author experience.

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