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Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition Volume 1 By Natsuki Takaya,

  • Title: Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition Volume 1
  • Author: Natsuki Takaya
  • ISBN: 9781427806895
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A premium bind up of Fruits Basket Volumes 1 2, this beautiful hardcover includes interior color art, a new cover, a new foreword, and creator autograph.
    Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition Volume A premium bind up of Fruits Basket Volumes this beautiful hardcover includes interior color art a new cover a new foreword and creator autograph

    One thought on “Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition Volume 1”

    1. I read Fruits Basket series up to 10 or so volumes before giving up At first I was okay with this series the artwork is okay ish, the story has some refreshing elements and the characters seem to have depths than what you would usually see in a girl manga series However, as the dramas about the family curse and godforsaken love triangle drag on, I lost my patience and called it a stop So goodbye Fruits Basket series and everything else written by Natsuki Takaya.

    2. Da Some silly scenes, but so fluffy I usually don t like fluffy, but I do for this manga Sweet messages and friendships So Fluffy.

    3. There really isn t anything I could say about Fruits Basket that hasn t been said before, and I would probably only squee like a fangirl anyway My only real gripe is that Tohru is unbelievably cheerful I guess my review will be about these Ultimate Editions, which I recieved for Xmas in hardcover They are bigger than the paperback individual volumes, which is a plus, especially when you re hunched over trying to read those tiny little jokes written as underlying dialogue, which are the most knee [...]

    4. I ve been familiar with the Fruits Basket crew, through both anime and manga, since I was in high school, and it s just as endearing as ever I ve always been a big fan of Tohru Honda and her overall attitude toward everything I ve never finished the manga, though, so this should be an interesting experience.

    5. This manga has something for everyone drama, romance, humor, mystery, fantasy and even a little horror The characters are so much fun that it s hard to pick a favorite.

    6. Sono capace di rivolgerle solo parole crudeli Le Stai parlando di Toru AAAH Non le avrai detto qualche cattiveria anche oggi, spero Ehi, se questo ti ha ridotto in un simile stato, forse non dovresti farlo, non pensi Non ci riesco Io non sono adatto a vivere in mezzo agli altri vero, esistono persone cos Ma questo non il tuo caso A te manca soltanto l esperienza Ascolta, nella vita molto importante andare d accordo con gli altri Tuttavia, gli esercizi per imparare a far questo non si possono fa [...]

    7. The last thing Tohru Honda wanted to do was inconvenience anybody, and so when her grandfather decided to remodel his house, she set up camp in the woods Little did she know her tent was pitched on Sohma land The Sohma s are a mysterious and powerful family, and upon discovering her, they decide to let her live with them The only problem is, she s a girl with three males who all turn into Zodiac animals when hugged by a member of the opposite sex Two of these males are her age, which, of course, [...]

    8. I was pleasantly surprised by this graphic novel I never would have picked this book on my own, but as a book group book choice and some encouragement from a friend I made the leap into this Japanese comic series It took awhile to acclimatize to the format and cultural references, but I now have the next 4 books on reserve at the library This is fun book The target audience is really 13 year old girls, but I know it will be clean I hope that as the series progresses the stories get complex and [...]

    9. Ok, this book really was extremely good, I got up this morning, and since school was late, I finished it It really got me into it This book is also informative, in a way I don t feel like writing what it is about, I think it s better if the reader finds it out The only reason I didn t give it a 5 star rating is because some parts were confusing and hard to understand, but I don t think that those parts really mattered that much, and I figured it out anyways Still, it was confusing at the start.

    10. This manga is SUPER cute It s kinda fluffy, romantic melodramatic, but Natsuki Takaya definitely has a sense of humor about it and she s constantly making fun of herself in adorable little asides.Fruits Basket has it all orphans, curses, witches, mysteries, romance and cute li l animals I really can t stand how ridiculously cute all the zodiac animals are Especially the cute li l zodiac bunny

    11. This book definitely brought a new meaning to anime manga books, enticing me into this genre This book is so adorable and amazing For a girl to have a miserable life and welcome it with open arms and a smile, only to still have a cheery attitude after finding out of a curse that s been hunting her friends family for generations I just wish someday I ll be able to look at the world that way she does.

    12. 3 1 2 For shojo fans or those who enjoyed Ranma this heartwarming and sometimes breaking tale of a girl who meets a bunch of characters cursed by the zodiac to transform when hugged by the opposite sex is worth reading The art is also interesting though far from the best the shojo genre has to offer While not a most read I enjoyed this story and would recommend looking into it or even buying it on a discount.

    13. A highly addictive series that is sweetly good hearted, entertaining and hilarious, this is a safe antidote to a lot of the overly dramatic paranormal romances and violent action adventures out there The characters are somewhat simple, but they are so likeable, and the narrative moves along quickly enough, that it provides a pleasant diversion Nothing deep or revelatory a fun read.

    14. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT The hat story is adorbale and although my friend wants me to ship Toru and the Kyu I can see now why I still love Yuki and still vote Yuki but Kyu is so cute at times Has a bad temper though Momji is adorable as ever and the Doctor s story just makes you melt Love that he is a seahorse too

    15. I rarely write my thoughts about a book, but this merits a response I love this book s main charactersey develop such heart warming relationships I care about what happens to them rare for me to feel this way and how they grow as characters I am looking forward to reading additions from this series.

    16. Hands down one of my favourite manga series and this groups them together Although I own them individually, this would be useful for someone wanting to conserve space on the shelves or your bookbag.

    17. Read these in summer 2011 because I really liked the anime and wanted story I enjoyed the anime , but that s probably me than the author The artwork was good but it was the story and the characters that drew me in.

    18. This was really cute It s the first manga I ve read, but I really liked it The whole story being based around the Chinese Zodiac was an intriguing idea, and the characters especially Kyo and Shigure are really funny And I love Tohru s name

    19. The ultimate edition has volumes 1 and 2 in it Also, the words are in larger print But its a really great manga You could have volumes 1 and 2 together with you in one big book instead of 2 individual comics.

    20. This is one of the best manga ever Although I did read it in english I really loved this and it got me started drawing anime Without this book I m nit sure where I d be I can t wait to see what happens at the end of the series

    21. The story is interesting and enjoyable The artwork is at time a bit confusing, but after the first half it started to make sense The Pollyanna main character s Pollyanna quality gets a bit tiresome, as well as the supporting character s worship of her.

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