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Comboios Rigorosamente Vigiados By Bohumil Hrabal,

  • Title: Comboios Rigorosamente Vigiados
  • Author: Bohumil Hrabal
  • ISBN: 9722100807
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback
  • Depois de 1968, dois livros de Hrabal, j impressos, foram destru dos e at 1976, n o voltou a ser editado no seu pa s Actualmente um dos nomes mais prestigiados da literatura checa, com grande repercuss o em todo o mundo O leitor portugu s que dele j conhece Eu Que Servi o Rei de Inglaterra tem agora disposi o esta c lebre, ins lita e sagaz hist ria que se chama CDepois de 1968, dois livros de Hrabal, j impressos, foram destru dos e at 1976, n o voltou a ser editado no seu pa s Actualmente um dos nomes mais prestigiados da literatura checa, com grande repercuss o em todo o mundo O leitor portugu s que dele j conhece Eu Que Servi o Rei de Inglaterra tem agora disposi o esta c lebre, ins lita e sagaz hist ria que se chama Comboios Rigorosamente Vigiados, sem favor uma obra prima da narrativa contempor nea.
    Comboios Rigorosamente Vigiados Depois de dois livros de Hrabal j impressos foram destru dos e at n o voltou a ser editado no seu pa s Actualmente um dos nomes mais prestigiados da literatura checa com grande repercus

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    1. A couple of months ago, I bought this slim volume at the Globe Bookstore and Cafe in Prague on the last afternoon of a 9 day school tour with my 15 year old daughter and several of her classmates We had perhaps 45 minutes in which to identify purchases, enjoy beverages, split a salad, and read passages to each other from the books we selected At the time, I shared with her portions of one of the other books I bought, and saved this one until now I will remember that afternoon, the Globe and the [...]

    2. The coming of age story of Milos Hrma a young, na ve railwayman unfolds in a small lethargic train station, set in North Bohemia, Prague during the last two weeks of WWII, 1945 Milos narrates a tale which covers a timespan of 48 hours in a series of flashbacks, where it is revealed how the scars on his wrists came to be and how three generations of Hrma men managed to besmirch their family name Milos s day is spent dreamily watching military trains pass through to the front transporting the inju [...]

    3. TRENI ACUTAMENTE OSSERVATI Nella stazioncina il capostazione aspetta di essere promosso ispettore, ha la divisa nuova gi pronta nell armadio, e alleva colombi prima della guerra allevava i bagadesi di Norimberga, ma quando i tedeschi invadono la Polonia, li strozza tutti e li sostituisce con altri, le linci polacche.I treni passano da est a ovest e da ovest a est, con vagoni a volte pieni di soldati e infermiere, a volte crivellati di pallottole, a volte pieni di animali ridotti alla fame e disi [...]

    4. A Noir Farce In the closing months of WW II in provincial Czech, the social system of the national railways copes with the German military, allied raids, and the sexual fetishes of the local dispatcher Amidst the detritus of war dead and dying live stock, wrecked railway carriages, crashed fighter planes, the dead and wounded returning from the front the station master s concern is principally the well being of his Polish pigeons and the sanctity of his Turkish themed office But an undercurrent [...]

    5. Mi dico, tanto i tedeschi sono matti.Matti pericolosi.Anche io ero un po matto, ma a danno mio, mentre i tedeschi sempre a danno degli altri Letteralmente il titolo sarebbe Treni acutamente seguiti Cos veniva segnalata ai ferrovieri l attenzione particolare che si doveva a dare a treni carichi di ogni sorta di arma e munizione.Treni che dovevano avere sempre il semaforo verde precedenza assoluta alla morte In un amalgama di tragicit e comicit si racconta questa storia di cui il protagonista Milo [...]

    6. Originally written in Czech I have a suspicion this translation by Edith Pargeter lost a lot, but it is still good enough for me for a perfect GR score DREAMLIKE, it there s a word for it Reading it gave me this experience when disparate dreams come in sequence at night, each one understood completely as they pass before the eyes which open when one is asleep, each dream segment seeking to connect with the others, then backing off, one at a time, as if saying goodbye, yet making wordless promise [...]

    7. Actually, 3.5 starsSet in the final year of the Second World War,Ost e sledovan vlakyweaves together the rather exaggerated personal story of a young apprentice for the Czech national train company embarrassed by premature ejaculation, he tries to commit suicide his grandfather tries to stop the invading German army solely with his mental powers of suggestion his family has to go to Prague to recover the skull from the tread of a tank he beds a beautiful complete stranger a German, at that on th [...]

    8. bbc programmes b067vjwkDescription It is 1945 For gauche young apprentice Milos Hrma, life at the sleepy railway station in Bohemia is full of complex preoccupations There is the burden of dispatching German troop trains the shocking scandal of Dispatcher Hubicka and the vexing problem of his sexual performance Classic comedy drama from a celebrated Czech writer.Director Producer Gary BrownCLOSELY OBSERVED TRAINS, which became the award winning Jiri Menzel film of the Prague Spring , is a classi [...]

    9. Sava e lenceli bir ekilde anlat labilir mi Evet, anlat labiliyor Sava n g ndelik hayata yans mas n kahraman m z Milo n basit anlat m yla dinliyoruz Biz Hrabal ok a tan m yoruz belki, ama Milan Kundera hayran Ve son c mlenin a rl Son ana, kendi kendimi g zden yitirinceye kadar l erle eleleydik ve ben, erin sa r kula na, bahts z Almanlar Dresden den getiren mar andizdeki tren efinin s yledi i s z tekrarlay p duruyordum Evinizde oturup kalsayd n z da g t n z n st nde

    10. A coming of age story of a young railwayman in German occupied Czechoslovakia during World War II Bohumil Hrabal 1914 1997 was a Czech writer said to be the greatest Czech novelist of the 20th century Previous to this book, the only popular writer I have read was Milan Kundera born 1929 In this book s back cover, this is what Kundera says about the book an incredible union of earthly humor and baroque imagination Although this is true, I think Kundera s oversimplification of the novel s central [...]

    11. In un paesino della Cecoslovacchia occupata dai nazisti, Milosh, allievo ferroviere ingenuo e timido, dopo essere sfiorito come un giglio , tenta il suicidio Tre mesi dopo riprende il suo posto nella piccola stazione da cui passano treni strettamente sorvegliati carichi di munizioni, soldati e bestiame destinato al macello.Corrono i treni sui binari mentre il ticchettio dell orologio scandisce lo scorrere della vita.L atmosfera cupa quell anno l , il quarantacinque I tedeschi cercano di resister [...]

    12. Neste livro, os comboios rigorosamente vigiados s o comboios militares, sob vigil ncia especial, que transportam armamento e suporte para as tropas alem s que, na frente leste, tentam evitar o avan o das tropas russas no per odo derradeiro da Segunda Guerra Mundial.Milos Hrma um jovem de vinte e dois anos que trabalha como factor numa pequena esta o ferrovi ria, algures na Checoslov quia ocupada pelos nazis e pr xima da fronteira com a Alemanha O pouco movimento da esta o faz com que a Milos sob [...]

    13. El humor y el sexo un narrador aquejado de eyaculatio precocs, un empleado para quien las nalgas femeninas obran de papel en el que lidiar su aburrimiento estampando en ese horizonte c rnico, cuantos sellos tienen a mano contra la barbarie Una sinraz n que siempre sale a flote y estalla Un final memorable con dos hombres, un checo y un alem n, mat ndose rec procamente en las postrimer as de la novela Dos hombres que pod an haber charlado, haber tomado algo juntos, haberse ca do bien, dice el nar [...]

    14. Closely Watched Trains by Bohumil HrabalFor a book that is a mere 84 pages, and beautifully reissued in the wonderful Penguin Modern Classics imprint, it packs a heck of a lot in.22 year old Milos, is a depressed apprentice with low self esteem who works at a small and sleepy Czech railway station during the last months of World War 2 His life is full of worries his failure to consummate his relationship with the pretty conductor Masha, the scandalous and highly amusing goings on in the station [...]

    15. Thank you to for deleting my previous review Did I slander Bohumil Hrabal by saying this short novel wasn t as exceptional as I SERVED THE KIND OF ENGLAND or TOO LOUD A SOLITUDE, but still worth your time Or by mentioning the odd but largely successful mix of historical horror, ribald comedy, and subverted coming of age tropes Or by pointing out that the novel seems intentionally disorienting for the first couple of chapters but eventually feels as precise as a stationmaster s pocket watch

    16. This is a surprising book Not quite the grandiosity of I Served the King of England or the charm of Too Loud a Solitude, yet there is something different about this slender book of 84 pages So unobtrusive is this book, that you might miss it on a shelf full of bigger books Yet for a short book, it speaks volumes.Bohumil Hrabal is a great story teller His inimitable style is evident from the first page It is cheeky, hilarious, irreverent, naughty and ribald But it is not all lightheartedness and [...]

    17. There s a lot going on in this little classic.The last days of WWII, the Third Reich is in decline, the Czech countryside is full of dead, dying and the broken In a small railway station, Milos, a young signalman, is the narrator He tells of his attempted suicide, the sexual desires of the station master, pigeons, and watches the German trains pass to and fro.There is a sense of senselessness about the whole war and a need to do something before it is over Milos fore fathers have all failed to b [...]

    18. Y de pronto vi lo que seguramente hab a estado viendo todo el tiempo el factor Hubicka, que yo estaba perdido, que lo nico que pod a esperar era que aquel tren saltase por los aires, que eso ten a que bastarme en la situaci n en la que estaba, porque no pod a esperarme otra cosa que la muerte, que si no mor a del tiro me encontrar an los alemanes y me colgar an o me fusilar an, como era su costumbre, y entonces me di cuenta de que estaba destinado a una muerte distinta de la que hab a intentado [...]

    19. An extraordinary story both humourous and sad A remarkable piece of writing This is the second book by Hrabal the first being Too Loud A Solitude I ve read Both deserving a re read at least once Hrabal goes onto my favourite author list.

    20. No tengo la costumbre de escribir rese as, pero a ver qu sale.Conoc la pel cula antes que al libro y eso condicion un poco mi lectura De paso adornar la rese a con im genes de la pel cula.El protagonista es Milo Hrma pron nciese Miloshi Jarma , un aprendiz de despachador de trenes que vuelve a trabajar despu s de tres meses de descanso por enfermedad view spoiler un intento de suicidio hide spoiler Milo viene de una familia de hombres que trabajaron poco y nada para vivir y tambi n l eligi un tr [...]

    21. I liked it Didn t think I would Reminded me a bit of Robert Walser because of the narrator s childlike wonder of it all, except in this version, unlike the wandering and unlucky Walser, this hero gets laid And in ways than one.

    22. Milan Kundera, whose prose and consequently whose thinking I much admire, describes, on the back cover of the edition I recently found in a dusty old bookstore here in Manhattan Bohumil Hrabal s Closely Observed Trains as o ne of the most authentic incarnations of magical Prague an incredible union of earthly humor and baroque imagination What is unique about Hrabal is his capacity for joy I would be hard pressed to question Milan Kundera s appreciation of literature Instead and as I ve had ampl [...]

    23. I had recently marked a Hrabal novel to read, and the author s name sounded familiar, so I looked into my archive and found I had indeed read a Hrabal novel in 2011 Closely Watched Trains So, in that spirit, let s take another look at that review Reading it, I can relive stuff I had completely forgotten thus the beauty of writing these literary diaries A few decades back when I was exploring the world of foreign film for the first time, the 1966 Czech movie adaptation of this Czech novella turne [...]

    24. Treni strettamente somigliantiSiccome mi son resa conto che spesso e volentieri scrivo recensioni troppo lunghe, per questa volta ho deciso di appoggiarmi a scorci letterari e visivi che non sono miei Provavo un irritazione simile a quella di chi dal finestrino di un treno che corre a tutta velocit , cerca di leggere il nome delle stazioni La stazione si avvicina e tu pensi stavolta devo stare attento a leggere il cartello, ma non ce la fai La velocit troppa, La scritta si intravede, ma impossib [...]

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