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A Sexta Extinção By James Rollins Miguel Freitas,

  • Title: A Sexta Extinção
  • Author: James Rollins Miguel Freitas
  • ISBN: 9789722529730
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ser j tarde demais para parar a destrui o da humanidade Uma instala o de pesquisa militar envia uma mensagem angustiante, que termina com a ordem matem nos a todos O pessoal da base mais pr xima acorre ao local e encontra todos os elementos da equipa mortos, e n o s os cientistas Todos os seres vivos num espa o de oitenta metros quadrados est o mortos animais, pSer j tarde demais para parar a destrui o da humanidade Uma instala o de pesquisa militar envia uma mensagem angustiante, que termina com a ordem matem nos a todos O pessoal da base mais pr xima acorre ao local e encontra todos os elementos da equipa mortos, e n o s os cientistas Todos os seres vivos num espa o de oitenta metros quadrados est o mortos animais, plantas e insetos, incluindo as bact rias A terra tornou se inteiramente est ril, e o fen meno est a espalhar se Com o intuito de parar o inevit vel, o comandante Gray Pierce e a For a Sigma t m de descobrir uma amea a que se ergue desde tempos remotos, de um tempo em que a Ant rtida era verde e toda a vida na Terra se equilibrava no fio da navalha Seguindo as pistas de um mapa ancestral resgatado da Biblioteca de Alexandria, a For a Sigma descobrir a verdade acerca de um continente desaparecido e uma nova forma de morte enterrada sob quil metros e quil metros de gelo De segredos milenares sa dos de um passado gelado at aos mist rios enterrados bem fundo nas selvas mais sombrias dos nossos dias, a For a Sigma enfrentar o seu maior desafio de sempre parar a iminente destrui o.
    A Sexta Extin o Ser j tarde demais para parar a destrui o da humanidade Uma instala o de pesquisa militar envia uma mensagem angustiante que termina com a ordem matem nos a todos O pessoal da base mais pr xima acorr

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    1. The 6th Extinction is book 10 in the Sigma series and you don t need to have read the previous books in the series to enjoy this book Although it wouldn t hurt to read them in the right order Mostly because the series is good and it s interesting to follow the character lives throughout the books.This book starts with the destruction of a remote military research station that not only kills every single scientist in the facility, but also every living thing within fifty square miles Animals, pla [...]

    2. I realized something when reading this book, something that should have hit me long before now James Rollins writes awesome female characters And if you read thrillers as much as I do, you know what a rarity that is They re smart and competent, compassionate and driven Yet they re not cookie cutter similar, either Seichan s my favorite, but Jenna s a great addition to the team It s great to open one of Rollins books and know that if a woman ends up in a dangerous situation, she ll do her best to [...]

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    4. This is the 10th book in the series but I can t see any reason it isn t a stand alone This book should come with a five point restraint since once the actions starts it never stops and you just careen from one dangerous situation until the next And the story is like the Stand meets Jurassic Park if written by Tom Clancy The book starts off with a nice park ranger and her dog are overseeing a school trip to a lake outside of Bodie, CA bodie in a weird bit of coincidence I had never heard of the t [...]

    5. The 6th Extinction by James Rollins is the very highly recommended 10th Sigma Force Novel, but importantly, it is a terrific thriller that will deliver an action packed ride to the suspenseful end This is not a leisurely read It is a stuck overnight at the airport book, meaning The 6th Extinction will keep you up, awake, and entertained with minimum trips to find coffee or a distraction In fact, you will be a toe tapping, nail biting mess trying to read fast enough to find what will happen next [...]

    6. It s Alright.Have been a fan of James Rollins since reading one of his first books Map of Bones In The 6th Extinction, once again, there is only a matter of hours to save the world The book jumps around quite a bit and near the end I started skimming and even skipping Eventually got tired reading about all the killer monsters, what they looked like, what they did, etc etc However, for a first time reader of this author it should prove to be an entertaining read But after reading many of his othe [...]

    7. ScienceThrillers review If you re a fan of science themed or techno thrillers but you don t know author James Rollins and the Sigma Force series, it s past time to join the party.Rollins is easily one of the top three writers of science themed action thrillers working today The phrase the next Michael Crichton has been horribly overused, but Rollins has a legitimate claim to the title The Sixth Extinction, his newest Sigma novel, is a masterpiece of imaginative, suspenseful storytelling with ple [...]

    8. I felt like this book was a bit lacking in originality and shared many of the same info as James Rollins other books A few examples this book has the underworld of Antarctica component of Subterranean, the throwback animals of Alter of Eden, the deadly virus component of The Judas Strain, and the scary flora and fauna of the like in ia If one were to mix up all those ideas into one book, it would be The Sixth Extinction That said, it was a fairly good read, if slightly boring than some of his o [...]

    9. Gah At 75% mark I lost all interest Too stupid and way too predictable The science in this one went too far I much preferred the earlier books Shame

    10. This is the 10th Sigma Force novel by James Rollins All the members of the team are back, including Commander Grey Pierce, Dr Lisa Cummings, Painter Crowe, and Kowalski Two other main characters Jenna Beck and Jason Carter play prominent roles.As he does with all his novels, Rollins weaves his fiction with threads of actual science and history What makes his work interesting is the possibility that some or all of the cataclysmic events depicted could come true This formula along with fast pacing [...]

    11. I ve been a fan of James Rollins for a number of years now, and yet I can t help but feel that his series of Sigma Force novels are getting a little long in the tooth.His tenth iteration, The 6th Extinction, carries with it a whiff of been there, done that malaise and the typical Rollins formula has been reduced to a simple template If you ve read the series thus far, you know exactly what you re getting Frankly, that s a shame There s no surprises, to the point that you can predict exactly what [...]

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    13. Fasten your belt, pull down the roll bar and hang on The 6th Extinction by James Rollins starts fast and then picks up speed, twisting and turning on a dime as it takes you on a ride into the science of biogenetics and the reality of mass extinction looming above us all Rollins does not let up in this novel, the 10th in the Sigma Force adventure series.A distress call is received from a military research station deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains This is sierra, victor, whiskey There s been a b [...]

    14. I love the authors mix of science, history, thriller, and I would call a little sci fi To hear at the end of the book that many of the issues that were covered are true today That blew me away The possibility of doing bio hacking in your home, or make shift lab is hard to believe There is a machine out there that a novice could use to splice genes is scary Great story Loved every minute of it and can t wait for the next Sigma Novel.

    15. Seomthing deadly escapes from a secret government research lab in Northern California, along with a message to kill us all A local Park Ranger and her dog go to investigate, and miraculously survive to be joined by Painter Crowe and his fiancee, who are nearby planning their wedding One team Gray Pierce heads off to Antarctica followng a lead from an assault on a major lead, to discover a land of strange beasts survivng under the polar ice cap The other team Painter ends up in northern Brazil, w [...]

    16. The Sixth Extinction by James RollinsBeginning with the cursed continent of Antarctica, this story unfolds with tales of demons that haunt its dark depths and ready to eat the hearts of the living When an emergency 911 call is made from a military research site financed by the U.S Developmental Test Command, an unbridled discovery is made With the involvement of Dugway Proving Grounds, a nuclear, chemical, and biological test facility, rumors of extraterrestrial research run rapid among other th [...]

    17. This was a very weak entry in the series, missing most of what made the earlier books a notch up from the standard conspiracy thriller fare Granted, even at their best, they re still just trashy fun, firmly in Michael Crichton meets Dan Brown territory, but they re still usually fun This one wasn t The plot was much too simplistic, whilst also straying too far beyond even the normal levels of suspension of disbelief required the villain was lifted from the Bond movie reject pile and the interpla [...]

    18. Not bad, but Rollins js getting and formulaic It felt like he was stealing bits and pieces of his stand alones, and not doing it nearly as well as he used to write them I felt like he missed some good opportunities with adding Jason as a character, and not having Seichan or, really, an of the formerly significant female characters except Lisa was a loss to the team The new, guest starring women were rather dull.Maybe he should quit with all the crossovers from his stand alones it s starting to [...]

    19. Review THE SIXTH EXTINCTION by JAMES ROLLINSA riproaring adventure thriller with unstoppable chills, terror, and fatality not tontion fatalism , THE SIXTH EXTINCTION presents a very near future of unimaginable horror I am fond of praising the concept of Implacability in horror, but I thinke premise here beats it all out One need only view headlines and do some research to comprehend that the consequences in this novel are far beyond Probable.James Rollins trademark excellent carries this graphic [...]

    20. Ora aqui est uma aventura que vale bem a pena ler dos meus preferidos, sim, S senti falta de Monk, que entra no in cio mas depois n o acompanha Gray numa viagem inesperada Ant rtida Gosto de acompanhar a equipa Sigma pelos locais mais interessantes deste Planeta, gosto das descobertas que fazem, da informa o que me d o a conhecer sobre as coisas mais interessantes s vezes, tamb m medonhas e aterrorizadoras Gosto de como se deparam sempre com situa es de perigo que parecem n o ter solu o e de rep [...]

    21. This book was pretty good Good enough for five stars.The plot was great Great writing I nerded out on science fiction I liked the characters The action never let up The pacing could have been better It feels like I could barely catch my breath while reading this.

    22. Kids, dogs, kidnapping, shootouts, bad guys, good guys, the environment Its all here and a lot of it is unnecessary and confusing Hard to keep track of who is doing what for the common good While rated as ok, this only deserves 3 of 10 stars.

    23. I honestly expected a lot from this Sigma novelBut it just wasn t as captivating as some of the previous ones.

    24. Kone n jsem se po dlouh dob dostala k dal mu d lu Sigmy Nen to Rollinsova nejlep kniha, ale rozhodn ani nejhor Opravdu kolikr t nesta m asnout, jakou p edstavivost a jak vzd lan tento lov k je Co se p b hu t e, kdy p iv eme o i nad jeho obvykl m stereotypem z pletky, za naj mi vadit jeho rezervy v oblasti vztah V echny postavy jsou od po dku jasn a stereotypn sp rovan Nav c po celou dobu Grayova p b hu si ani jednou nevzpomn la na Seichan Ale tak Douf m, e dal p b h v ce zas hne do historie

    25. 2 and a half really Everybody is talking about the impending extinction of the human race and genetic engineering and the related science will play a big role Dan Brown came out with his latest and now this As Dan Brown pointed out, I am probably in denial too I just can t take the extrapolation of genetic sciences seriously Tell me the next biggest WMD is a thousand times bigger than the current one, I ll bite it Tell me it s a modified virus or bacteria which will rip through life on earth, I [...]

    26. It always amazes me how Mr Rollins can blend history, science, and fabulous characters into a novel that is so fast paced and super enjoyable This book is no exception Using the frozen world of Antarctica, we and the Sigma crew travel to the unknown region where different species roam and terrify and plants are bred to be killers Interspersed with that is the jungles of South America where a hell bent scientist is trying to bring the human species down to the level of a Neanderthal so that the p [...]

    27. There s something incredibly enjoyable about James Rollins books They are both thrilling and light, fun and serious enough They are simply well written page turners This book is, for me, a mixture of Subterranean and Fragment It s another book from Sigma group series and truth is, it doesn t matter if you read them in order This particular story starts with a bang, literally, and then it gets even exciting Reader is led through the world of science, genetics, new species and crazy geniuses Acti [...]

    28. James Rollins has the knack of tapping into world events that can sure scare the pants off of you This Sigma Force novel is absolutely no exception, as something gets released into the air from a miliary research station that soon preceeds to kill everything in its path Sigma gets split over parts of the globe, as they fight to find a cure for the invasion Or is this the extinction of mankind as we know it Really well written and I am glad that James is moving Painter and Lisa into the next phas [...]

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