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Follow Me By Ricky Dillon,

  • Title: Follow Me
  • Author: Ricky Dillon
  • ISBN: 9781501132018
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this inspiring and hilarious memoir, YouTube star Ricky Dillon gives you an exciting look into his personal life and reveals the ins and outs of being a young star online.Have you ever picked up a new instrument and tried learning to play your favorite song Or found out exactly how much sour candy you can possibly eat in one sitting Or given yourself permission to beIn this inspiring and hilarious memoir, YouTube star Ricky Dillon gives you an exciting look into his personal life and reveals the ins and outs of being a young star online.Have you ever picked up a new instrument and tried learning to play your favorite song Or found out exactly how much sour candy you can possibly eat in one sitting Or given yourself permission to be friendly to a total stranger who looked sad Ricky Dillon has, and in Follow Me, he invites you to join him on a series of challenges from serious, contemplative tasks to hilarious, outrageous stunts that are bound to stretch your mind as well as your muscles and change your life for the better.Sure, trying something new or putting yourself out there facing the unknown can be scary, but Ricky himself understands what it s like to face life s great obstacles He also knows that every day offers chances to try something new, to push yourself a little farther, and to get a little stronger both inside out.Along with the challenges, Follow Me also ushers readers into Ricky s real life, sharing exactly how he creates his videos, what it s like collaborating with other YouTube stars, what his family and friends mean to him, and how he juggles all of his creative endeavors from music to fitness to writing and beyond while keeping a positive attitude and appreciating all of life s adventures, big and small.Inspiring, informative, and incredibly fun, Follow Me is not just a book but a full on reading experience from one of our most beloved and hardworking social media stars.
    Follow Me In this inspiring and hilarious memoir YouTube star Ricky Dillon gives you an exciting look into his personal life and reveals the ins and outs of being a young star online Have you ever picked up a

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    1. So basically the wildly bright and enthusiastic cover made my introvert soul begin to wither I was like 99% certain that this book would not be for me SUBJECTIVITY, OKAY So why did I read it I was sent a review copy and I like to read my review copies DESPITE not having the faintest clue who this dude is Apart from the fact he is a youtuber AND PROBABLY REALLY OUTGOING OMG SOMEONE HIDE ME IntrovertSoulIsDyingHereSO What Is This Book About It s like a memoir thingy And I say thingy because how ca [...]

    2. Another youtuber book and I can already hear all the URGHs.I can understand why all of them are releasing books They have publicity which means it can sell and it s an effective way for them to send a message and tell their own story.Ricky Dillon s book gets straight to the point and is sprinkled with fun challenges here and there I have to say his story is very relatable There wasn t any sort of significant trauma that led to his Youtube beginnings, it was mostly the desire to connect to indiv [...]

    3. view spoiler I should probably start this review by pointing out a few things.I don t really watch YouTube I use it for K Pop music videos and for learning how to fix a leaky taps without having to call a plumber.The YouTube personalities I ve seen on TV shows like The Amazing Race tend to irritate me I m always hoping they will get eliminated early so I don t have to see them any AndI m not twelve.I say this so you know I m well aware I m not the target audience of this book And I do think my l [...]

    4. Follow Me by Ricky Dillon is capturing the hearts of millions of teens out there Ricky is a very successful YouTuber He had a lot of problems growing up because he had a speech impediment He was into YouTube as a child, and singing This got him a lot of torment in school because he was very different than everyone else One day he started getting followers and he was very inspiring to many people He shows people that they should be who they are no matter what people think.One of the most successf [...]

    5. I ve been a fan of Ricky s for a while now Okay, maybe not that long but it s been about a year maybe I dunno This book seemed to tell so many stories of his that I d never heard of Like his fitness journey and why he works out, how he grew his self confidence, his relationships with his family and even about why he has a lisp He also talked about some matters in society, like female and male gender roles Just because you like something that was intended for the opposite sex doesn t mean you re [...]

    6. The book Follow me by Ricky Dillion is such a great book its about a boy named Ricky Dillion and he talks about his life Like an example he talks about how he became a youtuber And also during the book as you are reading it, Ricky gives you some challenges in the book Like stunts, tricks, and maybe even some complicated tasks He also talks about challenges that Ricky has done too An example is when he try s to make the soccer team but he didn t make it, or when he tried to play an instrument to [...]

    7. This book is like Connor s book very relatable, these people we look up to they are the same as us They were kids at a time they had and have the same problems we do Reading what they did to get through it can maybe help you I epecially love this book bevause you can just read any chapter The chapters aren t in any spacific order Each chapter has about five sections in it.

    8. This was an interesting read listen Definitely aimed towards the YouTube watching crowded, AKA Teenagers Although, I have to admit this kid is pretty inspiring to do something you love and make a life career out of it.

    9. Personally, i really enjoyed this book I love reading biographies about how people succeed in life Its so interesting how people have so many opportunities in life and they either accept them or reject them Sometimes the most simple opportunity can definitely change your life As i said, i enjoyed this book so much because it shows how his life has changed over the years.

    10. It was a really good book, I liked how he talked about his problems and how he fixed it, I definitely recommend the book if you like memoirs.

    11. Ricky Dillon was in those lucky first batches of youtubers to make it big He had never intended for YouTube to be a career, he just wanted to make people, and himself, happy Ricky s career had grown even farther past comedy and challenges on YouTube he s grown to be a successful musician who worked most notably on his album titled Gold, featuring musicians like Snoop Dogg Now, Ricky has even become an author He published his debut book Follow Me Follow Me reflects on Ricky s life experiences so [...]

    12. This Book is a really Great book because, The author Ricky Dillon explains his challenges that he s been through With each challenge or hardship that he goes through it makes me have sympathy for people that have it tougher than I do He incorporates a lot of fun and laughter into the book and thats why i thought this book was great

    13. I loved this book It was about how Ricky had hard times in his life but got through them by never giving up He wrote about how he became successful as a You Tuber He started his channel when he was younger and worried that no one would watch However, people did start watching His channel involves comedy, inspirational videos, and music The book was inspirational to me Ricky s advice is that in order to succeed in life you have to tackle your problems head on and not avoid them Without spoiling i [...]

    14. I enjoyed this book because it is not like a regular memoir It had fun challenges that related to the stories Ricky Dillon told This is an awesome way for Ricky to connect with his readers on social media Even the book itself looked like so much fun, filled with bright colors He told a lot of stories that I think many people can relate to When I read this book I felt very happy It was nice learning all of his experiences and things that motivate him Reading about all the things he has accomplish [...]

    15. I am such a huge fan of Ricky s videos, and have been for around 5 years now So, when I heard he was coming out with a book I was so excited I was able to give it about a week before the release date, which is amazing hahah and I had to read it right away I loved the way this book was set up with all of the challenges in between each section in the chapters It made it feel like you were reading it a lot quicker I feel like after reading this book I know much about Ricky and the person he is and [...]

    16. I read this book slowly, and while I did enjoy it, I had a lot of complaints.1 Ricky really tried to be inspirational and not like himself in several parts 2 It was really repetitive, and in each section, Ricky said basically the same thing in his music, social, self empowerment, health, etc sections 3 Ricky talked A LOT about health and how important it is to be active which probably does not interest a lot of his readers including me4 His challenges were not incorporated into his stories AT AL [...]

    17. Follow me is a book about adventures, challenges, and stories to tell about his life He explains how he life is, and where he has been, what he has done It made me laugh and screech over the most shocking parts that had me on the edge I loved all of the amazing stories that he has told, it makes me scream with joy This book is for all people it has humor, challenges, and life stories This book really viewed how his life is and inspired many people, and get to know a lot about the person.

    18. Overall, this book by Ricky Dillon, was amazing This book told all about Ricky s childhood, path on becoming a youtuber and musician, and so much One reason I loved this book was the fact that he included different challenges at the beginning and end of each chapter that were similar to challenges Ricky has done throughout his life If they had not been included, I feel as though there would not have been a way for the readers to truly connect with the book I would definitely recommend this book [...]

    19. This book is full of challenges as the title suggests that are fun and that make the book a great adventure This book helped me understand Ricky and know things about him that on videos wouldn t have been the same The fact that he included a lot of challenges makes it unique and it s definitely a factor that makes me love this book so much I enjoyed it a lot, it was a lot of fun to read I m so proud of Ricky

    20. I love Ricky s videos and have been watching him for a couple years now, and his humor and personality definitely show in his book as much as in his videos It was very insightful, and I love how the challenges make the book interactive 1

    21. I love Ricky Dillon and his videos and this book was amazing I laughed and even teared up at the O2L acknowledgements Great book I recommend this to everyone, no matter how old

    22. Such an uplifting and positive read Ricky is constantly encouraging people throughout the book as he shares his story and how his fame on YouTube and social media came to be.

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