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His Prairie Sweetheart By Erica Vetsch,

  • Title: His Prairie Sweetheart
  • Author: Erica Vetsch
  • ISBN: 9780373283613
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Home for Her Heart After being jilted at the altar, Southern belle Savannah Cox seeks a fresh start out West and accepts a teaching position in Minnesota But between her students lack of English, the rough surroundings and sheriff Elias Parker s doubts and distrust, Savannah s unprepared for both the job and the climate However, she s determined to prove she can hA Home for Her Heart After being jilted at the altar, Southern belle Savannah Cox seeks a fresh start out West and accepts a teaching position in Minnesota But between her students lack of English, the rough surroundings and sheriff Elias Parker s doubts and distrust, Savannah s unprepared for both the job and the climate However, she s determined to prove she can handle anything her new town throws her way Elias gives it a week or less before the pretty schoolteacher packs her dainty dresses and hightails it back home But no matter how many mishaps he has to rescue her from, Savannah doesn t give up Yet the real test is to come a brutal blizzard that could finally drive her away, taking his heart with her
    His Prairie Sweetheart A Home for Her Heart After being jilted at the altar Southern belle Savannah Cox seeks a fresh start out West and accepts a teaching position in Minnesota But between her students lack of English th

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    1. I loved this book on so many levels As a teacher, as a northerner who moved South the opposite of our dear Savannah in His Prairie Sweetheart , as someone who spends a lot of time with people from different cultures, and as a fan of KissingBooks.The chemistry between Savannah and Elias is immediate, despite Elias reservations and the rather frigid reception he gives the Southern belle Erica Vetsch takes us inside Elias head as well as Savannah s, and I loved the added tension this gave the story [...]

    2. I recently read a couple of books by Erica Vetsch and loved them, so when I saw His Prairie Sweetheart, I snatched it up I wasn t disappointed at all The book is filled with conflict, humor, delightful secondary characters, and a wonderful romance between two people who loved and lost once and are afraid to love again I thoroughly enjoyed this story and am moving Erica Vetsch into my top five favorite authors list Give it a try I bet you ll love it too.

    3. Erica Vetsch is new to the LIH books but not new to being an author, Her first in the historical is His Prairie Sweetheart.Savannah Cox decides to go west and start a new life after being left at the alter Somewhere no one knows of her humiliation When she arrives in Minnesota she finds a group of people that speak hardly any english and conditions are so much severe then where she had lived,making quite the challenge for her.Savannah is a strong young woman and though many expect her to leave [...]

    4. Well written, well researched and interesting insights into the Norwegian immigrant community, Vetsch s debut is incredibly wonderful However, it s the lovely and sigh worthy romance between the hero and heroine that will have readers cherishing this Top Pick 4 1 2 stars TOP PICK RT Book Reviews.

    5. I have become a huge fan of historical fiction and after reading this story I have found an author that depicts the historical fiction with precision Pioneer days were hard with little to eat at times The weather could be treacherous and the author described a blizzard with such great detail I found myself shivering I love when an author can make me feel like I can vividly see the story unfold before me Savannah is a very beautiful woman who has all the luxuries she needs She is excited that she [...]

    6. His Prairie Princess is a wonderful and delightful Christian western romance book, you ll fall in love in with instantly Savannah Cox is a Southern belle jilted at altar, she s tired of the whispers and looks, so she runs North Her time in Minnesota isn t idealistic but she falls in love with the people, the culture, the area Despite many mishaps, she truly adapts well to becoming a Minnesotan.Sheriff Elias Parker doesn t give have a lot of faith in the Southern Belle because she s an outsider P [...]

    7. His Prairie Sweetheart Love Inspired Historical By Erica VetschHis Prairie Sweetheart by Erica Vetsch is a Love Inspired Historical I really enjoyed this story and the characters, both were easy to following and she made you feel like you was right there with them A few times I felt moisture in my eyes and other times I caught myself laughing Erica Vetsch did not disappoint me She weaves a story that captured me right from the start and keeps you turning the pages to see what will happen next I [...]

    8. What a completely captivating story A Southern Belle headed for the wilds of Minnesota is such a unique angle for a historical romance I shiver just thinking about hapless Savannah even her name is Southern facing the extreme winter temperatures she finds so far from home But that s nothing compared to facing the frosty welcome of the town sheriff The push pull attraction between these two certainly makes for a toe curling read.Elias is so sure Savannah won t last a week in their rugged communit [...]

    9. His Prairie Sweetheart by Erica Vetsch Southern belle Savannah cox was jilted at the altar She didn t want people feeling sorry for her so she left her close family to accept a teaching position in Minnesota She knows nothing about the area The harsh winters and the fact most of the children didn t speak English She stays with a family and has to walk to school in all kinds of weather Sheriff Elias Parker doubts she will last very long Two other school teachers left after a couple months Savanna [...]

    10. Savannah Cox and Elias Parker have both been jilted Attempting to overcome her public humiliation, Savannah leaves her fine home in North Carolina and accepts a teaching position in the remote town of Snowflake, Minnesota Reminding himself that a pretty face and a Southern drawl can never survive a Minnesota winter, Sheriff Elias Parker is determined to make the new school teacher think twice about signing on the dotted line To no avail the parasol toting princess decides to stay and the quick t [...]

    11. sweet easy read, Savannah Cox is outrunning heartache and this southern belle ends up in Minnesota where most of the settlers don t even speak english Elias parker the town sheriff has had his own heart broken he does not believe the pretty thin blooded teacher will last the winter they both have to learn to trust and open up for nyone who wants a good clean easy historic romance.

    12. As much as I complain about hating winter and the cold weather, as soon as the temps hit the 80 degree mark, I m looking for any way to cool off What better way to beat the heat than with a book about a blizzard Harlequin had the right idea publishing this book in May for hotties like me to read His Prairie Sweetheart by Erica Vetsch is one of the finest examples of romantic storytelling from the Love Inspired line I ve read of these books in my youth than I can count and have continued to do a [...]

    13. Although I have thought at times it might be interesting to live in another part of our country, I never felt moving from the south to anywhere up north that has major blizzards would be that appealing That is exactly what Savannah, the lead character in the story, does After getting stood up at the altar, she sees an ad for a teacher in Snowflake, Minnesota, applies for the job, and gets it She soon learns that life there is not a bed of roses either Can she learn and adapt to the Norwegian imm [...]

    14. This book was an absolute delight to read I felt like I was with Savannah as she was going through so many feelings From her broken heart to the unknown of a new place with an entirely different cultures, Savannah was a breath of fresh air to so many in the town of Snowflake She made friends easily and since I m of Norwegian heritage I throughly enjoyed hearing of lefse and even the dreaded lutefisk Elias is a strong man who wants to protect his heart from yet another loss He decides the best th [...]

    15. His Prairie Sweetheart is a delightful tale Savannah Cox and Elias Parker are wonderful characters, and I loved the pairing of this Southern schoolteacher and Minnesota sheriff Theirs is an engaging story filled with humor, adventure, and romance Erica Vetsch s love of history is evident, and I reveled in the real life historical details and events she included in the narrative I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend His Prairie Sweetheart I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchan [...]

    16. SweetLove historicals the heroine had been jilted at the alter every time she went into town people were constantly whispering about her, to get away from it all she decided to take a teaching job in Montana Elias the hero thought that the heroine a city girl would not make it through the harsh winter and he let her know how he felt Wonderful story of heartbreak, finding new love and a purpose.

    17. I loved this story which brings a southern girl to Minnesota to teach school in a town of Norweigan immigrants She is running from being jilted Once in MN, she finds that she loves the people in this town her students After a blizzard, she thinks she should leave town as she could have put her students in danger Once the sheriff finds out, her plans change Her aunt arrives in town she admits she loves the sheriff he loves her A happy ending

    18. Fleeing from the humiliation of being a jilted bride, and her self confidence shattered, Savannah takes on the difficult job of being a teacher in the Minnesota She faces an entire culture, language, and climate she knows nothing about, and reluctantly falls in love.This story was expertly detailed I loved the glimpse into the Norwegian culture and the impact it had on Minnesota I liked that Savannah and Elias were given time for their love to grow A sweet, fun read

    19. This is a wonderful Christian western The characters are well developed Both of the main characters have been hurt in love Can a girl from the south who was raised in a 3 story home make it as teacher in Minnesota teaching children and living in a home where only Norwegian is spoken This is a delightful story It brought me to tears and made me laugh I loved it

    20. A very lovely story that had me hooked As a Love Inspired Historical it s an Inspirational Historical Romance But other than saying they were praying now and then, or attending church, it wasn t overtly religious and was quietly in the background.

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