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A Favorita By Kiera Cass,

  • Title: A Favorita
  • Author: Kiera Cass
  • ISBN: 9788543804323
  • Page: 302
  • Format: ebook
  • Enquanto America estava dividida entre Aspen e o pr ncipe Maxon, sua melhor amiga Marlee sabia exatamente o que queria e pagou o pre o por isso Aqui, ela mesma narra essa hist ria e nos conta como se apaixonou pelo guarda Carter Woodwork durante a Sele o, al m do que aconteceu naquele fat dico Halloween quando os dois foram descobertos e a sua vida nunca mais foi a mesEnquanto America estava dividida entre Aspen e o pr ncipe Maxon, sua melhor amiga Marlee sabia exatamente o que queria e pagou o pre o por isso Aqui, ela mesma narra essa hist ria e nos conta como se apaixonou pelo guarda Carter Woodwork durante a Sele o, al m do que aconteceu naquele fat dico Halloween quando os dois foram descobertos e a sua vida nunca mais foi a mesma.A favorita tamb m est dispon vel em edi o impressa, como parte da antologia ilustrada Felizes para sempre, que traz todos os contos do universo da Sele o reunidos em um volume s , al m de introdu es in ditas de Kiera Cass, b nus exclusivos e um trecho de A sereia, novo livro da autora que ser lan ado em janeiro de 2016.
    A Favorita Enquanto America estava dividida entre Aspen e o pr ncipe Maxon sua melhor amiga Marlee sabia exatamente o que queria e pagou o pre o por isso Aqui ela mesma narra essa hist ria e nos conta como se

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    1. Even though the thing he was strapped to was in the way, he craned his neck so he could see me I focused on him I wasn t alone We had each other The pain would last temporarily, but on the other side of it I had Carter forever My love, forever Marlee s scene in The Elite was a shocking one but an emotional one I think I cried, I don t remember exactly I never knew Marlee would end up falling for someone else other than Maxon Sure sometimes she was awkward and shy around him and I guess that was [...]

    2. When I saw it I was like To Kiera Cass I was like To the fans To Society In General You know what I felt like happened between the publisher and Kiera Cass This P Sighs Kiera, another book novella K Yup.P You know I luh de chedda but my conscience is creeping in and i feel like we shouldn t be milking these 9 year old girls of their money any K Butey re already calling me the next Cassandra Clare And heck, she wrote a book bout a voicemail book show 2P Girl, with the way you re going, you will g [...]

    3. LOVED The Favourite and I love King Maxon even now I love how he went out of his way to care for Carter and Marlee and what America and Maxon did for them at the end, so sweet.

    4. Such a fun read for Saturday I love the Selection world and it was fun reading this short story Way cute, as always.

    5. I liked Marlee and I liked Carter I was upset what happened to them in the regular series I m glad this gives the view from Marlee s side of things You get to see a few behind the scenes that were not in the regular series I was glad they could be together but never understood the whipping I would have just fired him and sent them away They weren t doing anything in front of the cameras so the general public didn t know.

    6. The Favorite is a novella 2.6 in Kiera Cass s young adult, dystopia series titled The Selection This short story was a refreshing addition from Marlee s point of view The characters in this series are great, but sometimes it s nice to read a new perspectived see a new love story If you have read the series then you know that Marlee falls in love with a guard Carter and when discovered, they are caned as punishment But Marlee s POV provides insight into a beautiful bond between two people that ge [...]

    7. It was interesting to see Marlee s perspective of events, add this to the fact she was one of my favourites characters in The Selection and I wasn t mad by this novella at all.

    8. I read this in the Happily Ever After bind up By far, this was my favorite novella of the series I had wondered what exactly led up to that pivotal scene with Marlee and she s also just a great character to read from I also enjoyed how we saw a few different scenes throughout the series from her viewpoint.

    9. He bit his lip, watching me I think I owe you an apology Ever since I met you, I ve been going out of my way, hoping to catch you in a hall or get to say hello to you I tried to hide my smile I d been doing the same thing The times we get to speak are some of the best times I ve had in the palace Listening to you laugh or hearing about your day or going over a subject with you that I m not sure either of us understands, well, I ve loved it all His lip hitched up into that sideways smile, and I c [...]

    10. Me encanto esto Fue incre ble ver cosas de la cabeza de Marlee y cu nto est enamorada de Carter Maxon es incre ble C mo podr a alguien ser tan bueno Era exactamente lo que esperaba que fuera no solo una repetici n de lo que ya se dijo en los otros libros, sino realmente la historia desde otra perspectiva con informaci n que no ten amos.Adem s Marlee y Carter son tan lindos

    11. Reading Marlees story was without a doubt my favorite Hahah, favorite get it She is such a lovely character I would love to read about her Her story is so sweet and adorable, I loved it

    12. Esta historia corta casi me mata de todos los feels que me produjo Miren, Marlee no era de mis personajes favoritos en The Selection y, a pesar de lo que le sucede llegado cierto punto de la historia, no me import mucho en su momento Sin embargo, leer toda su historia desde sus ojos es una experiencia totalmente diferente Sobre todo porque no es una historia lineal, sino que va dando saltos del presente futuro al pasado Creo que mi problema con Marlee es que no conoc su historia de amor prohibid [...]

    13. The Favorite is another companion novella to the Selection series In this installment we get a behind the scenes look at Marlee and Carter s relationship told from Marlee s point of view I really enjoy these extra looks into the story as I often feel like the main books left out a lot of background information This one let s us know how Marlee and Carter met and fell in love and what happens to them after the caning There were peeks to the events in the main story but adding the extra details ma [...]

    14. I didn t expect a book from Marlee s pov It was sweet and refreshing just as I hoped Even if the romance seemed a bit too unrealistic Or let s say the book tries too hard to be perfect Everything is just spot on and right I must also say that whoever Kiera Cass writes as, she sounds just like America Maybe I have got too used to her tone, but Marlee, Eadlyn, Amberlee their voices just sounded same to me Further the characterization in this book felt a bit flat Well, for a novella, I must say it [...]

    15. Seriously That s it Ugh Unbelievable This is so short.I know it was a short story but this is so short for a 1 NYT Best Selling Author.Its like opening it then I just stretched my feet and suddenly I m done MC s Corner Note Spoilers The stupid me saw that it was actually part of an anthology, kinda Happily Ever After KILLMENOW IKNOWRIGHT As much as I love Aspen I m just going to give it 4 Stars You have to admit the fact that it s still short And there are some unnecessary parts that were writte [...]

    16. I was really happy to have this short story about Marlee I always liked her and I was really sad about everything she had to go through because she fell in love I was happy to read about how it all started and how they tried to do the right thing, but in the end, love won.It also made me love Maxon even because we can see that he didn t want them to go through this, but his father was still the King and had power than him.This novella is just about how love can be stronger than everything.

    17. Antes de comenzar con el libro, porque soy as de despiste, me he enterado que se trataba de la historia de Marlee, algo que me ha hecho tremenda ilusi n ya que en la serie en los libros se sabe muy poco de ellos Me ha gustado por una parte saber algo m s, pero por otro se me ha hecho todo muy r pido y corto, por lo que no ha terminado de gustarme As que me quedo con unasensaci n dulce y amarga a la vez pero saciada de ver la historia de la mejoramiga de America.Nota creo que me he tragado alg n [...]

    18. The Favorite was my favorite short story of the saga The Selection.How not to love Maxon This story once again showed us how wonderful the prince is.This story is told in the first person by Marlee, we can see how the romance started and his thoughts during all doom and torture that she and Carter were subjected We can also see why America like her very much.

    19. 4.5 5 Que lindos La mejor de todas las novellas, me gusto m s que La Elite y La Elegida juntos Me leer a un libro completo sobre Marlee y C rter encantada Hasta me han ca do mejor que Am rica, Maxon y Aspen Se convirtieron en mis personajes favoritos de toda la serie Lo nico que lament es que fuera tan corto Me encanto

    20. A part of what is happening in this book was also in, I think it was The Elite, the very painfull caning It was really hard to read about that I kindda hate that it was in the book, reading about it from America s perspective in the books was painfull but this it gave me chills I expected to read about Marlee s time on the Selection, I missed something there It could have been a bigger book on that side of the story.What I didn t expect and wat suprised me very happely, is a little part of the [...]

    21. This was definitely my favorite novella no pun intended I loved Marlee even after reading this Her and Carter s relationship is so strong and sweet Serious relationship goal I m so happy for Marlee She fell far from her elite status but that didn t matter to her As long as she had Carter then she was perfectly happy no matter what.

    22. La Favorita, es la Historia de la Selecci n mas corta de las que he le do, pero es la que tiene m s informaci n adicional Es la historia de Marlee, la favorita del pueblo en la Selecci n, pero encontr el amor en otra persona diferente al pr ncipe y tuvo que pagar por ello Est ambientada inicialmente en La Elite pero tambi n en La Elegida y mas adelante cuando ya gobierna Maxon.

    23. I loved this It was awesome to see things from Marlee s head and how much in love she is with Carter.Maxon is amazing though Like how could someone be that good In general this was a good novella but I hated that they didn t show the story where Marlee and America first me after the canning

    24. I loved this It was exactly what I was hoping it would be not just some repetition of what was already said in the other books like in the other novella s , but really the story from another perspective with information we didn t already have Also Marlee and Carter are so cute

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