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Seduzo-te By J. Kenner,

  • Title: Seduzo-te
  • Author: J. Kenner
  • ISBN: 9789898800619
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • Vai beijar me, pensei A minha mente estava num turbilh o, dividida entre a excita o e a surpresa Ele era uma ferramenta, um suspeito, um criminoso Ainda assim, eu desejava aquilo Desejava muito aquele homem Raios, desejava o com todas as minhas for as.Sloane Watson uma brilhante agente policial e est decidida a encontrar a sua amiga Amy, misteriosamente desapareciVai beijar me, pensei A minha mente estava num turbilh o, dividida entre a excita o e a surpresa Ele era uma ferramenta, um suspeito, um criminoso Ainda assim, eu desejava aquilo Desejava muito aquele homem Raios, desejava o com todas as minhas for as.Sloane Watson uma brilhante agente policial e est decidida a encontrar a sua amiga Amy, misteriosamente desaparecida Para chegar verdade, Sloane tem um plano aparentemente inabal vel seduzir o poderoso Tyler Sharp, dono do Destiny, o requintado e ex tico clube onde Amy trabalhava como bailarina, e onde foi vista pela ltima vez.No entanto, no momento em que Sloane e Tyler cruzam os olhares, a atra o entre ambos torna se inebriante Aquilo que deveria ser uma investiga o policial d lugar a um escaldante e perigoso jogo de sedu o, no qual nenhum dos dois alguma vez pensou entrar Mas ser que ainda poss vel voltar atr s e mudar as regras
    Seduzo te Vai beijar me pensei A minha mente estava num turbilh o dividida entre a excita o e a surpresa Ele era uma ferramenta um suspeito um criminoso Ainda assim eu desejava aquilo Desejava muito aquele

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    1. 4 HOT stars Heated is part two in J Kenner s Most Wanted series In the first book, we meet three guys known as the Knights One of them is Tyler Sharp Detective Sloane is on a mission To find her friend, to make sure she s safe, then to go back to Indiana She loves being a cop It s her job to uphold the law She doesn t trust easily and it s for good reason.Don t take anything for granted and don t trust anyone I guess that makes me cynical But it also makes me a damn good cop.To do this, she need [...]

    2. ARC received on behalf of Random House Publishing Group Bantam Dell from NetGalley.5 I want to play Stars In the second installment of the Most Wanted Series we meet Tyler Sharp One third of the Knights, three men who may appear to be find upstanding citizens but appearances can be deceiving When Sloane arrives in Chicago with one goal Find Tyler Sharp and she d find the girl She had little to go on, just a city, the name of a possible ex lover and plenty of internet research that made her feel [...]

    3. Maybe I had Days of Thunder on my brain when I read this novel Before you ask me what the hell I m talking about, I ll tell you The scene with the moonshine and commuting across state lines and telling stories reminded me of home, and when the female trooper gives Cole Trickle a thorough frisking and then rips open the top part of her state trooper s uniform, all I could say is Damn Yeah, this novel was like that Only it was 416 pages of bodice ripping good times To the point that I was lost in [...]

    4. ARC provided by publisher via NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review May Contain Spoilers Story Rating 2 StarsHero Rating 2 Stars Heroine Rating 2 StarsRomance Rating 2 StarsHeat Level 5 StarsOverall Rating 2.6 StarsI received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, and I was super stoked when I got it Story sounded great compared to Sylvia Day s Crossfire series and books of the like BUT this wasn t even close, IMHO.way Way WAY off actually First, what I didn t like 1 The [...]

    5. 2.5 3 STARSI wanted to love this book as I felt like I waited forever and even had my heartbroken with a netgalley denial, lol Book 1 in this series blew me away and I wanted mystique, bad behavior, and dark alpha broodingI wanted EVAN, but unfortunately Tyler s tale just didn t live up to the bar that the previous book set.With Evan and Angelina living happily ever after on the up and up, it is Cole and Tyler still dabbling in the businesses that walk the fine line of clean and moral When a [...]

    6. 3.5 Giving in to temptation is one of the few pleasures in life Stars Heated is book two in the Most Wanted Series, and in this instalment we are given a look into the mind, body and business of Tyler Sharp Detective Sloane Watson is in Chicago looking for information on an old friend informant who has disappeared off the radar, her last known whereabouts Destiny, the club owned by Tyler, Evan and Cole.There are monsters hiding under the most innocent of countenances, and if you don t keep your [...]

    7. ARC generously provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is the second book in J Kenner s Most Wanted series, and I really wanted to like it I was also really happy to be given an ARC for it I really liked the first oneWantedbut I have to admit that this book did noting for me and it pains me to say that I will also admit that I am one of those people that cannot not finish a book, it is just against my nature to DNF a book, however I have to admit that the though [...]

    8. Sweet Jesus Tyler is so different from Evan and I loved it, the one thing all these men have in common in this series alright a FEW things is they re hot and cocky, does she His attention stayed full on my face, and I thought for a moment that if I stepped closer, I would drown in those liquid eyes Funny, he said She s just the woman I want, too I mean the boy oozes sex, he laughed, which really wasn t what I was going for, and his smile was just a little too smug Oh, yeah, he said, in a voice t [...]

    9. Embora tenha dado as mesmas quatro estrelas a este livro, que dei ao primeiro volume Desejo te , tenho de ser sincera e dizer que gostei mais do primeiro livro Este mais mexido a n vel de ac o Se por um lado tem mais mist rio e muitas revela es, por outro, tem muito mais sexo do que no primeiro, e foi exactamente por isso que gostei mais do primeiro Tinha emo o, paix o e amor Neste temos muita lux ria O amor n o veio primeiro como entre Evan e Angelina personagens do primeiro volume desta s rie [...]

    10. This book was incredibly dumb for a variety of reasons To me, both main characters female and male romantic leads came off as stage five clingers with their psychotic and obsessive behavior It surprised and befuddled that neither one of them was alarmed by how idiotic they were both behaving It appeared as though neither one of them had a lick of common sense or hesitancy between them even though one was the youngest female to make detective in Indiana and the other was an astute, successful bus [...]

    11. Love this series This story was hot and sexy I really enjoyed these characters too They are different but have such a great connection Tyler is hot, sexy, and all alpha male, is a nice guy, but not completely upstanding Olivia is hot and an officer She is looking for her friend and needs the help of Tyler That connection leads them into some steamy moments while they team up to try and find her friend As they get to know each other Olivia is left questioning who she is or how can she reconcile t [...]

    12. Dentro do g nero at est bom Tudo se desenvolve muito r pido, apaixonam se primeira vista Sabem logo que para a vida toda S o almas g meas.Mas o g nero mesmo assimNo meio da hist ria h um crime que v o ter de desvendar e ajuda a tornar a coisa mais interessante

    13. I only liked the main guy The female heroine annoyed the shit out of me And plus I didn t feel she was not challenging enough even for being a cop She seemed like careless person than caring

    14. 5 You saw me, you see me Stars Holy fucking shit balls was this book good This book is about the sexy knight Tyler Sharp Sloane is a detective from Indiana who is looking for her friends friend Amy Oddly I starting singing if you seek amy Tyler doesn t have quite the dirty mouth as Evan but good god does he make a woman trip over her drool He is romantic even when he breaks into apartments Every time I read a Kenner book I think I cant possibly fall in love with another man and every time I am w [...]

    15. Original review found at kristineandterri 2I received an advanced readers copy of this book from Random House Publishing Group Bantam via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review The expected publication date is June 3, 2014.Heated is the second book in the Most Wanted series but can be read as a stand alone I did read Wanted, the first book, but have no doubt that I could have still followed along if I hadn t The first book was about Evan and this one is about Tyler and the next one I assume [...]

    16. An extremely hot, fast paced love story with an excellent push and pull between the main characters Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants and it was an awesome read getting there.I really liked Tyler and Sloane She is immediately attracted to him even though she s trying to keep herself in check It s like an instant game between the two of them when they first meet because he is just as attracted to her They have chemistry and heat right from the beginning and I loved it Tyler was rathe [...]

    17. This book had the recipe to be a 5 star read It had a sexy, rick, mysterious, alpha male who knows how to talk dirty and give it the heroine just as she likes it The problem was it was to insta love for me The story had hardly developed and Slone and Tyler were already in love They saw each other from a distance and you knew exactly what the author was going to say next The book also had pages, pages, and pages of sex scenes and I know this is an erotica romance but at what point is it too much [...]

    18. Whewmineering Tyler He gets what wants, how he wants it and he will describe how he is going to do it Hold on tight.Tyler will make you squirm and blush Sloane is a cop that is on medical leave that is helping a friend look into why her friend has sorda mysteriously left Her leaving just doesn t add up and with Sloane being a detective, thought she could be the best help Amy was working for Tyler at club Destiny Sloane feels the best way to find out is to get a job there and or get close to the [...]

    19. 3.5 stars I love J Kenner s books but for some reason this series just isn t doing it for me I love the premise and actually love the characters but for me nothing is gelling well together These books are extremely fast paced as each book is about one character in particular and I think that because J Kenner is used to trilogies and taking her time with that character build up and connection that part of her writing that I love is missing This book will melt your kindles though, as usual J Kenne [...]

    20. Truthfully I was a little conflicted with Heated This was absolutely a highly anticipated book that I made sure to get an ARC of because no way in hell was I going to wait for its release It s going to be painful to wait for Ignited, so hopefully the powers that be will bless me with an ARC of that as well please thank you Here s why I struggled Over half the book was a hook up and the main characters falling for each other don t get me wrong, both those things are absolutely expected and I most [...]

    21. It was ok two stars Liked it three stars I have to give this one two stars So much of this book moved at a snail s torturous pace The first eleven chapters about the first meeting and evening together and absolutely no action The mystery resolved in less than one chapter is another example why this book is just not doing it for me The big secrets are another problem They are just resolved too quickly with too much emphasis on the sex scenes that create very little actually heat.

    22. Kurzbeschreibung Ein verf hrerisches Spiel um Macht, Lust und tiefe Gef hleDie attraktive Polizistin Sloane Watson verliert nie die Kontrolle Doch als sie bei einem Undercover Einsatz Tyler Sharp in die Augen sieht, verf llt sie ihm sofort Sie wei , dass er gef hrlich ist, kann seiner Anziehungskraft jedoch nicht widerstehen Immer st rker sehnt sich Sloane nach Tylers N he und den tiefen Gef hlen, die er in ihr weckt Und so setzt sie alles aufs Spiel ihren Job, ihre Liebe und ihr LebenAutor Die [...]

    23. Why is it that criminals always seem to be one step ahead of the cops For those who enjoy J.D Robb s Eve Dallas Series, this is in the same flavour with a female cop and a questionable businessman This is where the similarities end Heated is lighter on the investigation and heavier on the kinky erotica Sloane O Dell is a cop on a leave of absence Recovering from her gunshot wound, her good friend Candy asked her to look into a missing friend Amy worked at a strip club in Chicago She disappears u [...]

    24. 2.5 Not a Lot of Substance Stars Source eARC for Honest Review from Random House via EdelweissI fell in love with J Kenner s writing with the Stark Trilogy so I was so excited with this series I started with Wanted but was left with meh but I am a loyal reader so I gave Heated a try but sadly I was left with another meh.The idea of the series is great but for some reason this series is just not doing it for me I don t quite know what is not grabbing me It could be the fast paced emotions, and es [...]

    25. This was an amazing companion novel I quite enjoyed this than the first book surprisingly The romance, characters and story line were extremely fun.Tyler Sharp is such a hot man Not hotter than Evan to me, but his story was much interesting He is one of the three knights and makes sure he gets what he wants He s only been in love once, but got hurt and unknowingly decided to avoid love He had sex with women, but never took it further than that I love how strong he was in his words and his pass [...]

    26. icuramente capitato anche a voi nel mentre siete immerse nella lettura qualcuno vi domandasse ma cosa stai leggendo Ed quello che accaduto a me, mentre ero concentrata nelle pagine di questo libro, evidentemente la mia faccia estasiata ha fatto sorgere delle domande, perch vi garantisco mi ero completamente estraniata dalla realt.Il libro in questione HEATED il secondo volume della trilogia del desiderio di JNNER,il primo volume Wanted, dove abbiamo conosciuto Evan e Angie, come ricorderete, Eva [...]

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