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You'll Grow Out of It By Jessi Klein,

  • Title: You'll Grow Out of It
  • Author: Jessi Klein
  • ISBN: 9781478983798
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Audiobook
  • PEOPLE S BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR ONE OF NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOKS OF 2016 INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES AND USA TODAY BESTSELLER YOU LL GROW OUT OF IT hilariously, and candidly, explores the journey of the twenty first century woman As both a tomboy and a late bloomer, comedian Jessi Klein grew up feeling like an outsider than a participant in the rites of modern femininPEOPLE S BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR ONE OF NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOKS OF 2016 INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES AND USA TODAY BESTSELLER YOU LL GROW OUT OF IT hilariously, and candidly, explores the journey of the twenty first century woman As both a tomboy and a late bloomer, comedian Jessi Klein grew up feeling like an outsider than a participant in the rites of modern femininity In YOU LL GROW OUT OF IT, Klein offers through an incisive collection of real life stories a relentlessly funny yet poignant take on a variety of topics she has experienced along her strange journey to womanhood and beyond These include her transformation from Pippi Longstocking esque tomboy to are you a lesbian or what tom man, attempting to find watchable porn, and identifying the difference between being called ma am and miss Miss sounds like you weigh ninety nine pounds.Raw, relatable, and consistently hilarious, YOU LL GROW OUT OF IT is a one of a kind book by a singular and irresistible comic voice.

    One thought on “You'll Grow Out of It”

    1. This was okay I feel like this is only funny to a certain type upper middle class, educated white women from NYC She lives a very luxe life and doesn t seem to be aware that it s not normal She said several times throughout that she grew up poor, but didn t provide a context for that Her lack of self awareness bugged me This has gotten some really good reviews so I m disappointed I didn t enjoy it.

    2. I do not intend this in any way to be an advice book, but if there happen to be any young women reading this who have an iota of desire to glean anything from my experience, let it be this When you encounter a man wearing loafers with no socks, run I once heard that the late Tim Russert also believed that a sockless man is not to be trusted, which means it is definitely true Jessi KleinI openly admit that I had no idea who Jessi Klein was when I dutifully put myself on the library list to be fir [...]

    3. I had no idea who Jessi Klein was before picking up this book Still don t, really What attracted me to this memoir was book blurb a woman who feels like she s on the outside of femininity, looking in Even though I was hardly a tom boy or tom man, to use the author s phrase , I also had have no interested in typical girly things and my mother has been in the fits of anxiety about it for the last three decades I thought I would find Klein s writing relateable and funny And sometimes I did But othe [...]

    4. Yes, only 2 stars 2.5 really First, let me say that Klein is a good writer I liked her voice and her many jokes She s smart and funny This book is a fast read and it s enjoyable too But I ve held back a little on a glowing review only because I can t shake my feeling of slight perturb over a few things Let the pettiness beginFirst off, she starts off the first chapter or two and continues here and there throughout the book heavily emphasizing her dorkiness, her loser ness, her strong desire to b [...]

    5. Read by the author, this compilation of essays is an often hilarious, sometimes poignant, look into her life as a tomboy who never grew out of it Underlying the snarky, smart humor there were insightful messages on ageism, sexism, and femininity I enjoyed her voice, and found her self deprecating humor relatable I often found myself nodding my head as I was laughing As with most memoirs, some chapters are successful than others, and is best read or listened to in short segments There was only o [...]

    6. Imagine a supermodel coming over to commiserate about how fat she feels because she once ate a piece of celery four years ago That s how this book reads While there are some very relatable things, by and large the author has had a VERY GOOD LIFE Nevertheless, she manages to complain about things like going to the Emmys and winning or getting a job offer on The David Letterman Show Even very expensive vacations are subject to self pity Mostly, this whole thing feels like a humble brag.

    7. I m not sure how I feel about this It was kind of all over the place I m not even sure what this was supposed to be It was a non linear collection of essays or possibly expanded comedy routines that were somewhat unrelated A few were laugh out loud funny In some, she made fierce, important points about aging, sexism, how women are expected to be and insecurities In others, she discussed wanting to be a princess, relationship issues, and issuing ultimatums In between, there were some majorly expe [...]

    8. Some women keep a collection of shoes under their desks at work so they can quickly change from heels to flats I am not one of those women Keeping my shoes under my desk would result in a Pigpen like hovering stink cloud stretching clear to the copy machine Now that I m in my thirties I ve had to accept some hard realities about myself, and the fact that my feet stink like cheese left out on a sun porch is one of them.Thus, the best gift Jessi Klein gave me in her memoir You ll Grow Out of It is [...]

    9. This was the first moment I started to realize that some larger problem was boiling to the surface, that this wasn t just about the dress, but rather a deep cauldron of self doubt in my own taste and not just my own taste, but my entire self.Never heard of Jessi Klein before I heard a podcast interview writer for SNL, and Inside Amy Schumer She seemed smart, funny and it seemed as though there was some snark hiding behind the veneer she put on for the New York Times podcast, so I decided to give [...]

    10. While I found two of the chapters amusing barre and Anthropologie overall I found Jessi Klein to be tone deaf and unrelatable She starts off the book calling herself a tomboy and then most of the rest of the book is her obsessing about her appearance and men She drops dollar amounts for things that seem outrageous but in such a casual way that she must not realize that it s not normal Her very theatrical self deprecation come across as disingenuous, and the incessant discussion of her neuroses a [...]

    11. I thoroughly enjoyed this memoir collection of comedic essays from Jessi Klien Klien talks about what it s like growing up a Tom boy, following your dreams, spending countless hours shopping for a wedding dress and hating yourself for being that person and feeling like dogshit at the Emmys While we don t agree on baths whole chapter on hating baths that I read while in the tub , we do agree on being called Ma am And Jessi if you ever read this, I did get the Miss Jackson reference and thought fu [...]

    12. Considering that this memoir was written by a comedy writer, I was quite disappointed that I never laughed while reading it.

    13. I loved this memoir It s hilarious, touching and well written I hadn t heard of Jessi Klein before but I had read good reviews of her book and it truly did not disappoint I recommend it highly I forgot to mention that I loved Jessi s comment about the acronym FOMO which stands for Fear Of Missing Out This means that you think other people are having fun than you and you wish you were doing what they did But when get there you realize it s not that great after all see page 249 I hope to remember [...]

    14. I used to see Jessi Klein perform and host comedy at Rififi in NYC back in the day She s now the Emmy winning head writer on Inside Amy Schumer So while I expected her memoir in essays to be funny, which it is, I did not expect to close it with tears streaming down my face, but that s exactly what happened I loved these essays, even when I couldn t relate she hates baths, I love them , because they are so specific and manage to cover things like epically bad dating choices and feeling like dogs [...]

    15. Very fun and entertaining, but as I have complained w other white lady essay books, I wish the author would have awareness of her wealthy white lady specific world view The book would be so much better, and ring truer for a broader readership, if Klein wouldn t act like everyone reading is like her, and gets where she s coming from Just a simple aknowledgement or two would really work wonders in terms of relatability Still, really great audiobook reading by the wry and funny author Kinda like a [...]

    16. Jessi Klein s new compilation of essays is a great addition to the growing collection of books by famous female comedians From beginning to end, she writes about her life and her ever present need struggle to fit in Her internal battle about her life and dreams versus her family s dreams for her occupied a substantial part of her life until she finally decided to throw off the strictures of her upbringing and follow her own path Some of the stories deal with this internal battle I didn t enjoy t [...]

    17. Review You may be wondering who is Jessi Klein and why should you read her memoir or maybe not Either way, I am going to help you out with the answers WHO IS JESSI KLEIN Jessi Klein is a stand up comedian was well as a writer for various things and was once a director of development for Comedy Central She currently is a writer and executive producer on Inside Amy Schumer WHY SHOULD YOU READ HER MEMOIR So unless you are new to the blog you know I prefer to listen to my memoirs Something about lis [...]

    18. comedians writing books about their life in their own funny way are a dime a dozen I ve read a bunch but skip another bunch because they can be so self promoting and dishonest in the form of exaggeration in that they make themselves look a certain way I get that memoirs can be the same but still However when one is done in a way even when I can t relate to the rich or famous lifestyle that is open and vulnerable yet funny and unique to their own style I DIG IT This was one of those There wasn t [...]

    19. hmm, I was disappointed with this book And, in the spirit of being constructive let me tell you why 1 I should note I m a big reader of female essay collections, in particular, female comedian essay collections I love them and read then a lot particularly from women who I am familiar with.I am not intimately familiar with Jessi Klein I m aware this could have shaped my feelings on the book.I tried to imagine that is say Mindy Kaling had written this book, would I feel differently The answer, aft [...]

    20. The best kinds of funny books are those that make you laugh out loud no matter where you are There are books that are funny but don t necessarily make to laugh with abandon There are other books, like You ll Grow Out of It that will make you make a scene in public If you want to laugh, this book is for you.The book almost feels like a collection of short stories with Klein musing about different periods of her life and making observations about life in general in a very entertaining way One of t [...]

    21. Speaking as a true tom man a hardcore tomboy as a kid who is still not girly at 58, who didn t wear any makeup at all until after 40, who s straight and happily married to a man and would happily drop all external trappings of femininity if I wouldn t feel like a freak , I loved Jessi s accounting of herself as one But she exaggerates, because despite the typical comedienne self mocking I m looking at you, gorgeous Tina Fey , she is stunningly attractive and appears to be quite feminine True tom [...]

    22. So funny, sharp, and honest there is literally no way you will not love this book Unless you are awful and then you should stay away from me.

    23. There are some genius parts of this book For example, my view of women will forever be influenced by poodles v wolves I think what I loved about it most was that it wasn t just funny it was insightful and touching I thought that it ended on a low note, however It seemed self indulgent stories of her Emmy wins, her luxe vacations and her expensive attempts to get pregnant and hire a night baby nurse seemed tone deaf Most readers cannot relate to those sort of life events, and when your book is pr [...]

    24. Perfectly timed reading material between several heavy topics Wonderful light hearted book full of relatable LOL moments and reminders not to take oneself too seriously I couldn t help but compare it to a recently read memoir by Bonnie MacFarlane, which was far raunchier, IMO, but also featured the cover shot of the comedian author taken during their childhoods, which was cute mind you, but makes for unsettling feelings when you get through TMI sexual scenarios occurring in their adolescence adu [...]

    25. Overall, this is a good book The beginning was excellent, but it dragged a bit for me That might be my problem since I don t like humor in my books Some parts were laugh out loud funny and other parts were insightful and fearless I think it s clear that she is smart and funny, but I never fully understood some of it Some parts she talked about money as a problem and then other chapters she would reference Prada suits and staying at the hotel Oprah stayed It made me feel like I was missing an ove [...]

    26. I laughed out loud reading this book of essays so, so many times and cried twice Please read it, and not just for her commentary about the phrase and pressure surrounding natural childbirth which is THE VERY BEST AND MOST TRUE THANK YOU JESSI KLEIN.Will this be my most recommended book of 2017 So far, the stats are VERY encouraging.

    27. Jessi Klein is the head writer and executive producer of the very funny Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer For that reason alone I wanted to read her book, You ll Grow Out Of It.The book is a series of essays about how Jessi got to be where and who she is The first essay, The Tom Man, recounts what happens when a tomboy grows up People like tomboys, tom men not so much.She didn t care much what she looked like, wearing her dad s old button down cowboy shirts with enormous shapeless jeans and [...]

    28. Stand up comedian Jessi Klein is a GREAT writer The first half of this collection of memoir essays is sooooo funny I really loved the first 40% of this book.But since the book opens with an essay about the author being a Tom Man, I must state that there is a giant disconnect in this book I consider myself kind of feminine, but I can seriously out tomboy out tom man Jessi Klein ANY day And since she s only a few years older than me, this isn t millennial whinging on my part I belong to the same g [...]

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