UNLIMITED AUDIOBOOK ☆ As Crónicas de Bane - by Cassandra Clare Sarah Rees Brennan Maureen Johnson

As Crónicas de Bane By Cassandra Clare Sarah Rees Brennan Maureen Johnson,

  • Title: As Crónicas de Bane
  • Author: Cassandra Clare Sarah Rees Brennan Maureen Johnson
  • ISBN: 9789896577148
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
  • Neste livro de contos, s o narradas v rias aventuras do feiticeiro Magnus Bane, das s ries best seller de Cassandra Clare Para Magnus Bane seria imposs vel contar todas as suas aventuras.Ningu m acreditaria Onze hist rias que revelam alguns dos seus segredos que de certeza n o gostaria que fossem divulgados Entre o misterioso Per e Resgates na Revolu o Francesa, osNeste livro de contos, s o narradas v rias aventuras do feiticeiro Magnus Bane, das s ries best seller de Cassandra Clare Para Magnus Bane seria imposs vel contar todas as suas aventuras.Ningu m acreditaria Onze hist rias que revelam alguns dos seus segredos que de certeza n o gostaria que fossem divulgados Entre o misterioso Per e Resgates na Revolu o Francesa, os f s ter o oportunidade de saber pormenores da vida do enigm tico feiticeiro.Passado em diversos pa ses e per odos hist ricos, Magnus Bane com a sua personalidade sedutora, estilo exuberante e intelig ncia resolve problemas e interage com Clary, Tessa, Will e Alec, de Ca adores de Sombras e As Origens.Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson e Sarah Rees Brennan juntaram se para escrever dez contos inesquec veis.
    As Cr nicas de Bane Neste livro de contos s o narradas v rias aventuras do feiticeiro Magnus Bane das s ries best seller de Cassandra Clare Para Magnus Bane seria imposs vel contar todas as suas aventuras Ningu m acred

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    1. Okay, I just wanted to say to all those Cassandra Clare Releasing More Shadowhunter Books haters, well, SHUT THE FREAKING HELL UP Clears throat Thank you Now that that s been said, let the fangirling begin OH MY GOD Only my favourite character EVER is getting his own freaking series This is just the best moment of my life.Okay, the List of titles 1 What Really Happened in Peru2 The Runaway Queen3 Vampires, Scones, and Edmund Herondale4 The Midnight Heir Origionally Titled The Rise of the Hotel D [...]

    2. No, you know what I follow Cassandra Clare on Tumblr.I do it so I can see all the bullshit first hand The anti bullying post, for example, was a REAL WINNER and I laugh at how everyone found her so sincere and heartwarming and jesus fucking christ If you knew what she had done in her past, how far she went to bring the people she didn t like down This includes fandom wide shunning, phone calls to their house, and ATTEMPTS TO KICK THEM OUT OF THE UNIVERSITY THEY WERE ATTENDING.Nonsense bullying i [...]

    3. This book, unfortunately, did nothing for me.I remember Magnus Bane being one of my favorite characters of the original TMI series if you can remember that far back, with all of Clare s publications and planned publications since then , but it s been so long since I read City of Lost Souls that all of my emotional attachment to him has disintegrated into ash.For someone connected to this series than I am, this may be a great addition, full of intriguing backstory and unique Magnus humor But for [...]

    4. I feel like I enjoyed this by reading them all together Woah looking through the comments all I can see is hater Cassandra Clare and how she is milking the fanchise,for a start STOP if you dont want to read another one her books you don t have to we are not making you People who actually want to read her book can buy them and read them and LOVE THEM I love the Shadow Hunter world and I dont think there is any problem with so many books being out I love the world and charaters and there is no en [...]

    5. There was also the fact that sometimes vampires commited crimes worse than murder They committed crimes against fashion A few years ago I was super excited about this being released I couldn t wait to get of Magnus.Today I m bored and annoyed Magnus is such a sissy So shallow Such a typical Clare character I honestly can t stand her pretentious plots characters any I can t keep from rolling my eyes and groaning see quote above Which is one of the reasons why it took me half a year to finish thi [...]

    6. First thing I have to say To everyone who is complaining about Cassandra Clare or TMI or anything like that, please kindly Shut up If you don t like her or her work why spend your time bitching about it why waster your breath on something you hate Anyways I am so excited for this book I love all of Cassandra Clare s books and am can t wait for for them all to come out.

    7. WHY IS EVERYONE HATING ON CASSANDRA CLARE BECAUSE SHE HAS A NEW BOOK COMING OUT There is no reason everyone should be saying the stuff they are saying on here Yes, everyone s entitled to their opinion, but I ve read some reviews that say she bullied people in her past, well, the things those people have been saying can be considered as bullying And who cares if she did it in her past Past is past And it s her life she doesn t have to tell the entire world about what she s done in the past I bet [...]

    8. The stories in here were really hit or miss I loved The Course of True Love and First Dates and seeing of Magnus with Alec, Tessa, Will, and Jem, but then absolutely didn t care about the filler and slapstick humor in others This reminded me of that Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy book with the different writing style and how some characters didn t quite feel like themselves I d give a lot of the stories 2 stars, but there are definitely a couple scenes that really make this worth the read

    9. Milk that money cow, Clare Milk it until it s a shriveled husk of a once peaceful and prosperous animal Fucking do it You know, I honestly didn t know you could make so many fucking books and shit out of one concept I have been proved wrong Oh, God EDIT Damn The money moocher herself admits to the crime with a smile, too Wowza, Clare Not only do you plagerize and mooch, but you re proud of it, too Head on over here to see the woman in action shakes head

    10. I love the fabulous Magnus Bane as much as the closest violent fangirl, but seriously, Clare Stop milking that dead cow of yours already and move FORWARD.

    11. Magnus, you were trying to flirt with your own plate I m a very open minded sort of fellow THIS HAS BEEN SO GOOD.The truth is that re reading on a character for whom I have so much love, like Magnus, has been a pleasure.I ve always been very curious to know about the life of this eccentric character , who has always been present in the life of the Shadowhunters both The Mortal Instruments saga, as in the trilogy the infernal devices, which as you know, I love with all my heart.So, for me has be [...]

    12. This is the oldest book on my TBR so I finally decided to pick it up on audiobook And i m so disappointed Had I read this back in 2013 when I got it, back when I was still OBSESSED with TMI, i m sure I would have loved it But now I ve forgotten literally all of the characters and events and this provides no context and it s just random vignettes of Magnus s life The entire reason I took off as many stars as I did is because I was booooored I skim read a ton of stories and put the audiobook on 2. [...]

    13. This review can also be found on my blog A Match Made in HeavenSo, some background on my relationship with Cassie I read City of Bones first Wasn t a huge fan of it, didn t particularly like Clary or Jace, I hated their relationship, and I hated Simon The only redeeming quality was the excellent world building and Magnus Bane As I read City of Ashes and City of Glass I felt the same way and decided that was a good place to stop I have never read City of Fallen Angels.Then, as I heard all the rav [...]

    14. Un cinco estrellas rotundo Cuando Magnus Bane es tu personaje favorito de The Mortal Instruments no puedes m s que adorar todas y cada una de sus historias Desde desastres en Per , barcos piratas, la Revoluci n Francesa, Edmund y James Herondale, vampiros vengativos, la crisis econ mica del 29, decepciones amorosas, romances de verano, viajes ex ticos, aventuras con Ragnor y Catarina, el origen de la transformaci n de Raphael Santiago, vampiros fren ticos y drogados y las primeras matanzas del C [...]


    16. 4.5 5Magnus has always been one of my favorite characters so of course I thoroughly enjoyed this I didn t love it as much as the Shadowhunter Academy anthology because there were a few stories I didn t love as much, but I still enjoyed reading about Magnus past.

    17. Actual rating 4.5 starsThis was such a pleasant surprise I wasn t expecting much for a book of novellas about a character I already knew but wow, there are a lot of golden nuggets in these stories from past books, past characters and future ones as well Absolutely a must read if you have read and loved The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices

    18. MADRE M A Hab a le do las dos primeras historias cuando salieron y aunque me gustaron, no pensaba que el resto de historias iban a estar guays Pero he de admitir que las primeras historias no hacen justicia al resto del libro The Bane Chronicles es una maravilla Las historias con Sarah Rees Brennan, en general, son mucho mejores que las de Maureen Johnson, pues creo que el estilo de esta segunda var a m s del de Cassie Y eso se nota Ahora, voy a entrar en detalles PUEDE CONTENER ALG N SPOILER DE [...]

    19. Have a little faith in my magic fingers Magnus is a character that I always liked I enjoyed it in TID trilogy, while he helped Will and I loved it in TMI series with all his eccentricity and his love for Alec although he seemed a little stalker sometimes.It is a fascinating character, one of those who always brings light to a scene and even can make you laugh at the most tragic moments Magnus did not have enormous respect for the Law, but if he was breaking it he wanted to look good doing it Thi [...]

    20. Okay, Cassandra Clare You are really milking this A lot.However, Magnus Bane is my favorite character so I ll probably read this anyway.

    21. What really happened in Peru 4 stars He carefully maintained the blas air of one who had been here before and had been incredibly well dressed that time too This was so much fun Magnus is one of my favourite characters only Will Herondale is better imo in the series, and his adventures with Catarina and Ragnor were so cute Ragnor The runaway queen 3 starsThe first one was better but it was nice to see Magnus in Paris in 1791, likehe named a monkey Ragnor AndI m really excited for the next one Va [...]

    22. Alternative title The bumbling around of a whiny, idiotic and judgmental asshole.Note There will be spoilers in this review and no possibility to blank them out, I think everyone reading this should know what they are in to when it comes to these stories.These stories which I read when they were released as e books were utter crap So far I read all of the Shadowhunter books apart from Clockwork Princess and City of Heavenly Fire and this here was the worst of them all in my mind But to be fair, [...]

    23. Book 1 3 stars I can t get enough adventure, and adventure cannot get enough of me Magnus Bane Book 2 3 stars It was also a very bad idea.It was a terrible idea.It was the worst idea he had ever heard.It was irresistible Magnus Bane Book 3 3.5 stars Magnus had been alive hundreds of years himself, and yet the simplest things could turn a day into a jewel, and a succession of days into a glittering chain that went on and on Here was the simplest thing a pretty girl liked him, and the day shone Bo [...]

    24. Nice collection of short stories featuring one of my favorite characters of the Shadowhunter Chronicles, Magnus Bane The first couple of stories weren t the best, but I really enjoyed all of the rest I particularly enjoyed getting to see of Raphael from how he gets his start to the character we know now and, of course, I couldn t resist the stories featuring Alec Though, I have to admit, I wish the cover, if it had to feature an actor at all, would have had Harry Shum Jr s version of Magnus Ban [...]

    25. This was really hard to rate I loved some of the stories and some where just meh I really loved Magnus in all of these books, particular the ones that involved Alec I loved that Will got mentioned so much.It s a nice insight to see why he is like he is.Some of the stories seemed out of place, but I guess they wanted the first date to be the last chapter ish.Ahhhhh, I m happy

    26. I loved the character of Magnus in TID series and decided to read these short stories right away.These books are real fun,I enjoyed all of them What Really Happened in Peru 3 stars Magnus, you were trying to flirt with your own plate I m a very open minded sort of fellow Lol,I love Magnus It was an okay read,but there were some scenes which I really enjoyed The Runaway Queen 3 starsVampires, Scones and Edmund Herondale 2 starsThe Midnight Heir 5 starsFinally got to see Will,Jem and Tessa I just [...]

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