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Eleven Floors, Part I By Robert Lampros,

  • Title: Eleven Floors, Part I
  • Author: Robert Lampros
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eleven Floors, Part I, is the story of a young man s first year at college after his father passed away He struggles to succeed academically and socially, while maintaining faith in Jesus Christ, and adjusting to life in a new world With help from God, from his friends, and from Lynn, the woman he falls in love with, Charles hopes to fulfill his destiny.
    Eleven Floors Part I Eleven Floors Part I is the story of a young man s first year at college after his father passed away He struggles to succeed academically and socially while maintaining faith in Jesus Christ and

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    1. Eleven Floors Volume 1 by Robert Lampros was provided by someone for review I say someone because I m not sure if it was by the author, or someone named Joshua Brenner I think I m missing something here who s name appears on my e reader under the title There is another book by Robert Lampros that has Joshua Brenner connected to it as well, I haven t read it yet.Anyway, mystery aside, Eleven Floors is a nice, clean, good read At only 64 pages, at least on my e reader, this is the story of a young [...]

    2. SPOILER FREE All I can really say is HOLY SMOKES I absolutely loved this book I was able to relate on levels than one The book had be emotionally connected It was hard for me to place down because I found myself so drawn in Received for an honest review

    3. I won this book through the giveaways It is a very relatable book for an Christian kid going to college Great read

    4. I received this as a first read I really liked this story It definitely put a lot of story in a few number of pages It was a very easy fun read I cant wait to read with this story.

    5. I received this book for free from First Reads in exchange for an honest review.It book was a very short and easy read, following the life of a young man going through his first year in college his first crush, dealing with a pot smoking roommate, dealing with the challenges of college classes, all while keeping faith in God by reading and praying daily.The details were non existent, the characters were weak, and the book was overall very bland and boring There didn t feel like any real point or [...]

    6. This book appears to be the beginning of a story to include the writer s 4 years at college, with this being only the first year Although it is written on the premise that it is a Christian book, most of the actual Christian references are scripture quoted, rather than the writer s beliefs Mr Lampros does a good job of switching from one topic the antique motorcycle his deceased father left him and the important part it plays in his life to his actual first year at college I d like to see what h [...]

    7. This book was not what I expected First of all, it was really a novella since it only had 59 pages with large margins I finished it in 30 minutes I found it a little hard to believe that a young college man would be constantly quoting from the Bible In fact, there was a bible quote every six pages and he did a lot of praying In spite of this I thought it was well written and I m hoping there is at least a Part II on the way I do want to know what happens to Charles and Lynn and what about his fa [...]

    8. This book is unique and I have never read anything like this Not only it s uniquely done but also it delivers a message of appreciation of everything in life Easy to read and comprehend with religious text It is a short book but the last pages of mysteryI think it is for everyone This book can be considered a role model for the younger generation as how to live their lives Coming from a non Christian, I would recommend this book to decent people of faith I enjoyed it.

    9. Strength FaithCharles is the main character of this and a very powerful, devout one at that His struggles and devotion, while remembering the past and living in the present are very powerful It s an emotionally driven book and this reader found it hard to put down It was easy to tell that Lampros wrote from his heart and spelled out a great journey, and this is only volume 1

    10. Eh new A young man s first year at college after the death of his father In compliance with FTC guidelines, I must disclose in my review that I received the book for free through Giveaways

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