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Lila By Marilynne Robinson,

  • Title: Lila
  • Author: Marilynne Robinson
  • ISBN: 9789722356299
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • Uma obra liter ria sublime com uma intensidade rara e penetrante Lila, de quatro ou cinco anos, vive negligenciada numa casa de emigrantes algures no Midwest, na d cada de 1920 Passa o tempo debaixo de uma mesa e quando n o consegue conter o choro, mandam na para fora de casa Uma noite, Doll, uma jovem vagabunda de rosto desfigurado, decide lev la consigo para longe AUma obra liter ria sublime com uma intensidade rara e penetrante Lila, de quatro ou cinco anos, vive negligenciada numa casa de emigrantes algures no Midwest, na d cada de 1920 Passa o tempo debaixo de uma mesa e quando n o consegue conter o choro, mandam na para fora de casa Uma noite, Doll, uma jovem vagabunda de rosto desfigurado, decide lev la consigo para longe Ambas sobrevivem juntando se a um grupo de n madas em busca de trabalho pelos campos em pleno per odo da Grande Depress o americana Os anos passam at que Doll desaparece misteriosamente Lila continua a deambular para sobreviver Contudo, um dia para se abrigar da chuva entra numa igreja de uma pequena localidade na altura em que o reverendo John Awes proferia o seu serm o A partir deste momento, assistimos a mudan as que marcar o para sempre a vida destes dois personagens.
    Lila Uma obra liter ria sublime com uma intensidade rara e penetrante Lila de quatro ou cinco anos vive negligenciada numa casa de emigrantes algures no Midwest na d cada de Passa o tempo debaixo d

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    1. In 2004, Marilynne Robinson, a legendary teacher at the Iowa Writers Workshop, returned to novels after a 24 year hiatus and published Gilead, which won a Pulitzer Prize, a National Book Critics Circle Award and a spot on best of the year lists everywhere It s hard to imagine those accolades meant much to the Midwestern Calvinist, but four years later she published a companion novel called Home, which won the Orange Prize and enthusiastic praise And now comes Lila, already longlisted for the Na [...]

    2. Doll may have been the loneliest woman in the world, and she was the loneliest child, and there they were, the two of them together, keeping each other warm in the rain Lila understands what it means to be lonely She knows what it means to connect with another human soul to overcome that utter loneliness Lila takes us on her journey and it is one of beauty and understanding and developing faith, not just in God but in the human spirit itself Despite hardship and neglect, can a person truly learn [...]

    3. What would it be like to have limited vocabulary with which to phrase our thoughts Would we then have limited thoughts Or would our thoughts instead be clearer for the lack of words to muddy them Such are the questions that occur to us as we read this account of a homeless woman called Lila, a woman without a surname or knowledge of what country she lives in except that it s good country for growing crops but who knows perfectly her place in the world nevertheless A woman unaware of the existenc [...]

    4. This is my third read of Marilynne Robinson and as always a wonderful one I inadvertently skipped the 2nd volume of the Gilead trilogy I ll read Home soon because the American Library had Lola on the shelf Sort of a deep dive into the Reverend Ames wife introduced in Gilead, Lila s story is one of profound pain and suffering and, thankfully, redemption The book takes place as she becomes pregnant with the Reverend s child as she looks back in a sort of stream of conscience on her life and wonder [...]

    5. It s 4 30am I lost a lot of sleep but just finished the last of this series a life transforming experience What to say about Lila A wild child Perhaps but unfortunately and fortunately I think there are many Lila s in this world I related to her in many ways myself.The writing once again blew me away especially fit the emotional key of perfect pitch for me on several occasions This one small sentence alone is one that brought me to real tears Fear and comfort could be the same For me to explain [...]

    6. The last book in the Gilead trilogy, and the most unconventional because of the choosing of an outcast as a protagonist Lila is an orphan, hard edged, uneducated, a creature that survived the rough conditions of her first years against all odds Shielded by Doll, the enigmatic woman who saved her life as a baby, Lila pushes through in Dickensian conditions hunger, loneliness and all kind of picaresque penuries paint her unusual story reminding the reader of the most celebrated works by Steinbeck [...]

    7. 2.5 starsThis book is written with the most beautiful and elegant prose and for the first few few pages I really was enjoying the book but sadly the structure of the novel didn t work for me.Lila, homeless and alone after years of roaming the countryside, steps inside a small town Iowa church the only available shelter from the rain and ignites a romance and a debate that will reshape her life She becomes the wife of a minister and widower, John Ames, and begins a new existence while trying to m [...]

    8. Onvan Lila Gilead, 3 Nevisande Marilynne Robinson ISBN 374187614 ISBN13 9780374187613 Dar 261 Safhe Saal e Chap 2014

    9. There is something about the character Lila that I connected to in a big way How she came to Gilead and married to a preacher is a story that is both poignant and life confirming She is such a diverse character, wise yet na ve, suspicious yet giving, always thinking and searching for answers.Reading about her young life, her life as a traveler, going wherever Doll, the woman who took her, needed to go in order to find work Loved the character of Doll, the wise old woman who had such a tough life [...]

    10. Rather like Gilead, I found this an uneven book The first seventy or so pages are absolutely ravishing beautiful writing, a compelling story and a real sense the author has embarked on a lucid visionary quest However, then the story lost most of its drive and the theme became a little monosyllabic Lila, the feral orphan child searching for identity and a sense of belonging, acquires her grace a little too easily, not surprising as throughout she s surrounded by idealised characters There s no ev [...]

    11. Some works of fiction are wonderful They make us laugh, cry, sing We love their style, their plot, their characters But, occasionally, a work of fiction steps beyond that and becomes important It tells us something something we know but cannot express It informs us about the human condition, the human spirit, the things that make existence, life itself, worthwhile and meaningful This is one of those novels It is one of three, which taken in their totality, are the stuff that true enduring classi [...]

    12. I read this in Nov , 2014 and somehow managed to delete my review This is a reposting.When I read a book like this I am reminded of why I choose to spend so much of my time reading This book has characters that I want to know , a story that made my heart ache and yet lifted my spirit at the same time and writing that is just so good that I didn t want the last page to be the last page.What struck me about Lila was the sadness , the loneliness , the lack of a sense of belonging and her inability [...]

    13. I ve tried and I ve tried with Marilynne Robinson I really have Each time I pick up one of her books I optimistically feel a surge of hope that THIS time I will get it, THIS time I will understand what everyone else raves about, THIS time I will see the light But no, yet again I am left bemused as to why she is such an acclaimed writer, and yet again I struggle to continue reading So I won t attempt a proper review of her latest novel, which is, like her others, being welcomed as another masterp [...]

    14. This novel is written by a woman who is working at the height of her intellectual and literary powers I do believe that she is unsurpassed in this novel and that this book, as already mentioned by a reviewer, will prove to be an American classic.Apart from the excellent structure and the mesmerizing prose, religious and spiritual leitmotifs, such as grace, old man, the colour red, and the four elements permeate the text The word grace in biblical parlance can, like forgiveness, repentance, regen [...]

    15. Have you ever read a book that was so good it hurt Marilynne Robinson knows how to touch deep places Simply beautiful If you are new to her stories, I would recommend that you read Gilead and Home first It deepens the appreciation for Lila The other day it occurred to me that reading Robinson s novels feels similar to reading Willa Cather They both have a talent for saying important things in understated, familiar ways that make you really FEEL the truth of them In this book, Lila herself is rea [...]

    16. Gilead, Home, and the Undertow of TransienceSo Marilynne Robinson returns once to the small Iowa town immortalized in her Pulitzer Prizewinning novel Gilead is there really enough material there for three books When Home, the second novel, came out, my answer was almost but not quite Now with Lila, I have no doubt This is every bit as rich and self contained a book as either of its predecessors, a deeply moving meditation on life, love, and God It is the simplest of the three novels, and the ea [...]

    17. 3 My fourth Marilynne Robinson book, and though I m a fan, my least favorite in the Gilead series Halfway through I stop and read some lovely reviews that do it the justice it no doubt deserves and make me feel like a completely inadequate reader not up to the task of appreciation I feel detached and somewhat bored at points The structure bothers me No chapters, just pages that keep going with past events against the current ones in protagonist Lila s story I feel the need to stop and ponder, bu [...]

    18. Vorab Sorry, wenn ich einigen GR Freunden auf die F e trete Nicht pers nlich nehmen Lila ist authentisch Sie n tigt mir Respekt ab Sie hatte ein hartes Leben als Wanderabeiterin und hat alles verloren, was es zu verlieren gibt au er ihrem Stolz.Ungebildet, traumatisiert, menschenscheu stellt sie existentielle Fragen, die ihren Ehemann, einen Prediger, in Verlegenheit bringen Der Reverend ist ein so herzensguter Mensch, wie ihn die Welt noch nicht gesehen hat Ohne Ecken und Kanten, hilfreich und [...]

    19. This has to be one of the most beautiful love stories I ve ever read, even though it would not be classified as such A young woman battered by life, and an elderly minister beloved by his congregation, yet so lonely, only God and his prayers and old man Boughten next door to keep him company They very inprobably find each other and get married and have a child, and along the way shyly and fearfully learn to trust each other The story is told by Lila, since we heard John Ames story in Gilead , bu [...]

    20. As John Ames s late life second wife, Lila s something of a background figure in Gilead there are only hints at her rough upbringing and manners, as well as her slightly unorthodox spiritual thinking Lila is a prequel, then its present day is the late 1940s, when Lila s wanderings bring her to Gilead, Iowa and she falls into an altogether surprising romance with the elderly pastor Yet it also stretches back to Lila s semi feral upbringing with Doll and the gang, and her brief sojourn in a St Lou [...]

    21. I received a review copy of this book from the publisher, but since it was a finalist for the National Book Award, I would have been reading it anyway When I finally got around to reading Gilead, I was surprised by how much I liked it despite its very small world Marilynne Robinson kept to that small world when she wrote Home, a story set in the same time with a parallel character And this book does it again by telling the story of the wife of the minister from the first book This one feels much [...]

    22. I just about hyperventilated when I found out Marilynne Robinson has a new novel coming out in October It has been over five years since I read Home I may have to re read it to get myself warmed up for this new one.

    23. Lila Dahl is not a new character those of us who have fallen under the spell of Marilynne Robinson s Gilead trilogy have encountered her before.We ve met up with her in Marilynne s Robinson s luminous first book, Gilead, which took the form of a sublime missive written by the aging minister John Ames, who marries the young, itinerant Lila in the winter of his years In the second of the series, Home, the view changes to John Ames best friend, a fellow minister named Boughton, and we meet Lila aga [...]

    24. Sometimes when you love a book as I did Gilead, it is interesting to think how you will respond to another book featuring the same characters but from a different perspective This book gives us the back story of Lila from the time she was snatched off the stoop by Doll, who saves her from a life of neglect Not that life with Doll is easy either They travel with others managing just to get by, sometimes by methods that not everyone would approve of But hardship can make people do things others de [...]

    25. If you, like I, tend to be the type of reader who is usually drawn to novels filled with plenty of action and edge of your seat plot twists then you will find Pulitzer Prize winner Marilynne Robinson s LILA to be a little slow It falls into the category of traditional themes and straight forward storytelling with LILA sharing her innermost thoughts regarding everything from the events in her childhood and the early wanderings that brought her to Gilead, Iowa to her life as the wife of an elderl [...]

    26. By this point, I m mainly interested in what Robinson is doing with form I know what I ll get intellectually and I like it , I know what I ll get in terms of character This is my least favorite of the Gilead novels, but, dear reader, it might well be your favorite for the very same reasons I m unmoved Gilead is a letter written by a well read pastor Home is a third person novel about than usually intelligent people Lila is a very close third person novel about a woman who, through no fault of h [...]

    27. In the beginning were the words, and the spirit of Jean Calvin hovered over them.This is the same world but a completely different one to Gilead It is a free standing novel, but plainly also part of a trinity, it is a religious novel full of allusion but doesn t require a prayerful reader who has a thorough going knowledge of chapter and verse It is hard for me to think of it as other than a masterpiece, the apprentice has brought the evidence of their skill before the guild which cannot deny th [...]

    28. Lila is rescued from a workhouse when she is five by a woman named Doll Doll, perhaps owing much to Toni Morrison s creations, is an eloquent illiterate women, mistrustful of the world at large The first fascinating question this novel asks is, how does language without formal learning give clarity to experience Robinson does a masterful job of creating a kind of secret language between the two females Lila s real challenge though is to overcome the hard crusted mistrust of intimacy bred into he [...]

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