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A Perfect Man By Caro LaFever,

  • Title: A Perfect Man
  • Author: Caro LaFever
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A bitter and betrayed beau A furious and forced fiancee A recipe for rebellion and rapture Alex Stravoudas knows exactly who ruined his reputation Sophia Feuer The scheming woman might hide beneath her famous TV confectioner s hat, but she drove away his fianc e, turned the tabloids against him, and now it s affecting his business Only fair then, that she repair the A bitter and betrayed beau A furious and forced fiancee A recipe for rebellion and rapture.Alex Stravoudas knows exactly who ruined his reputation Sophia Feuer The scheming woman might hide beneath her famous TV confectioner s hat, but she drove away his fianc e, turned the tabloids against him, and now it s affecting his business Only fair then, that she repair the damage By becoming his new fianc e Sophie knows a con artist when she sees one and the minute Alexander the Great strode into her sights, she pegged him as trouble Determined to pull her best bud out of his orbit, she succeeds in breaking their engagment Only to find she s drawn the ire of man who won t let a slight go For Alex and Sophie going from acrimonious enemies to intimate lovers is shocking enough What might be even worse is when they both realize they ve found their perfect match and yet, sacred promises keep them apart Who will take the leap into hot water to find what they truly desire A Perfect Man is a standalone story with a happily ever after ending It s part of the thrilling International Billionaires series books that take well loved stories and place them in exotic locales The Frog Prince comes to life again, but instead of sitting on a lily pad, you ll find the princess and the frog attending a golden ball in New York City, spending time in Paris during Christmas, and ending up in a fantastical hot springs in the mountains of Greece.
    A Perfect Man A bitter and betrayed beau A furious and forced fiancee A recipe for rebellion and rapture Alex Stravoudas knows exactly who ruined his reputation Sophia Feuer The scheming woman might hide beneath he

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    1. Hero serves us Total Jerk and heroine serves up Possible Idiot, but I still read the whole thing Why Series ApparentlySexy times Yea, but fairly normal for a contemporaryPlan on reading by the author So, here s the problem I read one book by the same author before I read this one and I really enjoyed it I didn t NOT enjoy this book, it s the characters who I did not enjoy So, will I read her again Probably, if it s free If you had asked me after reading said previous book, I would have been Oh [...]

    2. Alexander Stravoudas is an architect on the brink of making it big His business is successful, he s got money to burn, a posh lifestyle, and a beautiful fiancee He s tall, has long blond hair, and is in good shapeyou know the type He s got it all Everything is perfect.Until his fiancee dumps him He s got a the biggest business deal he s ever had at stake because this emir, with whom he is dealing, wants to deal with a man who is attached to a woman Alex is angry and goes to the source of his bre [...]

    3. This was surprisingly much better than the previous two books There was drama yes, but the characters were mature, their love was without much fuss and I truly enjoyed Sophie, such a firecracker indeed Plus Alex was wonderful too 3 perfect man indeed

    4. A huge thank you to Caro LaFever She brilliantly does it again Short, round, slightly large, big breasted, wide hipped women of the world rejoice Sophia Feuer decided that Greek billionaire Alex Stravoudas was the wrong man for her friend, so she did something about it She drove his fiance away and into the arms of the man she belonged with.Alex, a Greek billionaire was upset to say the least No fiance and his business credentials called into question, he decides the best path to take is that of [...]

    5. I especially enjoyed the fact that these two are flawed but perfect for each other I enjoyed reading a book where the heroine is not tall, model like and beautiful That he dis not like her looks, but grew to love her regardless and she became the most beautiful thing to him And the fact that he had real issues like depression and maybe a bit of some metal issues But they got through it Reading about perfect model gorgeous types gets annoying real fast Thank you for this one.

    6. A perfect fakeAs usual,this book did not disappoint I was not able to anticipate the ending Sophie was so strong and able to see beyond the fake I loved seeing the real man Sophie s confidence came through in all situations.

    7. This story follows hot headed Sophie and her number one enemy, Alex Sophie literally hates his guts, thinks he is pretentious and is glad she got her girlfriend to break off the engagement between them.This ruins all Alex s plans and he decides to take matters into his own hands and have Sophie get his plans back on track Personally By blackmailing her into being his fianc e Alex tries all the time to be perfect but firecracker Sophie digs deep under his skin Boy am I glad I read this novel Utte [...]

    8. How do you stop your attraction to the person that you dislike Sophie has everything she wants, her business is a success, her TV show has taken off yet she still has no man to call her own Alexander has found a way to get back at Sophie she did destroy his plans for the perfect wife and it is time for payback.He blackmails her into been his pretend fianc and she doesn t have a choice They fight each other at every turn and try to make each other miserable yet they both find that their attractio [...]

    9. Alex was engaged to a friend of Sophie s Unfortunately for Alex, Sophie wasn t going to let her friend make a big mistake by marrying someone who wasn t right for her.Alex was in the tabloids and things are going from bad to worse for him Cancelled wedding, cancelled contracts bad month for the guy.Alex wasn t going to allow this to go on He needed a fianc e and he blackmailed Sophie into being his fake fianc eThe verbal sparring between the two was amazing to see It was as if I was watching a f [...]

    10. This novel was so much than just a romance The characters, along with the descriptions of the settings, transport the reader right into the story The story is told from both Alex and Sophie s points of view, allowing for a greater complexity of the characters emotions, adding tremendous depth to the story I loved both of the characters and their journey to understand and eventually love one another It was also refreshing to have a heroine who was not only intelligent and strong, but not just an [...]

    11. Never judge a book by its cover.Sophie Feuer is a small time famous baker in New York What she didnt know that getting her friend out of a relationship, was going to put her in the frying pan so to speak To become the fianc of Mr Perfect Alexander Stravoudas A world famous Architect, and her landlord of the building where her bakery is And he holds the key to her businesses future If she does what he wants Will she play ball or will she fight fire with fire She s all but ruined him Sophie Feuer [...]

    12. I don t do this often but this isn t your typical series Caro LeFever does an incredible job of writing gutwrenching yet endearing characters and storylines Some books will have you yelling at one of the characters through your sobs Others will have you crying for their shared pain and the love they take too long to recognize I definitely wish these books were less sexual but I can skip those parts and still enjoy these stories THIS SERIES IS FABULOUS AND YOU WON T BE SORRY Series Verdict 4.5 St [...]

    13. Sweet seduction For Sophie and Alex there is nothing but animosity One misjudgment leads to a payback that neither saw coming A Perfect Man is my favorite read so far in Ms LaFever s International Billionaires series I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review From the stories I have read by her she never writes characters that are weak Whether male or female they have human flaws but the pride and arrogance to speak their minds I love that.

    14. This is not your typical series it is so much than that Caro LeFever has done an amazing job of writing yet another heart stopping romance.Yet she has the most amazing endearing characters and storylines that will blow your mind This book will have you ranting at the characters and at times you will want too hug them tight but the love they share will blind you with a bright light.

    15. I found this book interesting that the previous one by the same author I had read The characters are well developed, relatable with their own complexities and insecurities There were portions where I found Alex s behavior a little stretched but the author weaves it well into the story and builds around it The end was a surprise but nice acceptable.

    16. Perfect continuation to the series, Alex and Sophie the chemistry was definitely there, however these two fought it tooth and nail Loved how fiesty and witty the main characters were, perfect for each other Sophie and Alex both had to learn to open up and let go of painful experiences in their past in order to find and fully appreciate loved and each other

    17. Alex decides that since Sophie helped end his prior engagement, she could be his current fianc to clinch the business deal of a lifetime Sophie ,a top bakery chef, doesn t want to be engaged but is convinced when she finds out he is her new landlord Across 2 continents their romance develops to find that perfection is not necessary for love when it is perfect.Gifted with authors copy

    18. Mr Perfect That is quite a title to uphold, but so is Alexander the Great This hero, like many great hero s has a troubled past, and has set exaggerated expectations for himself The love of one good woman does tend to smooth things out Getting there is always a challenge, and this couple encounter than most This is an awesome story, and I highly recommend it.

    19. I really thought that this would be another revenge anger the whole time book, but without giving any spoilers , I enjoyed the twists turns of the relationship between Alex Sophie There were some major issues with each character that they had to deal with individually and together.

    20. Love itI like stories where one of the main characters need to realize their dreams and find love in a person who is the opposite in personality or just as strong especially when you have to look underneath the outer layer of the characters

    21. My favoriteThis is my favorite in the series so far I loved them all but this one takes the cake The story was slow for a minute in the middle but the story line was good so I kept with it It was good

    22. A Perfect ManAnother great book I couldn t put it down until I read every word I can t wait to read the next book.

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