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The Young World: O Mundo Novo By Chris Weitz,

  • Title: The Young World: O Mundo Novo
  • Author: Chris Weitz
  • ISBN: 9789722355568
  • Page: 389
  • Format: None
  • Uma misteriosa doen a assola a humanidade e os adolescentes s o os nicos que conseguem sobreviver Jefferson o l der de Washington Square, uma tribo civilizada no meio do caos Mas a descoberta de uma pista para a cura da Doen a impele Jeff, Donna e mais tr s amigos procura de respostas Juntos, enfrentam o perigo numa viagem pelo desconhecido onde s o perseguidos porUma misteriosa doen a assola a humanidade e os adolescentes s o os nicos que conseguem sobreviver Jefferson o l der de Washington Square, uma tribo civilizada no meio do caos Mas a descoberta de uma pista para a cura da Doen a impele Jeff, Donna e mais tr s amigos procura de respostas Juntos, enfrentam o perigo numa viagem pelo desconhecido onde s o perseguidos por animais selvagens, tribos cru is e inimigos inesperados Com eles, testemunhamos um cen rio apocal tico em que a chegada maioridade significa morte pela Doen a Haver esperan a para este Novo Mundo
    The Young World O Mundo Novo Uma misteriosa doen a assola a humanidade e os adolescentes s o os nicos que conseguem sobreviver Jefferson o l der de Washington Square uma tribo civilizada no meio do caos Mas a descoberta de uma p

    One thought on “The Young World: O Mundo Novo”

    1. DNF at 60%I have seen the future, and it is bacon.You people with that library of unused, witty snarky gifs will have a field day with this one.You know whose writing style Chris Weitz reminds me of Victoria Scott And know that despite not being able to finish this, I mean no disrespect to either authors in drawing that comparison I only mean to attempt an intelligent guess on which reader group this book may appeal to Which is a good thing, because I believe there is an audience for this book I [...]

    2. See reviews at YA Midnight ReadsThe Young World had a lot to promise I was immediately fascinated by the idea of teens ruling the world with no adults or little kids around to get in their way I mean, that would make me one step closer to world domination And that would make the world a glorious place, amirite For me, The Young World seemed to be a character orientated read How much you enjoy this book will most likely rely on whether or not you can connect with the plethora of characters In pa [...]

    3. Come 2014, I think teens are going to realize how overdone and stale this plot is Couldn t he have come up with something a tad bit original Also, The Tribe called, they want their overdone plot back.

    4. WARNING THIS REVIEW CONTAINS UNTAGGED SPOILERS Alright Oh boy This book was a DOWNRIGHT MESS I mean, not only was it a mess, it was also incredibly offensive and poorly written and I just can t believe this is actually a published bookI m gonna just break this down and yeaH CHARACTERS Literally every supporting character is a stereotype First we have Peter, who s African American and GAY I put gay in capital letters because it s the main thing you actually know about him All he talks about is be [...]

    5. This description sounds awfully familiar I wonder why is that Oh, I know That s the description of The Tribe, a really cool 90 s TV Show I ll tell you a little bit about the showThere is a virus that wiped out all the adults Not a single adult survived, only the childern and the teens are left in the world and no one knows what caused it There is no electricity any, the food is scarce and the world is a dangerous place to live in The tribes are forming, the battle over the dominance is constant, [...]

    6. I was really excited to read this one, because a I m a huge fan of Gone by Michael Grant and this looked similar and b APOCALYPSE Accuse me all you want, peoples, but I do find the apocalypse fascinating Except for the part about no WiFiI don t find that fascinating at all I was a little bit underwhelmed, unfortunately, but I still liked this book Basically I love all theories about the apocalypse.One of the coolest is probably the There Are No More Adults So The Kids Create Havoc Who doesn t li [...]

    7. RECENZJA FILMOWA youtu QwcQniOTxywP acz ze miechup acz ze smutkup acz jaka ta ksi ka jest dobra BOHATEROWIE kocham ich r norodno wow tyle zabawnych tekst w e umieram serce po amane ale c autorze, piszesz ksi k , a nie scenariusz.

    8. The Young World was a slog to read through In many ways, I ve read this book before Some disease kills off all of the adults ages 18 and the young children, leaving teenagers in the throes of puberty in charge And they are the people with guns and unlimited amounts of ammo You really do need to suspend belief to enjoy this book Think about it, a biological warfare type of disease that kills adults and children I m no immunologist but you would think that after a disease ran its course, the survi [...]

    9. 4,5es hatte einige nervige stellen zwischen den Beiden er liebt sie und sie ihn und dann doch nicht und sie wei es wieder nicht usw.

    10. uma hist ria que come a com um ritmo alucinante, onde, atrav s dos olhos de Donna e Jefferson acompanhamos a viagem de um grupo de adolescentes, em busca da cura para um doen a que matou todas as crian as e adultos.Quando reparei que o livro era narrado por duas personagens pensei que cada uma estivesse num determinado tempo, mas n o, ambas as personagens se encontram no mesmo espa o temporal, e a sua narra o cont nua, apenas muda o ponto de vista sobre o acontecimento.Para explicar toda a situa [...]

    11. Maybe about a 2.5 5 for meI didn t love this book though the concept and general world was really intriguing

    12. Nope Nope I can t do it any I can t read these YA books that showcase whiny characters and bad writing At first, I wondered if i was dealing with some fatigue as this is the third apocalyptic dystopia book I ve read in the past month But as the pages droned on and on, I realized that the voices of the characters created no sympathy, no connection for me I did not care if this world burned or survived I still recommend that if you are curious about the story, please read it Just be aware of the d [...]

    13. Otro libro distop co, otra historia juvenil que podr a resultar m s de lo mismo, pero en esta ocasi n una historia sin censuras, dura y con ingredientes muy buenos que enganchan desde el primer momento Tiene mucha acci n, es trepidante y hay varios misterios que te dejan con ganas de seguir leyendo, adem s de forma m s secundaria hay algo de romance, algo que no eclipsa para nada la trama principal donde los protagonistas tendr n que enfrentarse continuamente a peligros y buscar una cura.Es un l [...]

    14. Action packed, violent, but overall an engaging read I loved the travel quest survival aspect of this BUT, i abhorred the threat of rape that was ever present This book should come with a trigger warning I love that the main character was non white Plus, Weitz has a really cool take on the social order of the world after the apocalypse, and it reflects on our world now Actually pretty thought provoking at times I liked that this took place just 2 years after the Sickness, instead of hundreds of [...]

    15. I was drawn to the story of this, since you got the post Apocalypse, teens trying to survive And well, it made me think of the Tribe and Beyond Thunderdome Kudos for the Mad Max reference I mean how could you not Anyway, this was, well, first half was okay but once the story and pace picked up, its a 3.5.I liked some of the characters, like See Through, Brainbox and Jefferson Donna however I kind of didn t like at first, but later on she grows on you.The writing was okay The romance was okay Tho [...]

    16. Tof boek over een wereld zonder volwassenen, waar een virus ervoor zorgt dat niemand ouder wordt dan achttien Een spannend avontuur vol referenties naar de wereld van hiervoor Wel vond ik persoonlijk de reis erg lang duren, terwijl het einde aangekomen op de bestemming opeens enorm snel ging Ook de romantiek was een beetje cheesy, maar de allerlaatste zin maakt me dan toch weer nieuwsgierig naar meer.Mijn complete recensie lees je op Oog op de Toekomst.

    17. Uwielbiam ten pomys , uwielbiam klimat, ale ci g przyczynowo skutkowy nie istnieje w tej historii Aby wymienia absurdy i bezsensy fabu y nie ma miejsca i czasu Powiem tylko, e gdyby autor popracowa nad baz , czyli nad opisem wiata przedstawionego oraz zasad nim rz dz cych to by aby to jedna z najciekawszych i najbardziej oryginalnych serii na rynku, je li chodzi o ten gatunek.

    18. As a reader, sometimes you pick up a book and you can just tell that it s not for you Unfortunately, this was how I felt about Chris Weitz s debut The Young World To me, the premise was a bit lacking and the characters were irritating The premise is not one that is necessarily new or original and it gave me a bit of a sense of deja vu towards Michael Grant s Gone series I was expecting Weitz to put his own twists on it to make it a bit original, but he didn t really have anything to add to the [...]

    19. I was kindly provided with a copy by Little Brown Net Galley in exchange for an honest reviewI had heard a lot of good things about this book, the first young adult novel from acclaimed director Chris Weitz Twilight New Moon Golden Compass etc set in the near future in New York City a sickness has decimated the cities adults and young children leaving just the teenagers behind.Left to fend for themselves these teenagers form tribes and stick to their different parts of town, this story is all ab [...]

    20. Check out Scott Reads It for reviews, giveaways The Young World is acclaimed director Chris Weitz s debut novel and while it isn t the best dystopian novel I ve read this year, it is extremely entertaining Weitz has written such a thrilling sci fi book that showcases his incredible storytelling abilities The Young World is a cinematic tale with clear world building and unique characters that will engage readers from start to finish Weitz has created a gritty, realistic scenario of what a possib [...]

    21. Mamy kolejny pi kny wiosenny dzie po upadku cywilizacji Moja intuicja m wi a mi, e ta ksi ka wcale nie b dzie taka dobra Ale zaintrygowa mnie autor Chris Weitz re yser i autor, jest tw rc film w saga Zmierzch, Z oty kompas, American Pie Napisa r wnie z Tonym Gilorym scenariusz do ,, otr 1 Gwiezdne Wojny , wi c sami widzicie, e autor intryguj cy By am ciekawa, co mo e stworzy kto , kto wyda takie hity No ale niestety intuicja mnie nie zawiod a ,,M ody wiat to historia post apo w kt rej wszyscy do [...]

    22. 3.5 ster.Ik vond het een goed boek, ik ben ook zeker benieuwd naar deel 2 Alleen helaas niet zo orgineel.

    23. My thanks toLittle, Brown Books for Young Readers Point of View Dual Jefferson Donna Writing First Person Present TenseSetting New YorkGenre Sci Fi Post Apocalyptic Pandemic This book is promising, but I enjoyed only about 30% of it Back then I thought the humor was a nice touch In a twisted way, it helped make the book interesting Later on, it became weird and annoying.The story was told from 2 POV s I didn t have much problem with Jefferson s POV at first, but Donna s POV kind of annoyed me f [...]

    24. Come ar o ano com uma historia p s apocal ptica, onde s sobrevivem a uma doen a fatal, os adolescentes Melhor seria imposs vel xD A narrativa contada sobre dois pontos diferentes O que na minha opini o foi um aspecto muito positivo no desenvolvimento da trama Os cap tulos s o curtos o que nos permite avan ar com mais rapidez na leitura E a escrita do autor tamb m me surpreendeu, alem de r pida mas bastante explicita, existe ao longo da historia imensas referencias cultura Pop actual, o que nos f [...]

    25. 2.75 stars This book started out feeling juvenile to me but it did have a lot of action and it kept my interest all the way through The premise is that in the future some biological agent kills adults and children and now all that is left are teens who are protected by some hormone they have that goes away in adulthood I liked the characters but would have liked them to be developed or fleshed out I m not sure if I will go on to book 2 but I might because I am curious to see how things continue [...]

    26. First Look The adult free, kid teen run society plot has been a subtle trend for a long time now It s never been the big thing, but these books just keep popping up And, for the most part, I m into it I love Gone and The Maze Runner, and then there s the classic Lord of the Flies with which I have a weird relationship So, I figured, Hey, let s give this a shot Now, though, I m wondering if we need to give this trend a rest.Setting I wish this setting made sense Sure, I ll accept that the creativ [...]

    27. Verta, suolenp tki , toimintaa niit t ss piisaa Sen sijaan en oikein p se yli siit , kuinka tarinan tyt t l hes koko ihmiskunnan tuhonneen viruksen j lkeisess ultrav kivaltaisessa maailmassa kerrotaan ja n hd n l hinn fyysisten ominaisuuksien ja niiden pohtimisen kautta Come on, ei ket n kiinnosta postapokalypsissa, mink kokoiset tissit jollakulla on Viel v hemm n, millaiset jonkun toisen tissit ovat On t m siltikin, piru viek n, ihan vet v kerrontaa.

    28. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty This book had problems, certain ones that made me want to throttle one of the characters However, the plot twists and turns kept me interested enough to read on and I ended up enjoying it.Opening Sentence It s another gorgeous Spring day after the fall of civilization.The Review Meet the group of Washington Square, survivors of a disease that killed all but those in their teenage years When you reach 18, though, you fall pray to it When Jefferson a [...]

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