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Bound to the Wolf By Sennah Tate,

  • Title: Bound to the Wolf
  • Author: Sennah Tate
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sonya has been on the run from her abusive ex for so long that she s forgotten what home is like Her young son has lived an entirely nomadic life, and all Sonya wants to do is keep him safe and give him a normal childhood Palm Haven isn t safe the shifter clans are at war with witches and Sonya s been flung into the middle of the fight with her half breed son Her long Sonya has been on the run from her abusive ex for so long that she s forgotten what home is like Her young son has lived an entirely nomadic life, and all Sonya wants to do is keep him safe and give him a normal childhood Palm Haven isn t safe the shifter clans are at war with witches and Sonya s been flung into the middle of the fight with her half breed son Her long forgotten magic is no match for the raw power of a wolf pack When Jose knocks on her door, he only wants to spook the woman Problem is, she s plenty spooked already and his wolf immediately comes to life, desperate to fix her problems, protect her, and claim her He s heard of her ex The sadistic Alpha in another town Jose can only imagine the horrors Sonya and her son have been through and he s determined to keep them safe, even if it brings to war to his very doorstep But before Jose can bring Sonya into his life, he ll have to convince her to trust again Will she be able to lower her guard to let him in before it s too late
    Bound to the Wolf Sonya has been on the run from her abusive ex for so long that she s forgotten what home is like Her young son has lived an entirely nomadic life and all Sonya wants to do is keep him safe and give h

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    1. She had no clue he was a shifter 5 GOLDEN WOLVESHe had no idea she was a witch Can you trust a wolf His wolf was convinced she was his And that was how she found herself in the Wolves Den HO O O W L I LOVE IT This story is GRRRREAT I would like to say that I loved this one because of little cub Manuel, or because of Mama Wolf Sonya, or even because of the WOLFELICIOUS Alpha Jose, but in all honesty I can t say it was anyone of those IT WAS EVERYTHING Sonya is definitely a character that I am so [...]

    2. MoreMore added to the mix Diego is the evil, abusive, uncaring, cruel alpha of a wolf pack.Jos is the kind, compassionate, protective alpha of another pack.Sonja is the witch caught in the middle of them The witch, Esther, is still trying to manipulate all of them.What is she after which is worth an all out war You will have to keep reading to find out

    3. BOUND TO THE WOLF Palm Haven Shifters Book 3 A THRILLING SUSPENSEFUL ROMANTIC STORY.The story focuses on SONYA, a sexy, audacious, hazel eyed beautiful white witch JOSE, a sultry, heart stirring, gorgeous, powerful wolf shifter and alpha to the Palm Haven wolves MANUEL, Sonya s four year old half breed son.What you ll find in this story a cast of awesome impressive and engaging characters, spectacular story line, powerful vivid scene descriptions, fabulous banter, gut wrenching moments, pent up [...]

    4. I have to Sennah Tate out did herself on Bound to The Wolf I think this is my favorite of the Palm Haven books so far Anybody who reads a book knows in most cases there is the GOOD and there is the BAD So in the Palm Haven Books the GOOD is trying to stop the BAD from and evil plot These books are written for adult audiences only.Sonya is a good witch who has been on the run from Evil wolf shifter Diego Sonya has been on the run from this abusive wolf shifter for so long she has no idea what nor [...]

    5. sonya and her son are ready to pack up and leave town she s sure her then abusive ex is hot on her tail when local alpha jose knocks on her door she strongly believes he s only here to turn her in surpizingly he s there to offer protection to her and her son sonya doesn t trust the offer and declines but only days later she comes home to find her home trashed beyond recognition again jose shows up and this time she accepts his offer the only thing that is proving harder to ignore now is the spa [...]

    6. If I could give this stars I would, it was my favourite from the very addictive series I love the combination of Witches and shifters, it definitely makes for a steamy read This time we follow Sonya, a reluctant witch and her son Manuel His father Diago was a wolf shifter, and little Manuel is already starting to show wolfy signs Things ended badly between Sonya and Diago, Some how Sonya managed to escape and is now trying to keep a low profile in order to keep herself and her son safe.When A b [...]

    7. I have not read the other Palm Haven books, but I must say I really liked this oneShows that love can overcome insecurities.Sonja has spent years running and hiding from her 4 year old s abusive and sadistic Alpha father Sonja has spent all these years hiding her powers and the fact that she is a witch, she is convinced that all wolves are evil and would only use her powers against her When she meets Jose, alpha of the Palm Haven pack though, her powers start to sizzle and she is baffled as to w [...]

    8. When escaping a wolf, can you trust a wolf to save you Danger, romance and magic 4.8 starsSonya, a witch, and her son Diego are on the run from her abusive, Alpha wolf ex husband They stay on the run, but than anything she wants to provide a normal childhood for her son Palm Haven is dealing with shifter unrest and their war with the Coven Diego is half wolf, so Sonya is caught in the middle.Jose is Alpha in Palm Haven and is battling the sadistic Alpha of a nearby town whom he discovers is Son [...]

    9. Running from abuse is always hard, but when it is a cruel and abusive Alpha Wolf and you have his cub it is almost impossible Sonya has been running from her mate, Diego, with her son Manuel for quite a while Wanting to give him a safe and happy environment to grow up in she heads to her mother s town of Palm Haven Sonya is a witch but doesn t practice Trying to help, her mother informs the Coven and now the witches are involved too Jose is the Palm Haven Alpha and offers Sonya and Manuel protec [...]

    10. Fast action wolves and witcheswhat else could you ask for Sennah Tate knows how to write a vivid tale that takes you out of of your chair and into the scene right with the characters This is a series and I have looked forward to each book as it has come out just to see what the witch is going to do next Sonya and her son are on the run from an abusive and EVIL man baby daddy who of course happens to be a wolf OH i forgot to tell you Sonya is a witch but a good one and yes wolves and witches typi [...]

    11. The alphas and the witchThis is a great addition to the Palm Haven Shifters series Tensions are running high between the coven, the Summer Springs clan and the Palm Haven Shifters Sennah Tate, a born witch, is running from the cruel alpha of Summer Springs, Diego, the father of her four year old son, Manuel Diego is ruthless and relentless, and Sennah believes all alphas are that way, until she meets Jose , alpha of Palm Springs Jose approaches Sennah to offer her and her son protection since th [...]

    12. After running away with her son from an abusive werewolf ex and always having to hide her son Sonya s mom talks another witch into going into wolf area of town were Sonya was able to rent a home and see if she wanted to put her son in witch safe house but by stopping by and checking on her that area s alpha was told witches were stealing pups When he all but forces himself in the home his nose tells all he needs to know Sonya is his and his wolf clamp the boy as pack While Sonya had a little mel [...]

    13. This is a great quick read Sennah Tate has created her own shifter world full of different types of shifters and witches In Bound To The Wolf, we discover there s a war brewing The shifters are fighting each other but not all of them realize that witches are to blame Sonja is a witch on the run from her abusive ex wolf shifter, the father of her four year old son Sonja doesn t trust anyone especially wolf shifters She doesn t even trust other witches Jose is the Alpha of the wolf pack in Palm Ha [...]

    14. Sonya is running from her nasty piece of work ex, and she is just about sick of running She is trying to protect her son and doesn t like her mom sticking her nose in her business, even though she means well.Jose is the local Alpha and he doesn t take kindly to the Coven trying to start a war by blackmail He extends a helping hand to Sonya and realizes the she is his mate However, he will have to be careful since she is already spooked These two have their hands full and yet somehow they make it [...]

    15. Awesome Sennah Tate does it again I was so into the story that I missed lunch You can almost feel the fear Sonya feels for her abusive ex and for the safety of her son She s a witch and her son is 1 2 witch and 1 2 wolf shifter She hides from her ex as he wants them back bad Jose is the alpha of the territory she is hiding in He knows what she is afraid of and wants to protect her She s his mate Can he convince her to take a chance on him and his pack I was given this e book by the publisher for [...]

    16. Fast paced ad excitingThis story starts off strong and just keeps getting better I loved the characters They are likeable and real Sonia is escaping an abusive ex Her mom tries to help but not in the right way The wolves turn up and they re not what you expect The story moves pretty fast and you won t lose interest in it at all There are no useless pages of boring exposition Stuff is revealed naturally as it is needed I loved it, can hardly wait for the next book in the series

    17. This review is from Bound to the Wolf Palm Haven Shifters Book 3 Kindle Edition I received this book in exchange for my honest review This is the third book in the Palm Haven Shifters Series I recommend reading them in order to understand what is happening to the characters I loved the story line and the chemistry between Jose, Sonya and her son, Manuel But before Jose can bring Sonya into his life and his pack he ll have to convince her to trust him again Will she be able to trust him Would Jos [...]

    18. Bound to the Wolf Palm Haven Shifters, 3 by Sennah TateBound to the Wolf is a great story I really liked watching as Sonya come back into her own Jose is an Alpha wolf, but he runs his pack differently then Diego did That makes a lot of difference in how Sonya does things Jose wants to give Sonya and Manuel, her son, a safe place to live and protect them, and much , he just isn t sure if Sonya will want the same She has been through a lot with another Alpha, but not all Alpha s are alike ARC giv [...]

    19. This is book three in the series I would recommend reading them in order to understand what is happening Sonya and her four year old son have been on the run and hiding from her abusive ex for a long time now, but her mother thinking to help has told Ashley Montgomery a good witch where she is Ashley had been followed after she leaves Josh the local Alpha werewolf comes to where Sonya is Josh finds out about her ex, Diego and swears to keep her and her son safe What happens when Diego finds them [...]

    20. This is a quick read, 127 pages, but it is a really good read Sonya, a witch, meets Jos , an alpha wolf shifter, that wants to protect her and her son from another alpha wolf shifter who is her son s father Has Jos found his mate This is a standalone book I have not read any of the others, and was fine reading this one Jos is not only a sexy alpha, he is also kind, protective, and giving If there is not enough excitement, then there are also witches in the book I received this book for free in r [...]

    21. I m not sure how the author s muse picked these characters to base the stories off of It seems like the main characters of the current book, were just a minor character with a brief one scene part in the last book, but now they are the focus of the current book I don t mean for that to sound condescending or derogatory, it s just a question that popped in my head while reading each book, how did those characters get chosen Still liking the series so far, but just wish it had a little depth to i [...]

    22. so what do you do when your ex wants to take your son and another man comes into your life will he be like your ex due to the fact he is a shifter and a wolf and why is a witch hell bent on causing war between the shifters and blaming the wolves for it find this and much when you buy and read and find out what happens next then stay tuned for book 4 coming in March and a sneak peak of it in the back of this book.

    23. This is book 3 in the Palm Haven Shifter series, this is a stand alone story I have not read any of the other stories in this series but I absolutely loved Jose as the hero of this story He was so patient and gentle with Sonya I also loved just how well he took Manuel under his wing and gave him a great example of a good wolf alpha After reading this story I am looking forward to reading from this series.

    24. Sonya never though she would always be on the run, for her life and her sons Jose never expected the woman he found when he went to find the witch hiding in his territory, and he never expected his wolf to want her so much This is an action packed book with all the alpha magnatism one woman can stand With deception, mistrust and some hot sex, this book is a must read

    25. I really enjoyed reading this series, but things between Jose and Sonya got pretty hot and steamy really quickly I figure with the trauma that she experienced from her abusive ex it would ve taken her a while to fully open up to the idea of a relationship I don t know if it was because they were mates Overall it was a good read and I m glad that Sonya and her son got the HEA they deserved.

    26. Sennah does it again I m in love with this series and can t wait to read the next book Each book has its own set of characters, but the storyline continues through the series Somebody is up to no good, trying to start an all out war They need to be stopped and soon.I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

    27. I enjoyed this book I love how Sonya found the courage to fight for her son even before Jose Both characters were well developed and made this story flow Best in the series so far, I would recommend this book and series Received this ARC for free for an honest review.

    28. A mom on the run to protect her child from a abusive father finds a second chance at love when she is claimed by a better wolf man Now they must overcome the final obstacles because they are a family A well written story that runs toward action adventure I received this for an honest review.

    29. I have enjoyed reading this series Each book has recurring characters but the storylines are different They have been well written and you can get to know the characters I received this book free in exchange for an honest review and I honestly think this was a good read.

    30. Bound to the WolfI m so hoping someone hurry and catch Esther I actually thought it was Sage who was the evil one I think the Jose needs to talk to Callan and Ashley.

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