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Against the Rules By A.R. Barley,

  • Title: Against the Rules
  • Author: A.R. Barley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kelly O Connell s out of controlAn RA at Halton University, he spends his off nights at a club, hoping to find what he s looking for in rough sex with strangers.Until one night the play gets a little too rough An isolated room, a dangerous situationd an unexpected rescue.Ian Rankin knows what Kelly wants a true Dom, someone who will protect him instead of using him,Kelly O Connell s out of controlAn RA at Halton University, he spends his off nights at a club, hoping to find what he s looking for in rough sex with strangers.Until one night the play gets a little too rough An isolated room, a dangerous situationd an unexpected rescue.Ian Rankin knows what Kelly wants a true Dom, someone who will protect him instead of using him, someone who can take him to the edge without pushing him into unsafe territory.Ian knows just what Kelly needs, and he s the only man who can give it to him.There s only one problem Kelly is a student, and Ian is a teacher.
    Against the Rules Kelly O Connell s out of controlAn RA at Halton University he spends his off nights at a club hoping to find what he s looking for in rough sex with strangers Until one night the play gets a little

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    1. I have mixed feelings about this book Against the Rules, which can be read as a standalone, is an easy read, and I was definitely interested in the MCs and their relationship I didn t want to put the book down, which is always a plus I liked the sweet HEA ending, although I wasn t sure the MCs had done enough work to earn it Kelly, a college senior just a few weeks away from graduation, is into pain He lost both his parents in the last year, and his aunts are trying to run his life Kelly allows [...]

    2. DNF at 54%I wasn t interested in what happened at all And I had a very hard time connecting with either Kelly or Ian Some things just felt weird to me What kind of Dom wants to test his sub s limits by biting him hard enough to draw blood

    3. I remember hating Kelly with a vengeance in the first book But I wanted to read this book anyway because Out of Bounds was ok.Still hate him.

    4. I rarely DNF books, but in the case of Against the Rules, I read to around 45%, set it aside for a few days, and realized that I was actually dreading continuing the book There are a number of reasons for my DNF Kelly was a secondary character in Out of Bounds OOB and while he definitely was and continues to be a jerk, he seems like a different character entirely in Against the Rules ATR Toward the end of OOB, we read very briefly a few lines that Kelly is having family trouble and the death of [...]

    5. Kelly O Connell is a senior in college and about to graduate He s doing well in his classes and is a resident assistant in the dorms On the outside he appears to be doing well Inside he s falling apart due to his parent s deaths Kelly seeks to find comfort in anonymous hook ups and rough sex with strangers One night Kelly gets himself into a bad situation and he draws the attention of Ian Rankin who is a professor at the college Ian helps Kelly out and finds himself attracted to the young man an [...]

    6. Boundaries book 2I really enjoyed the first book in this series and I was really looking forward to this, Kelly s story My expectations were probably too high and while I really liked it, I didn t love it as much as the first book.Kelly has had a really tough time of it and is still reeling from everything that s happened, he s been getting himself into and dangerous situations so that he can forget for a while Ian comes along and saves him from one of those dangerous situations, realises what [...]

    7. I couldn t get into this book My reasons 1 I didn t think the teacher student relationship was handled well if at all It wasn t issue which it should ve been.2 I didn t connect with the main characters.3 Granted I don t read many BDSM books but the whole BDSM aspect of the story was OTT and unrealistic.4 My biggest complain though the lack of communication drove me bunkers I can t stand too much miscommunication I wish that I had better feedback but this book and I didn t gel 2 Stars.

    8. I ve read some pretty amazing BDSM novels over the years, ranging from a subtler domestic discipline, to the drawing of psychological and physical safe zones Tymber Dalton s The Reluctant Dom , to some hardcore nasty in your face humiliation BDSM John Preston s Mr Benson Reading a few fiction books that include a BDSM relationship doesn t make me an expert on the subject of dominance and submission, obviously, so within my admittedly limited knowledge of the lifestyle, I have to say that A.R Bar [...]

    9. My Review Wow We got to meet Kelly in the first book in this series, and I knew he had issues, but I didn t realize just how broken he is A.R Barley did a fantastic job showing his pain and grief through this story Kelly broke my heart, but thank goodness he found Ian when he did he got seriously injured which is exactly where he was headed Kelly was the hero in the first book A responsible RA and senior on campus, he found Jesse and put him in with Nick, the big, bad, gay bouncer who could make [...]

    10. 4.25 stars I m actually quite impressed with the quality of writing and the storytelling in this book I think one of my favorite things is the complexity and multiple layers of the characters Both Kelly and Ian were relatively easy to relate to I m saying relatively easy because I don t exactly have a penchant for biting and ass spanking that leaves bruises, nor do I find enjoyment in doing that to other people However, I easily understood where Kelly s need for pain and sexual domination came f [...]

    11. The relationship between Kelly and Ian seemed liked the watermark on fancy paper It is too transparent and lacks substance I liked both characters but they didn t spend enough time TALKING and getting to know each other.

    12. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.I was so excited for this book, and it just didn t work for me at all I really enjoyed the first book in the series it was fluffy and sweet and very readable And I was intrigued by the premise college professor Ian rescues college student Kelly one night at a club, when Kelly gets in trouble looking for some rough fun Ian has a personal rule against dating students, but he finds that he can t make himself walk away from Kel [...]

    13. Against the Rules is the story of Kelly and Ian They meet in a very compromising situation and Ian involuntarily becomes Prince Charming Kelly s savior When they finally realize, who the other is, there seems to be no happy ending for them But is there This was my second read by A R Barely Out of Bounds was her first book in this series and I loved it already But Against the Rules was even better IMO We met the two male MC s in the previous book, Kelly is Nick s ex boyfriend and roommate and Ian [...]

    14. A Joyfully Jay review 4.25 starsAgainst the Rules was a thoroughly rewarding book whose emotions run the gambit from sweet to angst, but never tips the balance on either The book reads evenly and the pacing is strong The plot never lags and while there are occasional story points that seem rather unnecessary, they don t drag down the natural ebb and flow of the action Given the low key nature of the story, Against the Rules moves very quickly, which just highlights how engaging the main characte [...]

    15. Kelly is grieving and self destructive He has this thing for pain although IMO it seems it s a bit of a cry for help than a real sexual desire to be hurt Ian was a bit likable from the very beginning although my initial impression of him was a much older man Maybe because he s a teacher and a Dom I tend to associate Doms with BDSM although I didn t find their sex to be very BDSM ish Bondage and spankings don t necessarily equal BDSM so let just call it, they like rough sex and Ian likes to cal [...]

    16. 3.5 Stars 4 Star Ok, so this one I read, and I enjoyed reading it but the after I finished I was left feeling a bit meh to be honest.Kelly and Ian s relationship was interesting even though they are student and teacher this is not a student teacher relationship as Kelly was never in Ian s classes.The majority of the sex scenes between the characters was hot, until we got the cause of the breakup I felt that BDSM aspect of the story was not portrayed that well especially when it came to the whole [...]

    17. I m not so sure about this one From the blurb i was expecting something entirely different I didn t like Kelly, he was just too self destructive and he was supposed to be this self reliant character, didn t buy into that Ian was just ok i guess although i didn t like the whole i d use BDSM to heal him part of this book I mean seriously A lot of books now use that kind of expression, it seems that every book i ve read lately is about healing with pain, ugh, give me a break I also didn t think Kel [...]

    18. Ok this book was an easy read but was not as good as the first in the series I liked both mc s well enough and their love story is ok however there were some big problems in this book for me The BDSM is not really handled well if we are even going to call it that It s really just one guy who likes it rough and another whose willing to rough him up safely Important guidelines for that kind of lifestyle are completely overlooked.The next thing was the ending There was just too much going on and is [...]

    19. We met Kelly in Out of Bounds and I was happy to see that his story would be next I loved him in this story and his dilemmas that were hinted in the last book were revealed Kelly looks like he is completely in control on the outside, but he s falling apart on the inside Recently, he s doing risker things in order to forget what has happened, and that s how he meets Ian Ian has all of these rules, but he ends up breaking them all for Kelly The two navigate through a light BDSM relationship I wond [...]

    20. From the first book we met Kelly and I just wanted to know this book was a pleasant read.Kelly was going through a lot and he tried to find his outlet to help him cope, when he was in a club his way to loose himself in his mind when not how he wanted really then when a hero came in and saved him from self destruction that s when things changed Ian was a Dom who s had a bad past with a sub but saw something in Kelly so he just couldn t step away Enjoyable read 4 stars

    21. 3 C This is 2 in A.R Barley s Boundaries series series but can be read as a standalone I cannot say this was my favourite novel by A.R Barley but the writing is easy reading and there is an underlying sexy romance to enjoy Kelly is a Residential Assistant at Halton University he spends his nights off at a leather club, hoping to find the relief he is looking for in rough sex with strangers One night he allows himself to get into a dangerous situationbut is rescued His knight in shiny leather tro [...]

    22. This is book two in a series and I think it s better read as a series but it can probably do fine as a standalone.Kelly is the ex boyfriend of Nick from book one He s an RA at the University they attend and about to graduate We know from book one that he s a lost soul whose parents are dead and though he has a bit of money he s not rich He likes rough sex and he uses alcohol and sex to diminish the pain in his head.Ian is a professor at the university though we ve never met him before and he is [...]

    23. This one contains some pretty hard core stuff.This is the second book in The Boundaries series but you don t need to have read the first one as both books are complete, standalone stories I read the first book, Out of Bounds, and liked it a lot it was a 5 star read for me but I m conflicted about this book The writing is good, my dilemma has to do with some of the content and the fact that the blurb for the book didn t adequately prepare me for what I would be reading.The blurb alludes to rough [...]

    24. This book in my opinion is about letting go of the pain that grips someone and standing up for themselves and making their own decisions It is a well thought out book that goes through all the steps that one would most likely go through in this type of situation.Kelly is a few months from graduating from the university and his whole life is up in shambles He lost his father to drunk driving and then shortly after his mother to cancer He still has nightmares about her passing and nothing seems to [...]

    25. I was very excited to read this book I wanted to know what Kelly s story was as soon as he was introduced in Boundaries book 1 I had high expectations going in and I don t think the author disappointed Kelly is a lost soul when Ian comes into his life Kelly has just lost both his parents He s finishing his college degree and his aunts are pressuring him to sell his childhood home and move away without any regard to what he wants The dean of the college, who was a longtime friend of his mother s, [...]

    26. Against the Rules picks up pretty much where Out of Bounds left off Kelly is floundering due to some things that happened and a rough night leads to the white knight, Ian, saving his skin Ian has his own hangups about getting into a relationship but the wind came through and ripped them out of his mind Life happened, the world kept spinning and I m a happy individual.I liked this as a follow up to Out of Bounds and being able to see what happened to Kelly He needed his own brand of TLC but any r [...]

    27. The Good Samaritan.Kelly O Connor was a senior university RA who finds himself looking for danger Having lost his parents and his boyfriend, he needed something to keep the nightmares at bay He thought he had found it, until the price to pay became too high He never knew his knight in shining armor would come to his rescue or that it would take plenty of convincing to get just what he wanted Nor did he know that with months away from graduation he would get caught up in the blue, living out his [...]

    28. Copy provided via netgalley for honest review.This is a first A.R Barley that I ve read I like stories with characters on the opposite side of the age scale However with that being said, the two of them aren t that far apart in age no than 10 years, but Ian is a professor at the college 29 yrs and Kelly is an RA 21 22 It s rare, but not impossible for someone to be a professor at 29 yrs It just read that he was older than 8 10 yrs than Kelly Ian is the Dom Top in this story and Kelly is the sub [...]

    29. Against the Rules by A.R Barley is the second installment in the Boundaries series Kelly is a creative writing major in his last semester of college He s recently suffered the loss of both of his parents and ever since he s been lost, drifting Sure he continues to work and attend classes he even turns in all of his work early or on time He socializes and participates in family functions Everyone seems to think that Kelly is coping with the loss well, but in actuality he s barley keeping himself [...]

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