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As Lições do Pinguim- Uma história real By Tom Michell,

  • Title: As Lições do Pinguim- Uma história real
  • Author: Tom Michell
  • ISBN: 9789892333809
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • com entusiamo que Tom Michell aceita ser professor num prestigiado col gio na Argentina O jovem ingl s sonha com aventura e contacto com o desconhecido sonhos que se v o realizar, ainda que de uma forma absolutamente inesperada.Um dia, num passeio beira mar, Tom depara se com um cen rio dantesco o areal est coberto de cad veres de pinguins, v timas indefesas de u com entusiamo que Tom Michell aceita ser professor num prestigiado col gio na Argentina O jovem ingl s sonha com aventura e contacto com o desconhecido sonhos que se v o realizar, ainda que de uma forma absolutamente inesperada.Um dia, num passeio beira mar, Tom depara se com um cen rio dantesco o areal est coberto de cad veres de pinguins, v timas indefesas de um derrame de petr leo Mas no meio daquela mancha negra de morte, um pinguim agarra se obstinadamente vida ent o que Tom toma a decis o que alterar a sua perce o do mundo para sempre leva o fr gil animal para casa O seu plano era trat lo e devolv lo ao mar O que aconteceu na realidade supera a melhor fic o na hora da despedida, o pinguim recusou se a avan ar para as ondas e decidiu adotar Tom No col gio, onde foi mascote, confidente, amigo e professor de nata o, rapidamente se tornou parte da fam lia Numa voz emocionada e bem humorada, Tom Michell conta nos agora a extraordin ria hist ria de Juan Salvador Ping ino, o pinguim que mudou a sua vida e tocou no cora o de todos aqueles que o rodearam.
    As Li es do Pinguim Uma hist ria real com entusiamo que Tom Michell aceita ser professor num prestigiado col gio na Argentina O jovem ingl s sonha com aventura e contacto com o desconhecido sonhos que se v o realizar ainda que de uma for

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    1. Proves the adage that large things can be found in small packages Can refer to the less than 300 pages in this delightful book and the penguin, Juan Salvador who will touch and change the lives of many He will soon make his way under your skin and into your heart, as he did mine What an amazing experience for this author to have had in his youth.So we lean about penguins but also the horror of industrial accidents, we see some of the Argentine country through the eyes of the author, a little abo [...]

    2. I saw this book on many friends pages and I felt this was a book I must read for myself Penguin Lessons is 64 year old Michell s recollections of his time 40 years earlier as a house counselor in an Argentine boarding school, and, importantly, the life lessons he learned from Juan Salvado the penguin In his 20s Michell desired to see the world I suspect many people do as a means of finding oneself He decided to apply for a position as a house counselor at a boarding school in Argentina on the o [...]

    3. I am impressed by this book It gave me much than I expected I picked it up because I had heard it was humorous It certainly was It is also well written It has history, brings to the fore environmental issues and pulls at your heartstrings What do you want from a book I am now in love with Magellanic penguins Go take a peek at them on Google Juan Salvador was just such a penguin, but what a penguin he was He was a listener He spoke with his eyes Tell me, who got the better deal The penguin, Jua [...]

    4. This was one of the most heartwarming, funny, and adorable books I ve ever read I kind of fell in love with this little penguin

    5. When I saw the cover of The Penguin Lessons, I simply couldn t resist reading it, and I m glad I didn t or I would have missed out on a great story.Tom Mitchell s true story chronicles his life during the early 1970s, when as a 23 year old from the U.K he moved to Argentina to teach at a prestigious English language college and live the free wheeling life of an unencumbered adventurer exploring South America During a trip to the Uraguayan coast, he comes upon hundreds of Magellan penguins that h [...]

    6. This is an enchanting and beautifully written book, about an unusual relationship between a man and a penguin, and it s full of the glorious flavours of Argentina in the 1970s I cannot give it a better review than Caren s which is here review showMy one add is to say if that you are concerned about animal welfare, you may want to skip the section dealing with the Argentinian cowboys.

    7. Quer a leer este libro desde que lo publicaron porque la sinopsis me atrap por completo Me encantan los animales y si juntamos animales m s mar me ganas Y la verdad que no me arrepiento de haberlo le do porque me ha encantando conocer la historia de Tom y conocer al peque o Juan Salvado Tengo que resaltar que me ha gustado mucho la forma de escribir del autor y como te cuenta su historia, es muy cercana, alegre y a su vez contiene muchos detalles Tambi n tiene momentos divertidos y otros no tan [...]

    8. What a charming little book I picked this up simply because of the penguin on the cover who can resist a cute penguin and i m glad I did The book is both comedic and silly, but in a sweet and heart warming way The rather ridiculous chain of events that form the attempt, by a supremely English chap, to save the life of a penguin, are made even humorous by the fact that it happens to be a true story It has moments of incredible sadness, but even of hope and compassion The scene in which Michell [...]

    9. Marley Me with a penguin Well, sort of I don t know about you, but I m a bit peeved at how this has been roped in for Christmas advertising on It would indeed make a good holiday gift for an animal lover, but this emphasizes the twee aspects of what is otherwise a sweet if slight story about the author keeping a Magellanic penguin as a pet while he was teaching in an Argentina boarding school in the 1970s.Michell, from England, was in his twenties when he set off on his South American adventure [...]

    10. Tom Michell has reached his twenties and seeks adventure Heading to the South American continent to work at a prestigious boarding school in Argentina and dreams of travel and exploration The country that he arrives in is turbulent and in the grip of military control and rampant inflation after the collapse of the Per n regime The allure of travelling during the long summer holidays prompts him to acquire a motorbike, hoping to see the landscape at his own pace.Time to live the dream Except that [...]

    11. enjoyed this book about a penguin being rescued and smuggled into argentina and how he became a hit at the boarding school its also a very heart warming piece of non fiction too.

    12. This is an absolute gem of a book It is the author s first book, although he is now in his mid sixties It is a sort of memoir of a time in his youth, in the 1970s, when he taught at an elite boarding school in Argentina An Englishman, he noted that others of his ancestors had worked in far flung parts of the British Empire in its glory days, but none had lived in South America From an early age, he felt a strong pull from that continent and began to learn Spanish, on his own, to prepare for a vi [...]

    13. This is such a gem of a book When i read the blurb and saw the cover I knew it was for me and it has been an absolutely delightful read It s a memoir of Tom Michell who, in his 20s in the 1970 s, went travelling to Argentina to work in a boys boarding school so there were really interesting insights into the political side of South America at the time, but the main part of the story is how he encountered a Penguin on an oil slick covered beach and ends up adopting him to restore him to full heal [...]

    14. What a charming memoir, featuring the adventures of a young Englishman in Argentina and the penguin he rescued kidnapped off a Uruguayan beach in an ill advised fit of conscience I was particularly amused by the way that he managed to improvise his way through customs back to Argentina with the bird in tow In our day of increased security, monkey shines like this are definitely a thing of the past Michell was reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull when he discovered his penguin Juan Salvador Gaviot [...]

    15. A mostly true memoir set in 1975 in South America John Michell is a young Englishman teaching at St George s, an Argentinian boarding school college He rescues a small penguin from an oil slick in Uruguay, and the adorable bird bonds with him Won t leave him Michell names the imprinted penguin Juan Salvador John Saved and shares his campus housing with him The whole school grows to love the little fellow.Audiobook narrated superbly by the English actor Bill Nighy There are a few videos of this p [...]

    16. I ll admit the penguin on the cover was what first attracted my attention to this book but, having read the synopsis, I was intrigued to read and I m so glad I did It is a heart warming tale of how Juan Salvador Ping ino came to be rescued from an oil slick then travelled from Uruguay to a boarding school in Argentina where he s adopted by the staff and students alike.The narrator for the story is the author, Tom Michell, and this is part recount, part story, part travelogue and entirely entran [...]

    17. A Christmas present, as I m known to be rather fond of penguins to say the least and a super and inspired choice The author, as a young dedicated traveller, teaches in a public school in Argentina to fund the travelling Whilst on his travels he rescues a stricken penguin, victim of an oil slick his fellows all perished in Uruguay The story of how he cares for Jan Salvador JS the penguin, ultimately in his workplace and the resulting bond between them is priceless at times very funny, poignant an [...]

    18. What a wonderful book to read on a Sunday afternoon it was only by chance seeing this book on a ad that I read it I saw a cute little penguin out of the corner of my eye I loved the adorable little sketches of Juan Salavdo the penguin through the book I absolutely adore penguins I have them dotted all over my house soft toys,resin figures etc and this was just a heartwarming story about how a man saved a penguin from a oil spill in the 1970s, and kept him at an all boys school where he worked an [...]

    19. A great book for picking up and putting down, as I did when I read it at breakfast during a recent trip to Iceland I m not at my most sociable first thing in the morning This book is especially recommended if you need something lighter and cheerful to alternate with recover from a serious work.

    20. I m semi heartbroken right now oh Juan A fun but also surprisingly substantial story of a man who saves a penguin caught in an oil slick that acts as a travel log, a look at Argentinian history and a call to protect the environment and the animals in it Be warned, if you like me love penguins, your heart will probably be stolen by this one.

    21. Who told this guy that this could be a book A blog post, maybe But a book There just isn t much substance here I learned about caring for people because of a penguin I adopted But at the end I learned the penguin didn t care about me, it just wouldn t go back into the ocean by itself The end.

    22. The Pengin Lessons All of a sudden I found I was hoping against hope that the penguin would survive because, as of that instant, he had a name and his name was Juan Salvador Ping ino, and with his name came a surge of hope and the beginning of a bond that would last a lifetime That was the moment at which he became my penguin, and whatever the future held, we d face it together As soon as I saw the hardcover of the book sitting on the bookstore, I knew I needed it Plus the small illustrations ar [...]

    23. When Random House asked if I would be interested in reviewing The Penguin Lessons, I immediately said yes.I figured I would read an amusing tale about how debut author Tom Michell ended up with a penguin for a pet in 1970s Argentina, and everything that came along with that experience What I didn t expect though, was just how deeply this book would end up moving me Michell takes us back to his early twenties, a time when he was working as a teacher at a boarding school for the elite in Argentina [...]

    24. I initially selected this book for the quirkiness of the story a teacher residing in an Argentinean boarding school with his pet penguin but I soon become enthralled with the political backdrop.Set in the mid 70 s in the dying days of the final Peronist regime the book describes how soaring inflation impacted on the Argentinean people and tells in an understandable way, what happens when an economy overheats As a teacher, our narration had a roof over his head, no rent to pay, 3 meals a day and [...]

    25. Tom Michell grew up in southern England and wanted to travel In his 20 s, he went to teach at a boys boarding school in Argentina so that he could make money and travel This was at a time when Argentina s dollar value fluctuated widely from day to day He was given an advance of 1 million pesos and told to spend it all on anything he think he might need right away Otherwise it wouldn t buy as much the next day.When the school was on breaks he got to travel He went to Uruguay for a few days and he [...]

    26. Sweet, endearing, heart warming all true of Tom Mchell s book Some would say it s cloying, saccarine, twee let them The rest of us can read this memoir of a Brit teaching in Argentina in the 1970 s and enjoy it for what it is To a degree it is a wish for a simpler time The complexities of Argentinean politics he refers to but does not explore at length it s not that kind of book indicate that life at the time was not simple and paradise like, despite the exotic adventure of travelling and seeing [...]

    27. If you re looking for a flat out enjoyable read with a generous seasoning of laughter and tears, here s a good bet If you ve ever wondered what goes on inside the head of those young expatriate types, Tom Michell expresses himself better than I If you want some insight as to how you might change the world through intentional acts of kindness random, though they seem at the time trust me and grab a copy of The Penguin Lessons.Although storytelling overshadows the moments of contemplation fear not [...]

    28. Just a quick read True story of an English guy who rescues a penguin from a stack of dead penguins on a beach in Uruguay, choked by an oil spillage He then cleans it up penguin, not beach , becomes its best pal because it won t part with him and takes it with him across the border into Argentina where he s a teacher in an international boarding school The penguin, Juan Salvador, quickly becomes the school celeb and is loved by all until his passing JS, not English guy.A heart warming tale really [...]

    29. Firstly, thanks to for the free copy of this totally enjoyable memoir and ecological treatise I am in lovewith Juan Salvado and Tom Michell This truly is a must read A poignant recounting of an intimate companionship between man and beast penguin As I keep saying, animals have much to them than we give them credit for and we humans simply have not evolved enough to understand that or perhaps we need to drop all our civilized behaviors and return to living in the wild ourselves We would certainl [...]

    30. A terrific little memoir about a 23YO British teacher who, years ago while on holiday in Uruguay, rescued a Magellan penguin from near death after an oil spill and immediately earns the bird s love and utter devotion Michell smuggles the penguin, christened Juan Salavdo, into Argentina and takes him back to the boys school where Michell teaches Existential and swimming lessons, student devotion he becomes the rugby team mascot , and moving hilarity ensue Read wonderfully by the actor Bill Nighy [...]

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