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The Living By Anjali Joseph,

  • Title: The Living
  • Author: Anjali Joseph
  • ISBN: 9780007462810
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Hardcover
  • There is a certain number of breaths each of us has to take, and no amount of care or carelessness can alter that.This is the story of two lives Claire is a young single mother working in one of England s last surviving shoe factories, her adult life formed by a teenage relationship Is she ready to move on from memory and the routine of her days Arun, an older man in aThere is a certain number of breaths each of us has to take, and no amount of care or carelessness can alter that.This is the story of two lives Claire is a young single mother working in one of England s last surviving shoe factories, her adult life formed by a teenage relationship Is she ready to move on from memory and the routine of her days Arun, an older man in a western Indian town, makes hand sewn chappals at home A recovered alcoholic, now a grandfather, he negotiates the newfound indignities of old age while returning in thought to the extramarital affair he had years earlier.These lives are woven through with the ongoing discipline of work and the responsibility and tedium of family life Lives laced with the joys of old friendship, the pleasure of sex, and the redemptive kindness of one s own children This is the story of the living.
    The Living There is a certain number of breaths each of us has to take and no amount of care or carelessness can alter that This is the story of two lives Claire is a young single mother working in one of Engla

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    1. The title and the blurb aptly describe the book, so nothing much of the story from my part.What I would like to say is that it is a slow moving book, and the pace slows down as it proceeds and towards the end, there are a few loose ends which we can interpret or built upon in our own way.The two protagonists of this story are Claire, a young British woman and Arun, an old Indian man who live in their own countries, and the only fact connecting them is that they both work in the footwear trade, b [...]

    2. Don t cry because it s over, smile because it happened Dr SeussAnjali Joseph, an award winning Indian author, pens her new novel, The Living, that unfolds the story of two characters daily lives, their past mistakes, their shortcomings and their daily mundane routine, set in two different continents of the world The story is unique yet it could have been much better with lots of character and plot development.Synopsis There is a certain number of breaths each of us has to take, and no amount of [...]

    3. There are books that the reader finishes and fails to see the Author s point or what the publisher saw Any of the parties could be at fault, but this book was one such.The book narrates two parallel tales Claire, working in a shoe factory in Britain, is a single mom of a teenager Her monochrome life is stifling and so she tries to find spark in affairs only to be disappointed or guilty.The other track is of Arun the last of the Kolhapuri chappal makers His sons and grandsons have moved on With a [...]

    4. I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This was a strange book to read Not bad, just not entirely complete It is the story of two people, a single mum in England, and an elderly grandfather in India There is no connection between them though I did search for one and they never meet they just share the profession of making shoes That missing link was the first thing that bothered me Another was the lack of conflict and thus development Yes, they have their l [...]

    5. The story of two people running in parallel, one in England, the other in India Claire, a single mother who works in a shoe factory, one of the last ones in England Arun is a worker making chappals slippers in Kolhapur.The book is a recounting of their lives, their humdrum everyday life, where for Claire, nothing ever seems to change, while for Arun, has all the indignities that come with old age to face.It might have been interesting had the writing been evocative In this case, it was just ted [...]

    6. Living is a gift though each of us has trials and tribulations Leading a dull, unvarying life is a choice.Flexibility and willingness to experience change and growth is another.Claire, a shoe factory worker in England and Arun, a chappal maker in India both have uneventful lives The story alternates between these two voices and enumerates the choices they felt should have been made to control their destinies.The digital copy was difficult to read and contained many spacing errors The text was so [...]

    7. Two alternate lives Claire working in a shoe factory in England and Arun working as a chappal maker which is featured on the cover in Kohalpur He is just doing what his father and grandfather before him did Both characters lead humdrum lives and both wonder what would have happened if things had worked out differently in their respective worlds.I unfortunately did not understand that the book was portraying the two lives and the workings of the mind of the characters till the very end The portra [...]

    8. I just could not understand where the author was going with this book It felt like the two parts of the story just ended half way through It was well written.

    9. In The Living Anjali Joseph brings us a tale of two rather unremarkable people.Claire is a single mum living in England with a teenage son Thousands of miles away in India lives Arun, an elderly, reformed alcoholic whose relationship with his wife and children has never been close The one thing that connects these two individuals is their work in the shoe industry and the pride they take in turning out a quality product.For Claire, the mass produced shoes she assembles on a production line still [...]

    10. A novel consisting of two parallel but unconnected stories Claire, a single mother living in England and working in a shoe factory, and Arun, a grandfather in India who makes traditional, handcrafted sandals There s a great deal of attention to the craft and meaning of shoes from both of them, but other than that, no obvious similarities between their stories.Claire is lonely and emotionally closed off, struck in an antagonistic relationship with both her teenage son and her elderly parents, who [...]

    11. The Living is the first of Anjali Joseph s books I have read, despite her previous offerings Saraswati Park and Another Country coming highly recommended As a result, I wasn t entirely sure what to expect from it, and having read it I am not entirely sure what I think about it The Living tells two stories, in alternate sections, of two very different people on opposite sides of the world Claire is a single mother in her 30s who works in a shoe factory in England Arun is a shoemaker in India, a g [...]

    12. I was given this book by and it is not my usual genre of choice but I like to move out of my comfort zone occasionally The book introduces us to two characters who seemingly have nothing in common other than being employed in the shoe making trade We look inside their heads and read their thoughts, there is very little actual dialogue and when there is, no speech marks are used which I found a little confusing Whilst living in the present, their thoughts are often in the past Claire s adult life [...]

    13. The LivingThis book tells the story of two different people on two different continents The blurb intrigued me and I was looking forward to reading it First we meet Claire Claire lives in the Uk and is a single mother who works in a shoe factory Arun is a recovered alcoholic and grandfather who lives in India and makes chappals for a living Apart from the fact they both make footwear for a living, Claire and Arun s stories run parallel to each other We explore their pasts, their loves and their [...]

    14. Received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I was really intrigued by this book after looking at the blurb and couldn t wait to get started it very much sounded like a book I would love as I enjoy character led novels.The story portrays two characters both living relatively uneventful lives in different countries but sharing a profession and perhaps a frustration with life as it stands Beyond this I could see little link or entwining of their stories maybe I was missing something.I t [...]

    15. In all honesty I wasn t sure that the split story would work for me but it couldn t have segued better I absolutely loved the mother son relations and the guttural reality and normality of that prose but then the aged, gentle Indian soul captured my senses and I was drawn to his present and his past I opened my eyes and breathed in the cigarettes and the leather, I felt the splosh of the cheap cider and balked at the illiciness of the carnal relations Classless, coarse and challenging but so ver [...]

    16. Claire is a thirty five year old single mother, her days bounded by tidying up after her son, the routine of her job in one of England s last remaining shoe factories and her own fear of change Estranged from her parents since their unsupportive response to her pregnancy, she worries about her son s future while hoping for love with a man she meets at the pub Arun is a sixty seven year old grandfather who makes hand crafted chappals at home A recovered alcoholic, veteran of a long ago extramarit [...]

    17. I breezed trough this story, and to start off with really loved it The story concentrates on 2 shoe makers in different countries, England and India Both characters are complete contrasts, and we get a good insight into each of their lives I found it wonderfully interesting to read, and the writing style made it an easy read.I feel like the story was left unfinished, and I had no resolution to the points in their lives we left them at, which is frustrating I think just a little insight could ha [...]

    18. I received a free copy through Netgalley in return for an honest review.From the blurb this book looked very promising, but it wasn t all that great It s not that it s too long I could read it within a couple of hours It was that it was too short, it felt like there was missing so much of the stories, in which the main characters didn t seem to have anything in common apart from their making shoes After finishing the book, I am left with the feeling of is this all and perhaps that was the meani [...]

    19. Proof received via Netgalley The copy I had was full of errors and erroneous spaces in words that made it difficult to read I honestly didn t understand the point of this book, unfortunately Nothing really happened, no one learnt any lessons and there was really no plot to speak of I enjoyed Arun s chapters than Claire s, whose dialect and lack of commas I found hard to parse I m also not a big fan of books without quote marks for speech, as it makes it tough to discern what is spoken and what [...]

    20. Review for the Sunday Times bit 2bU0g3t It s a long way from the morning till the end of the day, a long long stretch There was a sweetness to being hungover Life was simple What is it, I thought, about this work the same thing, over and over, it takes your life but in the process it gives you this quiteness, it takes away the struggle It is the living we should pity, for the life they have yet to go through One is always going to die, from the moment of having been born, but at certain occasion [...]

    21. Whilst this book was very well written and certainly had plenty of potential, it just simply didn t deliver The lives of the two core characters, never crossed and was seemingly unconnected It was quite simply the musings of two people A book without a point.Many thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.

    22. A single mother in England, a dying man in India, two lives connected only by the fact the first makes shoes in a factory while the other makes shoes the traditional way in his home A strange lyrical book that doesn t entirely gel

    23. Not a book I warmed to unfortunately.Characters were not that believable.I was given a digital copy of this book by the publisher Harper Collins via Netgalley in return for an honest unbiased review.

    24. I loved this So much is done with so little Anjali Joseph really captures the sensation of seeming to exist without living, the slow ticking of the everyday Great writing won in a Giveaway

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