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Sawyer By Jayne Blue,

  • Title: Sawyer
  • Author: Jayne Blue
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She s too good for my life I have to do dirty deeds But I have to have her Now Forever Sawyer To most I m a bad man I ve done violence and run with violent men But even the cops know Great Wolves keep things in balance Now my club has a new enemy One that s preying on the most vulnerable My club won t stand for it We have some cleaning to do and it s going toShe s too good for my life I have to do dirty deeds But I have to have her Now Forever Sawyer To most I m a bad man I ve done violence and run with violent men But even the cops know Great Wolves keep things in balance Now my club has a new enemy One that s preying on the most vulnerable My club won t stand for it We have some cleaning to do and it s going to get ugly Which is why this is the worst time to let a woman in But this woman is different than any I ve ever known I ve always believed I d die for the club and now I know I d die for her Hell, I m pretty sure I d die for one night with Bess Sawyer McCall is a bad guy I know it But he s the weapon I need to fight what s happening I need to control him Which will be a trick since I can t control myself Bess He s the president of a Motorcycle Club for God s sake and I m supposed to be a responsible single mother His leather, scruff, and hard muscles are exactly what I need to stop what s happening all around me But that same hardness is getting to me I want him It s a reckless feeling and I can t afford to be reckless Protecting my own child and the kids of this town has been my life But all of sudden I can t protect anyone or anything unless he s with me Least of all my heart This is a standalone, full length romance novel involving the men of the Great Wolves M.C It features Sawyer McCall who also appears in Hold Trilogy and Ride Trilogy Each MC book is interconnected and part of a series, but they can be read in any order and DO NOT contain cliffhangers They DO contain dark themes and elements Book Themes MC Biker Romance Dark Romance Romantic Suspense Stand Alone Full Length Romance Novel Single Mother Romance
    Sawyer She s too good for my life I have to do dirty deeds But I have to have her Now Forever Sawyer To most I m a bad man I ve done violence and run with violent men But even the cops know Great Wolves keep

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    1. I received this ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review SAWYER Great Wolves MC 5 by Jayne BlueSawyer McCall is president of the Great Wolves MC To some his a bad man but to others he keeps the balance In the past his had to do what was best for his club but now his bringing them out of that life of crime and going legitimate And they have a new enemy and if they think that their club will stand by and let the new threat prey on the most vulnerable, they are dangerously mistaken This [...]

    2. So this is the 5th book in the series and I have really enjoyed the first four books I m struggling right now between a 2 or 3 star for the book The main story is about human sex trafficking with young teenage girls Lots of facts about the Human Trafficking Program and process I didn t feel the romantic connection between the H h It was kind of dry reading for me Lots of short factual sentences I just didn t enjoy the book as much as the previous books.

    3. Great readGreat MC read Excellent story with lots of action and great characters Steamy chemistry between Sawyer and Bess A recommended read.

    4. Book 5 Sawyer Great Wolves Motorcycle Club Series we have the Russian Mob , we have sex traffickers , we have shooting , we have deaths, we have Romantic Suspense But important of all, we have Big Bad Sexy Bikers in leather Need I say Oh ok I ll give you Lil inside of the book since you have insistedSawyer Bess haven t seen each other since that near miss 6 months ago at Cassidy Craddock engagement party Sawyer has tried to contact Bess without any success since that night Bess has no choice bu [...]

    5. I received this for a honest review The author did an amazing job writing this story This story had a deep meaning This is an important and touching story I love how the author is trying to make awareness to human trafficking I loved Bess Geary She truly was an amazing woman She was successful, strong, and had a lot of courage Bess had worked her way up from a social worker to now the boss for the Michigan s Department of Health and Human Services She had noticed that there was a lot of children [...]

    6. I went into this not remembering who Sawyer was I m sure he was in the previous books, but not a character that stood out If reading in order, I think Brax would have made sense to be the next hero ANYWAY, I mention this because it definitely hindered how I felt about the book I don t feel enough was explained about Sawyer to form a connection needed to care what happened to him I know he s president, but from what I understood this is in the same city as The Wolf Den, which we learned about in [...]

    7. Good story but.Good story but lots of spelling and grammatical errors which, for me, interrupted the story line Very disappointed Hopefully it improves in future books.

    8. Okay, I knew a book about Sawyer would be coming, eventually Having read the Hold trilogy, Ride trilogy, and the previous books about the Great Wolves Motorcycle Club GWMC , Sawyer has been a calming and commanding presence on the edges of various plots He s the Prez of the Great Wolves M.C charter in Grand City, Michigan, and he has had a hand in what has happened with the various MMA fighters and other GWMC members So I already had some ideas the kind of man Sawyer is, and how incredibly hot h [...]

    9. Sawyer by Jayne Blue is an amazing book It is my first by Jayne but it won t be my last Jayne has written a phenomenal story line and plot It is so well written Her characters are extremely well developed, unique and with the complexity of being quite real.Sawyer McCall a gorgeous man, strong as steel, smart, deep within soft and leather clad Sawyer is also the Prez of the Grand City Great Wolves MC Since coming to Grand City Sawyer has legitimized the MC that had been there, with several honest [...]

    10. Ugh Did a 7 year old edit this book The grammar errors were driving me crazy and the dialogue was so static, I got no feel for the characters No one talks that way Stone, if that shoulder is okay, we will head to the hospital for Victor Is this a robot speaking And half the time, I couldn t tell who was speaking Doing 15 sentences in a row with a bunch of quotation marks does not a conversation make There were missing words, extra words and quotation marks throughout, that it actually made parts [...]

    11. I ve been wanting to see what was going to become of Sawyer s love life for some time now At the end of the Hold Trilogy, I knew it was going to be him pursuing Bess and I couldn t wait to read it Sawyer is the president of the Grand City GWMC and has been featured in the series relating to the GWG Fighters, such as Craddock from Hold and Mace from Ride At the end of the Ride Trilogy Sawyer gets introduced to Bess through Cassidy At the beginning of this book, we find out how hot and heavy they [...]

    12. I love MC romances This one was especially enjoyable with very developed characters that I really liked spending time with Sawyer is not a young man looking to have fun with any woman that comes along He spends his time operating the MC and trying to convert it to legitimate businesses The men of the MC have respect for women than in some of the other series It does not mean they are not tough When anyone they care about is threatened, they don t hesitate to take action Sawyer is a real alpha p [...]

    13. Bess Geary is a social worker that worked hard to get into the position she s in now as Supervisor Bess s downfall is Sawyer McCall Great Wolves MC President She only has to look at him to be turned on Sawyer almost has Bess where he wants her especially since she wore garter belts and hose just for him Sawyer hopes to make Great Wolves completely legit no shady dealings but all that changes when they discover several cots with chains and stuffed animals Sawyer enlists Bess s help in learning h [...]

    14. I have to say that I have loved all the GWMC books and Sawyer is no different In this book we get to meet Sawyer again He has recently moved to Grand City we also get to meet a slew of new characters from Green Bluff He has helped the Grand City chapter go legit like the Green Bluff chapter I liked his character, he was a smooth, loveable, and caring manly man Bess is his love interest, and one of the things that I like about Ms Blue s writing is she always makes her heroines strong and capable, [...]

    15. 5 Stars Title Sawyer Great Wolves M.C.Author Jayne BlueReviewer Ingrid Stephanie Jordan I love to read books, in fact I read 2 to 3 a day but it s Paranormal or SciFi when I started this, realizing by the fifth chapter that this was Bikers by the name Grand City Great Wolves M.C Cluband not Werewolves consequently I told Ms Blue sorry I only read Paranormal and I started on another book but I kept wondering back, so I went back and finished Sawyer This book is Action Pack, Adventure, Drugs, Kidn [...]

    16. Another Great ReadI really like this series This book focuses on the story of Sawyer, who is the new president at the Great Wolf MC club in Grand Rapids, Michigan He has the hots for a gorgeous social worker named Bess They both clearly like each other a lot from the very beginning of the book so there s not a lot of sexual tension or a huge build up to their first time under the sheets, but they still have a great romantic story They have a few bumps on the road to love but for the most part it [...]

    17. Sawyer is a mature man with grey at the temples His leather is worn as is he, he has lived and seen enough to know working inside the law is best but not always possible, he knows violence is not always the answer, but when it is, plan well.Beth is a 40 year old sexy, divorced, with a young son, a prick of an ex, and a career helping children in the system get placed in good homes.But she is a woman and Sawyer is all man, he just gets to her in a way no one else does.Both are protectors, and fin [...]

    18. Another amazing biker romance Jayne Blue takes hardcore, muscled biker dudes who are steel wool tough and turn them into strong, not so soft marshmallows when it comes to women and children Sawyer is no different Moving him from California to Grand City to strengthen and rebuild the motorcycle club, Sawyer heart has been taken by Bess In between annihilating the Russians of course who are trying to become the biggest criminal enterprise ever Sawyer has fallen in love.I ve been waiting for Sawyer [...]

    19. I received an advanced reader copy in exchange for my honest review.I loved reading about Sawyer and Bess in the Hold Trilogy You could already see that there was an attraction between them Fast forward some time and Sawyer is permanently in Grand City as the new President of the Great Wolves M.C and Bess is head of the Child Service and is working with Cassidy They have serious Russian trafficking problem that is targeting young girls Sawyer and Bess will try to fight all of his obstacles and t [...]

    20. Hot from the very first page Bess and Sawyer are like teenagers he can t keep his hands off her, and she as no intentions of trying to stop him It s all getting very hot and Steamy until her phone rings and Bess darts off to be with her son.That was almost 6 months ago, and now Sawyer is brought back to her door This time He needs her help to track some possible runaways that may have been kidnapped by the Russians Bess already has her hands full looking after her son , Henry But won t back down [...]

    21. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I admit I haven t read any of the other books in this series was initially concerned that would impact on my enjoyment I didn t need to be worried I enjoyed this book from start to finish I love the premise of an MC working to go straight under the leadership of a strong, alpha male like Sawyer, while still dipping their toe back in when necessary Loved the strong characters This book, while read for enjoyment covers a very serious [...]

    22. Fantastic series Bess Geary is a social worker, Sawyer McCall is president of Great Wolves M.C The only thing they have in common is strong physical attraction, until Sawyer finds a young girl hiding from the men that kidnapped her Bess and Sawyer will work together to bring down the Russian mob, and save young girls I loved Bess and Sawyer and their determination to find and save the young girls There are some ups and downs in their relationship, but Bess and Sawyer will find their happily eve [...]

    23. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This was an interesting book that kept me turning pages until I d read it Having met Sawyer in the Ride trilogy, I was excited to see him get his own story, and I wasn t disappointed Bess was the perfect match for him, and a strong female lead I loved how protective Sawyer was of her, and thought the two were really cute together It was fun seeing them work through their situations and eventually get to their HEA, which I was happy [...]

    24. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Brilliantly written, captivating Bess is the head of her department that places kids with foster families, Sawyer is the new president of the great wolves mc Sparks fly whenever they meet but Bess keeps denying it until Sawyer goes to her for help when he finds a teen hiding behind his warehouse This book brought to mind all those missing teens that we hear about on tv, emotional riviting This is a must read, sometimes you hav [...]

    25. Another great addition to the Great Wolves MC series, I m so glad Sawyer got his own book he is such a great character and so sexy I loved Bess too, she was a sassy, classy lady The story line was excellent, fast paced, exciting, gripping and a little emotional at times It was well written and intelligent which is what I ve come to expect from Jayne Blue and I look forward to my next Great Wolves MC fix If you like reading about sexy guys n gals and MCs then this book is for you.I received an ad [...]

    26. I m going to give the story a 4 because it was very good Had all the elements romance, drama, etc But and this is a big but, DID THE SAME AUTHOR AS THE OTHER BOOKS WRITE THIS ONE The style of writing was completely off The grammar, missing words, added words and most importantly the stilted robotic essence of the conversations threw me right off I finished it because I finish books Here s hoping like hell that the next two books are written like the first 4.

    27. 4 to 4.5 starsI thought it was one of Jayne Blue s best books so far Her writing has gotten better with each book This story kind of brought all her stories together If someone has not read the other books, they might be a little lost It s definitely richer to read prior books first Is there violence YesIs there sexual content Explicit How is the story narrated Alternating personsDisclosure I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

    28. This is an exciting action packed read from beginning to end She was in his club for a birthday party They wanted each other from the moment they set eyes on each other But of course it s never that easy There are dangerous situations that have to be dealt with before they can come together This is a romantic and hot suspense Enjoy I did.

    29. Eroticism for grown folks Sawyer and Bess are two people who handle life s obstacles straightforwardly Sawyer s alpha biker is well matched to Bess alpha woman Heavy hotness awaits you enjoy I did I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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