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The Trap By ClaireDavis AlStewart,

  • Title: The Trap
  • Author: ClaireDavis AlStewart
  • ISBN: 9781786450234
  • Page: 300
  • Format: ebook
  • New job sexy boss fate ArtWhen Sal attends an open exam for an apprentice artist to work alongside the infamous Matthew Picard, the last thing he expects is to be the winner But then his role is revealed and nothing is ever the same again As he toils day and night on the unique sculpture, strange sensations begin to affect both him and the watching master artistNew job sexy boss fate ArtWhen Sal attends an open exam for an apprentice artist to work alongside the infamous Matthew Picard, the last thing he expects is to be the winner But then his role is revealed and nothing is ever the same again As he toils day and night on the unique sculpture, strange sensations begin to affect both him and the watching master artist.Matthew Picard thought he was through with men and love What he wanted was for Sal to help him create one final monstrous masterpiece The Trap.But as he observes his young apprentice, his focus shifts, and so do the very walls of the gallery.Is it the beauty of art, or something magical at work As the sculpture is created, a power is unlocked.Can love save them, or will they be trapped forever A story from Love Unlocked a collection of seven short stories and novellas unique LGBTQ romances inspired by the Love Lock Bridge.LOVE UNLOCKED The Trap by Claire Davis and Al StewartWriter s Lock by Victoria MilneLocked in the Moment by Dawn SisterThe Weekend by J P WalkerThe Scarlet Lock by Caraway CarterHe Melted Us by Ofelia Gr ndChain of Secrets by Debbie McGowan
    The Trap New job sexy boss fate ArtWhen Sal attends an open exam for an apprentice artist to work alongside the infamous Matthew Picard the last thing he expects is to be the winner But then his role is revea

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    1. Sal has a tiny bedsit with a dripping tap He works at a bakery His mother can t be bothered with him, yet he dutifully calls her every week Sal is meek Quiet Trapped When Sal is granted a coveted apprenticeship working for the astonishing artist, Matthew Picard, he is reborn Sal doubts and strips himself bare He must be empty to create And Matthew watches he watches and yearns Initially, Matthew thinks in WORDS It s cement and water and ENERGY Matthew s been hurt and has locked away his heart Bu [...]

    2. The I think about it, the I realize there is nothing artistic than to love others Vincent Van Gogh I don t know exactly how to describe this story It s weird and out of the norm Not mainstream and definately a little crazy.It s an ode to art and love.It s also somewhat magical and whimsical Sensual and maybe lyrical It blurs the lines between art and love Between creating art and having sex It makes you breath a little quicker, this story, and wonder why you feel like crying And fight the urg [...]

    3. Sal and Matthew are artists and their new project is to build a love trap One that is supposed to capture the essence of love as they understand it and, when completed, they intent to put it on display for all the world to see But life likes to stay a mystery and has its own bag of tricks, so It gives them some lemons along the road in order for them to find a fresh start I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free Michelangelo

    4. No s c mo valorar este libro xD.Es un WTF absoluto ntimamente unido al WTF que es el mundo del arte moderno.Pero me ha encantado, original, tierno y sexy.Me encanta esta pareja de autores Mmmm, otra vez, para cu ndo un libro de 200 p ginas Eh Gui o a Espa a

    5. was the question when Green day s Dookie came out I hate labels, I liked it, call it pop punk or whatever.In the case of The Trap the question Is this still M M Romance popped up in my head Compared to the common m m romance story, there is a big NO in my head In those books you read about flamboyant men, now you face a flamboyant writing style This book is art Is it Yes my understanding of art goes with Joseph Beuys Shove that label wherever you want it, I enjoyed the reading and literally felt [...]

    6. 5 Magic pure magicThere was something in the air around this book.I wanted to cry out loud still It was soooo beautiful.Sal and Matthew The apprentice and the infamous artist gallery holder.Sal a lovely shy tallented man and Matthew done with love and man.When Matthew dailey watching Sal working in his gallery some magic starts working.The way its written is really really awesome the feelings in the room.My heart squeezed and knocked through my chest.It was a short story and I loved it very much [...]

    7. Beautifully written and with a touch of magic realism I connected with Sal in some respects his feelings of not belonging but when it came to the art this was way out there for me at least This whole story was something very different For me, that s always a good thing

    8. Wow, I ve gotta read this again This was artistic and powerfull.Sal is offered an apprenticeship working for the famous artist, Matthew Picard.He is asked to finish this project named The Trap The trap of falling in love These fucking locks, they are broken hearts And now we must use them Show the world what is this thing called love They write songs about it, but we We will be the first to show them the truth Two hearts, yearning, coming together One brought hope and the other healing I want to [...]

    9. This was so creative and original but I knew that a pairing of these authors would be Wonderful, magical, sexy Just read it

    10. Valentine s giveaway from the authors Thank you 3 4.5 stars Another beautifully written story by these very talented authors Words to describe this short story differentintensemagicalsensualdream likemelancholyhopefuleroticlyricalI m not a creative person and, as much as I d like to, I don t understand art I just know what I like or don t like when I look at something, listen to something, feel something, read something And I know that I loved this story So very unlike my usual reading choices b [...]

    11. Apparently it is illegal mostly to kidnap people and chain them to their computers and make them write I am still searching for legal loopholes.In the meantime, as usual, I had a wonderful time reading the latest offering from Davis and Stewart The Trap is a trip of story, a little strange and quite wonderful.Thank you to the authors.

    12. The Trap is madness incarnate It s written in that chaotic but lyrical way that this duo have mastered, dragging the reader along in a flurry of demented lustful thoughts Artist Sal passes an exam to study under his idol, the aloof and mysterious Matthew Picard With this in mind, it would be easy to jump to cliches that we re all familiar with, but Davis and Stewart deftly write of broken characters, lost and alone in worlds they are struggling to cope with for different reasons, their love lock [...]

    13. Art and obsession and a whole lot of my favorite things rolled into one great ride.It left me deeply ashamed and a little sore.

    14. I seem to just repeat myself whenever I read something from these two but it s nonetheless true every time Beautiful Powerful Feels I am in awe they tell such amazing tales in so few pages.

    15. Quirkyd weird in some respects, the title is very apt, I liked the idea of heart shaped padlocks and there was a sweet ending for Sal which he deserved Thanks Claire and Al.

    16. A free copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.I was inspired to do a little reading about an important fixture in this story the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris In recent years, tourist couples have made a tradition of attaching padlocks etched with their names to the bridge and throwing the keys in the water What a lovely, romantic gesture of lasting love Well, until the immense weight of all the locks caused the bridge to crumble under the pressure The city [...]

    17. Al and Claire always write wonderful, unique stories with lovely characters I really like their style of writing and the ability to really carry a reader into the story and impact them emotionally I think every story of theirs has moved me to tears at least once somewhere in the story, and this was true in The Trap as well The coming together of Sal and Matthew was intense, and that scene when Matthew watches Sal working on the installation my god That was so sensual and raw I felt a little out [...]

    18. Lovely, and filthy, and lovely again There s some madness thrown in there too As always, these authors have a complicated layering of paint on their story canvas.Beautiful and romantic And dirty Perfectly dirty.And I ve just got to say it s the perfect title.

    19. This is another incredible love story from Claire Davis and Al Stewart if you ve read and enjoyed their others, I m confident you ll love The Trap Sal is the embodiment of all us creative types Go in there, desperate to impress, create something that potentially will impress, watch creation break, fall apart Then there s Matthew, a man with the world at his fingertips, and an empty soul This story is both about art, and it is art The characters are unpredictable, slightly battered, and prepared [...]

    20. I love stories about artists, I love artists not just stories about them I connected with Sal and the chaotic whirlwind of his mind, the thoughts of not fitting in and not belonging, the way he lost himself in his sculpture and in the stages of love As always in Claire and Al s stories the characters are amazing and I m glad I was given the opportunity of following them on their journey.

    21. I m really not one for artistic displays of love and the all consuming passion of a single project It frightens me to think of being that obsessed about one thing since I have a very addictive personality This one didn t work for me It was too melancholy for most of the story and the falling in love felt one sided.Just a simple case of, not my bag.

    22. Read this last year.Loved it, although I didn t feel that it was as strong as some of their recent books Sal was very vivid and alive, and I didn t get the same feeling for Matthew, but as always loved the writing.Although these two are writers where their less strong books are still better than most others best

    23. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through the DBML program of the M M Romance group at.I will start my review stealing a quote from the book, which I feel the authors deserve and it makes a nice description of my thoughts of the story I am amazed at your dedication Never have I seen such focus It is stunning, It was just beautiful, I loved this story It was hard to put it down The plot was interesting, it was nice to see where the story could be, and I definitely wa [...]

    24. What a fantastic read I m partial to genre fiction with literary leanings, and this story delivers on all counts It s intense, sexy, and thought provoking Both Sal and Matthew represent different angles on the classic tortured artist trope, yet neither of them feels like a cliche I love the way the narrative strings readers along as Sal works on his epic sculpture I was hooked from the first page, and I read it in one sitting because I simply had to know what was going to happen.The whole story [...]

    25. A free copy of this book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.Sal Thompson is in love with Matthew Picard and leaves his village to try out for the position of Matthew s apprentice Matthew is a well known artist who makes sculptures After he opened his own gallery he retires from making pieces therefore enlisting the need of an apprentice to make art.Sal goes for tryouts hoping to be chosen but after hearing how no other well known artist was picked He becomes less confident but none [...]

    26. Inventive artistic sweet little romanceAn inventive and artistic romance, the emotions of the protagonists parallel the artistic process explored in the story, yielding a very nicely sappily sweet but endearingly romantic quick reading experience For me, this was a four star read in terms of enjoyment, but I need to mention that the creativity and the symbolism just struck me as much than I usually expect out of stories in this genre I don t know if that says about the spark these authors crea [...]

    27. 4 starsThis book was pure magic It s the kind of book where you need to let your preconceptions go and just read because it s really quite unique and beautiful You can read the other reviews for detailed information, but sometimes it s better if you just go ahead and read without anyone else s opinions in your head One thing is for sure you will love it.

    28. I received a copy of this story free of charge in exchange for a review as part of the M M DBML program The Trap is a story about Sal, an artist with a dream who earns his dream job working with master artist Matthew Picard.This is such a smartly written story I don t know where to begin But I didn t realize that at first At first I was caught up with the lyrical style where things are not described in cold blocky language, but in a flowy slight of hand way where you know what s going on but you [...]

    29. A free copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Wow, that was very different from anything else I have read.Intense and deeply erotic, mysterious and cryptic, with a touch of the supernatural, this drew me in right from the start, even if I wasn t 100 percent sure about what exactly was going on at times I have always had a soft spot for artists, musicians, painters, sculptors it s the creativity that s so attractive Being in Sal s mind while he was in creatio [...]

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