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Scarlet Witch #2 By James Robinson Marco Rudy David Aja,

  • Title: Scarlet Witch #2
  • Author: James Robinson Marco Rudy David Aja
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Wanda enters The Labyrinth The sickness in witchcraft is spreading A murderous creature from ancient lore has come to life and is terrorizing the Greek isle of Santorini Wanda teams up with Goddess Hekate But will they uncover something even darker beneath the surface of this mystery
    Scarlet Witch Wanda enters The Labyrinth The sickness in witchcraft is spreading A murderous creature from ancient lore has come to life and is terrorizing the Greek isle of Santorini Wanda teams up with Goddess He

    One thought on “Scarlet Witch #2”

    1. The art in this series is so bad it s distracting Many of the characters look like they barely have form or definition The story wasn t great either The first issue was like, Hey, I think there s something wrong with the magical world The second issue was, Yup, someone s definitely messing around with bad magic Cue bad guy This character seems to have so much potential and it feels wasted on another paint by the numbers comic storyline.

    2. Fascinating issue I love the very fitting labyrinth like layouts The painted panels carry a Nice mood for the story, the first few pages remind me of the Cabinet of Dr Caligari.

    3. Incredible art Still a bit wordy for me at times and I couldn t care less about the plot, but I ll stick around if the visuals are this creative in the future.

    4. Part Two While the art gets slightly better, the writing commits suicide Minotaur Nuff said Hecate owning a cafe is fine, but the fact she claims I haven t cast a spell in years is just bad writing YOU ARE THE FUCKING GODDESS OF MAGIC Sorry, I m breathing normally again This issue literally is one of the worst written comic books I ve EVER read And that includes garbage like Squirrel Girl You ve taken these epic level characters who have faced down everything from Cosmic Level invaders to Mythol [...]

    5. I read the first five installments of the Scarlet Witch comic book series for the 2017 BookRiot Read Harder Challenge category Read a superhero comic with a female lead The second one finds Wanda Maximoff, a.k.a Scarlet Witch, traveling to Greece to investigate the possible troubles with witchcraft in the world She seeks insights and guidance from the Goddess Hekate, and also does battle with the Minotaur In addition to the story, I enjoyed the artwork as well My brother loaned me the five comic [...]

    6. Very Good This series just keeps getting better and better So the main story of this arc is that, someone is messing with the magical balance, and Scarlet needs to find out who The Artwork changed this issue, it was a style you would see in an old Greek painting, which was fitting because this issue is set in Greece Breathtakingly beautiful It also seems to be a trend that every issue is a self contained story while, contributing to the main story, not many comics i read do that , so its nice to [...]

    7. This is a great issue, set in Greece, the island of Santorini, where there is a minotaur on the loose, Wanda has to help her friend, a goddess of witches There is a change of artist, but it blends very well with the location, a great issue, well worth a look.

    8. Marco Rudy s beautiful art is here, just in time for a trip to a sunkissed island in Greece The story continues to be or less episodic, much like Edmonson s run on Black Widow, but we re learning about Wanda s personal life, her doubt and her depression Very pleased.

    9. I really dislike the change in artist And its not because I dislike the art on the contrary I think its lovely but I just don t think it really works for this story.

    10. Taking a break from East of Eden to read these this is such a good story I ve never read individual issues like this before but I m actually really enjoying it

    11. Beautiful art A lot of exposition While necessary in story, it caused this issue to pack less of a punch than the previous story.

    12. This art is so different, and so incredibly cool Story wise, I want to know about Agatha, but it s otherwise good.

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