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Burn Down the Night By Molly O'Keefe,

  • Title: Burn Down the Night
  • Author: Molly O'Keefe
  • ISBN: 9780399593949
  • Page: 259
  • Format: ebook
  • In the follow up to Everything I Left Unsaid and The Truth About Him, a beautiful con artist plays with fire when she holds a dangerously sexy motorcycle club president hostage I had him under lock and key He was my prisoner Totally at my mercy But I was the one captivated Enthralled Doing everything he asked of me until I didn t know who was in control any AndIn the follow up to Everything I Left Unsaid and The Truth About Him, a beautiful con artist plays with fire when she holds a dangerously sexy motorcycle club president hostage I had him under lock and key He was my prisoner Totally at my mercy But I was the one captivated Enthralled Doing everything he asked of me until I didn t know who was in control any And I didn t care.
    Burn Down the Night In the follow up to Everything I Left Unsaid and The Truth About Him a beautiful con artist plays with fire when she holds a dangerously sexy motorcycle club president hostage I had him under lock an

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    1. The other day, I was totally minding my own business Scrolling the feeds on GR.acticing on my GR bullying when I saw Vivian call out Kelly and I on our pervy reviews She totally corrupted us and had us join in on a buddy read of this book We were totally innocent.I totally have to admit that I was corrupted by this dang book in the very best way though Olivia starts out life as pretty normal but then her dad dies and she takes over the upbringing of her younger sister Jennifer Shit happens She e [...]

    2. 5 StarsYou want to fuck, let s do it Let s burn down the fucking place We got that in us.een us But when it s overl I ll leave you are bruises If I had a dollar for every time I read about an anti hero that falls head over balls for the heroine and all of a sudden his switch is flipped form bad to good faster than you can say golden vag , I could happily retire in my land of many books So when I first met Max as the baddie MC prez brother of Dylan in The Truth About Him suffice it to say I was i [...]

    3. 5 IT S NOT EITHER OR STARSThis is hands down my favorite installment of this series It took me a few pages to get back into the swing of the storyline and the characters of the series but it all came back to me The author picks up at the explosion scene that happened at the local strip club in the prior book We find out exactly how Max Daniels, the mc president, ended up in the back of Joan s car bloody and shot up Joan has been the most interesting mysterious resident of the trail park In this [...]

    4. You kidnapping me Only a little While I enjoyed the first 2 books in this series, this oneThis one had IT That thing that makes me love escaping into a book I found myself completely wrapped up in Olivia and Max Complex, flawed characters and a journey that kept me on my toes Burn Down the Night is by far my favorite in this series ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

    5. Save your act for other people The lies and the show I don t want it I want you Fucked up and crazy I want you Burn Down the Night is the third book in the Everything I Left Unsaid series Although this book can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend reading the series together to grasp the full story arc of the characters and capture the beauty of every single moment But I ve been the queen of crazy for the last few months The last year, really Who am I kidding My entire life I ve been at t [...]

    6. 5 intense STARSWell damn, that was all kinds of awesome I ve been a huge fan of Molly O Keefe ever since I picked up the first book in the Everything I left Unsaid series and this third instalment only cemented that feeling Brilliant writing, kickass characters, fantastic story lines and so much emotion I absolutely loved Burn Down the Night.This is the story of Max and Joan While their story is isolated from the first two books, reading it as a standalone won t be a good idea, in my humble opin [...]

    7. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Burn Down the Night was brought to my attention when a friend posted a status update gently hinting that a buddy read should happen Since the requested participants of said buddy read were last in line when Our Lord and Savior Tom Cruise was handing out willpower, she didn t even have to get to the wedgie part.So the plot goes a lil summin like this Olivia was in school to be a nurse, but then stuff and things happened that landed her with a real charmer w [...]

    8. NOW AVAILABLE This was a great, steamy romance And I m picky.Quick review time this can be read as a stand alone, by the way I really liked this In fact, it s one of the better romances I ve read ever The author did well with the pacing and kept the momentum going until the end Perfect balance of drama without going too far Sex scenes were absolutely smoking hot For realz There is girl on girl action in this one The female MC likes girls and guys I thought that was kind of cool You don t really [...]

    9. LIVE amzn 2aTTgjx 4,5 5 STARSLove love love this series Molly O Keefe mesmerized me with her words and brilliant plots in these three books in the series Burn Down The Night is captivating,super hot,dark and twisted.I was waiting for this book because I was intrigued by these two characters and wanted to learn Max and Joan are two so damaged characters and you can understand that it wasn t easy for them to open up to each other.But when this happening,they are friendly and teasing each other Ge [...]

    10. 4.5 BURNING STARSThis is the third book in Molly s spellbinding dark world of drug dealers, bikers and all around bad guys Where the other books were dark and dangerous, this book takes on a whole new edginess that turned up the heat This story starts of with a bang and only gets darker, hotter and intriguing as the story unfolds.Joan Olivia is a seductive, smart woman A born survivor who wears her persona of Joan, a hardass, bisexual, stripper, like a plate of armour.She s on a mission to save [...]

    11. 4 Either or stars I haven t read the previous two books of the Everything I left unsaid but it wasn t hard for me to catch up with the story since the two heroes must ve been secondary characters in the previous books So this one can be read as a standaloneWell, this story was a little bit crazy and fucked up, but so intriguing The characters were also fucked up, but so interesting and beautiful with all those imperfectionsI really enjoyed this extraordinary story I just couldn t stop turning th [...]

    12. Release Date August 9th, 2016Story Rating 4 Stars Hero Rating 4.5 Stars Heroine Rating 4 Stars Heat Level 4 Stars Ending 4 Stars Overall Rating 4, It Takes Two Messed Up People to Understand Each Other Stars Burning the Night was a very interesting read for me It was a rather dark story about two sisters who ended up in a cult The heroine Joan Olivia escaped and was doing everything she possibly could to get her sister away from the leader Lagan It took Joan a year to set a plan in motion, one t [...]

    13. Olivia didn t have the best time growing up, but she was always there for her little sister, Jennifer After both parents passed away, they went to live with their Aunt Fern Once they finished school they took off together, but times weren t always good After bouncing around a bit and not having the best jobs, stumbling upon Lagan and his little community was heaven He provided them with stability a place to sleep at night, food and even jobs Everything was good until Olivia found out the truth L [...]

    14. 4.5 StarsBurn Down the Nightis a sexy,scorching hot, fast paced and action filled story which will take you on a journey which is unforgettable and yet manage to take your heart captive due to raw emotions portrayed Max is a character which intrigued me when I read the first two books in the series Who he is, what makes him tick, what are his reasons, everything made me curious about him and this book satisfied my curiosity a 100% Max and Joan are characters who are complex and their complexity [...]

    15. Updated 01 08BURN DOWN THE NIGHT is on SALE 1.99 across all retailers amzn 2iS8rOOUpdated 8 10 BURN DOWN THE NIGHT is out in the world Be sure to get your copy amzn 20VB6j8bit 1YG5Ragitunesle ca book burnUpdated 6 07BURN DOWN THE NIGHT is on NETGALLEY s2galley catalog bookGo forth and request please let me know if you don t get accepted UPDATED 5 31Amazing Pre order contest Pre order BURN DOWN THE NIGHT from the ebook retailer of your choice and get a FREE short story download Cut and paste this [...]

    16. 4 4.5 s In the first two books of the series and especially in the last one, we get hints of something going on between Max and Joan, both of who have lots of secrets and hidden agendas Max, being the president of the Skulls motorcycle club, well, it s not really too much of a secret what his secrets could be But Joan is a whole nother story In the beginning of this book, we get the whole down low of what happened at the strip clubd after I have to say that it s much different than what my imagi [...]

    17. Originally posted on The Book NymphoI didn t know what I was walking into with this story given the end of the last one Here we have Max Daniels, the president of the Skulls Motorcycle Club, shot outside of the Velvet Rope a strip club by his brothers who were trying to kill him This after Joan, one of the strippers, had set off two bombs despite Max s efforts to stop her She gets him into her car and we re off to craziness The only two certainties I knew about these characters were one was dead [...]

    18. OMG that was so freaking good This was all kind of perfect I knew Joan Max story was going to be such an incredible journey If you ve read the first two books in the series you already know both our MC I would recommend to read them because you ll get the connection better even if the author does a great work by captivating the new reader right away.I was personally sucked in after the first pages I was taken back to events that happened in The Truth About Him and I got an explanation about what [...]

    19. You can t make lemonade without some sugar Ever play cards and each hand you get is just crap Doesn t matter how many times the deck gets shuffled and dealt, you always end up with random junk that ain t gonna do you any good Well, that s life for Joan and Max And boy do they haveIssues You know how you get kids to stop biting or pulling hair You find another kid with the same behavioral issue, stick em together, and Voila They sort out pretty fast that it s not cool or they become sociopaths An [...]

    20. 4.5 stars Dark, gritty, sensual Burn Down the Night is a feast, and I devoured this book It s very character driven, which I really, really like Plus the writing Oh man, the writing Molly O Keefe is fast becoming my favorite writers in this genre Full review to comeARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

    21. FUCK YESThanks to the book pushers Kelly and Shelby for steering me towards this one, it s my Raahoshing view spoiler masturbating in front of your partner hide spoiler book of dreams Thank you kindly for my ARC, Netgalley

    22. Painful Intense Emotional This book made me hurt It made me hurt and hurt and then the author went deeper and ripped out my heart even If you have read the first two books in this series don t worry, this can be read as a stand alone you know of Joan and Max And then you hear these two are somehow going to fall in love in this book, and you think, huh How in the world is that going to happen At the end of The Truth About Him, Joan drags a very injured Max into her car and races away Their journ [...]

    23. This review and the rest of the crap I write can be seen my blogBark s Book Nonsense Stop by and say hey I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for a review Here it is Joan has hatched an incredibly dangerous scheme in order to rescue her sister from a dangerous, drug cooking, sister wife cult leader who has ties with a motorcycle club a mouthful, I know, sorry She s spent the last six months prepping for this moment but things go slightly awry, as things do She ends up without her sister [...]

    24. ARC kindly provided by the publisher Random House Publishing Group Loveswept , via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This story is about a man being betrayed by his MC this is not an MC book , being kidnapped by the crazy woman trying to blow up a strip club Joan has escaped a criminal cult leader 6 months ago but before she could save her sister they were gone Can Max help her Will he help her What will they do when they feel something could be possible between them It isn t either or [...]

    25. Burn Down the Night by Molly O Keefe is a 2016 Loveswept publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Wow Joan and Max Who would have thought The DEA agent and a biker For those following along in the series, you will remember Joan, the stripper DEA agent and Dylan s brother, Max, the member of a dangerous biker club If you think you have them figured out, well guess again, because their story is nothing like I thought it would be [...]

    26. DNF at 43% No rating as I did not finish the story.Unfortunately, this was not a win for me I was under the impression thatBurn Down the Night could be read as a standalone but I struggled to understand what was going on The introduction to the characters was very limited and what I did find out about them I didn t particularly like This is just me, though, I m not very tolerant of people who do stupid things over and over again.As a reviewer, I like to give a book a fair gobut you like what you [...]

    27. 3 Stars This book started off really well for me, despite playing catch up with all the goings on that happened in previous books, I was definitely able to jump in and get up to speed on things that took place in books 1 2, that are pertinent to this new standalone in the series.I m not sure what it was that didn t quite click with me, I think the middle section that seemed to drag on a bit, and my interest kind of waned by the lack of action or anything that particularly excited me The sexual t [...]

    28. Burning the NightEverything I Left Unsaid seriesBook 3Molly O KeefeThis my first book by Molly O Keefe mostly not my last one While I didn t read the first 2 books in this series, this oneI went into this book blind I didn t realize this was book 3 of a seriesIt was a rather dark story at times, about two sisters who ended up in a cult This is a very sexy book at times was very scorching hot, fast paced action filled story But for while it was very very slow paced But it will take you on a journ [...]

    29. This thing between us strung so tightly it was amazing we could move He was going to wreck me Break me And I d never needed anything Burn Down the Night picks up from the end of the second book and it didn t take us long to recapture the feelings, the characters and the events which lead up to this moment and learned a whole lot in the process This instalment can be read as a complete standalone however, to garner an overall feel of events leading up to this book, we d probably recommend check [...]

    30. ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Title Burn Down The NightAuthor M O KeefeCategory RomancePOV DualSeries or Standalone Part of series but can be read as a standalone too.Plot 5Characters 5Scorching Level 5HEA Not tellingExcellent I was very eagerly anticipating this book and it didn t disappoint Best book in the series in my opinion We are still in the Everything I left Unsaid universe and we now get to meet Max, the president of the Skulls MC and Dylan s brothe [...]

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