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Counterpart By Hayley Stone,

  • Title: Counterpart
  • Author: Hayley Stone
  • ISBN: 9780399594380
  • Page: 346
  • Format: ebook
  • The high intensity sci fi thriller series that began with Machinations continues as reincarnated insurgent Rhona Long faces off against the one enemy she can t outwit her own clone.The machines believed their extermination of the human race would be over as quickly as it began They were wrong As the war against extinction intensifies, people are beginning to gain the upThe high intensity sci fi thriller series that began with Machinations continues as reincarnated insurgent Rhona Long faces off against the one enemy she can t outwit her own clone.The machines believed their extermination of the human race would be over as quickly as it began They were wrong As the war against extinction intensifies, people are beginning to gain the upper hand.Commander Rhona Long understands survival better than most Killed in combat, she was brought back to life using her DNA, and she s forged a new, even powerful identity Now the leader of the resistance, she s determined to ensure the machines are shut down for good.But victory is elusive The machines have a new technology designed to overcome humanity s most advanced weaponry Despite Rhona s peacekeeping efforts, former nations are feuding over resources as old power struggles resurface Worse, someone inside the resistance is sabotaging the human cause someone who, from all appearances, seems to be Rhona or her exact replica.
    Counterpart The high intensity sci fi thriller series that began with Machinations continues as reincarnated insurgent Rhona Long faces off against the one enemy she can t outwit her own clone The machines believ

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    1. Counterpart is the second book in author Hayley Stone s Machinations series and as sequels go, it s pretty darn good The machines are back and stronger than ever and it seems like they may have a new and terrifying ally.This novel is just as fast and furious as the first and it kept my attention thoughout The story is still reminiscent of the scifi movies of the 80s but, hey, I loved those movies and, despite its lack of originality, this is a fun read It does end on a cliffhanger and I look for [...]

    2. The start of Machinations was one of the high spots of the book that wrenching death scene right at the beginning of the story pitched us straight into the action and this book kicks off with similar action packed drama Could you fully appreciate it if you hadn t read the first book Yes, I think Stone s writing and pacing is such that you could pick this one up and wouldn t flounder too much, though in an ideal world you would read the first book before tackling this one.While I enjoyed the firs [...]

    3. Rhona Long never gave thought to how much her world would change when she became commander of the rebel forces so long ago She never thought she d die for the cause either, but she did Given a second chance, she s been doing her best to stay alive, while continuously striving to bring the machines down Doing so hasn t been easy, however There are those who seek to silence her forever, something she will not allow.Picking up where Machinations left off, Counterpart catapults the reader further in [...]

    4. The second book in the battle between humans and machines starts slowly, but quickly becomes a knuckle biting thriller Rhona is accused of being a traitor as a series of attacks seems to be based on her directions and actions As in the first book, no one can be trusted, and it is impossible to determine who the real enemy is The action is continuous, and keeps the suspense at fever pitch The ending sets the stage for a new series of battles, both war and political as the saga of man versus intel [...]

    5. Reviewed at my blog Babbling Books It feels like I m in a juggling act except I don t know how to juggle, and the balls are actually grenades, and all the grenades are already missing their pins And they re on fire Would it be completely weird for me to say that I think Hayley Stone and I were separated at birth Or maybe her character Rhona and I were Either way it s like I ve discovered my long lost twin reading this book, or myself Now I always thought that Juliette from Shatter Me was the mos [...]

    6. Even Better Than The First I recommend this for any sci fi robo apocolypse lover So many great lines in this and the action and suspense never stops I would gladly read this a hundred times over.

    7. I received a free ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I was so excited when I got approved for this and didn t have to wait till October for the sequel to Machinations Although now I m kind of regretting giving the first book five stars, just because I think this one is even better, and I have to give it the same rating There are no sopho slumps here Rhona remains an engaging and complex character, and Counterpart delves even deeper than its predece [...]

    8. After reading Machinations, I was excited to read Counterpart I liked Rhona and Camus and the fight against the machines I loved that there were other clones introduced and the way that played out Several times things happened that I just did not see coming I m not a huge fan of a cliff hanger ending, but in this case it just made me all the eager for book three.If you like quirky sci fi this is definitely something you should pick up.

    9. The war against the machines is starting to turn for the humans, what is the next weapon the machines have in order to stop the losses This book had a very Empire Strikes Back feeling for me in that it reminded that after a big win for the rebellion there is often a lot of the power still left in the Empire of machines I am excited for the next book in the series.

    10. The sequel to Machinations has lived up to my expectations Another great SciFi with characters who now feel like friends and situations which have adrenaline coursing through my veins Hopefully there will be to come and I can t wait

    11. Sometimes with a second book it is hard to match the first, but this one definitely does The action is high and you care about the characters so it grips your attention Plenty of twists and turns in the plot but also inside the protagonist s head, as she tries to work out who she is and what she wants for herself and her friends and loved ones And all the while there are the machines Highly recommended.

    12. Originally posted on Tales to Tide You OverI very much enjoyed the first book in this series so when I was offered a review copy of Counterpart, I jumped at it Though the beginning is confusing, it is deliberately so, and doesn t keep you hanging too long after it introduces a host of problems to plague Rhona and Camus.Again, we have a very personal story wrapped around an epic battle between the remnants of humanity and the misguided machines It s not the same story as the first book, though th [...]

    13. Author Haley Stone certainly appears she opened a vein to write Counterpart, the second novel in her Machinations series It s often an agonizing look in the head of a woman who has to come to terms with not just the end of the world and death of civilization but her pivotal role in the fight to save humanity Life as we know it is gone, ended by the machines of the upper echelon, who have learned that to serve man, he must be well cooked One of the final outposts is an underground bunker carved f [...]

    14. Ahoy there me mateys I received this fantasy eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review So here are me honest musings .I reviewed book one of this series back in May and highly enjoyed it Hydra contacted me about book two being available to request Yes please So very glad I did because book two was even better than the first If ye haven t read that one, then ye read the rest of this review at yer own peril.This novel takes us back to the conflict between the killer machines and humans [...]

    15. I found this a tough read, because there are words relating to violence, death and weapons on almost every page Some readers won t mind The robot apocalypse has come about in the previous book a girl called Rhona has been cloned and the clone is busily leading a resistance make that hiding The machines seem to be all too good at finding pockets of resistance and obliterating the fighters The tough soldiers who appeared, from China and Russia even, the odd it seemed to me that Rhona is put in c [...]

    16. This picks up where we left off and now we re entering than just who is Rhona is she the same The politics are getting dicier, the relationships are getting complex, and now we have to deal with something else are there Tragedy and heartache, the defining of one s self, and dealing with the petty crap of humanity that is really the reason we re in this whole mess to begin withe action does not stop with Hayley Stone s novels Machinations was SUCH a great title as it can be applied to than ju [...]

    17. This was an excellent continuation of the Machinations series I can t wait to read what s next Rhona s self sacrificing had me really frustrated at times, but it fit well with her character and the story highly recommend this book Thanks to NetGalley for providing a copy in exchange for my honest review.

    18. I got impatient with Rhona sometimes, but that was because of how realistic her breakdown was I was on Camus s side, and wished I could reach into the pages and help him shake the feelings out of her A great follow up to the first book, particularly the hints of hope that came near the end that the resistance might pull this off after all.

    19. This book sucked me in just as quickly as the first Stone s characters and world are so vivid Loved every second of it

    20. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 2.5 of 5Counterpart is the sequel to Machinations by author Hayley Stone You can and should , read my review of Machinations here as I layout the requirements for a classic YA story.Counterpart continues the story of Rhona Long the young commander in a battle against the machines Rhona is still battling the perceptions of those around her because Rhona was killed during a skirmish and Rhona the current Rhona is a clone of the orig [...]

    21. I didn t realize this was the second book in a series when I bought it, or I would have bought the first one Just call me stupid Still, I caught on quickly because it can largely be read as a stand alone, and God, is it action packed Man, tension, drama, fighting as in machine vs human think Terminator in an apocalyptic setting with people in enclaves , brutality, and action, action, action I enjoyed the hell out of this book, and were it not for a few overly repetitive sayings and doings, I mig [...]

    22. This is a good follow up to book one of this teen young adult series, Machinations It is set in the future when technology is trying to eliminate the human population Of course the humans are mounting a fight but infighting between nations is hampering their efforts Rhona and her team are trying to be peacekeepers but when is is killed it looks like all is lost until they clone her using her dna A little violent that I remember from book 1 Will keep up with this series.

    23. I enjoyed this one even than the last But I give it 4.5 stars because of how abrupt the ending is I know it s leaving it open for a sequel, but still.

    24. I enjoyed this sequel even than its predecessor The story is developed, the pace is consistent, and the romance between the two MCs feels authentic now The novel starts off with a good action sequence and ends with a great transitional scene that could potentially introduce an additional book The reader gets a better look into many of the characters and a few new ones make an appearance For readers who like post apocalyptic Sci fi novels, especially with witty one liners quoted from Sci fi f [...]

    25. I knew I wanted to read Counterpart as soon as I finished Machinations It popped up on NetGalley, and onto my read shelf it went Usually, I won t read a story until about 30 45 days before its release, but I just had to know how author Hayley Stone was going to continue it.The Good And continue it she did Book one, as with many introductions to a series there had to be a lot of back story so the reader could get down on the sweet, sweet words the author is throwing down Book two, doesn t need as [...]

    26. I liked the second book just as much as the first but I wouldn t say I could see how various characters had depth and also how much Rhona grew as a person through the various crisis that took place My biggest issue through both is the romance side of the story I m a bit on the fence with it as part of me loves the passion and intensity At times, however, it just feels like a distraction from the actual disaster going on around them It s not quite as bad as some plot lines where everything focu [...]

    27. Early on we find a surprise a machine that is part mechanical, and part pieces of one of the Rhona clones So while the rebels believe they have the real Rhona, the folks in charge start to realize that the machines found the other clones thought destroyed and have forced different degrees of damage, torture, and physical change upon them Just to complicate things all the , the Russians want in on the alliance or do they It makes sense to start opening things up for them, but there s something ab [...]

    28. I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Machinations And I was a little afraid to read the 2nd After all, the 2nd book in a series often suffers from that sopho slump.Well, not this one If anything, Counterpart is even better than book one Now, keep in mind that you really do need to read the fisrt book in order to enjoy this one The first one has some pretty epic world building and character development that you need for this one So read that first.In Counterpart, the author ramps up ev [...]

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