Beast By Brie Spangler,

  • Title: Beast
  • Author: Brie Spangler
  • ISBN: 9781101937181
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Library Binding
  • A witty, wise, and heart wrenching novel that will appeal to fans of Rainbow Rowell and David Levithan Tall, meaty, muscle bound, and hairier than most throw rugs, Dylan doesn t look like your average fifteen year old, so, naturally, high school has not been kind to him To make matters worse, on the day his school bans hats his preferred camouflage , Dylan goes up onA witty, wise, and heart wrenching novel that will appeal to fans of Rainbow Rowell and David Levithan Tall, meaty, muscle bound, and hairier than most throw rugs, Dylan doesn t look like your average fifteen year old, so, naturally, high school has not been kind to him To make matters worse, on the day his school bans hats his preferred camouflage , Dylan goes up on his roof only to fall and wake up in the hospital with a broken leg and a mandate to attend group therapy for self harmers Dylan vows to say nothing and zones out at therapy until he meets Jamie She s funny, smart, and so stunning, even his womanizing best friend, JP, would be jealous She s also the first person to ever call Dylan out on his self pitying and superficiality As Jamie s humanity and wisdom begin to rub off on Dylan, they become than just friends But there is something Dylan doesn t know about Jamie, something she shared with the group the day he wasn t listening Something that shouldn t change a thing She is who she s always been an amazing photographer and devoted friend, who also happens to be transgender But will Dylan see it that way
    Beast A witty wise and heart wrenching novel that will appeal to fans of Rainbow Rowell and David Levithan Tall meaty muscle bound and hairier than most throw rugs Dylan doesn t look like your average

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    1. It took me a while to decide that I really liked Beast It s funny, it s charming, but it s also a tough read Transphobia isn t skimmed over, and some of the bullying and trans shaming was nauseating to me as a cis reader, so I can only imagine how upsetting it might be for trans readers That being said, I personally think it s a very important book The darker aspects of the story draw sympathy for Jamie, allow her to tell her side of the story, and ultimately normalize teen trans relationships A [...]

    2. My name s Meredith Russo I m a transsexual I got to read Beast early.And I LOVED IT.Funny story though, I actually kind of pulled a Dylan where this book is concerned A mutual friend reached out asking if I wanted to read the book, and I agreed because, hey, free book, but I didn t pay attention when they told me I was doing a trans sensitivity read so I was completely confused after all I was am just some nobody, right So for the first half of the book I wasn t actually aware that Jamie was tra [...]

    3. A lot of positives here, but I just couldn t get over the fact that Jamie deserves so much better than Dylan.Also, FYI that the gorgeous cover is totally misleading as to the tone and content of the story and the retelling aspect is very slight.

    4. I got a review copy e galley of this book and was so excited to read it YA with trans characters is close to my heart, and we need of it and we need it to be good Sadly, I had to drop this book about halfway through The protagonist, a troubled teen boy with an anger problem, has spent half the book angry at the world, then in love with the first girl who was nice to him He wasn t listening when she told him about herself when they met, so halfway through the book when someone points out that sh [...]

    5. First book of the year turns out to be a disappointment, eh Well, the main main was kind of a douche, sorry to say.Full review soon

    6. I always stick by the notion that if the only thing that draws me into your novel is the prospect of diversity be it ethnicity sexuality gender disability then you are not doing a good job at selling your book Despite how I m always pushing for diversity as it opens new ways to write stories, I refuse point blank REFUSE to read a book that solely relies on said diversity Because god fucking sue me for wanting a book to be diverse but also good and doesn t treat their characters like an attractio [...]

    7. I told myself I need something cute, a chaser per se in between of my The Young Elites readathon In which I had hopes for Beast, the cover amazed me and I was intrigued by the blurb Another bonus, Meredith Russo, who wrote one of my favorite reads this year titled If I Was Your Girl like it too.However, Beast turned out to be a sordidly disappointing book Maybe, I came in with the wrong expectations No matter what reasons I can come up with I don t see recommending this book to anyone.As I am a [...]

    8. I don t want us to be horrible any I want us to be good Beast foi uma surpresa muito boa Diferente de tudo que eu esperava isso aqui n o uma releitura de A Bela e a Fera mesmo, viu , esse livro me ensinou muita coisa nova, fez com que eu me apegasse e torcesse pelos personagens e , ao mesmo tempo, rom ntico e triste A hist ria bem simples Poderia ser apenas mais um garoto encontra garota , s que o garoto um gigante peludo e a garota trans Isso j o bastante pra apresentar ao leitor uma s rie de c [...]

    9. Rese a completa en elcaosliterario.eLa novela muestra la perspectiva cida e ir nica de la lucha de dos j venes por romper con los estereotipos y vivir su amor de una manera libre.Cuando le la sinopsis del libro, esperaba una carga dram tica importante debido a los temas que se iban a tratar transfobia, rechazo, falta de autoestima sin embargo me he encontrado con una novela bastante amena, con un ritmo acelerado, cargada de mucha iron a y con un lenguaje muy desenfadado y directo Todo esto, cons [...]

    10. I feel like I just wanna sit and think about this book forever It really is such a smart concept, and I think Spangler executed it really well and really sensitively One thing that really stuck out to me in contrast to my last review of a trans YA is that it consciously refuses to fall into the Thing of a person having to be queer in order to be attracted to a trans person I don t think it would read true if it wasn t something he considered, and I m glad that he does for that reason, and but I [...]

    11. Dylan Ingvarsson doesn t fit in quite literally, because at 15 years old, he s well over 6 feet tall and covered in muscles that no one can see because he s also covered in hair, from his feet to his neck Not surprisingly, he s known as Beast The only thing that makes school tolerable is his friendship with good looking, popular rich boy JP, but that friendship has strings attached When Dylan falls off a roof and breaks a leg, he s sentenced to group therapy, where he meets Jamie, a girl who s f [...]

    12. Dear Jamie,Although you were occasionally long winded, and I have absolutely no idea why in god s name you would ever give Dylan a second chance, you also seemed authentic I wish you had narrated this novel.Sincerely,CatieDear Asshole Dylan,Thank you Thank you for making me so eye poppingly angry that I screamed curse words at you in my car and momentarily forgot that my country is turning into a fascist regime Although your journey through heterosexual white male angst was probably authentic I [...]

    13. Actual Rating 3.5 Dani and I are reviewing this on Books Are My Fandom for our BAMF Review book for December I had a love hate relationship with BEAST because I loved the story but I didn t like the MC and that made it really hard to connect to anyone BUT Jamie I feel like had the story been from Jamie s POV, I would have enjoyed it She was perfectly flawed and written so well in my opinion and I loved every second of it Jamie is transgender, so I read some reviews from people who identify as t [...]

    14. Rating changed on 13 05 17Honestly there s both a lot of positive and negatives for this book Beast tells the story of an ever growing 15 year old guy called Dylan who ends up falling for a girl who happens to be Transgender Essentially I knew it was going to be just a little like every other YA contemporary book I ve read and I was right Both Dylan and Jamie were na ve to the point where I felt like they were going two steps forward a hundred steps back the entire novel Dylan was forever lookin [...]

    15. Rese a completa anitavelabooksTengo muchos sentimientos encontrados con esta historia me ha gustado, pero no llegado a conectar con el protagonista Adem s, no me esperaba que los personajes fueran tan j venes, 15 a os, y es una edad que se me queda un poco lejos, pero bueno.La historia en general me ha gustado Trata muchos temas actuales como el acoso escolar, los complejos, las auto lesiones, la homofobia Y sinceramente, me esperaba una historia con m s drama, pero no, tiene un punto c mico e i [...]

    16. Un 3,5Rese a completa letraslibrosymas.No s muy bien que esperaba de este libro, pero desde luego no era la historia que me encontr entre sus p ginas, a n as ha sido una historia muy bonita que ha conseguido conquistarme poquito a poco Con la voz de Dylan como narrador en primera persona iremos viendo su d a a d a en el instituto, con sus amigos, su madre y Jamie , sus sentimientos y miedos, su conflicto interno y lo mal que lo pasa al no sentirse normal Es una novela muy sencilla en cuanto a tr [...]

    17. I was really excited to read a Beauty the Beast retelling with a transgender character Though it hasn t much to do with BtB except Dylan is called Beast because of his huge and hairy self , it s still a book many should read I can t deny it bored me a little at the beginning, because Dylan exhausted me with his complaints about himself I ve seen a few reviews despising him because of his reaction when he finds out Jamie is trans, and though some of the things he did wasn t very nice, I kind of u [...]

    18. Mais um livro lgbt para a pilha dos lidos Este livro foi diferente do que esperava Normalmente torcemos para que o casal fique junto mas admito que aqui n o queria a Jamie com o Dylan, ele tinha atitudes t o imaturasenfim, boys Fala sobre um assunto complicado, o preconceito que se tem com pessoas transg neras N o tem muito de retelling, s mesmo o facto do Dylan ser grande e peludo e ser chamado de Monstro um bom livro, gostei de o ler e passa mensagens importantes, sendo um YA e direccionado pa [...]

    19. So when I bumped into this book I immediately added it to my tbr I mean, a Beauty and the beast retelling featuring a trans girl as Beauty Hell yes And do you know what I love the most about this book That it doesn t focus on the struggle of being a trans girl, that it doesn t make a tragedy of her story Jamie is perfecetly okay with who she is, and it s Dylan who has issues with his body It s very interesting how being so big and hairy affects him in many different ways and how he faces his pro [...]

    20. RESE A COMPLETA EN elcementeriodemissuenossLa nueva adaptaci n cinematogr fica de la La Bella y la Bestia ha tra do consigo la publicaci n de numerosas novelas que se basan en el cl sico cuento de Disney Es este el caso de El coraz n de la bestia de Brie Spangler, un nuevo retelling de tem tica LGBTQ al que poco le queda del original m s que alguna que otra reminiscencia en los personajes protagonistas.Dylan est cansado de que solo se le conozca por su gran tama o y por lo peludo de su cuerpo, p [...]

    21. Trigger warnings Transphobia, insensitivity to self harm, self harm, mental illness, mild violenceDylan looks nothing like a fifteen year old He s well over 6 feet tall, his body s covered with muscle, and as he describes it he s hairier than a throw rug He s been made fun of his entire life, ever since he hit puberty in the fourth grade Nicknamed Sasquatch, or commonly, Beast, Dylan gets along with his mother well enough, but she can sometimes be overbearing And often than not, he wishes his [...]

    22. It s books like this one that remind me why I am so in love with reading the books that I can lose myself in for hours without getting bored or needing to take a break.Beast absolutely enthralled me It s one of the best contemporary novels I ve read this year, and definitely the best debut I know I ll be reading anything this author comes out with for the rest of her career.This story follows Dylan, a 15 year old boy dubbed the Beast He s ridiculously tall, built, and covered in hair He s always [...]

    23. Read of my reviews at Cornerfolds Initial reaction Beast is one of those books that I knew I had to have as soon as I saw it The cover is gorgeous and, well, it s a Beauty and the Beast retelling sort of In case you re new to my reviews, I am obsessed with retellings Even though I m not a usual reader of contemporary fiction, this combined with a trans main character made this one a must read for me Dylan is the protagonist of this story and he has some problems For reasons unknown he is huge a [...]

    24. I loved this book Recently I ve been all iffy about YA contemporaries and their high school setting because I couldn t relate to characters and their problems Beast completely swept me off my feet and I m so happy I got to read the book.What I like the most about Beast is realistic teenagers 15 year olds are difficult and I remember myself at that age and I was absolutely horrible I m still horrible but for other reasons now fyi Brie Spangler perfectly captured teenagers, I liked her characters, [...]

    25. Beast by Brie Spangler is about Dylan a 15 year old boy who is nearly 7 feet tall well over 300Lbs is constantly made fun of and called the beast To make matters worse one day he falls off of his High Schools roof and breaks his leg The doctor his mother are worried about him and send him to group therapy for self harmers Where he meets Jamie the most beautiful girl he s ever seen.I know this sounds mad cheesy but its not Beast is not a light fluffy coming of age story about a boy falling in lov [...]

    26. I am obsessed with this gorgeous inventive transgender teen love story, inspired by Beauty the Beast Brie Spangler s BEAST is a brilliantly conceived and beautifully written story of acceptance and unconditional love.

    27. I was so excited to dive into Beast I love Beauty and the Beast retellings A retelling with a transgender character Yes, please Unfortunately, Beast wasn t anything like I had hoped and expected I think most of my problems with this book stem from the wrong set of expectations, but either way I did not enjoy it.I want to mention first that this book is barely a Beauty and the Beast retelling The parallels were few and far between I found that really disappointing when I was led to believe that t [...]

    28. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book from a co worker at the bookstore I work at So, what can I say.I loved this book I can really break it down to two main reason why 1 I am so happy that this book exists and is going to be out there in the world There has been such an increase in awesome gay, lesbian and bi literature for young adults in the last few years There is still a serious lack of YA with trans characters and storylines What makes this book special is that its a love story bet [...]

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