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Fishing in the Styx By Ruth Park Beverley Dunn,

  • Title: Fishing in the Styx
  • Author: Ruth Park Beverley Dunn
  • ISBN: 9780732013554
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Audio Cassette
  • A tender portrait of a partnership, in life and in work, between two talented, volatile people, Ruth Park and her husband D Arcy Niland They share their dreams and disappointments and rejoice in each other s triumphs This is the second part of Ruth Park s autobiography.
    Fishing in the Styx A tender portrait of a partnership in life and in work between two talented volatile people Ruth Park and her husband D Arcy Niland They share their dreams and disappointments and rejoice in each

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    1. Fishing in the Styx is the second volume of Ruth Park s autobiography, read with great sensitivity by Anna Volska on this audiobook It is fascinating to listen to the evolution of one of our best loved writers, writing about living in a 1960s Sydney unrecognisable today Ruth Park was born into poverty in about 1923 in New Zealand, and came to have a career in Australia only by chance She was about to embark from Sydney to take up a job with a newspaper in San Fransisco when all shipping was susp [...]

    2. I really liked this one too I think I d like to find a copy of her sydney tourist guide, would be very interesting to see what my adopted city was like once upon a time

    3. I enjoyed reading this autobiography of Ruth Park, after re reading her novel, Harp in the South, for our book discussion It helped me see how the novel was based on her experiences of living in Surry Hills and also the huge struggles she and her husband, D Arcy Niland, had in determining to live by their writing alone, from the early 1940s Park s mainstay was as a writer for the Children s Session on the ABC How many of you, Australians of my era, remember, Row, Argonauts, row The title had two [...]

    4. I expected this to be a warts and all autobiography about the author and her husband and their marriage No warts No all Their romance is dismissed in one page and his death in a few lines I wanted .

    5. This is the second instalment of Ruth Park s autobiography, following on from A Fence Around the Cuckoo, which covered the period of her life growing up in New Zealand.Fishing In the Styx picks up with Park s migration to Australia in the early years of WWII, to share a life with a brash but loveable Irish Australian, D Arcy Niland, who would become her husband and with whom she would have 5 children.Together, Ruth and D Arcy pursued their dreams of becoming full time writers, earning their inco [...]

    6. Love this Unlike them she could not snatch a flying word like a butterfly, comprehend it and its ramifications in a flash, pull off its wings and flick it back towards its originator.This is her autobiography and as beuatifully written as her novels Came to read this after go to a Late Great sessiona at the Wheeler Centre and they read some passages from it I wanted to read and know about this fabulous author.

    7. A wonderful insight into the lives of a couple of writers struggling to survive on the proceeds of their writing and how supportive they were of each other s endeavours I cannot wait to enjoy some of Ruth Park s fiction now.

    8. I found this a fascinating account of a Sydney lifestyle by a very interesting woman she makes no bones about the hardships her family endured but also celebrated her life what an amazing lady, always loved her books, now will read them again with new insight to the author

    9. Great readke her stories a page turner Loved the tales of Darcy Niland another favourite author Her description of grief and loss at Darcy s death resonated with me and my own search for answers.

    10. Her life story series is so well written It comes across as another story rather than a dry account of her life Worth a read, some of the history in here is magnificent as well

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