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The Defender By Nicholas Kalashnikoff Claire Louden George Louden,

  • Title: The Defender
  • Author: Nicholas Kalashnikoff Claire Louden George Louden
  • ISBN: 9780802773975
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
  • Newbery Honor 1952One man in Siberia has the courage to protect the endangered wild rams that share his mountain peak.
    The Defender Newbery Honor One man in Siberia has the courage to protect the endangered wild rams that share his mountain peak

    One thought on “The Defender”

    1. openlibraryI was surprised by how much I enjoyed this.I m sure nits could be picked, but I really liked Turgen, and I thought the drawings just wonderful And it s concise a quick introduction to northeastern Siberia In some ways it reminded me of a previous Newbery read, Dobry by Monica Shannon though this was about an old man and that was about a little boy I loved how the villagers and their Shaman learned a lesson in Christian compassion without any vengeance or even disrespect for their trad [...]

    2. The Defender That is who he is That is what he is the defender of the wild rams that live in the Siberian mountains that surround his hut He alone amongst all of the people who have lived on these mountains does not seek to kill the rams He wishes, rather, to protect them, defend them from those who would destroy them.But his strange loyalties have started rumors in the village, and soon the village Shamanist denounces him as a consort of the devil All of the villagers turn their backs on Turgen [...]

    3. This is a lovely little book that has been brought back into print because it was a Newbery Honor book in 1952 The author was born in Siberia, according to the book s cover, and later spent four years there as a political exile before emigrating to the US in 1924 Although it is about a very foreign culture, it contains themes central to all humans and could spark some great discussions with kids In the frozen north of Siberia, two cultures live different but compatible lives The Yakut live in th [...]

    4. A really nice story about a man named Turgen who lives alone high in the hills of Siberia He befriends a herd of wild rams, which is seen as suspicious and possibly evil by the local villagers They ostracize him all except one widow and her two children Overall, this was well worth reading The writing was a little dated in particular, there was repeated use of the word gay to mean happy If you were recommending this to students, you would want to make sure they know the original meaning of the w [...]

    5. A Newbery Honor Roll title, which really was as good as many Newbery award books It s set in Siberia and unlike many Newbery titles is not about the coming of age of a young person Rather it s about the coming of age of an idea This book is about an old man who the other villagers consider odd because he has developed a fondness for the local rams which have become endangered by trophy hunting An excellent read.

    6. I thought that this was actually a great book It s a little slow but not really, and I found it pretty easy to get into this book.The book is about a lonely man in Northeastern Siberia whose life has gradually gotten and sad However, he is very observant and appreciative of the little things that make his life happy This is a story of how he is able to be his best self and improve his life and others as much as possible.

    7. I thought this was a very tender book and I enjoyed reading it very much However, I m not sure it would appeal to today s audience of older children In fact the spiritual underpinnings would likely disqualify the book from even being used in public schools I like how the story is told in a legendary manner and how Turgen was both humble and noble.

    8. Simple, yet moving, story of a kind and gentle man outcast by his fellow villagers due to false rumors I love a good adventure story, especially one that takes place in as an exotic a land as Siberia I learned a little about the harsh life led by the Everywhere there is life, and everywhere there is warm hearts.

    9. This is about a similar man to alm uncle to Heidi, except he makes friends with some people down in the valley Many other people he is a sorcerer because they believe that rams are of the devil and he is friends with them and helps them This book is called the defender because he defends the mountain rams I liked this book because it showed love for animals and humans.

    10. a good man greets each new day as if it were a holidayi m girl, i know but don t know way i m really like this quoteman who live like it is and accept what people do to him only trusting that god have a good plan for him, just wait until it s happen

    11. This 1952 Newbery Honor book is about a Siberian shepherd who defends the mountain rams from hunters Sweet, but not very exciting.

    12. Great children s book about a solitary man and the relationships he develops with the wild rams in his area and with the people he takes into his life.

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