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A Primary Decision By Kevin Leman Jeff Nesbit,

  • Title: A Primary Decision
  • Author: Kevin Leman Jeff Nesbit
  • ISBN: 9780800723309
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
  • Forces Conspire to Take the Worthington Family DownSarah Worthington never expected to become the US attorney general at least not this early in her career Plunged into the vicious vetting process, with all sides digging for secrets in her family closet, she steels herself for the path forward Nothing will deter her from making her mark on the world in the biggest way pForces Conspire to Take the Worthington Family DownSarah Worthington never expected to become the US attorney general at least not this early in her career Plunged into the vicious vetting process, with all sides digging for secrets in her family closet, she steels herself for the path forward Nothing will deter her from making her mark on the world in the biggest way possible even if that means prosecuting the current president of the United States Yet powerful forces conspire behind the scenes to take the Worthington family down, and the president orders her to close the investigation Will she comply Or turn the tables to pursue her ultimate dream the US presidency This exciting conclusion to The Worthington Destiny series will have readers on the edge of their seats just in time for the 2016 presidential race.
    A Primary Decision Forces Conspire to Take the Worthington Family DownSarah Worthington never expected to become the US attorney general at least not this early in her career Plunged into the vicious vetting process wi

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    1. I must say that it s not often that I read a fiction book, about American politics no less, and wish that it were real With the present American politicial landscape the way that it is, I wish there truly was a person like Sarah, one with honesty, integrity, and a passion for social justice, eager to set the example for the world regarding what a country s leader should be like I quite enjoyed watching Sarah grow over the course of the three Worthington Destiny novels and especially in this book [...]

    2. A Primary Decision brings The Worthington Destiny series to a close and in my opinion it s the most powerful of the three Of course that s probably because all of the loose threads are tied up but I still enjoyed it the most In this part of the series the focus is mostly on Sarah Worthington She becomes the US Attorney General and is thrilled with the opportunities it presents Unfortunately she quickly finds that a case that she has been working on leads directly to the President When he nominat [...]

    3. This is obviously the third book in The Worthington Destiny series and to me it was also quite clear that reading the first two would have made getting into the story a bit better and easier It took at least the first 50 pages for the direction of the story to become clear to me as allusions to previous events and personal issues kept popping up without clarity as to how they fit into A Primary Decision The political and social circles in which the characters function are high flung and the circ [...]

    4. A Primary Decision by Dr Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit is a political suspense drama that will open your eyes to some political strategem innuendos that can be quite interesting, if you are very new to this type of drama This story is the final book in A Worthington Destiny series, and though it can be read as a stand alone, I think it would be much better understood and appreciated if read the first two books, and in order Despite not having read the first two, I still find A Primary Decision int [...]

    5. A Primary Decision , a book in The Worthington Destiny series, by Dr Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit is a book that is very appropriate for an election year such as 2016 An attorney for the Department of Justice, Sarah Worthington has been chosen to be Attorney General by President Spencer Rich She is confirmed by Congress and begins her duties However, a previous case from the DOJ is still nagging at her and she keeps her hand in the investigation by getting updates from former co workers This inve [...]

    6. This story is about a complex, wealthy family who are very much in the political world They are very tight knit and it s interesting to see all the complexities of the different family issues that come up This is book three in the Worthington series and I was a bit lost here and there so I think it would have benefited me to have read the first two books I also had a bit of difficulty getting into this book, however, I m glad I hung in there because it ended up being a good book.This book focuse [...]

    7. First, I would highly recommend reading the first two books in the series before reading this one if only to understand the history of the characters and previous decisions and events that have shaped them into the way they are in this book This is a decent blend of political, Christian Fiction, and the psychology of birth order Having three of my own children I found that the later aspect was a bit too rigid although it helped to provide the logic for decisions and actions The writing is well c [...]

    8. What an awesome book and it certainly had me thinking about the recent elections for sure.Sarah Worthington sure captured my attention indeed I think she proved to be tough as nails and then some Makes one wonder what would they find in your closet if you were being vetted for a position in government I think she is brave and a worthy opponent to say the least and those are two very good qualities to have and I do think she has them Could you imagine having to prosecute the President of the Unit [...]

    9. The Worthingtons are back and better than ever Leman and Nesbit masterfully capture the dynamics of this powerful, political family and drama ensues as their long buried secrets begin to surface Rife with themes that are relevant and conceivably ripped from the headlines, I loved the intrigue and excitement of this compelling story A Primary Decision is a page turning conclusion to The Worthington Destiny series I received a complimentary copy of this book No review was required, and all thought [...]

    10. This was a great add on in the series I loved to see the progression of the plot and really enjoyed learning about Sarah Worthington and her brother Sean Because I live so close to Chautauqua Institution, I really enjoyed reading about that and Jamestown there is something strange and yet very cool about reading about the locations in which you live I was provided this book by Revell All opinions and thoughts are my own.

    11. Can Good Conquer Evil PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW ON MY BLOG bookreadingtic 2016 12 17 THANK YOUEnter into the life of a wealthy, close knit American family, the Worthingtons They are very well known, and the public is fascinated with them Although they are involved in many things, politics has not really been one of them In this volume, the current generation is interested in the political scene, but the oldest brother, Will, who appears to be the perfect candidate, mysteriously refuses to run This [...]

    12. Title A Primary Decision The Worthington Destiny 3 Author Dr Keven Leman Jeff NesbitPages 343Year 2016Publisher RevellMy rating is 4 out of 5 stars.This third and final book in the series focuses on Sarah Worthington, although big brothers Will and Sean are definitely a part of her story Out of the blue, Sarah is nominated by the President of the United States for the position of Attorney General Sarah accepts the nomination and begins the vetting process She hopes the pictures of her brother, S [...]

    13. But that s life, Will Good and bad come You can t control everything about your own path or anyone else s That s where faith comes in A Primary Decision by Dr Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit continues the stories of the Worthington siblings Will, the head of American Frontier that s still dealing with an Arctic oil fiasco Sean, a mover and shaker in the non governmental organization world and Sarah, who is currently being vetted to be the next Attorney General.The series third installment focuses pr [...]

    14. A Primary Decision is book three in The Worthington Destiny written by Dr Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit The book focuses on Sarah Worthington while keeping the reader aware of the rest of the Worthington family The Worthingtons are a blue blood family in New York City Sarah s older brother s have attempted to run for political office but both have backed down from the race.Sarah is an attorney who is working on the Polar Bear Bombing case When she is chosen to be the US attorney general she become [...]

    15. A Primary DecisionThe Worthington Destiny 3By Dr Kevin Lemanand Jeff NesbitSarah Worthington has always been the baby sister and her parents princess, but she s determined for them to see and recognize her as something else When President Spencer offers her the chance at becoming US Attorney General Sarah sees herself one step closer to her dream.But the recent path the Worthingtons have been on has been one fraught with setbacks as someone seems intent on targeting the siblings and bringing the [...]

    16. I loved reviewing A Powerful Secret so much that I even bought book 1 because I jumped into the Worthington series at Book 2 So when book 3 popped up on my radar I was pretty excited to continue the story A Primary Decision is a great read The pace is fast and the characters are amazing Some of my favorites because they are pretty complex and they are a great picture of a strong family I love books that tackle some hard family issues, real issues, and the characters stay committed and overcome t [...]

    17. A Primary Decision by Dr Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit is sure to please anybody who likes intrigue found in the political arena The story centers on the powerful Worthington family from New York The intrigue is supplied by forces who want to take this family down with lies and corruption I discovered that A Primary Decision is book three in the Worthington Destiny series but nonetheless it can stand alone if you don t mind missing a little of the family background.Sarah Worthington, the youngest [...]

    18. Not sure how I missed that A Primary Decision is the concluding book in a 3 part series by Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit I will blame it on brain fog from the very busy Christmas season that my family had While it wasn t difficult to get into this novel, there did seem to be some missing pieces to the story lines and character development I am sure those things were adequately covered in books 1 sand 2, A Perfect Ambition and A Powerful Secret I ll have to go back and read those A Primary Decision [...]

    19. The third novel in The Worthington Destiny series, A Primary Decision features daughter Sarah, an attorney who manages to become the U.S attorney general yet wants to remain somewhat involved in solving a case she had been working on with her partners She soon discovers that the people who initiated her new position want to use that position to control her Sarah s moral compass demands that she follow her instincts no matter what it costs her personally.With the most recent U.S presidential elec [...]

    20. A Primary Decision is a contemporary story of Sarah Worthington who is appointed US Attorney General Sarah is a strong, believable character who ends up running for the position of president of the United States based on truth and honesty The book is very well written Dr Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit have done an excellent job I recommend A Primary Decision to those interested in a modern day political story I won my copy of A Primary Decision in a giveaway by Revell This is my honest opinion.

    21. The final book in The Worthington Destiny is a good wrap up to the ongoing sage of siblings Will, Sean, and Sarah Worthington This one features Sarah, the little sister, who proves she s so much than the family s princess No spoilers here, but this book wraps up the series by tying off some loose ends from the first two books, A Perfect Ambition and A Powerful Secret Very important to read these in order, or you ll miss all the clues that lead up to the ending of A Primary Decision I enjoyed th [...]

    22. This is a good read It is the third in this series so it catches you up on some previous characters That being said, it can be read as a stand alone and enjoyed Sarah is ambitious like the rest of her family Still she is young to be made attorney general She takes her job and responsibilities very serious and she will not just brush things under the rug because of who someone is.I liked that this book kept my interest and didn t do what I expected of the characters I thought they would do one th [...]

    23. A Primary Decision is an American political suspense novel written by Dr Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit Dr Keven Leman is the New York Times bestselling author of than 50 books Jeff Nesbit a former senior communications official at the White House and former director of public affairs for two prominent federal science agencies The female protagonist is Sarah Worthington Sarah is running in an election for the Head of Department of Justice If she is elected her department will prosecute American Fr [...]

    24. Wow yes I did say wow you start off being vetted how intense is that and the main character has some worries in her life she doesn t want coming out but what she doesn t know at the time is that what she doesn t want to come out is peanuts compared to what the rest of her family to come out, and that is just the first few pages of the book This book is intense, political, empirical, and totally enjoyable to the max You cannot put this book down until you know all of the truth and all of the skel [...]

    25. This is the third book in the Worthington Destiny series and it will keep you reading I found myself continuing to read to find out what would happen next as Sarah Worthington finds herself a US attorney general and plunging into the job in a big way She keeps on pursuing what she believes in no matter what the cost This is a real page turner and a great conclusion to the series I received a free copy of the book, the review is my own.

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